How To Access Another Dimension – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access another dimension, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access another dimension,

Method 1 – This Video Will Shift You To The 4Th Dimension Instantly Warning No Going Back

This video will shift you into the fourth dimension instantly and by the end of this video you will know. For 100% fact that you were in the fourth dimension welcome back to another video my names erin and i. Help people expand their consciousness now in this video im gonna be sharing with you that of understanding how you. Can shift to that of the fourth dimension instantly understanding really what that is and why it is so important.

On the planet right now to be in this high vibrational state so first things first this has to do. With understanding that right now on the planet we are going through a shifting consciousness you might be like hearing. Its a shift in consciousness why would we go into that right now divorce canon ive kind of shared this. Before dolores canon has been somebody that teaches people something called qhht quantum healing hypnosis technique she is an author. She wrote seventeen books she actually really didnt even write them theyre just transcripts from her hypnosis sessions and what.

She was able to do is get people to what is called ace i think its called a symbiotic or. Its a its a deep level of brainwave activity where their higher self comes through and answers questions and this. Was like in the 70s and the 80s that she started doing it so she did it for like 40. Years and what she would do is she traveled around the world putting people into this deep level of the. Hypnosis and their higher selves would come through and answer any questions so they answer questions like why did this.

Person incarnate at this time they would go to past lives future lives what was the relationship with your dad. Or this person and why did it happen this way and you get answers now one of the most consistent. Things that she began to hear from people all around the world who did not know each other was that. One of the main or the main reason that they came to earth at this time is because now is. The time of transformation and because there is an ascension going on an ascension of vibration we are going from.

A third density into that of a fourth density level of reality at the fourth the third dimension the fourth. Dimension and because of that us as souls all wanted to be here for this time of transformation on the. Planet right now and we came here to go through this shifted vibration raised in vibration because then it allows. Us to let go of a lot of karma and its supposed to if something has never happened before the. Way that it is happening right now in body so thats one of the reasons theres almost 8 billion people.

On the planet right now is because everyone wants to be here right now for this shift and consciousness and. Its happening right now as well sometimes we think of it were like oh theres gonna be this place thats. Gonna be the fourth dimension its gonna be amazing but fourth dimension is not a place its a vibrational state. Of consciousness and here is the thing when it comes to this process understand that were constantly shifting whether we. Are aware of it or not the key is that most people create the same thing over and over and.

Over again so what most people do is they will create the experience of being in the third dimension the. Third dimension is a dimension of duality polarization good bad light dark up-down its a level of control normally theres. Been a control factor on the planet for a very long time so it keeps people in the dark the. Third dimension is about feeling separated from everyone else its lower vibrational emotions are most often what is emphasized in. This 3d reality thats why the news always keeps everything in lower vibrational emotions because then it keeps us shut.

Out from who we really are and in 3d were also weve we dont know that we are these powerful. Beings having these temporary human experiences we are immortal spiritual beings having temporary human experiences now in the 4d level. Of reality the 4d consciousness its about understanding that reality is more flexible that we are immortal spiritual beings live. In temporary human experiences things become more about vibration in the state of consciousness becomes more about vibration so if. You want something you realize that its about vibrational resonance versus the 3d perspective i got to work really hard.

And theres this time-space linear way of going about it where its like present future in the fourth dimensional way. Of thinking its about now understanding that right now is where all the power is and that right now your. Past and your future is all one with this moment right now so its about being present to the moment. Its about understanding that life is a form of dream and when we realize that life becomes more dreamlike and. There is a higher vibrational state of emotion in that of the fourth dimension theres still a level of duality.

But its much easier for us to be in the vibration that we want and right now the vibration on. The planet is is rising and heres what ive come to learn from studying this material we are already in. The fourth dimension we are row already in it were already experiencing it what we think we are experiencing in. The 3d reality is simply a reiteration of the same thing over and over and over again because in a. 3d reality 90% of 99% of people are asleep theyre living out automatic lives theyre living in the autopilot autopilot.

Mind theyre doing the same things every day feeling the same emotions every day theyre for doing the same things. Feeling the same things thinking the same things getting the same thing over and over and over again and itll. Appear to be the 3d reality because theres still a level of control in the planet and you look around. And theres still people fighting and all these 3d things however we are actually in the fourth dimension right now. Its just that the dream of the 3d reality is still playing itself out so it then becomes a matter.

Of choice what are we choosing to engage with because even if we think were still experiencing the 3d negative. Mindset were doing it in the fourth dimensional state of consciousness which means you could think of it in a. Way as things are becoming more more flexible and we know as well that 99.9% of all matter is empty. Space well in the fourth dimension right now in this 4d level of consciousness if we experience dvd its because. Were choosing it either consciously or unconsciously but think of it like this as well when it comes to this.

Reality theres a level of social theres this theres this connection that we all have thats called collective consciousness now. We are individually creating our own reality but then together we create our reality as a whole so the reality. Timelines that we shift to will be the ones that our society and our whole entire planet has the beliefs. Of what we need so in a way we create our own reality and then collectively we create our reality. Thats why sometimes certain events have been orchestrated because when that happens it changes the dynamic timelines of the planet.

Now what im saying is 4d is already here its just that so many people give emphasis in realness to. The old 3d way of thinking that its re if allowing itself to play itself out think of it like. A wheel thats spinning it stopped spinning but theres momentum thats carrying it out and many people believe that we. Need the old way of systems that we have everything the old way of going about everything therefore we are. Creating the 3d level of situations from a 4d level of consciousness whether were aware of it or not which.

Means reality is much more flexible than you can even imagine so much more flexible and reality is a form. Of dream to begin with so when we realize this life becomes more fun life is meant to be fun. And no mean that life is meant to be fun it makes the process easier because then things are more. Flexible things are more loose but if we go around thinking that everything is very happy everything is so serious. Everything is being done to us then we will remain in that mindset now let me share with you the.

Most important mindset shift for that of moving from the 3 d to the 4 g level of consciousness that. Mindset shift is simply that instead of in the 3d perspective thinking that things are happening to its realizing that. Things happen for us because the settle here is very simple but it is the key because then we move. From victim mode of giving away our power into the empowering state of consciousness which is understanding were creating it. Even if it appears to be negative understand we are immortal spiritual beings so when these negative things happen it.

Appears in the moment its a very horrible thing but its actually something that happens for our growth and i. Know this because ive been through very negative things in the past when it comes to how i was raised. Having an extant mom that was abusive why did it happen to me thats what i wondered when my dad. Divorced her when i was 15 i was like why did all this happen to me but then i realized. That it led that pressure that pain led to me eventually going within myself and going through a spiritual awakening.

So it didnt happen to me happen for me it was a different perspective but when we start to get. This empowering understanding we go from victim to then being able to create our reality the way we want so. The key to it is really in understanding that we are immortal spiritual beings and that we can shift our. Level of consciousness instantly if i have in this perspective have the perspective that even if you continue to create. That of the 3d reality youre doing it from a 4d level of consciousness its still kind of like a.

Dream its just the more solidity you give to this dream the more this dream world appear to be real. And the best way to disengage from that of the 3d reality is to not give it so much attention. And what i mean by that is like the news the media what someone said what someone did its all. About how you respond to it so what happens is how you respond to what happens or even making the. Choice that youre not even gonna watch it yeah okay i know that uh i know that on the fox.

News and cnn theres all this crazy stuff happening but i choose not to perceive i choose not to feed. It because attention is what feeds realities if you pay attention to that reality youre feeding it energy and thats. Why one of the most the things that has kept people in a lower vibrational emotions is just television its. That of the media because if they can keep your attention they can keep us in a certain frequency band. And even then you see how thats a victim mentality the key is knowing with awareness that you can shift.

It you can shift it the 40 level of consciousness is also about being passionate being passionate doing what you. Love following your heart because when you do that you raise your frequency thats the best way to raise your. Frequency sometimes i say that just like it sounds so cliche its like oh i need to do my passion. Follow my passion it sounds cliche but its so true because the highest vibrational thing you can do is doing. What you love and that will add value to everyone around you even an unconscious ways because its a state.

Transference thing so i make videos because i love making videos im walking around my house right now with this. Little camera talking about shifting to the fourth dimension in city im telling you right now that you are already. In the fourth dimension whether youre aware of it or not the question is are you going to continue to. Create the dream of the old 3d reality and if so can you do it with awareness because thats the. Key to shifting from the 3d to the 40 is realizing youre already in 4d its just become aware of.

The beliefs you have about reality become aware of where youre investing your vibration because wherever youre doing this is. What youre getting in life so you can shift your life by shifting your perception is shifting your focus and. By doing that you begin to shift more into a 40 level of consciousness where you realize that were all. Connected 40 levels also but understand that were all connected when i talk about this collective consciousness thing you can. See how our thoughts create our reality and how our thoughts go around and link up with other peoples thoughts.

And it creates a collective reality of what we believe to be true thats why we have the political structures. In everything we have in our reality is because weve agreed to it at a certain level either consciously or. Unconsciously its all based on agreement we said okay youre gonna get into this position will allow you to be. There and then youll do this okay i dont like it but were still gonna allow you to be there. You see its like its all based on agreement so the key is that being aware of it and choosing.

What do i agree to you – i agree – my own life the best way to change the world. Is to first change ourselves is to go through what do i believe to be true am i investing in. The news of i invested in the media can i do what im passionate about and lead by example because. If you do those things you will raise your vibration and things in your life will then begin to change. So shifting is a natural byproduct for the way reality works were constantly in a way you could say were.

Going back and forth in this life from 3 to 40 reality based on our choices and what were focused. On but really were in the fourth dimensional state of consciousness and there may be a tendency to recreate the. 3d in a 4d level but its still just a recreation so be aware of that and be aware that. You dont have to choose it anymore you can choose a higher vibrational perspective and you can choose to be. In that high vibration and by doing so you begin to shift yourself out of the old way of being.

So this is what its all about so if you want a powerful way for you to shift your vibration. I have that in the top of description box below itll help you to raise your vibrational set point so. You start to perceive more of the 4d reality its absolutely free listed for 21 days i think it can. Change your life also ill be doing more live please with instagram so if you have follow me on instagram. Yet youll see that right here i do daily post there plus lives almost every day you got questions for.

Me you go out follow me there other than that i hope you enjoy this video feel free to like. It if you liked it subscribe if you havent ready its little notification here so you can see the daily. Bits that i do other than that has always peace much love and namaste.

Method 2 – Quantum Jumping: How To Jump Into An Alternate Reality! (Law Of Attraction Technique)

Quantum jumping may sound like a difficult concept but its actually quite easy to do this is the process by. Which a person visualizes a desired result or state of being that is different from what is current and then. By supplying enough mental and emotional energy and clearly tuning into that possibility they make a leap into that hidden. Dimension or alternate reality the success of most all law of attraction techniques and visualization techniques can be attributed to.

Quantum jumping are what may be better termed as multi-dimensional awareness consciousness changes and then reality follows suit there is. An infinite number of realities that exist around us if we use the right techniques energy and methods to tune. Into that going from where you are to where you want to be is all in your mind and perception. With quantum jumping your atoms dont disperse and then reorganize themselves in a dramatic display nothing happens out there its. Just that our reality simply adjusts to our inner workings although our awareness of who we are will generally align.

With one reality quantum jumping can be made through a kind of contact with an alternate version of ourselves through. Time and space you can enter a parallel universe which has already formed different events identities and relationships and im. Going to show you how to do that in just a few minutes first lets discuss the mandela effect for. A better understanding of multi-dimensional awareness if you know anything about the mandela effect which refers to a large number. Of people sharing a specific memory that doesnt match current reality and is often attributed to the existence of parallel.

Universes it seems relevant to mention a few examples obviously the first example is nelson mandela who this theory is. Named after countless people remember him dying in prison in the 1980s but he was actually released from prison and. Later died in 2013 this contradicts what many people believe to be true on the lighter side of this theory. Which one of these do you remember apparently there is not a jiffy peanut butter but again a large number. Of people would disagree heres a question for you if someone asks you to describe the color chartreuse which of.

These would you pick if youre like me the color on the right most closely resembles this but in this. Reality much to my own surprise its actually a green a large number of people remember billy grahams funeral airing. On television prior to his actual death in 2018 david soul an actor from the television shows starsky and hutch. Was remembered as passing away years ago by many people but as of the publishing of this video he is. Still alive and well as stated in an article on which ive left a link to in my description.

Brooms theory states that at all times there are multiple realities of each universe the multiverse and that within each. Universe there are variations of objects events and people so memories of those incorrect shared moments are not really false. They are just instances where parallel universe crossed paths for an instant this article also states that human memory is. Notoriously unreliable which is the more logical explanation but how does that explain so many people remembering the exact same. Events with almost identical details thousands of people throughout the world have reported these mandella effects and this is partly.

Why scientists consider the theory that parallel universes do exist the nature of our reality shows that we are continually. Shifting and you may be able to recognize some common experiences from your own life where you actually make quantum. Jumps often without even realizing it at the time they are exhibited as an instantaneous change in things and here. Are a few of the signs that your reality has shifted in some sort of way you experience feelings of. Deja vu your overall energy and the way you feel has changed by several levels in a quick way without.

Much material based reasoning you might notice an inanimate object appear out of nowhere that you hadnt been able to. Locate for some time or something might not be where you are sure you put it and you find it. In a very odd or random place or even find it in the place where youve already looked where it. Wasnt there before you notice something in your environment that youve never seen before just out of the blue such. As a new building that you cant recall being built a few of these signs may seem very subtle but.

They are indicators that youve made a shift and that the universe is winking at you to let you know. It all of these things are your mind and energetic field tuning into a parallel reality quantum fields can respond. To our intentions observation actions and overall state of being physics shows us that such things are within the realm. Of possibility and can occur quantum jumping is achievable when we use specific theories and this means that every individual. Can exhibit quantum jumping behavior just as multitasking is the ability to deal with more than one task at a.

Time multi-dimensional awareness is the ability to be aware of more than one version of your multi-dimensional self while youre. In the process of your daily physical life if we were to apply the multitasking concept to our creative efforts. We would ultimately learn to expand our consciousness in such a way as to leap beyond our current reality and. Into another of our choosing so how do we do this the first thing to bring your awareness to is. That you are not your body you are what animates your body without you the bodys nothing so since and.

Become acutely aware of the you that exists without your body and realize that you and your body are actually. Separate things the consciousness that inhabits your body is the true you your body is only a vehicle you use. To experience physical reality if your vehicle were lets say an actual car the real you your consciousness would be. Operating that car and looking out the windows of that car and observing what is happening in that way but. You would not be the car you would be the operator of that car so from this vantage point imagine.

Yourself stepping one step backwards out of your personal vehicle you can use your mind with your eyes closed or. Open whichever way works best for you to consciously step backwards and then just view the vehicle or the body. That you occupy from this viewpoint lets examine what this body does for you its a tool that allows the. Real you to experience sensory input you can feel see taste smell and hear with this tool and experience 3d. Reality because of this once again if this vehicle were a car would it be you that was operating that.

Car or would the car have the ability to operate on its own even if it could operate on its. Own there would have to be a you to experience the results of what it was doing so the vehicle. Is nothing without the operator or the consciousness that keeps it in operation the vehicle and what it does only. Happens because of you you dont need that vehicle to experience consciousness but it needs you to complete its functions. If you have successfully stepped back to observe this vehicle with your consciousness you are now able to watch this.

Tool that you have to use that you may have recently identified with as yourself and maybe now you can. See that that isnt who you are you have an experience of living a certain life as that vehicle because. Of its sensory capabilities but that is only the experience of that what is having that experience is you consciousness. That experience occurs through that vehicle so now lets focus that consciousness alt swear and examine a new experience from. Your new vantage point you now have two awarenesses there is the real you which is your consciousness and theres.

The vehicle you travel in and from the space of the real you the one who is stepped out of. The physical body if you just turned slightly with your consciousness you may be able to see how there are. Other vehicles that have some aspects that are very similar to your current vehicle that you could occupy its like. Stepping onto a car lot and seeing all of the different available options except the vehicles or different versions of. Your body that you could operate and those vehicles have different features they may all look very similar but many.

Probably have some updated or upgraded settings there might be a version that is thinner or one that seems to. Display an air of luxury or abundance there might be a version that indicates to you that it might be. More adventurous or one that gives you the vibration of more love and happiness what you are looking for here. Is the body version of you that has what you desire to experience so just use your consciousness to examine. These different versions and then choose one that you would like to operate take your consciousness over to this new.

Version of you and examine it for a moment and then with your willpower move your consciousness into occupying it. Like taking a test drive how does this vehicle feel when you step into it what sensory input do you. Get from it can you feel an upgrade do you sense a new experience if this experience isnt what youre. Looking for try one of the other versions out for a more in-depth process ive created this as a powerful. Meditation that will enhance your multi-dimensional awareness if you would like to preview or purchase this meditation i have placed.

A link in the description however you can practice this exercise on your own and by doing so daily you. Begin to make your multi-dimensional awareness as normal as your 3d awareness when you step back from your physical body. With your consciousness it expands into your fifth dimensional consciousness and once your consciousness expands to that frequency you can. Begin to read files so to speak that have been stored in your multi-dimensional mind those files include more options. That are available and you may be able to see how you can choose those options for your reality especially.

From this vantage point just as you can only experience the internet when youre online with your device you can. Only read your multi-dimensional mind when you were online with your consciousness via your multi-dimensional awareness and once youre logged. Into your multi-dimensional self you can experience parallel realities with much more ease and the consciousness habits you develop will. Determine what is ordinary for you as well as what is extraordinary you.

Method 3 – Mysterious Portals That Lead To Another Dimension, Discovered Throughout The Planet!

Antique doors and gateways can be found all over the world though some of these doors may be much more. Than they appear on the surface throughout history researchers have wondered if there may be portals to other dimensions scattered. All around us weve found the locations of many ancient doorways that seem to serve no purpose at least not. In modern times though many theorists have begun to wonder if such doorways may have once been used by humans.

Or giants as a way to travel through different dimensions maybe even to other planets whatever the case may be. Theres a lot about history that has yet to be discovered today well be looking at several mysterious portals that. May lead to another dimension before we get started be sure to hit that like button and ring the notification. Bell for more videos stonehenge no video about ancient portals would be complete without talking about stonehenge this is one. Of the most famous places that people have speculated could have once been home to a mystical portal between worlds.

Even though weve researched this monument for decades theres still so much that we dont know about it for one. We dont even know how it could have been built the stones are far too large to have been moved. By ancient humans yet power tools and other equipment would not be invented for thousands of years as it stands. Stonehenge remains one of the greatest mysteries of the ancient world but its possible it could be far more mysterious. And important than we could have ever imagined today we still have no idea why stonehenge would have been built.

In the first place the monument doesnt seem to serve any real purpose though weve recently begun to learn that. There may be tunnels and other artifacts located deep beneath the surface all of that aside weve yet to learn. Why such an amazing structure would have been built t.

Conclusion – How To Access Another Dimension

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