How To Access Activity Monitor Mac – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access activity monitor mac,

Method 1 – How To Use Activity Monitor On Your Mac

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Method 2 – How To Use Activity Monitor On A Mac – See What’s Slowing Your Mac Down

Welcome everyone to another video ive had some new mac users ask me how do i access the task manager. On a mac well a mac doesnt have task manager but does have something that is the equivalent its called. The activity monitor to get to it you just click on the search option in the top right corner and. Then type in activity monitor and then youll just want to double click on it to open it and this.

Window right here is the activity monitor which again is the equivalent of windows task manager and it works very. Similar to task manager we can see up here at the top weve got multiple tabs for different options we. Can see cpu usage memory usage which applications are what is using up the most energy in case youre on. A macbook pro or macbook air you can see which is consuming the most battery life you have disk as. Well as network and then also if for example we go to cpu we can sort by usage just to.

See which is using the most which application is using the most cpu so it works very very similar to. Windows task manager now in many situations people are going to windows task manager because they had an application freeze. Or its not responding and so they want to end task well here in activity monitor we have a very. Similar option so for example lets say i want to terminate safari i just select it here and then right. Here there is an x option i can click on it and it gives the option to quit or force.

Quit if it has stopped responding and has frozen youre probably going to want to go with force quit im. Just going to go ahead and click on quit for this example and we can see that safari has closed. And so thats just the basic option or basic similarity functions between task manager and activity monitor but thats basically. Just a quick introduction on how to use the activity monitor the equivalent to the windows task manager if you. Have any comments or questions please post them down below thank you very much for watching hope you have a.

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Method 3 – Mac Activity Monitor – How To Troubleshoot Your Mac

Coming up next a tool every macintosh comes with that can really be useful the mac activity monitor next on. Hands on mac hands on mac comes to you from twits lastpass studios youre focused on security but are your. Employees lastpass can ensure they are by making access and authentication seamless whether employees are working in the office or. Remotely visit twit to learn more this episode of hands on mac is brought to you by peak design.

Peek has just launched their 10th campaign on kickstarter its called mobile by peak design to learn more go to. twitter hello everybody welcome again to hands on mac happy friday i hope you had a great week im. Recording this early so im hoping that we had some new macintoshes announced on tuesday im thinking we probably did. Well certainly have a lot to talk about in upcoming episodes of hands on mac but this week i wanted. To talk about something that every mac comes with that every mac user should know about its called activity monitor.

And its one of those files that you dont really see very often its hidden deep down inside your applications. Folder theres a whole folder there called utilities have you ever looked in your utilities folder there are a lot. Of useful utilities im going to highlight a few of them over the next few weeks but lets start with. The single most useful utility thats your mac activity monitor this tool can help you diagnose slowdowns problems understand how. Much energy individual programs are using thats really handy on a battery powered laptop it can also give you a.

Constant update on cpu usage memory usage network usage and more but first a caveat sometimes too much information is. Not a good thing i want to warn you before you start paying too much attention getting too obsessive about. The activity monitor that a lot of things you might look at and say oh no are perfectly normal operation. And nothing to be worried about i hear from people all the time that say oh no all my memory. Is being used up thats a good thing all my cpu cycles are are being used up thats a good.

Thing your system is designed to use all the resources and if you need more memory or more cpu to. Release it for other programs why would you have a computer with 16 gigs of ram and only use eight. So a good operating system any computer is designed to use its memory and to use it efficiently and in. Some cases that means use a hundred percent of it same thing with the cpu thats okay thats okay so. Dont freak out when you look at this sometimes a little information is a bad thing but there are a.

Lot of things you can do with the activity monitor and i want you to know about it just a. Word of warning dont go crazy the first thing you should do is look at the view menu i think. This is not widely known but the dock icon and the mac activity monitor can actually be a live icon. And show a variety of things whether its cp usage cpu usage cpu history network usage or disk activity uh. Im gonna make it network usage then well lets go over here and and look at our our icon and.

Right now theres not a lot to see but over time you can see this is starting to be a. Graph of network usage with upload and download isnt that cool that icon can sit there and be constantly monitoring. What youre doing now there are great third-party applications in fact next week ill talk about istat menus which is. What i use but you already have this built in and if youre concerned about network usage or cpu usage. This is a great way to to turn on a live icon thats always watching its okay to keep activity.

Monitor running in the background but be aware it is a kind of a pig it does use a lot. Of power so probably on a on a laptop itd be best to turn it off unless youre trying to. Diagnose an actual issue let me talk a little bit about the the columns here ive used the term cpu. Several times thats the central processor unit your intel chip or maybe someday soon your apple silicon chip thats the. Actual thinking that the computer is doing and youll notice on these columns itll show what percentage of a cpu.

Any given program is running how much time its using and i think thats in seconds how many threads its. Using most processors have multiple cores and in some cases with the intel processors each core can have multiple two. Threads running at the same time so you can see if its a threaded application actually thats a good thing. That its using available threads thats great idle wakeups is important too i you dont want too many idle wakeups. That means when your machine is sleeping that the program said wake up i got to do something here something.

That has a lot of idle wakeups is probably eating battery life and it might be something you want to. Investigate the percentage of gpu or graphics processor its using in my case you see all computers have some form. Of gpu even if its the intel provided gpu so you see some of its being used and then this. Is the pid the process id this number is valuable because if you need to kill a process you can. Do it on the command line by number everything thats running has a pit a processor id process id you.

Also see who owns that process now right now im looking at processes that i started but you can change. Which processes youre looking at you you you can look at the your processes or lets go back up to. The menu you can look at all processes so lets go back to view and heres your choices all processes. Are not only the programs and processes youve started you see im running my processes but all other processes some. Are started by the system and other things you can look just at system processes if you are on a.

Multi-user machine you can see what other people are doing you can see only the processes that are active sometimes. You get an inactive process something thats sleeping in the background maybe a mail program thats waiting to wake up. And go out and get the mail you can also look at gpu windowed and so forth these are valuable. Additional and some of them very advanced features this is quite an advanced program it provides essentially a graphic interface. To something that you could do from the command line you see i can even add more columns the number.

Of ports a network process is using how much memory its using real private or shared if something has suddenly. Been terminated if somethings in a sandbox these are all very useful but generally the basic columns that you see. Here are all youll need lets give a couple of examples of ways you might want to use this for. Instance sometimes a program will take over and this happens from time to time with buggy software and in fact. It it will it will just be the only thing that can run and your machine will feel very slow.

And sluggish so you can look at your activity monitor and youll see that if somethings using a hundred percent. Of cpu and everybody else is kept waiting and then you can actually use this to kill a process thats. What this x is if i wanted to close the activity monitor id click that x now this is not. Closing it with a quit this is a kind of preemptory force quit so it does offer the regular quip. But the force quit is kind of preemptry its effectively killing the process uh without giving it a chance to.

Save out and so forth so you dont want to use that all the time quit first if it doesnt. Work force quit a lot of times if theres a runaway process youll be forced to quit it and you. Can even do it using a kill command from the command line and this process id the graphics interface makes. That pretty easy to do so that is one very useful thing if you feel like your mac is getting. Sluggish and youre not sure why you can check activity monitor its not just cpu sometimes a runaway process will.

Use more memory than it should you want to see what pro you know percentage of memory it also can. Tell you a little bit about stuff thats running in the background im going to turn on uh all processes. So we can see not just the ones ive started but processes started by the operating system you can see. For instance firefox is using a lot of memory not just the main app but also the extensions in fact. The extensions are using more memory this is a chance for you to diagnose a problem if firefox is sluggish.

Or seems to be taking over the computer you can see whats using processor power you can see whats using. Memory if youre on a laptop you may also want to see whats using energy this is a really great. Uh view and you can sort it by energy impact from the greatest to the least remember i said activity. Monitor can really eat up resources you see it does in fact you can see how much power its used. Over 12 hours you also can see whether it supports napping uh napping is a nice feature where your mac.

Can go to sleep but periodically its called power nap wake up and a variety of applications like your mail. Program and so forth the need to check things can do that without waking it up multiple times they all. Can do it at once you can also see if somethings preventing sleep if your mac wont go to sleep. You can see exactly why you also can see who owns it and i own most of the processes because. Im running as an administrator here disk access will give you some idea again programs can thrash the disk um.

Lets just uh sort by the kernel task is obviously the operating system so its doing a lot of disk. Accessing its written a lot of bytes and read a few running by root right because its a system process. Its a kernel if you had a kernel task that seemed to be doing an unusual amount of activity it. Might be worth investigating that and then if youre worried about your network access your internet usage you can see. Whats checking the internet how often it is how much data its consumed this is all very valuable information that.

Will help you diagnose problems on your mac a slow mac a mac thats running out of disk space slow. Internet maybe a mac thats running slowly because theres not enough memory available given give you an idea of how. Much memory you use on a regular basis and whether next time you should buy more memory in your mac. Activity monitor theres a lot more to it as you can see theres some very deep stuff under the hood. But its a very useful tool i highly recommend getting to know it and even when you first get a.

Mac or if youre having problems with the mac letting it run in the background so you can get an. Idea of whats normal its good to kind of understand what the baseline performance is how these applications behave normally. So that when you do have a problem uh youll youll immediately see oh yeah you know that shouldnt be. Using 89 of the cpu 90 of the time theres something wrong there a very useful tool its hidden away. Again in your utilities folder thats in your applications folder well take a look at some other tools and next.

Week ill show you a third-party tool called istat menus that i highly recommend its not free but it will. Give you a lot of this information in the menu bar on a constant basis its kind of a fun. Way to see what your back is up to when i first got my imac pro with its 10 cores. And 20 threads i was very curious how much of that processor it was using so istat menu showed me. A kind of a regular basis exactly uh what was going on activity monitor will do much the same and.

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All their other products head to twit visit twit well that completes this weeks hands-on mac i hope. I hope i will be able to do hands-on on an apple silicon mac sometime soon you know better than. I do because im recording this ahead of time i dont know what apple announced on tuesday or if they. Even announced anything on tuesday but if they did you can be sure well be covering it on hands on. Mac im leo laporte thanks for joining me have a great weekend well see you next time one more twit.

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Method 4 – How To Use Activity Monitor To Diagnose A Slow Mac

Now im going to talking introducing you to to an app called activity monitor which is built into your mac. Os so if you search for activity monitor and launch it up if you go into window and select cpu. Usage gpu history and cpu history youre gonna see a lot of options on the screen and this is the. Current state of my mac you can see that my graphics card is currently being used around 25% my internal.

Graphics card is not being used and ive got 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11. 12 cores now technically i have a 6 core macbook pro but that 6 core macbook pro has a feature. Called hyper-threading and what that does is it treats each core as to cause this helps alleviate traffic if there. Are apps blocking the route but for now you can assume that i have 12 cores 12 areas for apps. To take over and on this screen here im gonna be going into the cpu tab and ive sorted my.

Apps by cpu so you see that obs which is the software im using to record the screen is using. 80% of my cpu what that means its using 80% of one of the cores and you see activity monitor. Itself is using 10 to 20% every now and then so by monitoring the performance it reduces the performance of. Your system because every single segment it has to take a snapshot of whats going on in your system and. This takes time you can alleviate this by going into view update frequency and change it from every 5 seconds.

Every two seconds to me every one second because i always close this application when im not using it so. Ive got a lot of applications here and i can see that obs is using 80% what you can do. If you dont like a certain app you can force close it or you can just quit it from the. Dock but least this gives you an idea whats going on in the background of your system what could be. Hogging up resources it doesnt unfortunately give you a history of the app for example maybe this app is clever.

Maybe some kind of virus when it detects activity monitor is running it shuts it down it doesnt do that. But its a start next up i want to show you the memory tab whats cool about this is it. Shows you on the bottom right here how much physical memory you have how much memory youre using how much. Is in the cache and how much is in a swap and how much is compressed so just a quick. Brief on what this stuff means is wired memory is memory that cannot be moved it has to stay in.

Memory at memory it can be compressed it can be played around with by the operating system the dangers will. Happen this if youre wired memory gets too big too big for the amount of memory that your system currently. Has youre gonna get a lot of issues because your apps can no longer sustain itself and secondly as the. Amount of ram the app memory grows the operating system is gonna have to start doing some clever things with. Managing it for example it will try to compress that ram and save it to the ssd optionally and what.

That means is every single time you go back to access that its gonna have to uncompress that ram put. It back into the memory and then use it so if youre constantly switching between apps and its constantly have. To compress and uncompress apps youre gonna find that this makes you computer run a little bit slower so what. You kind of want to do is just make sure that youre not using too much ram so if you. Look on the main segment of this computer you can see that ive sorted by memory and i can see.

That a kernel task is using the most amount of ram and kernel toss tends to be things like for. Example file operations stuff that the system is currently doing so in this case obs is using 700 megabytes but. You can see that the kernel task is using 2 gigabytes so from my assumptions i can see that obs. Is using ram the kernel task is probably the video file thats currently being saved to my ssd vr obs. But theres no direct link to that what you can do is sometimes if you get a spawn service you.

Can see who spawned that service so for example now just say theres an apple not sure off just say. Caffeine im gonna click on info and if you dont tell me all the files is being used so here. I can see that this is the location of the app so its inside my applications folder tools caffeine lets. See applications folder tools caffeine there it is and its running the app which is inside it called caffeine itself. Which lives inside contents mac os thats correct but its also using this this file its also using that file.

Its using that image to display on a taskbar scott-carr files using that font its using all these different libraries. And that kind of makes the app size grow but the good thing about it using libraries is libraries are. Shared across other applications so for example mac os provides different libraries to use so dont be surprised when you. See apps using other libraries on your system its just part of the process but if theres an app you. Dont know about you can kind of get some hints as where its existing in the world its over here.

My memory seems to be good next up im gonna show you energy now energy kind of shows you the. Stuff that kills your battery and its kinda like a pseudoscience its an estimate of whats going on its not. An exact representation its not hundred watts here or there but it tells you whats the biggest hog of your. Resource so right now you see that obs is using pretty much 77 cents or points of my energy on. My system so if i close that down ill have a great battery life i can see also ive got.

A firewall here thats using one no point one to one percent just blocking all these kind of connections in. The background and this is using energy the great thing about this tab is it has some good average energy. Impact and what that does is it tells you on average how much of your systems resources is being dedicated. To this app on regards to energy so even though right now obs is using 80 points of the energy. Overall its only used a third of that because i havent been recording this whole time ive only started recording.

A little while into its lifecycle okay next is disk now this one is going to give you some tips. On what is going on with your system in the background disk and network so right now mds stores for. Me is written has written 2 gigabytes of data now what you can do is you can go into the. Google if you dont know what the app is and you can find out what it is and it tells. Me that its actually part of apples spotlight services wire has is a service called spotlight and it goes ahead.

An index your hard drive data to help you find folders apps files all this kind of stuff in the. Background told you find all this stuff which means when you launch the spotlight service that question mark at the. Top there you can type in whatever for example chrome an dont have it listed on your system and this. Has to run all the time in the background to index your data now this is written to get massive. Data not sure why needs to there to go away data but its been open for a while so im.

Not too worried about that and its official apple app so im not too worried about that other things i. Can see that ffmpeg has written some data sublime text is doing some stuff in the background but if youve. Got a rogue app running in the background writing all this stuff reading lots of files could it be a. Virus probably next up network now this is this is the dodgy af apps you want to look into and. This tells you how much bytes is being sent received and how many packets of data is being sent now.

Bytes is kind of its more useful than point depends packets is the number of packets it sends across the. Network byte is like a figural m the amount of storage sense i personally would sort it on sent bytes. Or received bytes probably the best thing to do is first sorted by sent bytes because what you want to. Know is do you have a rogue app on your system sending data from your computer onto the internet and. If you sort by sent bytes you can see that the most used one is a core one with core.

Speech so thats probably siri trying to detect my voice whoa whats that whats that about its dodgy thats only. Sent 2.7 megabytes i dont think its been sending some dodgy web cam videos of me so im pretty content. With that of course the problem with this view is it doesnt include the history so if an app note. Says that you open up activity manager and closes itself down really quickly youre not gonna have a record of. That but you know perhaps that small ah programmers that smart are criminals that smart maybe i dont know dont.

Hurt me please thank you.

Method 5 – Mac Activity Monitor Walkthrough

Today well walk through mac activity monitor you can access activity monitor from different places the first we could use. Go applications utilities activity monitoring and double click on it a different measured you can use find and write activity. Monitor you can find it and double click on it here in that interface you can find cpu memory energy. Desk network if you want to investigate an application that is using memory or causing an interruption for your work.

Lets see which application or process is using the most cbu and you can is easily you can easily see. A complete specification and statistics about each process and if you feel that that process is stuck or you must. Close it you can go here and close close that process lets close a google chrome so if you if. You want to search for that process you can simply right here you can quiet that process now no google. Chrome buses lets go to memory take a look to how much memory is consumed by each application and here.

Thats a clear view for the whole memory that this has been used see here the physical memory is 10. Gigabyte the memory used is 2.88 thats the actual memory is being using now this is cached files 4.48 so. Ive used we are not using any swipe now i have memory wired memory convex energy this is useful if. You if you are on battery so you you could know which which application or bosses is consumpting your battery. Or drying it desk this for mac users is not that important because usually a mac using a good ssd.

Hard disk that is within the right speed is really fast network if you are on um a bed for. A memory network so here you can get a clear view where you about which application maybe which which application. Is consumpting your code or your data.

Conclusion – How To Access Activity Monitor Mac

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