How To Access Apple Pay On Iphone 8 – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access apple pay on iphone 8, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access apple pay on iphone 8,

Method 1 – How To Use Apple Pay Quickly From The Lock Screen.

Hi everyone nick here with infinite loop technical solutions and today im going to be talking to you about apple. Pay for those of you that dont know what apple pay is its apples payment system that allows you to. Use your debit and credit cards virtually on your iphone its been available in the us for over a year. Now and to some degree it has been available in canada as well just strictly through american express theres now.

A bunch of banks that are now supporting apple pay in canada and im just going to show you how. To set that up if you want to start using apple pay to go into it youre just going to. Go into the wallet in your iphone once youre in your wallet there is a plus symbol in the top. Right corner youre going to hit the next button when you get to this welcome screen just tells you what. Apple pay is youre going to be shown your rear-facing camera youre going to put your credit or debit card.

In the viewfinder its going to take a picture of the numbers the numbers are going to populate across the. Screen here its going to then say that you need to authorize apple pay through the mobile app for that. Bank so if its rbc is going to send you to the rbc mobile app to authorize apple paint once. Apple pay has been authorized its going to show up in your wallet just like this now i can choose. Between my mastercard or my debit card and once i choose the one i want to use just touch it.

And youre just going to touch it to the reader and its going to pay for your items so thats. Using it through the wallet once youre in your phone but if you want to access apple pay really really. Quickly if youre at a drive-through or just going anywhere to shop and you just dont want to go in. Your phone this is activated automatically on the iphone you can turn it off but by default its always turned. On to start with and all you do is double tap your home button and its going to bring you.

Right into apple pay so you can use your debit or credit card once you set one up to pay. For your items and you dont even have to go into your iphone im wearing gloves so it wont allow. Me to read my fingerprint i can use the passcode for my iphone but that is not what im trying. To show you to do right now so were just going to go out of this now once we go. Back in here just double tap its already read my fingerprint and now its just saying hold near reader to.

Pay so youre just going to tap your phone to the reader at the point of sale its going to. Pay for your items and that is pretty much apple pay in a nutshell so i really hope you found. This video helpful if you guys want any videos done on anything else on an iphone that you really dont. Know how to use and youd like a little more instructional help with it just shoot us comments in any. Of our videos or send us a message on facebook or twitter or check out our website at repeating lucam.

Like i said i hope you found this helpful and check out some of our other videos thanks for watching.

Method 2 – How To Use Apple Pay

Apple today released ios 8.1 and along with it unlock the iphone 6 and 6-plus his ability to use apple. Pay to pay for items in stores with your phone so long as the store you go to has a. Terminal that can take tap and pay payments you simply have to tap your phone to it when it comes. Time to shell out the money instead of whipping out your wallet now nfc and tap and pay are by.

No means a new concept android devices had this ability for years frankly and some credit cards even had the. Ability built-in before that thing is though it hasnt been the fastest thing adopted by stores but with apple finally. Jumping on board im willing to bet thatll change pretty quickly which is well good news for android users as. Well really to use apple pay first you need to connect your device to wi-fi head to settings general software. Update and install ios 8.1 then once thats installed open up passbook and tap on the plus sign in the.

Top right corner then tap setup apple pay select the type of card and input your card in you can. Even tap the camera icon next to the card number to have it automatically add the card number and expiration. Date magic use apple pay find any terminal with this tap and pay symbol and simply hold your phone to. It when asked to pay youll be prompted to use your fingerprint or pin to confirm thats all there is. To it really now go out and confuse the hell out of cashiers across the nation.

Method 3 – How To Use Apple Pay — Apple Support

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Method 4 – ✅ How To Pay With Apple Pay At A Store Location 🔴

Hey welcome back guys so today on this video were talking about apple pay and actually apple wallet and how. To use the apple wallet so lets go ahead and get this started so first off if youre not familiar. With apple wallet or apple pay its basically a wallet where you can store credit cards and pay for things. Online or in real life this video is about paying for things in real life if you want more information.

On how to add credit cards to your apple wallet or to use it online be sure to check out. My other video but on this video were gonna do a walk through i had a chance to give this. A shot i was a little concerned that was gonna hold me up with the line but actually worked out. Really easily so lets go ahead and talk a little bit further about this so i was at six flags. Magic mountain here in california and i forgot my wallet so luckily i remembered that i have my credit card.

Attached to my apple pay and as i was walking through it gets pretty hot out there so i got. Pretty thirsty and i wanted to buy something to drink but with no credit cards i went to the stand. Not the little stalls that are along in the aisle way but the actual large locations they have terminals that. Will accept apple pay so that was pretty nice and also on the vending machines the coca-cola vending machines they. Have the apple terminal as well that can accept payment right there so that was a lifesaver considering it was.

So hot there so let me go ahead and jump into this video first off im gonna open up the. Apple wallet alright so heres what you want to do when you see one of these terminals let me go. Ahead and zero in on this right now so heres one of the terminals it doesnt necessarily clearly say hey. Come and put your apple pay here but this is what youre gonna need it looks like its an electronic. Terminal you can swipe your credit card but also if youre looking a little bit further you can pay with.

This thing it has this little button that looks like some sort of radar or something like that but if. It has that type of terminal then you can usually use apple pay you do need to set up apple. Pay before you go so be sure to go back and watch my other video on how to set that. Up all right so here i am at the vending machine and all you have to do is open up. Your apple wallet like i did choose the credit card that you want to use once youve chosen the credit.

Card you want to use bring your phone close to the machine once youre close to the machine then apple. Pay is going to prompt you to sign in to your apple wallet usually with your thumb code possibly your. Face code if you have one of the new iphones i do not so i went ahead and used my. Thumb to sign in to apple wallet once you sign in to apple wallet you just bring it close to. The machine again and it starts authorizing on the machine as you can see once its authorized then its going.

To tell you to make a selection or it will automatically pay whatever the fee is if you are at. A terminal so in this case i went ahead made a selection i chose this water right here and then. The machine says it starts to vend and bada bing bang boom theres my water ice cold and the machine. Is telling me to make another selection so you dont actually have to swipe it for each and every transaction. And because of that what you want to do is be sure to click cancel as you can see right.

There the button right there and that way someone doesnt come up behind you in order another water or order. Something on your apple pay all right and i also saw another terminal as i was leaving the park looking. For some funnel cake heres the video on that see right there it was clearly marked check out faster apple. Pay and another place that i saw this terminal was at subway so i took a screenshot here of the. Subway terminal this is outside of six flags but as you can see right there they have the same type.

Of terminal similar but also marked as apple pay if you look right there on the screen on the bottom. Left so you can actually use apple pay the same way at most subways and its pretty easy so there. You have it thats how to step by step show how to use the apple pay at the terminals if. You do not have a credit card for your wallet or cash or something like that a pretty convenient way. To pay for things if you use apple pay in a different way be sure to leave me a comment.

Below im always kind of curious to see how other folks use apple pay but hopefully you found the video. Useful if so click thumbs up and thanks for watching you.

Method 5 – Setting Up Apple Pay On Your Iphone

Hi welcome to genius lounge im your host matt troutman genius lounge is the place where we take technology and. Make it accessible to mere mortals today were going to be talking about apple pay so you might be wondering. What is apple pay apple pay is a secure way to pay for things in physical stores on apps on. Your phone or ipad or even on the web apple pay is much more secure than using your physical card.

The reason for this is is that every time you use apple pay it uses a device specific number meaning. Your iphone or ipad uses the number that it has generated and a unique transaction code to make sure that. You can tie it back to that particular device and that is why apple pay is much more secure than. Using your physical card so lets go ahead and take a look at our phone and im gonna show you. How to enable it within the wallet app okay so here we are at our home screen im gonna go.

Ahead and open the wallet app on my phone and from here i can see that its prompting me to. Add boarding passes and tickets but in this case i want to go ahead and add my debit card to. My apple wallet so here it says you can add a card to apple pay to send money to friends. And make purchases in stores in apps and on the web im going to go ahead and tap continue and. For this demo im gonna go ahead and enter my card details manually only because i dont really feel like.

Sharing my debit card information with you guys out there on the web sorry and next youll enter the expiration. Date and the cvv code on the back of the card next youll agree to your banks terms and conditions. I would advise that you go ahead and read through these and then once you have and you agree to. Those go ahead and tap agree in the lower right hand corner in some situations you may be required to. Provide an extra verification step just to make sure that its actually you adding your card to the wallet so.

In this case im going to request a text message and im going to tap next and once i receive. That text message all i need to do is input it and the card verification has gone through you can. See that notification pops down that says simple is ready for apple pay and now it tells us hold your. Phone near a reader and authenticate using touch id and you can use apple pay wherever you see one of. These symbols and thats how easy it is to add apple pay to your wallet on your phone if you.

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Conclusion – How To Access Apple Pay On Iphone 8

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