How To Access Apple Subscriptions – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access apple subscriptions, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access apple subscriptions,

Method 1 – Quick Tip: How To Manage Subscriptions On Ios

This tip will put you in control of your software and services subscriptions hello im william gallagher for apple insider. With a slight cold even if its only apple music or netflix the odds are very high that you now. Subscribe to some service or perhaps software app and the odds are even higher that youve never particularly needed to. Unsubscribe when you do though its not exactly obvious how but if all services arent all developers make it temptingly.

Easy to add more and more subscriptions getting rid of them is easy too once you know where to look. On your iphone or ipad go into settings and tap on your name at the top next tap on itunes. And app store which is typically about midway down the screen there nat up on your apple id at the. Top of this page choose view apple id and let your iphone identify you whether the identification is through touch. Id or as here face id depends on which iphone youve got and so does this on an iphone 10s.

Macs for example the subscriptions button we want is right there at the foot of the screen you may well. Have to scroll down further to get it on other iphones or ipads when you do though tap on subscriptions. And were into the subscriptions page there may be two sections here if youve come to this wondering why you. Suddenly dont have netflix anymore or some other subscription see if theres an expired section here if there is then. That app may well be in here and good news is you can tap on it and just resupply straight.

Away were more interested though in the first section one thats always there whenever you have any current subscriptions that. Youre paying out via the app store this active section doesnt tell you very much yet it only gives you. The title the briefest of descriptions and when your next payment date is due but you can tap on that. Line anywhere on that line and you will see more specifically while every subscription is slightly different the way you. Use them here is identical everyone will have a prices for your local territory and therell be a checkmark next.

To the one that you are currently paying you can change this to any of the other fee options available. Just by tapping or you can tap on cancel subscription if you do that your subscription moves the expired section. And youre done one poor thing actually is that theres no way to remove the expired subscription from that list. But any equally long good thing is that fact that you can just tap on it to re-subscribe right away. You dont have to hunt down the app go to the app developers website you can just read up straight.

Away so go on tell us the truth were you shocked to realize just how many subscriptions youve got let. Us know in the comments below enjoy that video click like and press on that subscribe button be sure to. Check out the apple insider price guide that has the best deals on apple devices and is updated daily follow. Us on social media and well see you guys in the next video.

Method 2 – How To Access And Manage Your Apple Subscriptions On Ios

Want to see when your free trial will be ending when youll be billed next or looking to cancel one. Of your apple subscriptions im jessica from tech boomers calm and in this video ill be showing you how to. Access and manage your apple subscriptions on ios now lets get started to begin open the settings app on your. Ios device then tap your name at the top on the next page select itunes and app store at the.

Top tap your apple id in the pop-up menu tap view apple id scroll down and tap subscriptions here youll. Be able to see all of your current apple subscriptions like apple music apple tv apple news plus and apple. Arcade along with any other app subscriptions youve paid for through itunes select whichever subscription you want to manage here. Youll be able to see more information and details about your subscription including expiration dates and renewal options if applicable. That does it for this tutorial on how to access and manage your apple subscriptions thanks for watching if you.

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Method 3 – How To Manage Your Apple Subscriptions On Your Mac, Iphone And Ipad

Hi this is gary with let me show you how you can view change in canceled subscriptions on your. Mac iphone and ipad mathmos is brought to you thanks to a great group of supporters go to /. Patreon there you could read more about it and join us and get exclusive content so there are a lot. Of different services that you could subscribe to on your mac or ios device for instance you can subscribe to.

Apple services like apple news plus apple tv plus apple arcade you can also get icloud storage subscriptions and you. Can also subscribe to subscriptions inside of third-party apps that you get in the app store theres a place you. Can go to on your mac and one you can go to on your iphone or ipad where you can. View all your subscriptions and manage them or cancel them so there are two ways to get to your subscriptions. On your mac in mac os catalina one is to go to the app store app once youre in there.

Click on the icon that represents you and it should have your name and any available balance at the bottom. Left hand corner and then youll see your account information including all the apps that youve purchased click on view. Information next now scroll down and under manage youll see subscriptions you can see i have six here and you. Can click the manage button to go to that screen this lists all of your active subscriptions and ones that. Have expired as well now clicking on edit next to any of these will allow you to change your options.

What you get then depends on the type of subscription for instance for apple music here when i click edit. I can switch from family to individual or to an annual plan click the back button at the bottom to. Go back or go to apple tv youll see i can choose between the monthly or annual plant i can. See that my next billing date isnt until next year its because i have the one year free this is. Also where you can cancel your free trial or your subscription under apple arcade i can go in here and.

I can see that ive got the $5 a month subscription theres the cancel button tells me when my next. Billing date is going to be i see heres my apple new subscription and its expired i cancelled it i. Can go to edit here and i could re subscribed or easily now the other way to get to that. Is to go into system preferences and then go to apple id then click on media and purchases and there. Youll see a button for subscriptions click that and it takes you to the same place in the app store.

App but one subscription you wont see there is your icloud storage subscription go to system preferences and then to. Apple id and then at the bottom youll see icloud storage and a manage button click that and youll see. A summary of how youre using your icloud storage and therell be a change of storage plan button here if. You click that then youll see your current plan youll see your upgrade options and also you can click this. Button for downgrade options so what about on your iphone or ipad well its in a similar place youre going.

To go into the app store app and then you want to look for the icon that represents you in. This case its at the top right corner tap that and youll get to your account page now youll see. Subscriptions right there its easy to get to tap subscriptions and youll see the same list that you should see. On your mac you can tap any one of these to see all of the same options so you can. Cancel you can switch the type of subscription you can renew subscriptions that youve cancelled in the past and everythings.

Pretty much the same now to get to your icloud storage settings you want to go into settings and then. Tap on your id at the top and then go to icloud and then manage storage and then there youll. See change storage plan to have that and it looks pretty similar youve got your current plan you can upgrade. And you have downgrade options as well i published new tutorials every weekday hit the subscribe button so you dont. Miss out then hit the little bell icon to get notifications for each new tutorial.

Method 4 – ✅ How To Find Subscription On Iphone 🔴

Welcome back guys so today on this video we are talking about iphones and more specifically im going to show. You how to find the subscriptions on your iphone so lets go ahead and talk about this first off guys. Be sure to stick around to the end of the video this is gonna be a really quick one because. Theres not a lot of steps involved also be sure to check my video description ill try to leave the.

Instructions there but basically this whole process is going to happen here in the settings tab on your iphone so. Its this app right here its gray it looks like a gear icon nothing you need to install its already. On your ios device im gonna click there now alright once you click there this drop down menu is gonna. Happen for your settings and if you want to check the settings and look for a subscription tab its not. Gonna be there actually the subscriptions for your iphone are gonna be found here in this top line its gonna.

Show your name and your profile icon you might have your picture there or you might just have a general. One like me i guess i have pink lips there but it doesnt really matter what it is you want. To click on this top line here im gonna click there now alright once you click there then its going. To show you this drop down menu and there it is right there that is where you can find your. Iphone subscriptions right here on this line so if you wanted to view what type of subscriptions youre currently enrolled.

In and then also how much youre being charged you can click on this line im gonna click there now. Were going to went ahead and click there and then this is going to show all the different subscriptions that. You have either active or recently expired within the past six months for your iphone so thats the easiest way. I know how to find your subscriptions on your iphone if you know an easier way be sure to leave. A comment below let the rest of us know how you did it hopefully you found that video useful if.

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Method 5 – How To Cancel Unwanted Iphone And Ipad App Subscriptions. Stop Paying Every Month.

Hey if youre anything like me and youve got an iphone you probably have subscriptions that youre paying for every. Month and some of those you may have signed up for and some of those you didnt and youre wondering. How do i cancel those subscriptions where do i find that information in this video im going to show that. To you and its going to start right now hey everybody my name is sean seymour i own a photography.

Studio in sacramento california and on this youtube channel i cover photography but i also cover tech and one of. The things that im going to cover in this video is subscriptions where do you cancel subscriptions whether you signed. Up for them or not you notice that im wearing a sweatshirt and thats because its colder my least favorite. Time of year but i thought id come in and do this video because i have just figured out how. To cancel subscriptions on my iphone if youre like me you have some recurring bills 295 4.95 six dollars whatever.

They happen every month and they almost go unnoticed if youre not paying attention to your account well those add. Up after a while and me i wanted to cancel them i theres some that i dont even want how. Do i find where i can cancel those well the good news is you can do that right on your. Iphone and im going to show you how to do that right now so lets jump into the settings on. Your iphone and ill show you where to find that and cancel those subscriptions that are reoccurring every month that.

You maybe dont want the first thing youre gonna do is go to settings and from settings youll see that. There is you obviously im called sean seymour so mine says sean seymour now one of the things that i. Did is i started scrolling through everything i went to general i went all over the place and believe it. Or not its right here under your own name so go ahead and click on your name right there at. The top and youll see that it opens up essentially a profile for you name phone number email this is.

Where you can change all kinds of things but look at that fourth one down is subscriptions how cool is. That all right click on subscriptions this is where your active and your expired subscriptions are going to be something. To keep in mind about canceling a subscription first of all subscriptions last until you cancel them so that reoccurring. Bill that youre getting every month for four or five dollars thats going to keep happening until you cancel it. The other thing i dont like and i wish i could oh i wish i could really just nail these.

Guys with it is sometimes you end up signing up for a subscription just by advancing in an app you. Press the button okay and the app goes forward well they just signed you up for a subscription so this. Is a really good place to come and check and make sure that youre not paying for subscriptions that you. Dont want the other thing about canceling subscriptions is from the day you cancel it to your next billing cycle. Youre going to still have that service so you will see the cancellation actually take effect at the next billing.

Cycle in other words youre not going to get billed again but youre going to have that service all the. Way through something to be aware of with trials if youre using a trial and youre on an app the. Moment you cancel that subscription they can cancel it and there is no grace period for you to go and. Get the data or get the photos or whatever it is you are using that app for so before you. Cancel subscriptions that are trials you want to go ahead and save off whatever it was that you were doing.

With that app because they can cancel it right away and your content is gone if you signed up for. A trial and you dont want to be billed you also need to make sure that youre canceling that subscription. 24 hours in advance of when you are going to be billed okay going back to the phone weve clicked. On subscriptions i dont want the apple music subscription i have pandora and i have spotify so i dont want. The apple music subscription all i have to do to cancel that trial is to go ahead and click on.

Apple cancel free trial confirm and now its gone and if i go out here i should see that that. Is no longer going to be an active subscription but instead is in expired subscriptions now this instasize is one. Of those subscriptions that actually fooled me into signing up to advance forward i hit ok and in really tiny. Print it said youre signing up for a subscription well i didnt want that but because i was able to. Find this and i knew where to cancel my subscriptions i went ahead and i went in here and i.

Cancelled it so that is why i suggest that you check every now and then what subscriptions you signed up. For and cancel the ones that you dont want because while its not a very big charge usually sometimes its. Only like five bucks a month or whatever personally i dont want to pay out five dollars a month for. Subscriptions that i dont want hey i hope you found this video helpful if you did please hit the like. Button down below that tells youtube to show this to more people if you want more content like this hit.

The subscribe button and the bell notification will give you a notification when i have new videos coming out until. I see you on the next video cancel those darn subscriptions that you dont want and keep it simple my. Friend you.

Conclusion – How To Access Apple Subscriptions

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