How To Access App Files On Iphone – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access app files on iphone, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access app files on iphone,

Method 1 – Ios 14 System File Access Using Stock Files App

Whats up everyone this is autogas tech and in this video i have some crazy news i got to share. With you guys so every single day that ios 14 beta has been released something new happens in the community. Its just nuts guys i this is like the craziest beta release ever so im gonna be sharing you guys. This really cool information someone was actually able to get into the system files in ios 14 beta on their.

Device and whats crazy is they just use the basic files application but on top of that guys im gonna. Be showing you guys an icloud bypass method and apparently this is a full method which is crazy so so. Much news is going on and if you saw my previous videos earlier you would have known i posted about. The check-rein jailbreak and on top of that you can now install revoked apps on ios 14 this is absolutely. Crazy like i was 14 is insane like there are so many exploits going on right now and its not.

Even like been a whole week with this software so i am absolutely excited this is super duper cool and. Im gonna be explaining everything you need to know about the icloud bypass and the access to file systems on. Your iphone in this video so this is just a news video and a slight tutorial for the icloud one. So lets get started so the first thing i want to show you guys is how someone was able to. Access the system files on the iphone and ill explain why this is kind of important so im loading up.

My iphone here so this is actually just a reddit post i found i went into the subreddit r slash. Ios beta as you can see and i will leave the original post down below in the description so you. Can go ahead and check them out theres a really cool reddit thread explaining how this was just a glitch. They came across they said they were able to access the system files in the finder app on their iphone. Or excuse me not to find her app but the the stock files app on ios 14 so thats absolutely.

Crazy he said it just randomly appeared and yeah you could see these are accurate because ive actually pulled up. The iphone files on my computer and i can have a screenshot or if you want i can link the. Actual i phone files down below if you want to take a look at them but these are accurate names. Of the files this is what the iphone file system looks like its crazy that they were able to access. This through finder typically you would need a jailbreak and a working version of files up in order to access.

This type of content on your iphone apple is very very protective and if you read the reddit thread about. This post they said they were very hesitant about editing these files now there is a slight chance that this. Could be fake and the reason that could it be is because they could have taken the ipsw file from. Ios 14 converted it into a zip file that way you can actually open it up and thats how i. Access the ios beta files as well and they could have just drag and drop those folders into finder but.

The reason i technically i guess believe this is because of all the exploits that are being found as of. Now with the check-rein jailbreak and the icloud bypass that is working so this leads me to believe that you. Know this is the beta one so this means its a bug and its a glitch in the software so. I wouldnt be surprised if this was not fake i i think this could be real but moving on to. The icloud bypass this is where things get superduper interesting so im gonna load up my iphone right here and.

This is whats really cool this is found by a user on twitter let me see if i can pull. Up their name so it can you know shout them out so its this guy i will leave the link. To their twitter account down below in the description as well so you can go ahead and check them out. And apparently someone was able to get icloud bypass on an iphone which is super duper cool and now obviously. This is beta one theres a chance apple could pass this in a beta 2 and fix this but you.

Can see they start the video out those like really tiny theyre on like an iphone 10 and you can. See there on the activation lock screen so they basically call 911 and type in this digit while theyre on. The emergency start-up screen so keep in mind the apple id is still signed in and they keep swiping up. Over and over again on their device they click call 911 and then boom they are inside iowa just like. That so this is kind of a interesting video its not really like a full icloud bypass in the sense.

That you would need to like use a computer but you can see that they have complete access to the. Iphone which is really cool so this is already crazy because this is ios 14 beta 1 and if you. Look at the very beginning of the video you can see they are on the actual startup screen and you. Can see that there is an apple id typed in so and it says that the password is required and. You can see the start and finish from the video exactly what they do so if you want i will.

Leave this down below so you can technically watch the full thing and try it out yourself i dont have. A device that i can try this out on that im willing to reset which is why im showing you. Guys this video but overall some crazy news is going on thats your icloud bypass for the day and then. Obviously the system files thing i can leave more info about that down below in the description as well so. Overall crazy times to be a part of the ios community thank you so much for watching and as always.


Method 2 – How To Use The Files Apps! (Iphone & Ipad)

How is it going everybody youre watching then about tag and today lets talk about the files app and im. Gonna teach you how to use it so the files app is a native apple application that comes pre-installed on. Any iphone or ipad and this is how it looks if you dont know exactly what im talking about this. Is the application with the blue folder icon and this is how it looks when you open it up okay.

And the thing is even though its being released like a couple years ago most people dont know how to. Actually use it so in this video im gonna teach you everything and explain everything and youre gonna leave it. Knowing everything there is to know about this awesome application so the files app is a file manager app for. Your iphone or for ipad so think of it like finder for your mac computer or windows explorer or file. Explorer the new name for your windows computer so for your pc so it is one application single application where.

You can store and manage pretty much any file on your device so you can store and manage photos videos. Pdfs documents spreadsheets absolutely anything you want on your iphone you can store and manage in one single place and. Thats exactly where most people get confused because unlike on your mac or your pc when you open the files. App for the first time it is pretty much empty there are no folders folders there are no files so. You think how is this a file manager and it is empty and thats where you have to understand that.

In ios or ipad os so on your iphone or your ipad the files the data they generally stay within. Their app so your photos and videos are gonna say in your photos app your whatsapp chats are gonna be. In whatsapp your emails are gonna be in the mail app and so on so how do you actually use. The files app because it seems a little bit complicated so in this video im actually gonna teach you how. You can actually add files to the files app how you can add them how you can manage the how.

You can use the application interest me it is 100% worth it okay guys so the first thing i want. To start with our bios and explanation is right here under locations as you can see we have icloud drive. On my iphone and recently deleted so before i actually teach you how you can add files here and manage. Them i have to teach you this first what this means so i called drive means that all the files. I have under this section means that they are saved in icloud so they are not locally saved on my.

Iphone meaning that they are also safe same same library is gonna be mirrored on my macbook on my ipad. And everything else okay so this is the section where my files are actually saved in the cloud and synched. Third all my devices under on my iphone as the name suggests means that all those files here they are. Actually locally stored on my iphone so then they are not on my other devices and theyre using the storage. My local iphone storage and of course recently deleted or just the files i have deleted its very important to.

Start with this information because later when im teaching you how to save and manage is gonna be much better. Like that okay so now lets going into the most important part which is of course how to add files. To the final stand okay so pretty much any final that you see within any application on your iphone can. Be saved to the finals panel lets start with our imessage so im here in my messages and as you. Can see theres a this folder right here and all afternoon is actually tap on the share sheet as theyre.

Seen and then under here youre gonna see saved your files so you have the option to obviously save image. If you say this image is gonna save to your photos application so hes gonna stay within the photos app. But if you actually save your files is gonna save to our final app if we dont see it here. Or if we see it somewhere else you can always hit edit actions so then youve added and then of. Course you can edit right here if for example save your files is not there you can actually easily add.

It so then its gonna add to your favorites and then you can also rearrange so you can put it. At the top like mine was so done and then save your files is right here in the first spot. And then after that all you have to do is save your files and then thats the important part thats. Why i wanted to show you this before i can choose where i want to say with name my files. Tab if i want to say to icloud drive or on my iphone so im gonna save – i cant.

Drive so then its gonna be safe in all my other devices and obviously you can also change the name. As well so tap on the name and then im gonna say this youtube okay so you choose right there. So weve done and then its gonna be saved here in my icloud drive big folder so its already here. So you can just go ahead and hit save and then thats it if you wanna see where it is. Its very easy i can come back to my finals app go to icloud drive and then look for it.

Its gonna be somewhere around here as you can see youtube right there so thats it okay so this is. How you save a file so i just saved the file from the but i can also save a file. From lets say my email so if i open my email right here as you guys can see i have. This pdf file so if i tap and hold i can just actually press the share sheet again so share. And same sorry safety files i can save it and then im gonna also save it to my i call.

Drive as youtube number two just so its gonna be easier for us to check all those files in one. Single place so youtube jus hit done and then sorry keep done and then save and then youre good to. Go so then the same story is gonna be here under files i call drive and then scroll down and. Then youtube jus the one i just saved in youtube just the one you say before the photo so here. You learn how you can save files to icloud two files and then again it can save to i call.

A driver i can save you on my iphone okay theres another problem way you can save files to your. Shared files app and that is you can save downloads as you know ios 30 enables downloads on your iphone. So then if you just go to this page right here where we have free music download i can just. Go ahead and and then the name of the song is castile soap so then i can just hit download. As you guys can see then download and then its going to start downloading right there at the top so.

Then its done so then if we go to our files app this is the standard place is gonna save. Is in our icloud drive and then its gonna go to the downloads folder as you guys can see right. There and then cast you so there you have it so theres another way you can say fines directly into. The finals app is through a normal safari your browser download okay after that i just want to give you. A quick look at the application so then you have right here at the first screen your browser so thats.

The first screen and your reasons thats a cool way to see it as well as you can see we. Have this song we downloaded and the document and the photo that have saved so then obviously those are the. Recent files that we have managed i really like this because i can quickly see what a recently saved on. Top of that we can just any of those sections and have a look at the folders the files over. Time as you use the final status any full of files like my application is right here right now your.

Files that may be a little bit empty same started with on my iphone you can just manage it very. Easily and lets go to the more pro tips if you have one for example any section so i got. Drawing on my iphone any section you can actually pull down and then youre gonna see that a menu appears. And this medium is very very important here we can manage how we can view those icons so as not. As tiles like that or as big icons sir can choose you can choose how to sort it so by.

Name or by for example size i like this as well or lets say by tags so you can just. Pretty much anyway want to actually sort those out of those files and folders and everything so im going to. Set by kind for example doesnt matter so then now we know how to sort and not know how to. Actually view in a different way but you may be asking yourself okay but how can actually create folders because. I know how to add finals i just taught you how to add some files but how can actually create.

Folders so they can organize better same story pull down so now but now youre gonna click on the three. Dots and then you have the option to you folder so then im just gonna create here i already have. A folder called uiju so im gonna go im gonna say youtube vid so because its related to this video. So you better bad today so youtube vid okay so done and then as you can see the new folder. Is right here youtube it so then you can manage files and add them and since youre here how can.

I move my phone like my icons around so how can i for example and some folks some files to. A folder is actually very easy all you have to do is hit select at the top and as you. Can see all files are selectable now so then lets just sort my name is gonna be easier for us. So lets find those files that we have added recently so youtube and youtube one so hed select again and. Then lets scroll down and look for those files so theyre gonna be at the top actually is inverted so.

Youtubes and then youtube jus okay i have selected those two files and what i can do is very easily. I get that with a folder icon right there and then i can move those files very easily so then. It can go to icloud drive and then it can go to youtube video that folder we just created and. Then i can hit move i can also create a new folder from here if i want so you can. Move so as you can see now i have youtube feed with two items tap on it those two files.

That i have saved and then of course there is much more it can do as i said this is. A file manager so for example if you want the main that you have here you can tap and hold. And then have this a rate of options right here where it can copy duplicated move that move process that. We just done we can delete you can see the info you can rename it so then as you guys. Can see you can do everything that a final manager app has to do so yeah so then thats pretty.

Much all the features that we have but now unless but at least i just want to show you that. Everything that i have here is always synced to my other devices of course everything that i have under icloud. Drive so lets see if that folder youtube feed that we just created is on my mac as well lets. Have a look so as you can see here we have my mac and then if i open my finder. As i mentioned files is pretty much the finder for your mac so then i can go right here to.

My 12 drive and then let me zoom in a little bit so you guys can have a better look. And then im going to already have the new folder that we just created youtube vid and then my choose. Files are going to be here so youtube in youtube too so as you guys can see its all here. Its all synced up and its all working yeah guys listen pretty much it just this is just a quick. Look at what as you know is your files app one of the best applications for your iphone that there.

Are out there and that most people dont know how to use i hope now you can use everything there. Is on this application so thats pretty much it and ill see you guys in a couple days guys bye. Bye.

Method 3 – How To Access Files System From Iphone

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 4 – How To Use Files App To Save Files Locally On Your Iphone & Ipad

Aha hello everyone pick again with me sewer today i want to show you about how to access local storage. In pal apps for iphone and ipad lets start if you open the file apps at the first time you. Never find the location for a local storage theres only cloud drive like google drive or dropbox when you try. To edit the location youll never find it on my iphone storage and if you tried to share a picture.

Prom photos and set the pile you will find option to add the picture to the clouds dry but not. For local storage i think it stops at the first time but lets take a look to the final apps. Description epis clearly mentioned it you can access and manage your files no matter where they are located on your. Device or in the cloud so first away download the keynote after that if you open the file up directly. Youll never find it on my iphone storage just go to the settings fine latino and change the document storage.

– on my iphone go open back the pipe and aha welcome to delish and my iphone you can open. It make a new powder here and of course you can drag-and-drop but the problem is for me the keynote. F is too big i mean i dont want to spend my 600 megabytes just for the folder so i. Find another apps then under 600 the key is you can use another app as long as you can change. The setting of document storage and how about i bet for ipad is more easier like an iphone at the.

First time when you open the file youll never find on my ipad storage on the leaf but heres the. Way open puzzles and try to share the picture from photos and check the files you will find the option. To add the picture to cloud drive and local storage just edit and go back open the file aha yes. Youre on my ipad you can open it and make a new folder also drag-and-drop did you write okay lets. All everyone see you at my next video please like share and subscribe thanks for watching bye bye.

Method 5 – Iphone 11: How To Connect To A File Server In Files

Hi in this video were going to take a look at how you can connect to a file server on. Your iphone 11 running hours 13 with them my file app so the first thing is to go back to. Your home screen and then tap on files in files at the top here in the browse folder tap on. The treetops icon or the more options button so from the pop-up choose connect to server now we need to.

Put in the server address so that is the server that you want to connect to so for example the. One that i have recently use this is the server address here so i can tap on that because thats. The one that i have for easily used otherwise you can manually put in so you can put into so. In my case here dot one six eight dot one dot ten four slash and this is the folder and. Then tap on the connect button and then in here you need to put in the password so whether its.

A guess folder which is the user so we need to put in a username and password when you put. In the username password tap on next and then this is the folder here so i can go in here. And access file so lets say ill create a file on the network so you can see here ive quit. One document test documents and then you can see in middle it appears in here i can also rename it. To wherever it is in here and then you can see it will update the changes so thats how you.

Can connect to a file server one wirelessly on your iphone 11 one eight hours at him and from there. You can copy file share files delete files whatever you need to do and thats it thank you for watching. This video please subscribe to my channel for more videos.

Conclusion – How To Access App Files On Iphone

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