How To Access Android Phone From Mac – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access android phone from mac, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access android phone from mac,

Method 1 – How To Connect Any Android Smartphone To Macbook…

Whats going on youtube this is the exhaust from justic hd once again and back in todays video im going. To show you how to connect your windows smartphone to mac found on the internet many people finding difficult to. Connect their smartphone to mac so i decided the guys to help me out with this video and yes its. Very easy group and fast / stop this video and connect more and you stopped on the mac okay so.

For connecting any android smartphone to your map macbook pro or macbook air its very simple and easy first of. All you have to go in your android smartphone settings mode and scroll it down and go into about device. So lets go on days and we have to tap on these software information once you tap on days you. Will find these menu a build number if you havent activated yet developer option in your smartphone then its just. Easy to activate it just stabbed seven times in this build number and it will be activated i have already.

Activated so its saying that you dont need to tap anymore on base so lets back on this menu and. Yeah okay so here we have got this developer option i have already activated this so im going to click. On days and once you click on these you will find this option usb debugging i dont know how to. I i cannot pronounce sorry about that you have to activate this so once you have already activated is so. Once you tap on this it would be activated okay so its done in your smart phone okay now you.

Have to connect it to your macbook pro so connect your smart phone with usb cable to your macbook and. You have to download one software in your macbook pro its called android file transfer go in the google sauce. Android file transfer in your macbook and the link would appear then just click on this download that mac application. Installer and dragon on your application once you drag this open that application connect your smartphone to your mac and. When you connect this it would say no file found once you tap on this a lava from your smartphone.

And yes you are ready now you can transfer any file any android file in your map its just easy. Super easy ok so thats the video you can connect any android smartphone to your macbook or macbook pro or. Member craft if you like my video guys give me thumbs up subscribe to my channel and yes till then. Alfe on our great time.

Method 2 – How To Transfer Files Between Android And Mac

Not everyone with the mat uses an iphone and while it may be the best way to experience the apple. Ecosystem its just not something everyones interested in the biggest problem then for android users with a mac is that. There is no direct plug-and-play functionality for transferring files between the two end devices show this android file transfers but. I think we can all agree thats a big file mess id actually recommend you stay away from that app.

So how do we transfer a file between a mac and an android device hey guys i am akshay from. Vivanco and in this video ill tell you how you can transfer your files between a mac and an android. Device while theres no night method to do this short using android file transfer there are a couple of great. Apps that you can use so lets get started if you prefer using wired connections you should definitely take a. Look at hand-shaker its very easy to use to transfer files using hand-shaker you just need to follow a few.

Steps install handshake on your mac the link will be in the description below launch the app and connect your. Android device hand-shaker will install an app on your phone i already have it installed by the way once that. Is done simply connect your android phone to your mac and you should be able to see all your files. In the hand shaker app you can easily copy and paste files between the two devices and the speeds are. Decent enough while hand-shaker is definitely a great app there are times when you simply dont want to deal with.

Cables you should check out airdroid for all your wireless transfer needs it comes with the web interface as well. So you just need the app on your phone and not on your mac on your android device launch the. Airdroid app you will see an ip address here simply launch browser on your mac and navigate to that ip. Address you will now be able to transfer files between the android device and the mac you can do a. Lot more with airdroid like you call logs messages take screenshots etc however those features are not the point of.

This video so i leave it to you to explore them on if your droid is not to your liking. There is another great app that will let you transfer files viola slee share it is an app that works. By creating a wi-fi hotspot on your devices and transferring data over it dont share it on both your mac. And your android device on your android phone tap on send if you want to send files to your mac. Or receive if you want to the see files then tap on connect to pc tap on scan to connect.

Scan the qr code displayed on your mac and youre ready to start transferring files if you use es file. Explorer on your android phone then you can very easily use ftp to transfer files wirelessly between your android device. And your mac on your mac launch the terminal and type this command hit enter you will be asked for. Your password enter it here and hit enter again you have now created an ftp server on your mac however. You still need to know the ip address for your mac before you can connect to the ftp server from.

Your android phone press and hold the option key and click on the wi-fi icon in the menu bar you. Will see your macs ip address there in es file explorer tap on the hamburger icon and go to ftp. Under network tap on new and fill in the details for the ftp server you created you will need to. Enter the username and password for your macs login id tap on ok and youre connected to the ftp server. You can now copy and paste files between your under device and your mac so those were some of the.

Ways you can use to transfer files between your mac and an android device i hope these methods helped you. Use your hand read phone with a mac and if they did let me know by giving this video a. Like also subscribe to our channel for more cool tech videos like this one but that is all from my. Side and until next time thanks for watching.

Method 3 – All Android Phones: How To Transfer Photos

So you have an android phone and you want to be able to transfer your photos and videos to a. Macbook or an apple computer its very very easy to do now i record all of my videos use an. Android phone and and i use my macbook here to edit and in order to make your macbook you know. When you have a windows computer and you plug in your android phone youre able to transfer the data the.

Photos and videos right away however with a macbook if you go ahead and try to transfer photos and videos. If you if you directly connect your android phone nothings going to happen okay the easiest way what you have. To do is dont even mess with the theres wi-fi transfers but theres always a connection issue in you know. You just have a lot of like trouble and theres like always troubleshooting issues anyways this is the easy way. To do it is just go ahead and download this file right here is a little android guy this is.

Called the android file transfer once you download it one time then every time you can an android phone is. The same thing as connecting it to a windows computer ok and ill put a link below where you can. Get this but here heres the website right here android file transfer download it install it and then once you. Install it youre gonna give this little android guy the icon looks like this little green guy here so for. Example lets go ahead and grab a phone here and heres a samsung galaxy this is a note 10 and.

Ill go ahead and just plug this one in here and well see what happens ok how pop it in. You can see thats charging and i get a cant access storage ok look at my phone here allow access. To phone day time go ahead and click on allow right there and now oops let me do that again. Let me its already plugged in let me go back to the android transfer here let me just click on. That ok so here it is right here heres that window and now you can see my dcim folder right.

Here my camera and youll be able to see all of my photos and videos and you can see it. Right here then you can just go ahead and drag and drop it whats your macbook whatever you want to. Do ok now heres another let me go and hook up another phone here okay its a little bit different. Okay so let me couldnt unplug that lets just go with a google pixel for here and some of your. Android phones youll have to input more information in so for example ill go ahead and plug this google for.

Google pixel for ill plug this in here and it says up here cant access storage and the reason is. Is because some of these android phones you have to basically just go ahead and scroll down and then if. You look at the phone itll say android system youve got to tap on that then you got to tap. It on to the tap on it again and now we have to go ahead and choose file transfer auto. Android auto so follow transfer ill tap on that and now once i tap on that this automatically pops up.

And then here you go oops let me go ahead and tap that again and then you can see we. Have the dcim folder and all my videos and photos videos everything is right here and then i can go. To transfer direct i can drag and drop it directly on to my on my macbook and then thats pretty. Much it pretty simple any questions comment below thanks for watching bye.

Method 4 – How To Connect Android To Mac

Whats up guys my name is jake and today were going to talk about the best way to connect your. Android device to your mac computer if you have the android mac combo you understand the pain of having connectivity. Issues between the two devices since apple wants you to buy an iphone theyre going to make the compatibility between. Iphone and mac great and leave android users in the dust in the past there has been outside software thats.

Attempted to solve the connectivity issues but theyve really been lackluster however there are finally a few options out there. That allow you to seamlessly connect your android to your mac without any of the connectivity issues now one of. The best options is called syncmate syncmate has a free version or a paid version depending on what your needs. Are the free version will allow you to sync your contacts and your calendars across your android and your mac. And it just does it flawlessly now were going to walk you through exactly how to set this up so.

What youre going to want to do is open up syncmate click add new and then click android device so. Youre presented with three options if you have a usb cable you can connect that or if youd rather do. Wi-fi or bluetooth click on each of those and this is going to present you with a qr code so. What youre going to want to do is open up the camera app on your android device point it at. The qr code and its going to point you to a url thats going to let you download syncmate for.

Your phone so once youre at the web page you just want to going to want to click download open. The download and youre gonna be presented with this message that says youre not supposed to be downloading software off. The internet but thats totally okay syncmate is a trustworthy software so youre gonna just go ahead and open your. Settings and click accept to install the software when its done open it up and youre going to be greeted. By the syncmate app on your android phone once you have the app loaded up youre actually going to go.

Back to syncmate on your mac and youre going to click connect and you will get this little pop-up on. Your phone that says your mac is trying to connect and we want to click yes for that the syncmate. App is going to ask you to allow some permissions so youre going to want to click allow to any. Of the information that you want to sync between your macbook and your android from there its the same as. Every other option just select the plugins you want and you can get syncing now whats pretty cool is this.

Isnt limited to just android you can also do your ios devices you can sync to another mac or you. Could do gmail accounts you can use an outlook account and there are a ton of other stuff you can. Look at the entire list and if you opt in for the paid version it unlocks some pretty great stuff. This will lock the ability to mount your device in the finder window sync your photos videos and music and. Probably the best part is you can actually sync your text messages from your android onto your mac thats right.

And its not even just for viewing you can actually send text messages on your mac through syncmate pretty sweet. Syncmate is your best bet if you want to sync stuff from your android to your mac but what if. You just want to transfer files well the best choice for that is a program called mac droid very similar. To syncmate macdroid is made to be compatible with all android devices the free version of macdroid will let you. Transfer all your files from your android to your mac and if you want to get the premium paid version.

That will allow you to transfer files back from your mac onto your android now aside from solving the most. Important issues macdroid also brings some pretty cool things to the table it allows you to mount your device in. The finder window you can edit your android files directly on your mac and you can transfer files in adb. Mode instead of mtp mode adb mode stands for android debug bridge and it basically allows you to transfer files. A lot faster than the standard mtp mode both syncmate and macdroid do a great job of solving the huge.

Connectivity issues that so many android users face like the android file transfer app its the most popular app out. There to try and connect your android to your mac but its known for having wide connectivity issues across the. Board its unfortunate because these users are left in the dark when it comes to crossover compatibility so enjoy that. I highly recommend you check out both of these programs i promise you theyre going to save you a lot. Of headaches and since you made it to the end of this video we have a little present for you.

If you use this discount code it will give you 15 off the premium version of syncmate thats all i. Got for you guys today if you enjoyed this video be sure to give it a like and subscribe for. More videos just like this thank you guys for watching and have a great rest of your day.

Method 5 – How To Transfer Photos From Android To Mac | T-Mobile

Hey guys des with t-mobile today im going to show you how to transfer files from your android phone to. Your mac for this how-to were gonna show you how to get the pictures and videos off your phone but. The steps are similar for other types of files first youll need to download android file transfer to your mac. From google you can search for it from your browser or click the link in the description once android file.

Transfer is downloaded grab the usb cable that goes with your phone youll need this to move the content off. Your phone to your computer be sure to check and see if there are any adapters you may need to. Connect to your mac to your phone for instance if your mac is newer you may need one of these. Usb c type cables insert the cable into your mac wake up and unlock your android phone insert the cable. Into your android phone ensure you have the usb option set to file transfer you can do this by dragging.

Down the window shade menu from the top of your phone and tapping on the connection the finder window should. Now pop up on your mac double-click dcim then camera and there are all of your photos and videos that. Have been stored on the phones internal memory now if your mac doesnt recognize the phone when its connected you. May need to enable developer options on your phone this isnt always required but sometimes when things arent working it. Just helps to do this open the settings app on android 8.0 and higher devices select system scroll to the.

Bottom and select about phone then scroll to the bottom of the next list and tap build number 7 times. In a row return to the previous screen to find developer options near the bottom sometimes its hidden under the. System menu scroll down to usb debugging and toggle it to on reconnect your phone and that should help so. I hope thats been helpful for you guys i know since im an android mac user its really handy for. Me brother great how tos go ahead and subscribe to our channel or visit your favorite t-mobile store thanks so.

Much for watching.

Conclusion – How To Access Android Phone From Mac

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