How To Access Air Force Email From Home – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access air force email from home, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access air force email from home,

Method 1 – Can’t Log Into Air Force Email With Cac – Fix Https:

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Method 2 – Af Desktop Anywhere – Windows 10

In this video im gonna go over how to use airforce desktop anywhere on windows 10 and everything that youre. Gonna need for that one of the first things that youre gonna need is dod certificates in order to access. The service so were gonna go ahead and go to our internet browser and then were gonna go to the. Air force portal which is my af dot mil and then well wait for that to load sometimes you may.

Get a warning on your browser that says that the website is not trusted you will have an option to. Click more settings or it will say go to details and then youd select more details and then select continue. This website unsafe and then after that you will come to this page and then hit agree and then select. Getting started with pki from here you will be on a new page and then youre going to select public. And then once that page loads youre gonna go over here and select p ki p ke and then select.

Public key infrastructure enabling on this page youre gonna select getting started and then here you have a couple of. Options when it comes to installing dod certificates you could use the dods program install route or you could just. Install the certificates yourself without adding unnecessary programs to your computer so im going to show you that way for. Windows were gonna select windows and then youre gonna go down here to number three or it says install dod. Root certificates and then youre gonna click pkcs7 bundle and then youre just going to download this bundle and then.

When it finishes youre gonna select open folder or go to the folder downloads right click and extract all and. Then extract wherever youd like preferably the same folder and then you have an extracted folder with certificates in it. Double click that item and then for the right for this one its going to be certificates pkcs7 5.6 do. Dd er youre going to right click it and click install and then next and then youre going to change. This option to place all certificates in the following store and youre gonna go browse and then youre gonna select.

Trusted root certification authorities and then ok and the next finish and then its going to ask you this security. Warning approximately 30 times its going to install all of the certificates so youre just gonna spam click yes like. This and youre gonna keep clicking until it stops unless youd like to read all of them then go ahead. And then after you spam click youll get a message that says the import was successful i think congratulations youve. Just installed all of the dod certificates from here you could go to the next step which would be were.

Gonna need the vmware client to install were going to go back to your web browser and then youre just. Gonna go to google google com its funny im searching google through being either way it works and then youre. Just going to select or type vmware horizon client and then here im gonna go download vmware horizon clients and. Then were gonna select vmware horizon client for windows by selecting go to downloads and then were gonna go ahead. And download the product know that its going to take about take a little while because this is 219 megabytes.

So depending on the size of your internet connection ive already downloaded the file but for you you would select. Run once its done downloading or go to the downloads area and then select your file which is vmware horizon. Client five point four point one and it will come up to give you agree an install page so go. Ahead and agree to that if it asks you for any settings the generic settings are fine and once its. Done just click finish itll ask you to restart your computer and you should restart your computer but for this.

Demonstration im not going to now that youve closed everything out youll notice back on your desktop you have a. New icon so double click that and then were gonna add a new server so click new server and at. This point if you dont have your catcard and calculator plugged in do so now here were gonna type in. The server name which is a f or c desktops usa fml and then select connect and it will connect. To the server youll get this warning message accept it it will ask you what certificate you would like you.

Should select your pivot if a– ct which is this one with a really long number at mil compared to. The little number at mil you do not want to select your email certificate ok and it should momentarily ask. You for a pin type in your pin and then you are actually in the airforce desktop as a service. You could use specific applications but for the most part most users are going to want to use this for. A real desktop you can either right click and click launch or just double click it and this will take.

A few minutes to actually load but its going to load an air force desktop just like the ones youre. Used to at work and when i mean youre gonna wait youre gonna probably wait upwards of about five minutes. Do note that this will not be the fastest solution but is definitely the most versatile solution so once this. Is all done loading you will have full access to the air force network once you have waited a couple. Of minutes the desktop will load and then youll be at the maintance screen your feel free to use any.

Applications that are installed on here as well as connecting to network drives locally however there are no medical applications. On the service youre going to have to rely on other services such as adhe to accomplish that.

Method 3 – Add Owa As An App

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Method 4 – How To Set Up Any Cac Reader For Windows

Hello friends today i am going to show you how to set up your own cac reader at home now. I got this zoetech cac reader from amazon it was like fifteen dollars its not bad its definitely not the. Best if you can wait i would suggest speaking to your education office or your supervisor about getting a cac. Reader directly from base so that you dont have to spend any money this ones pretty nice as far as.

Aesthetics goes i wont mind having it on my desk sometimes the connection can be a little spotty but you. Just have to keep it flat and make sure your cac is inserted all the way so the first thing. That were gonna do to set up our cac reader is first download the drivers for your new reader so. In this instance i went to zoe tech calculator driver on google this specific cac reader came with a disk. However my surface book does not have a disk reader so i had to download the driver manually whatever reader.

That you get just make sure to type that in and then find the driver for that specific model go. Ahead and install it and once its installed open the folder in this case i went to the actual application. And what it tells you is to unzip the folder so youll unzip and extract the files go back into. The application double click and install as you can see when i click install it tells me that i have. Already installed it itll have a few more prompts for you later on once you install it just click through.

All of those and enable them now im inputting this link that is for 64-bit ill insert the links down. Below you just copy and paste them into your browser this will give you the file to install the dod. Root certificates with install root you will need these to run your certificates as you can see ive already installed. This now we will open the settings in the address bar of chrome by selecting menu settings youll go to. Privacy and security and then youll go to security and you will scroll down to manage certificates once youre in.

Managed certificates you click it as long as your internet browser is fully configured youll be able to access the. Dod websites using the certificates on your cac which you should see in the window and thats it youre all. Good to go you can log into your af portal now if you found this video helpful please feel free. To give it a thumbs up and support my channel by subscribing turn on the notification bell for more content. Like this and i hope you have a great day thanks for tuning in see you in the next video.

Method 5 – Af Desktop Anywhere – Mac Os

In this video were gonna go over how to install airforce desktop anywhere on a mac computer this version im. Using is catalina first youre gonna go to download dod certificates and in order to do that we need to. Navigate to the airforce portal then when you get there just click i agree and then select getting started with. Pki itll take you to another page and then select public and then when youre on this page youre going.

To select pk ip ke and then select public key infrastructure enabling while youre on this page you will come. Over here and select getting started and then here were going to download and install our certificates manually were actually. Going to select windows and then youre going to select pkcs7 bundle and what its going to do is this. Going to download it file youre going to open it and then here youll see youll have a bunch of. Files with key keys and key chains on it so each one of these youre going to just double click.

It and a keychain access app should pop up if not it will be down here and then you could. Just open it yourself and then as you click these youre going to see more and more certificates theyre going. To be populating its populating but you cant necessarily see it until its done so up here youll see theres. More added so well just continue to do this until weve clicked all of them and they have all added. So as you see more populating and then well do that with all of these and if youre wondering why.

Theres random peoples names here its because any email youve ever opened it will store their certificate on your computer. For you once youve gone through all of these you are good to go for pki and you could go. Ahead and close out these windows and then the second step would be to now download the vmware client so. Go ahead and go to and then search for vmware client os x and then click this link now. Here make sure the version is set to version 5 so youre now on version 5 if you werent already.

And then select vmware horizon client for mac and then go to downloads and then select download it will download. A file and then once its done downloading well launch that the file is done downloading itll indicate by a. Bouncing icon here so youll click that and click the item that you downloaded and it will give you a. Message to agree to the terms and conditions and it will extract the file while this is doing that go. Ahead and close out your browser you will now see two icons here what youre going to do is youre.

Going to click and hold the vmware horizon client icon and then drag and drop it to applications once you. Do that youll hear a weird electric sound annotating that the application has installed which means you are good to. Go at this point so what were going to do is click launchpad and then youll see in your applications. That the item is installed so youre going to click that and then itll ask you if you downloaded something. From the internet would you like to open it so youre going to say yes also at this point this.

Is a great time to plug in your cac reader and put in your catcard before we continue mack does. Take a little while to recognize the cac and cat creator so use this as a set to do that. And then click open and then it will give you a couple of warning messages that youre gonna have to. Go through with for the first time so you can just accept the disclaimer and then were going to move. This out of the way for right now it tells us that a new newer client is available actually we.

Need to cancel that itll tell us the newer clients available if you would like to download the newer client. You may do so and then for most users you will see this page being blank since i already set. This up it was already asking me for my credentials so for new users when we set this out we. Are going to click new server and then we are going to type in afrc desktops got us a fml. And then you could select always connect at launch thats fine it just means we open the vmware horizon client.

Its going to connect to this server so youll get a warning message accept it and then here you are. Going to select the certificate that does not say email so this one is dod idc a43 for myself so. Select that and then hit continue and then type in your pin and then it will connect to the service. And it might take a couple minutes once the service is connected you will be given option to select various. Applications which you may do so alternatively what most people would be using this for would be the windows 10.

Sdc 5.5 so double click that and that gives you access to an airforce desktop so thats going to take. Approximately five minutes for it to complete its process of logging into it so just be patient here and then. It will create a screen that will take over your entire screen you can do other things by just moving. Your mouse up to the top and then waiting for the bar to come down and clicking this green button. Which exits full screen mode allowing you to do other things while you wait the service should automatically log you.

In but if this isnt your first time logging in it will ask you for your password and then if. You get you must use windows hello or a smart card to sign in you need to deliberately select your. Certificate and then here is just the same as any other computer if it allows you to see that for. Whatever reason my view is not letting me so well go ahead and click this again and then use this. Little scroll item here so you can see what certificate youre selecting so this blank one is the correct certificate.

For me others will show a long dod id number and then we wait for it to login and after. About a couple minutes it will load to the airforce desktop which mine was left logged in so i have. All of these notifications but once youre in you could use anything on the airforce network to include network drive. Is the only thing that you will not have will be medical applications for this youre gonna have to use. Different services such as abh you.

Conclusion – How To Access Air Force Email From Home

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