How To Access Airdrop On Iphone – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access airdrop on iphone, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access airdrop on iphone,

Method 1 – How To Use Airdrop On Your Iphone, Ipad, Or Ipod Touch — Apple Support

With airdrop you can instantly share files photos and more with nearby apple devices without using cellular data well take. A look at how to set up airdrop as well as how to share and receive content before you start. Make sure youre near the person youre sending to and within bluetooth and wi-fi range youll both need bluetooth and. Wi-fi turned on and personal hotspot turned off first lets take a look at how to set up airdrop you.

Can do this through control center or in your iphone settings well use control center once youre there touch and. Hold the network settings cart to check who can see your device and send you content tap airdrop and select. An option well keep our set to contacts only which means that youll need to have the sender saved as. A contact in order to receive content if you dont have them as a contact you can change your device. Settings to everyone just remember if you keep your airdrop settings to everyone you may receive an invitation to accept.

Content from someone you dont know you can also turn off receiving completely now lets share something with airdrop were. Going to share a photo start by opening the image then tap the share button in the bottom left of. The screen on the top row you may see your other nearby devices signed in with your apple id or. Siri suggestions of people you can share with now tap airdrop then tap the device or contact you want to. Share with if you want to send something to one of your own devices it will download automatically if you.

Receive something from someone else on airdrop youll receive an alert with a preview of the content being shared and. Options to accept or decline if you tap accept the content will open in the app it was sent from. So a photo will appear in the photos app while a website url opens in safari if a file can. Be opened in multiple apps like a pdf you can choose which app to open it in and thats how. To share files photos and more using airdrop for more helpful ios tips subscribe to the apple support channel or.

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Method 2 – Iphone 7 And 8: How To Air Drop With Ios 11 And The New Control Center.

With the updated ios 11 and a new look of control center the way you airdrop has changed in todays. Video were going to show you how hey everybody this is melbourne with tikka rain 24/7 now since the update. Of ios 11 in the new look of control center the way you airdrop has change and in this video. Were going to show you how so today were gonna do our demonstration using the iphone 7 plus so with.

That being said lets go ahead and get started so the first thing you need to do is swipe up. To get your control center swipe up from your home screen like so and now youre in control center and. This is the way control center looks so everyone can agree that it looks totally different than a way than. The way it used to look so theres a few things that you need to do to be able to. Airdrop a document or a picture to someone and the first two things you really you need to do is.

Make sure your bluetooth is on and your wi-fi and you need to make sure that the person that you. Send in the document to has their zone so as you can see with the blue icon circled icons there. It is on now you need to also determine if youre sending to this airdrop to your contacts or to. Everyone now this is the difference in control center now now to get to that choice you need to press. It down here so thats the force touch and you open up another menu as you can see it says.

Airdrop everyone and it also shows your wi-fi network and that your bluetooth is on again and so to get. To change it to contacts if you need to change it to contact you tap there and that opens another. Menu and where you can see contacts only on everyone or if you wanted to cut it on to receive. An airdrop so were gonna put on here contacts only and touch it down here and come all the way. Back out and then what you would do next – cin something is come all the way out and make.

It go to your photos and choose a random photo like so get your selection there at the bottom and. As you can see what popped up automatically to airdrop is my macbook in the background there it says melvins. Macbook pro so if you tap that as you can see theres a little pop-up they came up on my. Laptop so thats pretty much it on doing airdrop since the ios 11 update and the new look to control. Center hopefully we share something that you can use and hopefully as it has been very informative to you if.

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Method 3 – How To Use Airdrop On Iphone 11 | Transfer Pictures, Videos, Files

Now another tip i want to show you this is using two iphones or an iphone ipad so if you. Guys have another device or want to transfer anything from one device to another whether its your friends device you. Guys should activate airdrop which is really awesome so under your settings let me just show you right here is. Your settings under your settings you guys should go in to general under general you will see a drop on.

The airdrop you guys can put everyone for the time being that youre transferring stuff by asking going to contacts. Only and that way youre good to go however lets say you guys want to transfer and make it easy. On yourselves just go to everyone for now go back lets just close this up lets do the same thing. On their phone right here so general and were gonna go right into airdrop and then everyone so you guys. Can transfer anything pictures movies videos almost everything from one phone to another or an ipad to another or a.

Mac to your phone using their job thats just using your bluetooth so just make sure your bluetooth turned on. Or bluetooth is turned on same one fight network so we should be good to go so if i want. To transfer anything here i can including it found for example looking up a page right here in safari such. As google and i want to send this link into this phone without having to copy/paste and all that stuff. I can just air drop it down here below you will see this in the middle and right here our.

First options airdrop under airdrop were gonna see all the devices that have their top enabled right now so i. See one of my phones and heres this phone so i know this one is just iphone then this iphone. Will receive this notification i just have to accept it and whats gonna happen its gonna open up that link. So it opened up google for me so its the same thing if you guys have a picture exact same. Thing so lets just transfer a picture just to show you im gonna take a picture right now there we.

Go by the way thats how you take pictures lets just close this up its just going through your photos. Or we could just access our photos right from our camera by the way on the side you guys will. See that you could just come up there and then airdrop its to say i got it okay on the. Side were gonna see an icon that lets us share okay so thats this icon right here lets just stop. Right there dang airdrop now our phone screen does need to be on so lets just turn it on so.

That was opened on google doesnt really matter lets just transfer that picture over to that phone and thats gonna. Transfer over right here so im going to set that picture and a picture should open up automatically there we. Go lets continue all right continue and theres my picture so thats how you guys can transfer pictures videos almost. Everything from one phone to another or you bring a phone to an ipad same settings same thing so airdrop. Is pretty neat in order to transfer everything you guys want and its something good to know that your phone.

Can do really fast anyways thats it for this video if you guys have any comments questions you guys can. Write them down here in comments area dont forget subscribe and rate thank you.

Method 4 – How To Airdrop (Transfer Photos

Hey what is going on guys so today im gonna show you how to transfer files use an air drop. From your macbook or your eye back to your iphone and vice versa and well go ahead transfer some photos. And videos so the first thing i want to mention is with your iphone you have to have the airdrop. On you have to have wi-fi on and you have to have the bluetooth on the thing is the wi-fi.

Is not the wi-fi network its a wi-fi direct connection so first thing is how to access the bluetooth on. Your iphone heres an iphone 8 if you have a iphone 8 or prior basically an iphone with a physical. Home button like you see right here what you do is from the bottom you slide up okay so bottom. Slide up like that then you get this screen right here and you see with a wi-fi connection and a. Bluetooth connection in airplane mode is what you want to do is you want to go ahead and press this.

To this screen here pops up and bottom left hand corner you can see where it says airdrop and it. Says everyone if i tap on this right here if i want to turn it off i would simply tap. On receiving off and then you have the option of contacts only or everyone im going to then leave it. On everyone but remember it has to be on okay so ill tap on everyone is highlighted here if i. Tap on receiving off then obviously its not going to be highlighted so i have to have this highlighted and.

Ill put down everyone now if you have an iphone that doesnt have a physical home button like a iphone. 10s macs here instead of sliding from the bottom up you would want to go from the top right hand. Side and slide down and this menu here will pop up and then go ahead and press kind of hard. To a forced touch for this this uh tennis max and then this will pop up okay so i have. An airdrop on and it says everyone and i also have my wi-fi on and my bluetooth on so this.

Phone is ready okay so the next thing is the macbook so with the macbook here top right hand corner. You should see the bluetooth icon right there go ahead and tap on that and then you can turn it. On or off if i turn it off then it just like greys out if you dont have the bluetooth. Icon up here just go into the search right here and do a search for bluetooth fall exchange right there. Thats perfect then you can tap on that and then this will pop up here leave bluetooth off or turn.

Blue to on let me just leave it off i usually just go in the top right-hand corner here its. Grayed out right now but let me just app on that and ill go ahead and turn on bluetooth right. There dont forget your wi-fi needs to be on to just your wi-fi and your bluetooth on your macbook so. Lets do this lets go and transfer a file from my macbook to one of my iphones here okay so. So let me go and open up my photos app right here and let me choose like a photo now.

The thing is i can choose like multiple photos i can just highlight all of them just like this photos. And videos but im just going to go ahead and move transfer one photo so ill go ahead and click. On this and if you look right here you have to look for this icon right here go ahead and. Tap on that share icon and then once we do that we have other options here where we can share. It youll find airdrop on the drop down menu click on airdrop now the thing is i have to be.

Logged into my iphone so let me go ahead and login as soon as i log in it should find. It relatively soon so give it a second here sometimes it takes a while sometimes you do have issues with. The bluetooth and you have to turn the bluetooth on and off as well as the wi-fi anyways i found. That right away it says virgils iphone does this phone right here so im gonna go ahead and select this. On my computer it says waiting and now voila now that was pretty quick now lets do this vice-versa thats.

Go ahead and transfer lets transfer a video and a photo onto my macbook so let me go to my. Photos gallery on my iphone 8 here and let me go back and lets go ahead and transfer this photo. And this video this video here is 11 seconds long so im just going to go and tap on select. Here and were going to tap these two right here and then from here tap on the share icon bottom. Left hand corner let me tap on that airdrop here let me go ahead and tap on that and hopefully.

It finds it pretty fast okay i found it pretty fast theres only 11 seconds you do have like issues. With the airdrop you know you have to wait a little bit longer anyway you found it right away says. Vls macbook pro thats me right there let me go and tap on that and it found it right away. As you can see up here and it is downloading and it is done so if i tap on my. Photos app down here we should have that same as like the video so heres the video right there and.

The photo is or there and it also should be in my downloads folder so if i go to my. Downloads folder here wheres downloads right here guys see these two files here that were transferred to delay let me. Just double click the the photo one here and you can see it right there as well so pretty simple. If you guys have any questions or need assistance just comment below thanks for watching guys and i will see. You on the next one.

Method 5 – How To Turn On Airdrop On Iphone

Hey whats going on everyone in this quick video im going to show you how you can turn airdrop on. On your iphone and this will allow you to send videos photos and music between your iphone and other ai. Devices such as iphones ipads and also apple computers as well so the first thing we need to do is. Go ahead and open up the settings app on our iphone or ipad now once were in here we just.

Want to scroll down to general now once were in here we just want to go to the airdrop section. And in here we want to make sure that this selection is set to everyone and this will allow us. To send files to pretty much anyone in close proximity to our device or alternatively if you only want to. Send material between yourself and your contacts then you can also put that on contacts only or you can set. It to receiving off if you dont want to receive any kind of videos or photos so in this video.

Im going to set it to everyone as i want all the people to show up in my close vicinity. So i can send them files now once ive gone ahead and turned that on i then want to ensure. That i have my bluetooth is on so i can simply do this by sliding up from the bottom of. My screen and then i can just go ahead and make sure that the bluetooth is on blue or alternatively. If im on the iphone 10 and above i can simply slide down from the top right-hand corner of the.

Screen as well so now that i have airdrop turned on on my iphone the next thing i want to. Do is go ahead and send a photo to my laptop so i can easily do this just by going. To my photos up and then i can go ahead and select one or more photos so in this instance. I just want to select maybe just three photos now once ive selected those i just want to go to. The export our tab just down the bottom left hand corner of the screen now once im in there i.

Do have the airdrop tab here so i can just go ahead and tap that and now this will bring. Up all the people in close proximity to my iphone that i can now send kind of photos and videos. To so now im just going to go ahead and tap this and as you can see on my laptop. I now have the ability to go ahead and either decline or go ahead and accept these photos so now. I can go ahead and save the photos to the downloads and now the transfer is complete and now ive.

Gone ahead and set those photos so there you have it guys thats a really quick and simple way on. How to turn on airdrop on your iphone device and also how to send photos between ai devices as well. So hopefully this quick video on how to airdrop on your iphone has been helpful if youd like to see. Any other videos like this please let me know down in the comment section as im really happy to make. More videos for all of you out there and as always thanks for watching ill see you all in the.

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Conclusion – How To Access Airdrop On Iphone

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