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Method 1 – How To Get Free Cryptocurrency: Airdrops

Im going to show you in this video how to get free cryptocurrency where to find free cryptocurrency through airdrops. How to stay safe yada yada those are the time codes before you make that jump i would appreciate it. If you hit that like button that just helps me out and if you stick around for the whole video. Id appreciate it you get nothing out of it rather than just information and more hangout time with dan okay.

Lets get started what are airdrops airdrops are free cryptocurrency that they do to promote that coin or token this. Is the easiest way to promote a cryptocurrency especially when theres a lot of competition out there they want people. To see their coin they want them to get that taste of what the cryptocurrency can do and you see. The price shooting up youre gonna want more thats kind of how cryptocurrency works and i guess how other things. Work too prerequisites these are the things youre going to need before you start getting into the full airdrop game.

To collect free cryptocurrency youre going to need to separate yourself your identity pretty much you have to create accounts. Just for airdrops and that starts off with creating a wallet a software wallet you dont have to keep buying. Treasures or ledgers so theres free wallets out there to hold this cryptocurrency you dont really want to connect your. Real cryptocurrency wallet to any of these airdrops because a lot of them are shady and a lot of them. Are scams and it really helps to keep your funds separate from your real wallet and your for fun wallet.

To see if you can actually make money off these sketchy projects and i recommend three wallets to get because. There are a bunch of things coming out right now and uh i actually didnt do a review on it. But if you watch my recent coinbase wallet review youll get an ultimate primer on everything you need to know. About cryptocurrency wallets and a lot of it applies to these other wallets so youre going to need a trust. Wallet because that has a binance smart chain address that youll need for certain projects youre going to need a.

Wobby wallet because its going to give you the wobby eco chain address that you can use for also airdrops. And youre going to need a meyer wallet a meyer wallet runs on e-gold l-ron gold something like that and. They just have airdrops there too so get those three wallets create backups for them secure them safely i created. A video on 11 ways to store your crypto safely if you havent watched that its very critical that you. Do if you want to stay safe youll also need a twitter account i would not recommend using your usual.

One i recommend using the burner one i created one based on pat morita from the karate kid also need. A telegram account telegram works with your phone number just to register i guess its just so you dont create. Multiple accounts and i would not use my main telegram account i created a new one with a google voice. Number that i got for free where to find airdrops there are four semi-legitimate places that i use to find. Airdrops and lets start with the most legitimate one all you have to do is go in here search.

By keyword and search for airdrop hit search and then itll show you all the upcoming airdrops for the next. Three months each of these would have very specific requirements for you to get that airdrop some of them might. Include owning that token and holding it on that platform another way to search for airdrops is by the word. Snapshot so when we search by snapshot we get a few different results i actually signed up for the elrond. E gold snapshot and that is an airdrop coming to e gold holders you have to use their my r.

Wallet you have to hold your eagle tokens on there to be eligible for their mex airdrop mbx stands for. The meijer exchange and that will be launched very soon so you do get free tokens for holding your e-gold. In your my r wallet within the details for this specific snapshot and airdrop if you are holding your tokens. On an exchange you will not be eligible for that airdrop so you always have to look at the details. Sometimes it takes a lot more than holding the coins you might have to hold them in a specific wallet.

Next up reddit so on reddit there is a whole subreddit here on crypto airdrops and they do a lot. Of different posts on upcoming airdrops a lot of them seem kind of spammy so use it at your own. Risk you can also just go to the search and search for airdrop and then you search for posts in. The past week and then just start combing through the results for any easy airdrops same thing goes for twitter. Log into twitter search for airdrop and then we can search by the latest posts and then we can see.

Whats happening so there are a couple airdrops theres some for bittorrent by oh its just okay its just gonna. Keep updating with the most recent ones and uh heres cat protocol that is one i signed up for it. Looks like a okay project i would not i would not invest any money in it but i will take. Free coins if i dont have to do much work oh wow okay i had to i stopped scrolling on. This one but you can get one million airdrop of this if you like thats up to you okay next.

Up uh airdrop alerts on airdrop alert they have a lot of smaller projects and the icons here tell you. Everything you need to know like for raccoon swap that is on the binance smart chain thats the first icon. Here then the telegram icon that means youre going to have to join their telegram channels twitter youre probably going. To have to follow them and retweet something medium youre going to have to like a post and the same. Thing goes for these other projects this would be a polka dot project an ethereum project so you need an.

Erc20 wallet which everybody has this one i have no idea binance smart chain and then it just keeps going. So they do have a lot of airdrops available and they also have bounties where you kind of have to. Do something and then you get cryptocurrency in exchange all right theres one more way theres five ways to get. An airdrop and the fifth way is by using a new platform like uniswap if you were an early user. In uniswap you were eligible for their airdrop which was one of the most lucrative airdrops around so look for.

New platforms that are looking for users theyre looking for beta testers and use those platforms airdrops have been happening. For a very long time back in 2013 when ripple xrp was just starting up all you had to do. Was provide them an xrp address and they would give you free ripple it was a very lucrative airdrop to. Sign up for another example uniswap uniswap gave out 400 uniswap tokens to early users of their platform 400 tokens. And each token is worthless oh each token is worth 39.

So 39 times 400 15 000 you got over. 15 000 for just using uniswap and just being an early user so it really pays off to try out. A lot of different platforms and you might get lucky and it could pay off very well and if you. Were holding xrp tokens in december you are eligible for the flair airdrop flair is a fork of xrp or. Just kind of another branch where they can allow you to use smart contracts with xrp i dont know a.

Lot about the project yet but its free cryptocurrency if you happen to be holding xrp at the time on. An exchange that supported that airdrop coinbase and finance will support that even though you cant trade xrp at the. Moment and if you were holding xrp in an external wallet you have until june to claim that airdrop by. Registering your wallet with the airdrop system all right i dont know all the details of that but if you. Were holding xrp in an external wallet you might want to do a quick google search and register for that.

Airdrop immediately now well claim an airdrop by connecting our wallet this example will be slightly different so we are. Here at airdrop alerts and this is the sato airdrop we do not qualify for this airdrop because we were. Not a token holder or a donator to their project but well try to claim it anyway so we go. To the step-by-step guide down here and we start off by visiting the sato airdrop page then we scroll down. How to claim claim airdrop and now its asking me to connect my wallet with metamask this is a.

Throwaway wallet its a wallet i created there are no funds on it and im just using this to claim. Airdrop so there is no risk to me and i have no other wallets on my metamask so there is. Nothing at risk and if you didnt have an account youd have to install the metamask chrome extension hit new. Account its going to give you a seed phrase that you have to save and then youll be able to. Have an ethereum wallet that you can use to claim the airdrop connect it is now connected unlock wallet we.

Have to assign the meta mask signature there is a signature request and all we have to do is click. Sign this would say i trust them i will connect my wallet to the service as you can imagine this. Is very risky if you use it on a questionable platform so dont trust anybody i know nothing of this. Project and im connecting my wallet that has no funds i am okay with what happens and thats it so. I signed it and now i hit claim airdrop reward claim failed i am not eligible for this airdrop but.

This was just an example these are the steps you would take if you were eligible for an airdrop that. Required you to connect your wallet to that platform now another airdrop were signing up for raccoon swap i just. Kind of imagine that this is another uniswap one-inch clone but with raccoons or maybe its just a platform or. You can trade raccoons i would enjoy that too i would probably use that service but its not that so. Dont get your hopes up all right raccoon swap so we scroll down here the step-by-step guide we visit the.

Raccoon swap airdrop form and then its going to ask us a lot of questions but no personal information just. Information that doesnt exactly have to be honest so we have to follow their official twitter page so right now. Im using my pat morita uh twitter account just because i dont want to spam people that actually follow me. On twitter full value dan i dont really post on anything there i just retweet contests because i like to. Win sweepstakes and i have won a few things in the past the biggest thing ive won was a 500.

Sweepstakes from paypal so here we go follow and then i have to remember my username its uh here and. Then i copy that i go back to the airdrop page and then thats my twitter account now i have. To retweet their pinned post and use the hashtags here so im going to retweet and im going to quote. The tweet because i have to add a few things those are the hashtags that are required and i have. To tag three friends or not friends just three people lets do snoop dogg uh martha stewart and rick asley.

Aka the ultimate triad of power so i will be tagging these three people im going to tweet and my. Tweet has been sent out im going back to my profile that is my retweet im going to share my. Retweet copy the link to it and now that ive confirmed the retweet link im going back to the form. And im pasting it in here and then we have to join their telegram group open telegram desktop you cant. Actually sign up for a telegram account on your computer you will have to download the telegram app so i.

Signed up with telegram using a google voice number that i got for free so i dont reveal any information. Everything all my information is kept secret and i have a shield of fake information guarding my real information so. This is the raccoon official group chat you have to join it here and now i have joined now that. Ive signed up for their telegram group i have to leave my telegram username and i join their telegram channel. They already had a group and now you also have to join the channel just hit join channel you dont.

Want to connect your real telegram account or even if you arent using telegram you just want no notifications because. Youre gonna get spammed so if you are using this on your real account youll youll want to disable notifications. Here forever disable notifications and with that disabled its gonna save you a huge headache of non-stop notifications right inviter. Okay airdrop alert sure and then we need our bep20 wallet address this is the binance smart chain and if. Youre using trust wallet you can get a smart chain address there so download the trust wallet app set up.

A wallet go to smart chain and that will be your bep 20 address it really helps to have all. This information on one excel sheet so you can easily add it to forms like this and now i will. Be getting raccoon coins how to cash out an airdrop so a lot of these airdrops are tokens that are. Still early in development so it might be very difficult for them to be on an exchange a lot of. Them might be on some type of swapping platform like uniswap and you can trade your tokens there but just.

Remember you would be responsible for the ethereum fees which can be very high and you might not want to. Pay that fee it might not even be worth it to make that change if its on another platform that. Has lower fees go for it uh a lot of these coins dont do very well in the long run. You might want to consider selling off 50 immediately and letting the other 50 ride whatever ratio works well for. You sometimes a coin can do very well sometimes not most of the time uh if you look at the.

Names of these projects and what they do they kind of just use a lot of buzzwords that repeat popular. Products and some of them are just exact clones of existing products so they might not be very valuable in. The future but no one can tell for sure so with that good luck i hope you got your full. Value today hit that like button it helps me out and until next time.

Method 2 – How To Use Airdrop On Your Iphone, Ipad, Or Ipod Touch — Apple Support

With airdrop you can instantly share files photos and more with nearby apple devices without using cellular data well take. A look at how to set up airdrop as well as how to share and receive content before you start. Make sure youre near the person youre sending to and within bluetooth and wi-fi range youll both need bluetooth and. Wi-fi turned on and personal hotspot turned off first lets take a look at how to set up airdrop you.

Can do this through control center or in your iphone settings well use control center once youre there touch and. Hold the network settings cart to check who can see your device and send you content tap airdrop and select. An option well keep our set to contacts only which means that youll need to have the sender saved as. A contact in order to receive content if you dont have them as a contact you can change your device. Settings to everyone just remember if you keep your airdrop settings to everyone you may receive an invitation to accept.

Content from someone you dont know you can also turn off receiving completely now lets share something with airdrop were. Going to share a photo start by opening the image then tap the share button in the bottom left of. The screen on the top row you may see your other nearby devices signed in with your apple id or. Siri suggestions of people you can share with now tap airdrop then tap the device or contact you want to. Share with if you want to send something to one of your own devices it will download automatically if you.

Receive something from someone else on airdrop youll receive an alert with a preview of the content being shared and. Options to accept or decline if you tap accept the content will open in the app it was sent from. So a photo will appear in the photos app while a website url opens in safari if a file can. Be opened in multiple apps like a pdf you can choose which app to open it in and thats how. To share files photos and more using airdrop for more helpful ios tips subscribe to the apple support channel or.

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Method 3 – How To Access Exfi Airdrop | Flare Finance

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 4 – How To Airdrop (Transfer Photos

Hey what is going on guys so today im gonna show you how to transfer files use an air drop. From your macbook or your eye back to your iphone and vice versa and well go ahead transfer some photos. And videos so the first thing i want to mention is with your iphone you have to have the airdrop. On you have to have wi-fi on and you have to have the bluetooth on the thing is the wi-fi.

Is not the wi-fi network its a wi-fi direct connection so first thing is how to access the bluetooth on. Your iphone heres an iphone 8 if you have a iphone 8 or prior basically an iphone with a physical. Home button like you see right here what you do is from the bottom you slide up okay so bottom. Slide up like that then you get this screen right here and you see with a wi-fi connection and a. Bluetooth connection in airplane mode is what you want to do is you want to go ahead and press this.

To this screen here pops up and bottom left hand corner you can see where it says airdrop and it. Says everyone if i tap on this right here if i want to turn it off i would simply tap. On receiving off and then you have the option of contacts only or everyone im going to then leave it. On everyone but remember it has to be on okay so ill tap on everyone is highlighted here if i. Tap on receiving off then obviously its not going to be highlighted so i have to have this highlighted and.

Ill put down everyone now if you have an iphone that doesnt have a physical home button like a iphone. 10s macs here instead of sliding from the bottom up you would want to go from the top right hand. Side and slide down and this menu here will pop up and then go ahead and press kind of hard. To a forced touch for this this uh tennis max and then this will pop up okay so i have. An airdrop on and it says everyone and i also have my wi-fi on and my bluetooth on so this.

Phone is ready okay so the next thing is the macbook so with the macbook here top right hand corner. You should see the bluetooth icon right there go ahead and tap on that and then you can turn it. On or off if i turn it off then it just like greys out if you dont have the bluetooth. Icon up here just go into the search right here and do a search for bluetooth fall exchange right there. Thats perfect then you can tap on that and then this will pop up here leave bluetooth off or turn.

Blue to on let me just leave it off i usually just go in the top right-hand corner here its. Grayed out right now but let me just app on that and ill go ahead and turn on bluetooth right. There dont forget your wi-fi needs to be on to just your wi-fi and your bluetooth on your macbook so. Lets do this lets go and transfer a file from my macbook to one of my iphones here okay so. So let me go and open up my photos app right here and let me choose like a photo now.

The thing is i can choose like multiple photos i can just highlight all of them just like this photos. And videos but im just going to go ahead and move transfer one photo so ill go ahead and click. On this and if you look right here you have to look for this icon right here go ahead and. Tap on that share icon and then once we do that we have other options here where we can share. It youll find airdrop on the drop down menu click on airdrop now the thing is i have to be.

Logged into my iphone so let me go ahead and login as soon as i log in it should find. It relatively soon so give it a second here sometimes it takes a while sometimes you do have issues with. The bluetooth and you have to turn the bluetooth on and off as well as the wi-fi anyways i found. That right away it says virgils iphone does this phone right here so im gonna go ahead and select this. On my computer it says waiting and now voila now that was pretty quick now lets do this vice-versa thats.

Go ahead and transfer lets transfer a video and a photo onto my macbook so let me go to my. Photos gallery on my iphone 8 here and let me go back and lets go ahead and transfer this photo. And this video this video here is 11 seconds long so im just going to go and tap on select. Here and were going to tap these two right here and then from here tap on the share icon bottom. Left hand corner let me tap on that airdrop here let me go ahead and tap on that and hopefully.

It finds it pretty fast okay i found it pretty fast theres only 11 seconds you do have like issues. With the airdrop you know you have to wait a little bit longer anyway you found it right away says. Vls macbook pro thats me right there let me go and tap on that and it found it right away. As you can see up here and it is downloading and it is done so if i tap on my. Photos app down here we should have that same as like the video so heres the video right there and.

The photo is or there and it also should be in my downloads folder so if i go to my. Downloads folder here wheres downloads right here guys see these two files here that were transferred to delay let me. Just double click the the photo one here and you can see it right there as well so pretty simple. If you guys have any questions or need assistance just comment below thanks for watching guys and i will see. You on the next one.

Method 5 – How To Receive Free Crypto Airdrops

I was airdropped over four thousand dollars in crypto for free and i received this crypto for simply owning an. Ens domain and i wasnt the only one there were people that were airdropped 10 000 in crypto 20 000. In crypto 30 000 in crypto 40 000 in crypto and even more and this wasnt the only big air. Drop in crypto history in the past early users of uni swap were airdropped 400 uni-swap tokens as a reward.

And if held to today it would be worth over ten thousand dollars worth of uni-swap tokens also recently imx. Released a token and they also rewarded their early users another project that rewarded early users was dui dx and. The air dropped over 1 billion dollars in tokens to pass users and im always asked the question how do. You receive these airdrops and the simple answer is use d5 and im going to break that down for you. To make it more practical these tokens that are given part of these airdrops are not given as an incentive.

To bring new people into the project but it is the opposite they are given as a reward to the. People that took a chance on the project early on the people that actually helped build up the project into. What they are today these tokens that are given out to these early users these airdrop tokens are typically governance. Tokens or at least have some form of governance meaning that the owners of these tokens will help govern the. Future protocol and the developers the creators of these projects and these tokens they dont want to give these tokens.

Out to anyone they want to make sure that these tokens are in the hands of true believers of the. Project most people that receive airdrops have no idea that they were going to receive the airdrop this ens domain. For example i simply was participating in d5 just because thats what i wanted to do that was my primary. Goal and then in the end i was rewarded with this token i really had no idea that i was. Going to receive this token and this is how it often is for these protocols people use them they take.

A chance they spend a little money they interact and then later on they are rewarded the owners of these. Projects they dont want to just give these tokens out to people that are looking for money because in the. End you have these people who dont really believe in the project they dont want to even hold on to. These tokens for more than a day and in the end you just have a failed project so these tokens. End up in the hands of the early true believers and by the way if you did own an ens.

Domain before october 31st you can claim your ens tokens up until may of 2022. I will leave a link. Down below so you can go ahead and claim your free ens tokens so when it comes to these airdrop. Tokens ive spoken about it in the past in a video i made over nine months ago i said hey. Just go ahead and use d5 you never know whats going to happen and in that video i spoke about.

Dydx you go ahead connect your wallet interact who knows maybe you will receive an airdrop in the end there. Was an air drop and something very key here is there is no guarantee projects dont come out and say. Hey use our protocol in the future well have an air drop they just simply come out with a protocol. They say go ahead and use it and then later on if they do have a token air drop it. Is given to the early users as a surprise now the downside about using protocols especially on ethereum especially right.

Now is gas fees right even going ahead and using a protocol making a simple swap can cost you a. Few hundred dollars even this ens domain right again i had no idea i was going to receive an air. Drop i wanted to participate i bought an ens domain between the domain and gas fees it was a few. Hundred dollars so these free air drops are not really free you do have to put up some money in. The beginning and also put up some of your time and when using d5 the primary goal is just to.

Use d5 so that you learn grow your knowledge base this in itself will help you make more money in. The long run these airdrops is just an added bonus the most important thing is just using d5 for the. Sake of using d5 another project that i spoke about in that video nine months ago was openc this is. Another protocol that is very popular people use they dont have a token will they have a token in the. Future i have no idea and thats the whole point of this video use protocols to use protocols maybe in.

The end you will be rewarded openc nft platform im a fan i participate i connect my wallet i interact. So in the future if they do have an airdrop then i will receive tokens and if they dont have. An airdrop im still happy because i get to use openc and just knowing how to use openc has helped. Me make a lot of money so these are two projects on ethereum and theres many others out there that. People use that dont have any tokens and you will need a self-custody wallet to participate i do think metamask.

Is one of the best ones i do have a link down below tutorial on how to set up a. Metamask wallet then you can fund it and then you can interact with these protocols so this is on ethereum. Right now definitely more expensive right even if youre going to do a free transaction on a protocol just to. Be kind of eligible for that protocol in the event they have a air drop in the future you still. Have to pay these fees you know 50 100 200 in gas fees another platform that maybe will have air.

Drops in the future is solana again will they have air drops i have no idea but thats the whole. Point here i use d5 to use d5 maybe i will be rewarded in the end so i have a. Phantom wallet i loaded it up with solana and i have interacted with solana protocols for nfts for example sola.

Conclusion – How To Access Airdrop

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