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Method 1 – How To Install Apple Arcade – Apple’s New Subscription Gaming Service

Do you guys like apple arcade well no i know as you do what have no squad each boy no. One owes back at you another video thats a day guys you may be like what is apple arcade well. Thats what this video is all about i know that a lot of the young kids out there watching this. Video do not understand what this is and thats why im making this video today apple launched ios 13 which.

Came out with a bunch of stuff but one of them was apple arcade iowas 13 works on the iphone. Se and the iphone 6s and above and along with it is this cool thing called apple arcade its like. A subscription service that basically gives you a bunch of good games that have no ads none of that garbage. That we all hate and today im going to show you how to install it first you have to upgrade. Your device to ios 13 ipads are gonna be getting this in a few weeks just so you know so.

On iphone you go to your settings and click general and see what version of the ios you have as. You can see i have ios 13 so im all set and ready to go now you go to the. App store and you have it right here its the newest thing it says from the editors get even more. Out of the app store look down at the very bottom of the app store you see this button it. Says arcade everybody can do a free trial for one month so lets click that and once youve finished in.

That you press agree now this is my phone this is my device if youre a kid definitely get your. Mom and dad to do this lets take a peek and see what they have to offer so we come. Down start your journey these are all the games look at all these so lets go back up to here. We have sonic racing which looks like a fun ones click that look at how it looks like im kind. Of like mario kart except sonic as you can see it looks really great for just an app and of.

Course it is because you know its apple create its going to some quality games and theres no ads in. This youre not gonna have to worry about that look at that level looks great oh wow and from what. Ive read you can use a ps4 controller or an xbox controller and you can play these games with that. So it connects to your phone and you can play sonic racing with your ps4 xbox controller thats crazy you. Can play biscuit look how great that game looks frogger and toytown that looks those are some great graphics look.

At this wow look at how good these graphics look look at those frogs i dont even know whats happening. But it looks great its like i guess its like a one-of thats why its called frogger cuz its one. Of those frogger games but it has a bunch of cool stuff what was that wow that looks great and. The graphics are good too lets go over oceanhorn – now this is kind of like zelda but look how. Great this looks it looks amazing it looks like zelda right i mean not gonna lie that looks like it.

Could be on a nintendo switch that looks amazing it looks it does look like zelda it looks that looks. That looks amazing definitely better than the first game it looks like theres way more stuff to do so i. Will probably have to end up playing that at some point but oceanhorn – wow we come over lets check. Out a few more lego brawls its a lego game once again these graphics are amazing oh lets watch the. Video look how great this looks what oh it must be like is it like super smash bros for lego.

That must be what it is oh my goodness the game ideas are good this looks great this is an. App and you can connect it to your controller remember when i said that this game would be perfect for. That you can customize can you do that in super smash bros i dont think so sneaky sasquatch now this. Is the last one im going to show you today ill probably do multiple videos on this so stay tuned. By subscribing and liking the video but today its the last one im gonna check out seek sneaky sasquatch this.

One looks really funny and i just wanted to show it to you guys so lets play the video so. Sasquatch wants to eat guy go over this guy gotta grab that ketchup he needs to run for his life. Now get on that boat get out of town and now eat the ketchup i guess is that the set. Oh dang playing golf now hes catching fish looks like a free world wrong type of game you can race. I dont know yeah the category is adventure so what to see what that game is all about it look.

And this like little animation right here looks pretty cool and i was in a cave yeah looks cool it. Has a bunch of minigames looks like it yeah guys thats the end of todays apple arcade how to install. It video and checking out some of the games of course if you enjoyed it please get on there and. Give this video a like and subscribe also go down there and comment which one of the games that we. Saw so far was your favorite also go to my website deana escom which has links to my instagram facebook.

Twitter and made a channel of course ill see you guys in the next video just want to check out. A few more of these okay well get back to that good bye you.

Method 2 – Hands On With Apple Arcade! Best Deal In Gaming!?

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Method 3 – Apple Arcade: Everything You Need To Know

Hey there and welcome to get indie gaming yesterday september 10th or apple delve into their eagerly awaited apple arcade. Service as suspected apple confirmed the arcade offering is based upon a monthly subscription for access to a curated list. Of games from some of the big triple-a publishers although much of the content at launch will tailor towards the. Indie side of the market lets take a further look apples arcade and what you need to know first up.

Lets discuss its price and availability apple arcade will launch in around 150 countries on september 19th and will cost. 4.99 us dollars with an expected price match in terms of your local currency the price includes unlimited access to. All of the games on the platform for up to 5 devices linked to the same account youll be able. To play the games on apple arcade on all of the usual mac devices which includes the ipad iphone mac. Os and of course apple tv if the $4.99 price tag doesnt float your boat then you can try the.

Service for free for the first month this old tactic is of course designed to hook you in and to. Experience a taste of it as it were and having done so the hope is that youll convert from a. Trial into a fully paid-up customer all gaming services aside from pc players with their keyboards and mouse setup need. A controller and a decent one at that of course apple have been reasonably smart and if were planning on. Playing the service by way of their apple tv device and presumably a tv based app at some point in.

The future youll be able to pair either of the sony playstation 4 or the microsoft xbox one and their. Game pads to the offering i cant see why there shouldnt be extended out to say all of the other. Apple hardware as the relevant transmission protocols are all there ready and waiting perhaps that something well see further down. The line so we talked price availability and hardware but what can customers expect from the overall arcade service offering. Well at launch theres more than a hundred games in what apple are calling apple cade exclusives now that doesnt.

Mean they wont launch on other platforms such as the ps4 the xbox although i assume you wont be seeing. These games within say the google play game stall equivalent there are some of the industry heavy hitters although much. Of the work set to be within the apple arcade from launch will be heavily tilted towards the indie game. Side of things already on board we have finn g devolve a digital chinese room and annapurna and with apple. Allegedly having already spent over five hundred million u.s.

Dollars on launch content alone with their stated aim as well. To help fund game development going forward we can feel confident more and more developers will be wanting a slice. Of the apple wedge once the arcade goes live in just over a weeks time again as could be expected. Apple will add a new arcade section to their app store with your subscription enabling you to download any of. The games from the site for play both on and offline when you have no cell or wi-fi connection the.

Arcade section will also give you access to game trailers game guides interviews with developers and recommendations on the games. You might like to try and heres some excellent news as we begin wrapping up this particular video apple also. Announced their service will be a single payment per month there will be no adverts on the service and neither. Will there be any in-app additional purchases which of course removes the potential for any nasty surprises come the monthly. Bill as it pings into your email box all this means the apple arcade offering wont contain any of the.

Trashy micro transaction based game so common within the mobile landscape of today in one final point apple also confirmed. They will not collect any data about your usage on the service without your consent so theres no tracking for. What i suspect is the recommendation engine and back-end analysis unless you give them the go-ahead to do so well. Thats pretty much it for all the info you really need to know about the apple arcade service launching on. September 19th if youve liked this video please click the thumbs up button and if you havent already now would.

Be an awesome time to subscribe to get indie gaming also please dont forget to click that notification bell to. Stay fully in the loop with all things indie gaming many thanks for watching and ill see you all again. Here soon for more indie game videos.

Method 4 – Top 5 Apple Arcade Games For Ipad & Ipad Pro – Best Apple Arcade Games 2021!

Im andru edwards and youre watching gear live ive been using the apple ipad pro 2020 version for about a. Month now and one of the things ive really been enjoying on this device is diving into the apple arcade. Library of games in this episode i tell you about five of the games that ive been playing recently that. Really shine on the ipad pro what is going on tech squad andru edwards here editor-in-chief of and as.

I mentioned today we are checking out the ipad pro 2020 and in particular we are checking out apple arcade. Games that ive been playing while ive been isolating myself and my family here at home now in case youre. Unaware i havent heard about it apple arcade is apples gaming service which includes over 100 different playable games and. Games are playable on your iphone on your ipad on your mac and even on the apple tv as well. Now i mentioned there are over 100 games available to play on apple arcade but the other thing you should.

Know is that these games are exclusive to apple arcade when it comes to mobile in other words youre not. Going to find any of these over 100 titles on any other mobile platform and the best part of apple. Arcade at least in my own personal opinion is the price after a one month free trial apple arcade costs. Five dollars per month or 50 per year and that cost gives you unlimited access to every single game on. The apple arcade service every game can be played offline and since progress saves to icloud number one you can.

Pick up where you left off no matter what device youre using and number two every family member can continue. Their game and their progress separate from everyone else and by the way that five bucks a month allows you. And up to five family members to access apple arcade at no additional cost now of course while im talking. About playing these games on the newest ipad pro with increased graphics performance thanks to the a12z bionic processor just. One more quick reminder that apple arcade games are playable on the iphone ipad apple tv and mac so if.

You see anything you like and want to try but dont have the ipad pro in particular dont worry as. Long as you have any of those devices you can give these games a shot now lets jump into the. Five games ive been playing here at home during self isolation and self quarantine starting with guildlings guildlings draws inspiration. From classic rpgs point and click puzzlers and visual novel games and it tells a light-hearted coming-of-age fantasy story within. A mobile game framework guild links is actually brought to you by the same team that brought you the game.

Threes that game where you take different threes and line them up and add them together ill just put some. B-roll here because its hard to explain that game but if you know you know and the game nails the. Balance between fantasy and modern life in an off-beaten entertaining rpg that exists in a world of both wizards and. Wi-fi kind of like the movie onward if you will the script works great for teens and adults alike and. Conversations fly by like text messages packed with jokes exploration is fast and precise and battles carefully balance how challenging.

They are with a little bit of a forgiving nature its all very fun with success often depending on keeping. Characters happy and fights are mostly focused on defense and tiring foes out rather than killing and maiming the first. Chapter of this game will take you about four or five hours to complete and i think once you do. You will absolutely want to play more alright up next the second game ive been playing here at home on. Apple arcade on the new ipad pro 2020 is pac-man party royale now obviously being a pac-man game this is.

A classic and i was actually surprised to see something like pac-man an established franchise appear on apple arcade but. Im glad hes there because this game is fantastic not just alone but especially when playing with others the bases. Of pac-man are still at play here youre traveling around the maze eating dots and avoiding ghosts however youre also. Playing against friends and if youre not playing with friends there would be other computer controlled pacman all in the. Same maze trying to accomplish the same goal as you eat up the dots you speed up increasing your chances.

Of catching a moving super pellet that temporarily transforms you into an unstoppable ghost eating machine in order to win. A round you have to be the last pac-man standing but if at some point you do happen to get. Eaten youre not just down and out you actually become a ghost yourself and then you can attack the rest. Of the players who are still alive and kicking this brings a competitive nature to pac-man which again is super. Fun and i highly recommend this one okay next up lets talk about one of my favorite games on apple.

Arcade a game i would have paid 10 or 15 dollars for on its own if it wasnt a part. Of apple arcade and that is ocean horn 2 knights of the lost realm ocean horn 2 is not only. One of the best looking adventure games out there but it also builds a unique experience on the shoulders of. Classic video games you collect powerful items wield the caster gun solve mysterious puzzles and discover all that the arcadia. Land and its neighboring kingdoms have to offer now i know some people are going to roll their eyes at.

This comment but its true ocean horn 2 is the closest youre gonna get to playing a zelda game on. Apple arcade or the app store in general unless nintendo does an about face and decides hey were throwing the. Legend of zelda on mobile which i dont see happening ocean horn 2 again is the closest youre going to. Get and i do not use the z word lightly im a huge fan of the legend of zelda series. Start to finish i cannot wait for breath of the wild 2 to drop in the meantime ocean horn 2.

Is giving me that zelda-ish vibe that zelda fix that ive been looking for if i have to ding the. Game for anything its that it makes a lot of assumptions that youve played the original and that you understand. All the game mechanics right out of the gate for example itll assume you already know how to perform a. Certain action before its ever told you how to perform the action because it told you how to perform the. Action in ocean horn one but if you never played ocean horn one what the heck that said the game.

Looks fantastic and once you get to grips with the controls youll forgive those early hiccups this is a great. Apple arcade title to play on your ipad with a controller either a ps4 controller or an xbox one controller. And in addition this is also one of those games thats really good on the apple tv as well again. Grab a controller connect to the apple tv sit back and play this game on your big screen you will. Not regret it up next on my list of my favorite apple arcade games at least right now as we.

Speak is tint now this is a game for those of you who arent necessarily gamers or maybe you are. A gamer but youre not looking for a game that is fast paced high adrenaline you just want to chill. Tint is the game that you play when you want to chill whether youre a gamer or not this is. A game about painting and seems appropriate to include here not just because its a great game for relaxing while. Youre cooped up in the house but also because its definitely enhanced by the apple pencil and obviously the apple.

Pencil only works on the ipad so were using apple pencil with a non-pro ipad or the apple pencil 2. With the pro series ipad plain tint on the ipad in particular is a unique and i say the best. Way to play this game each level begins with one or more origami shapes sitting on a page and your. Goal is to draw an unbroken line of watercolor paint to each shape in the corresponding color for example a. Red paper frog might need you to draw a straight red line somewhere in order to connect it to something.

Else now the challenge is going to be sometimes itll be a shape thats a different color than whats offered. Because you only have the primary colors on your palette so you might have purple and youre going to need. To mix blue and red together in order to get the color you need in order to do that level. Properly theyve also just added a quarantine friendly zen mode zen mode is a full new book inside of tint. Featuring an endless loop of easy levels just use your imagination to paint the most beautiful solution or skip a.

Level any time if you dont like it tint has 220 levels built in and they are always adding more. Theres even a colorblind version and a vision impaired version as well to allow as many people as possible to. Play the game and it even has a great and fun ambient sound soundtrack now going from low adrenaline back. Up to high adrenaline the last game on my list is speed demons in speed demons you take control of. A car racing along a busy highway filled with other cars and trucks that are mostly minding their business the.

Problem is that your accelerator is in pedal to the metal mode and youve got a weave in and out. Of traffic the game features 25 upgradable vehicles whether you want to try your hand at a tiny hatchback or. A supercar or even something like a semi truck youve got over 200 unique events that are customized to the. Different vehicles and eight different game modes all wrapped into a high speed physics based game with up to 100. Individual vehicles on screen at a single time this game really shines on the ipad it looks great on the.

Ipad the ipad pro in particular is powerful enough to provide all that graphics power that a game like speed. Demons demands oh and by the way most games like this are endless racers or endless runners where you just. Keep going until you die this is not what speed demons is its actually level based as i said 200. Unique events built into this game so there you have it guys those are the five games that ive been. Playing on apple arcade using the ipad pro 2020 in particular as my gaming device again the ipad pro is.

Fantastic for gaming because number one display is incredible number two you can use the apple pencil which you cant. Do on an iphone cant do on a mac and cant do on the apple tv and there are games. Optimized for using the apple pencil for more precise touch input and number three for games like ocean horn 2. Or sayonara wild hearts which i did not include in my top 5 list but is an honorable mention sayonara. Wild hearts is fantastic games like those work great with a controller and now that apple allows you to pair.

A bluetooth controller like the xbox one controller or the playstation 4 dualshock gaming on an ipad pro has gotten. So much better now again apple arcade has over 100 titles these are just five titles with that six honorable. Mention of sayonara wild hearts let me know in the comments below which apple arcade games are your favorites to. Play what games did i miss what games should i check out because i have not played all 100 plus. Games yet so as i gave you my advice hit me with your advice on what i need to check.

Out on apple arcade as well now if you want to hear even more apple arcade games that we recommend. Be sure to check out the geared up podcast if youre unaware geared up is the show i do each. Week with john rettinger where we take a look at the latest news in tech gadgets and games just head. To your favorite podcast player and search for geared up two words not one and youll find us there until. Next time thank you so much for watching as always guys stay safe out there stay indoors and enjoy playing.

Games im andru edwards and i will catch you in the next video.

Method 5 – How To Get Free Apple Arcade ✅ Free Apple Arcade Games

So whats up guys in this video im gonna go ahead and show you how you can get the free. Apple arcade on your ios based devices using this free version of the apple arcade plus plus app that can. Be installed on any ios device on any ios version so what this does is basically unlocks the apple arcade. On your ios based devices without actually having to pay for the subscription now as you can see i have.

Access to the full apple arcade i can go ahead and simply download any game on my device completely for. Free and in this video many go ahead and show you exactly how you can get this version of the. Apple arcade plus plus on your devices so you can get access to the full apple arcade subscription completely for. Free so guys without further ado lets get right on with the video im just gonna go ahead and remove. The app from the device so i can exactly show you how to install it so guys without further ado.

Lets get right on with the video so guys before we can go ahead and install the apple arcade plus+. On our ios based devices so we can get free apple arcade the first thing we have to do is. Make sure the ios device is ready for that what i mean by that is simply making sure the background. App refresh on our device is set to the right option if you dont know what that is its basically. A setting on the iowas based devices which lets us install modern or tweak the applications onto our devices without.

Needing to sell break in order to enable this on your ios device simply go ahead and open up settings. Scroll down until we see the general settings go ahead tap on general once again scroll down to the background. App refresh go ahead and open background app refresh and make sure the background app refresh option on your device. Is set to on in case its not set to on simply go ahead and tap on that and select. Wi-fi and cellular data now you could select my fire using a wi-fi internet connection but i recommend using wi-fi.

And mobile data just to be sure the injection for the app can go through no matter what kind of. Internet connection you were connected to once thats done the next thing were gonna do is go ahead and open. Up safari and simply navigate to the site called i tweaked and our vip now make sure you get a. Triumph screen let this focus for a second its i tweak and da vip so once youre on the side. Its gonna look something like this simply go ahead click on the search bar and search for apple arcade so.

As you can see we have the apple arcade plus plus apple right here free apple arcade subscription simply go. Ahead and tap on that and its gonna pop the injection screen all you have to do here is go. Ahead click on the start injection button and its going to start compiling all the injection files that we have. To install on our device so just give it a couple of seconds to prepare this and this should be. Ready so just as soon as thats done its going to take us to this injection base which contains all.

The injection files that we have to add on to our devices all we have to do is inject the. Required files on our devices and follow the given instructions to unpack them its going to go ahead and do. My first one click on inject and simply download the injection file on my device now lets wait for this. To download once the injection file has downloaded all we have to do is go ahead and open it up. For 30 seconds now make sure you open the injection file for a minimum of 30 seconds just to be.

Sure the injection files actually have plenty of time to unpack on the device so im just gonna go ahead. And play around the app or the injection file for 30 seconds and just as soon as 30 seconds up. Im gonna go ahead and move back to the safari and do the same with my last injection file open. This one for 30 seconds as well and thats gonna be 30 seconds now lets go ahead and head back. To the injection beads to confirm if the injection was successful now as you can see it says the injection.

Was successful files have been injected please restart the device so once you see this it means the injection for. The apple arcade was successful and all we have to do now is go ahead and restart our ios device. So im going to go ahead and restart this ios device slide to power off and once the device is. Powered off im gonna go ahead and turn it back on and just like that we have the apple rk. Plus plus app installed on our device now we can simply go ahead and access free apple arcade on our.

Device and guys that is how easy it is if you have any questions regarding the whole process simply go. Ahead and leave them down in the comments and ill look into it im with archives this is going to. Be the end of this video make sure you hit that like button and ill see you in the next. One.

Conclusion – How To Access Apple Arcade

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