How To Access Advanced Bios Settings Hp – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access advanced bios settings hp,

Method 1 – Unlock Advanced Bios Settings Hp Laptop In Telugu

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Method 2 – How To – Access The Bios And Uefi Settings On Windows 10 Hp Laptop ( Select Boot Device Priority )

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Method 3 – Hp Laptop Bios Unlock Advanced Settings Insyde F. 16

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Method 4 – Bios Hp Pavilion 15 Unlock Advanced Settings

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Method 5 – How The Access The Advanced Setup Utility Of Some Hp Motherboards

Your buddy this thing will show you how to access options on hp computers bios setup utility now ive been. Looking up and looking around some stuff online and ive kind of know about this a little bit of over. Time but ive never really experimenting with it myself until today on a sidenote heres all the parts inside recently. Acquired from the grid store the video has been up on youtube for quite a while but um i have.

Upgrade to cpu and this guy to a core 2 quad q6600 dropped right in no problem despite hps support. A line saying it what did have listed as a compatible processor on it works just fine ordering four gigs. Of ram for it and probably a bigger hard drive and may put 107 on this guy make it a. Nice machine to sell many ways its going to show you how to access that utility now of course theres. No hard driving this machine right now ive installed one yet not sure one will put in this yet i.

May order a bigger one for that ill notice yet anyways now of course you just if you just go. Into separate ility like this by pressing f10 youll get the common screen that has you know some options but. Not you know a whole whole lot theres no optical drive on a hard drive and stone this guy the. Date and time is incorrect i may have to replace the cmos battery on this one but um as you. Can see pretty basic affair of options here especially in advance i mean you have you have a chorus you.

Know some information listed here such the cpu which is a core 2 quad q6600 that was up from a. Pentium dual-core diff this thing came with this is the system that had that real crappy kim tech power spline. And i got it anyways you get some information here i mean some options theres look at power roughly three. Options there vote now its going to exit now basically to get into the advanced separate ility you press ctrl. + f10 and then ctrl f11 it may take a couple of tries but usually can get in now im.

Going to show you what kind of extra options youll get here by doing this now your communities pick computer. It may vary and its may also work on other brands and computers om systems anyway like i mentioned im. Kind of new to experiment with this im just going back going ahead making a video about it say yes. Now five ten control f11 as you saw sales entering the set futility now heres the heres a main screen. Which looks i think the same as it did before okay im gonna try this again you have to get.

It pretty early i do believe okay i keep trying the control f10 then ctrl f11 there we go notice. How the advanced screen is much bigger look here even it even shows you the multiplier of the cpu here. And the pci express multiplier which is only 16 times on board video memory size you have some options that. Were here before we have a substance id and horror monitor here you can see the processor temperature which is. 50 degrees celsius and i can verify that its getting plenty of heat out to the cooler the heatsink is.

Like burning hot to the touch so lets say if you wanted to im actually increase the you had a. Smart fan tolerance you can do it here and im sure some of you guys who have worked with hp. Systems with their motherboards sometimes they like to to check to see if but a fans working and actually prevent. You from getting into this you know know if one fan appears to be stalled or if the fan works. But does not appear to work from the motherboard itll tell you its not working in this unit im not.

Going to shut down you can just say what i hear look here you can enable and disable these two. Guys here this is something hp probably does when they configure their systems because these motherboards get using a wide. Variety of builds some of them having rear exhaust fans some of not this one did not though i am. Going to put one in it you can change the idle fan voltage which im going to change that to. Lets see five point five then well turn us out to 55 which for some reason is not letting me.

On angle full speed set that the manual now we can change this to lets say 64 which 60 it. Was pretty high now of course intel cpus tend to run hotter how this can except hotter running environments than. Amds a lot of newer amd i dont like to run over 62 degrees c while like lets say the. Core i7s and why not no its like a degrees celsius okay anyways you can you can customize the smart. Fan settings here now mind you this is just a little more previous part systems its not a custom build.

Its just an oem system you can it gives you more options here in the advanced seeing what you saw. They have changed some settings here lets go back now look here at power settings we have more options here. One thing boot is really changed any at all but you get more options here in advanced which allows you. To fine-tune your system a little more anyways we exit and save changes now just press f10 to get the. Regular setup utility you can see there is a standard separate ility again as less option than before especially in.

These two sections power to see advanced in power but anyways thats how you can access the advanced options on. Your hps motherboard in the step utility see you ladies and the quest for comments feel free to axel thanks. For watching you.

Conclusion – How To Access Advanced Bios Settings Hp

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