How To Access Apple Pay On Iphone 11 – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access apple pay on iphone 11,

Method 1 – How To Use Apple Pay — Apple Support

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Method 2 – How To Use Apple Pay

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Method 3 – Iphone Apple Pay Setup & Use Easy

Hey guys danny johnson here and today im going to show you how easy it is to use apple pay. You basically put your own credit card on file and then just use your phone and so heres how easy. It is to set up you just go into your settings and you can type in apple pay youll find. The wallet and apple pay and just click on that and so as soon as it comes up it has.

Whatever cards you have on file but if youre putting in one for the first time youll just press add. Card there right there at the bottom so just as an example well add a card and so youll say. Whether its a credit card or what kind of card and it will require face id for verification on this. And so whats really cool is as soon as you go to add the card it will take a picture. Of your card so the camera will come up and uh all youll do is put your card in that.

Little area there and it can read it its really cool technology just scans it reads it and then it. Has you put in the expiration date and the verification code on the back of course and so to use. It is very simple all you do is walk up to the cash register if they accept it you double. Tap on the lock screen button on the right and then youll see this symbol come up that says hold. Near the reader so ill show you an example here how easy it is this was just at carls jr.

Where they did accept apple pay and had the thing so i just pressed twice on that right button it. Took my face id to make sure it was me and then i just held it up to the scanner. Here and it went right through so very simple very easy to use.

Method 4 – How To Set Up And Use Apple Pay

Today im gonna show you how to setup and use apple pink on your iphone ipad apple watch and then. That im here at nerd cafe in san francisco to show you how to set up apple pandowdy devices and. I use it to buy this delicious avocado just look at function apple pay is basically a digital wallet on. Your iphone and other apple devices it lets you buy things in stores and apps and online you can also.

Use it to send and receive money via imessage oh yeah essentially when youre at a store or restaurant you. Tap your iphone or apple watch at the register to pay despite what it might look like my credit card. Number is actually not stored on my phone or on apple servers instead apple pay uses the specific device number. Of my phone and a unique transaction code to protect my information i love it protection also its fast like. Usain bolt fast in the us apple pay is faster to use than a physical card apple pay has been.

Around since 2014 and yet a lot of people havent set it up or kris dont use it and thats. Why im here to help hey so grab your iphone and by the way the same process works on your. Ipad and lets get started go to settings then wallet and apple pay then tap add card and follow the. Steps to add in the card then you can use the handy-dandy camera feature to capture your credit card number. Then you type in the credit card security code and select next it terms and conditions page will pop up.

Tap agree once youve read it wink wink next you have to wait for your bank to verify your card. This can take a minute or an hour or who knows how long my bank sent me a special code. I had an intern on my iphone to verify their credit card and that was it side note you might. Be asked to use the credit card you already have on file with itunes in the app store if so. Just enter the card security code hate to use apple pay look for the apple pay logo or for the.

Wireless payment symbol which kind of looks like someones taken a triscuit in stabbing a sideways wi-fi hotspot either way. When prompted hold your iphone over the terminal and your card pops up on the screen youll be prompted to. Verify using face id or touch id if you have an apple watch you can use it with apple pay. To to set it up open the apple watch app on your iphone then tap and wallet and apple pay. From here you can select the card or cards you want to use as well as some other settings which.

Well go over in a moment now if you have a mac with touch id you can also use apple. Pay okay not that way but you can use it for online purchases and lien on all of apple pays. Encryption power and privacy around what you buy who bought some furnaces on etsy certainly not me no i really. Didnt youre not youre not gonna to set up go to system preferences then wallet and apple pay the process. Is very similar to what we did for the iphone and ipad hey now that you have all of your.

Cards added to all your i devices lets tweak some settings to make them easier to use and the wallet. And apple pay menu under settings the first thing youll see is apple cash in the united states apple cash. Lets you send and receive money with friends and family using apple pay on your iphone ipad or apple watch. Look out bin mode so if your producer bought you a kombucha and um money wheres my boots money patrick. I can send them with apple cash a message and pay him back this is some good boots i also.

Recommend taking a moment to review some defaults heres where you can set the default card that pops up when. You use apple pay also you can set defaults for shipping addresses email and phone numbers which are used for. Online and in-app purchases you can also add your transit pass to apple pay this feature has only rolled out. To a few cities but therell be more on the horizon well its not supported in san francisco im just. Imagining how awesome itll be to hop on the subway with just my apple watch i mean id be wearing.

Clothes too from the same setting screen you can add additional cards as well as trigger apple pay to open. Up by double tapping the sleep/wake button or the home button on older iphones last a couple quick housekeeping tips. And if theres one thing we like on how to do it all its housekeeping so first is if you. Want to use apple pay across all your devices you have to add your credit card to each device individually. Also if you have a newer iphone you can add up to 12 cards if you have an older one.

You can only add eight if you have any tips for using apple pay throw them in the comments also. If there any how-to topics youd like to see us cover throw those in the comments until then give us. A thumbs up like and subscribe for more delicious how to be hmm you how to make avocado.

Method 5 – Access Wallet On Lock Screen Iphone 11 Or Ios 13

Hey guys we got here and welcome to another blog tech tips and of course legitimate access wallet from the. Lock screen on ios 30 or of course on the iphone 11:11 pro 11 pro max it doesnt really matter. As long as you are one of these devices so if you want to access your wall from the lock. Screen you simply have to enable the feature its in order to enable the feature go ahead and go to.

Settings once youre in set in guys just go ahead and scroll through putting a look for here is the. Feature that says face id and passcode void and once youre prompted here go ahead and enter your password im. Gonna enter my own off screen alright so once its entered you should be in this section right here and. Youre gonna scroll all the way down once youre down here guys you should see a bunch of features here. Notice that the option for wallet is off by default so simply go ahead and turn the wallet toggle on.

And of course as you serious allows access to and lock – first of all own control and of course. It says wallet which is now enabled and of course youll now be able to access wallet from your lock. Screen and also this concludes our tutorial is ricardo gone as usual from block tech tips and bye until next. Time bye.

Conclusion – How To Access Apple Pay On Iphone 11

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