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Method 1 – Apple Tv 4K: How To Connect

I have my new apple tv 4k here im going to show you step by step how to hook it. Up okay so first thing right out of the box you get a user manual we have the power cord. Right here we have the actual apple tv right here you also get a lightning cable here this is basically. To charge the remote this lightning cable will also charge your iphones ipads as well as ipods now this is.

Everything that comes out of the box however you will need an hdmi to hdmi if you dont have this. Up at the link below where you can get it on amazon relatively inexpensive if you look on the back. Of the apple tv here we have the hdmi port here the network cable which were not going to be. Using were going to be connecting this to our wi-fi and you have the power right here so this first. Thing is lets go and hook up the power the power cable so were gonna plug one end to here.

Were also going to get the hdmi cable and were going to plug it into the hdmi port right here. And take note that you can hook this up to any tv as long as theres an hdmi port you. Can even hook this up to a projector or a computer monitor as long as it has an hdmi port. Because the other end of the hdmi again we need to connect that into the tv or computer monitor or. Projector so let me connect this to the back of my tv now i have several hdmi ports on the.

Back of my tv here just pick one doesnt matter which one alright dont forget to plug into power cord. To give it power as well alright next thing is going to turn the tv on and now you have. To make sure that the hdmi that is connected to its on the crib hdmi port so grab your tv. And you want to go to settings or input or source and you want to make sure you go to. The correct hdmi port i know mine is on hmi too because i only have one thing connected its the.

Only thing thats highlighted go to hdmi to press on okay okay so next thing were gonna do is were. Gonna pair your remote here just go ahead and you see your touchpad on the remote just tap it it. Doesnt do anything tap it again and there you go okay so now were in english and you see the. Remote is like working and just slide up and down so first thing is im gonna go with english here. I live in the united states im gonna go with the united states or if you live somewhere else you.

Can scroll down and up ill go with the us data and privacy go ahead and click on the touchpad. To continue you siri or dont use siri i would really recommend you siri okay but you can do whatever. You want im gonna go ahead with you siri and ill show you how to use siri near the end. Of the video improve siri and dictation you can share the audio recordings or you can do it not now. Im just gonna do it not now thats perfectly fine for me set up your apple tv were gonna go.

Ahead and set up with a device here im gonna go ahead and click on order you can always do. It manually okay but with a device here you have to have your iphone or ipad or ipod touch with. You next thing is you have to make sure that the device that youre using like im gonna use my. Iphone 11 here first thing is you have to make sure that youre connected to your home wi-fi network and. The bluetooth has to be on as well okay and as soon as you have that on here what you.

Want to do is go kind of close to the apple tv if nothing pops up in here what you. Want to do is okay it pops up right there if this doesnt pop up just go ahead and lock. Your phone and then go back again didnt work let me get or make it dark okay there we go. So it pops up right there ill click on setup here and well see what happens to the screen here. Now you could just four-digit authentication code im gonna go ahead and put mine in mine is a two five.

Two five six six setting up your apple tv this takes about 30 seconds ill put the video on pause. Now this here pops up require password i always go it never require but you know maybe if you have. Kids and stuff like that you may want to go with always require so they dont actually accidentally start buying. Movies and stuff like that anyways im going to just go with never require now that im a tv provider. Sign-in wants to access all the apps support it by your cable or tv subscription at no additional charge you.

Can sign in where for me im going to go not now you can always go back later if you. Wish ones one home screen on every apple tv so this basically keeps all of your apps and home screens. Up to date on every apple tv using this particular icloud account its up to you could turn it on. Or you can always say not now im just going to keep mine ill turn it on where is the. Apple tv located pick whatever you want im just going to go ahead with a bedroom location services up to.

You you can enable or disable ill go ahead and just enable it see the world this is basically a. Screen saver if you automatically download it youre gonna get some awesome really cool screen savers but its about eight. Hundred megs almost one gig so its up to you if you want to if you want some cool screen. Savers thats like mind-blowing then go for it okay im just gonna go not now you can always download it. Later analytics so you can send it to apple you can dont send it to them im just gonna go.

Ahead and send it to him and then app analytics you can share with developers or you can dont share. It doesnt matter up to you ill just go it dont share terms and conditions you must agree to so. Were gonna go down to agree okay now we are in business guys okay so now im the first thing. Is we enable siri okay so i can like press and hold the button here whats todays forecast you can. See that over there and then if i click on menu here now let me click on menu here and.

You can see the apps that are downloaded already on here okay now the thing is what if you want. Youtube wheres netflix okay well what you have to do is you actually have to download it okay so you. Can do i mean first of all you can ask siri if i can press and press and hold open. Youtube app now lets tell me i dont have the app i need to download it so you can go. Ahead and download it from here or if you want to you can go directly to your app store your.

App store is right here lets go and open that up and it says i new to the app store. Arcade you have to click on continue here okay so were gonna go ahead click on continue here so heres. The app store here i mean you can look down i mean if you you know we now streaming you. Know theres hulu theres amazon prime video youtube should be on here as well but if you dont find what. You want we can do is to scroll up here and you can move over you can go to search.

And then you can type in like youtube and then it will bring up like youtube kids and whatnot you. Also have this button right here on the remotes and oh yeah by the way this menu button is also. A back button too okay so if i click on that its gonna go ahead and go back see goes. Back take it again its gonna go back okay but you also have this right here you can go ahead. And tap on that and then from here i mean you can watch now theres other tv shows movies that.

You can buy sports you got kids stuff on here as well and this stuff is like most of this. Stuff one here is like pretty much free let me go ahead and im gonna go ahead and download youtube. So let me just go back here and then you can use siri like i said you go to app. Store well go to the app store right here and then were gonna go ahead and i just go back. To discover because i already seen that youtube is down here theres youtube right here let me just go ahead.

And click on that and then let me go ahead and download right now and once i download is gonna. Be on my home screen so give this a second okay so its done here i could open it from. Here or let me just click on menu here let me go back to the actual home screen here so. This is the home screen here and now you can see that youtube is there okay so pretty simple any. Questions or issues just comment below right.

Method 2 – Using Apple Tv For Beginners | 2021

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 3 – Apple Tv 4K 2022 – What’s The Point? (Review & Tour)

Nowadays smart tvs natively integrate most entertainment apps airplay and even apples home kit so really what is the point. Of an apple tv i found myself asking that question until i went ahead and got one myself and a. Month later i can surprisingly say its 200 well spent hey friends andrew here hope youre well so heres my. Review of the apple tv 4k from the perspective of someone who hasnt previously owned an apple tv the first.

Thing that stood out to me was the design and build quality of both the units and the remote the. Sleek black unit is hefty with a matte black top flanked by glossy sides i love just how minimal it. Is but still has a very classy presence on any tv console the remote is also extremely sturdy minimal and. It hands down looks and feels better in the hand than any stock remote ive used if product design is. Important to you these items will definitely look good in your space and on the same note the ui design.

Of tv os 14 is just as beautiful the iconic home app screen seamless menu transitions clean rounded edges layered. Parallax effects this is the apple experience weve all come to know and love and its definitely not lacking on. The apple tv it is light years ahead of current smart tvs and it transforms tv browsing into an absolute. Joy rather than something you just have to do to get from point a to point b its evidently modeled. On whats already familiar to us the ios interface with a giant dock and lines of apps and everything just.

Works intuitively i was pleasantly surprised when i figured out you could not only move apps by holding down the. Menu button but theres also the ability to create folders just as you would on an iphone or ipad and. Lets not forget about the stunning of 4k apple screen savers which you can choose to update daily so youre. Guaranteed a fresh batch of screen screensavers every week another area where the apple tv shines is its library of. Apps smart tvs often have apps missing from ko to hbo max so many smart tvs leave much to be.

Desired when it comes to app integrations this isnt an issue with apple tv the apple tv 4k comes with. Nearly 100 pre-loaded apps and channels many of which are free the great thing about many of these apps other. Than being free is that they are exclusively developed for the tv os system and all look native whether its. Netflix to apple tv plus and by the way i just started binge watching startup and im absolutely hooked highly. Recommend the show its convenient to see all your shows across multiple apps on the home screen and it can.

Also act as a hub for your smart devices through home kit so if you have a compatible smart home. Item you can also control it through your apple tv lets also talk about picture and audio quality on the. Apple tv 4k unit it can obviously handle 4k at 120 frames per second with hdr 10 and adobe vision. And if youre wondering if it makes a difference it really does given you have a compatible tv of course. Everything from the menu screen savers and media looks sharper more dynamic in its brightness and color depth and i.

Believe its the only device at the moment to support both adobe atmos and adobe vision which means theres more. Punch to the audio in this yamaha soundbar that i currently use some of the content on the red bull. Tv app which is free takes advantage of 4k hdr and 120 frames so exploring this app action sports have. Never looked better to power all of this apple has pulled the a12 chip first scene from the iphone xs. And plugged it into the streaming box which is pretty impressive and makes navigation blistering fast especially in comparison to.

My tvs native menu system which is downright terrible with the added firepower in the box we get access to. Apple arcade which turns the simple streaming box into a mini gaming console so if youre a casual gamer this. Could be a feature youre interested in ive yet to find the time to play around with apple arcade in. Detail but at 4.99 a month you can get access to over 200 games which is pretty decent value but. Of course it wont replace your gaming console so now moving on to the remote which apparently the remote has.

Seen a major upgrade from the previous generation which i hear was pretty bad but as someone completely new to. The apple tv remote this thing is nice really nice it features a practical click pad and jog wheel and. Supports gestures taps and clicks its almost reminiscent of the background error of ipod nanos in its functionality and feel. Circle the jug wheel and smoothly scrub through the show double-click the home button and you can swipe through the. Different apps you have opened click the siri button on the side for very accurate and quick voice searches it.

Took a while to get used to but once youve transitioned you wont look back on this remote its one. Of the best remotes ive used period also if ive left the remote on the tv console for example and. Im too comfortable on the couch youre able to use your iphone or ipad as a remote and its almost. Just as intuitive and useful as the remote itself if youre deep in the apple ecosystem youll be able to. Take advantage of other nifty features screen mirroring with my macbook or iphone is a complete breeze and sees a.

Lot less hiccups in comparison to the native tv app that i use or the chromecast i was using previously. Which saw a lot of input issues and lag if you have airpods then pop them on and theyll automatically. Connect to the audio and its great for watching shows late at night without disturbing anyone else and you can. Also work out with apple fitness plus and get your metrics tracked with your apple watch on screen the seamless. Ecosystem really impressed me but again this is apple were talking about here so i didnt expect anything less the.

Apple tv may not be worth the premium if youre not in the apple ecosystem or if you dont have. The tv or audio setup to take advantage of the tech if you have an eye for design a soft. Spot for beautiful interfaces and want the very best from your tv the apple tv 4k may be a surprisingly. Enjoyable purchase theyll sit nicely next to your tv particularly if you dont already own one if you do already. Own an apple tv let me know if you were as impressed with it as i was because it really.

Did catch me off guard and i was pleasantly surprised i wasnt expecting to like it as much as i. Do so if you made it this far in this video make sure you drop the code word 4k finity. Drop a like as well and subscribe for everything tech business and marketing as always thank you for watching.

Method 4 – Top 5 Reasons To Buy An Apple Tv 4K In 2022 (Or Not)

Maybe youre on the fence is the apple tv worth the money whats the point cant you just get a. Roku or something cheaper like that well yeah maybe ultimately youll have to decide but today im going to give. You my top five reasons to buy an apple tv 4k these are my five favorite things personally about using. The apple tv in my day-to-day life lets go yo whats up guys thanks so much for joining me today.

My name is shane and this channel is all about building an easy smart home using apples home kit with. New videos released every sunday right here so this video isnt really a review im not going to be talking. Too much about frame rates and processing speeds and all that good stuff if you do want that i did. Make a video discussing everything you need to know about the new apple tv 4k i will put a link. To that below in the description if you want to check it out but note this video today here is.

Going to be how i actually use the apple tv every day for the past few years and why i. Prefer it over other options so i just wanted to share what really sets the apple tv apart in my. Experience so you can determine if maybe its right for you as well there are some real benefits i think. That most people dont really understand regarding the apple tv until you actually use one on a daily basis and. Stick around because were also going to talk a little bit about that new apple tv 4k the 2021 model.

Which i recently did purchase and well talk about the new remote how i feel about it and whether you. Should upgrade or just buy one of these for yourself so the first thing that i love about using the. Apple tv is that its part of that wonderful apple ecosystem this means that the setup is amazingly simple just. Plug it in hold your phone near the new apple tv go through a few steps and you can even. Transfer your preferences over to the new apple tv from your phone you can use your iphone for things like.

Typing in passwords or searches anytime you need to which believe me makes it much easier than doing things with. The remote if youve ever tried to enter a long password with a gaming or an old tv remote youll. Know exactly what im talking about and you can even use the remote app on your iphone to control the. Apple tv if you cant find the tv remote or maybe you just dont feel like getting up so theres. A number of examples that i can give you about how great this ecosystem is with an apple tv for.

Example if you have a homepod in the room you can tell it to turn on or off the tv. Or play and pause your show you can easily cast content from your iphone or your ipad or your mac. To the tv through airplay you also have access to all of your icloud photos your apple music and your. Home kit smart home accessories on the apple tv in other words if youre invested into the apple ecosystem or. Heading in that direction this is just another great experience and extension of that ecosystem of devices and software that.

All works really well together number two the next thing that really makes the apple tv superior for me is. How well the apple tv app consolidates all of my content from all of my streaming services so this is. Really the game changer for me and probably the biggest reason that i like to use apple tvs in all. Of my rooms so apple boasts that with the apple tv app you can have quote all of your tv. All in one app thats actually what ive always loved about apples home kit for my smart home all of.

My smart home accessories regardless of the brand that makes those accessories are all accessible in the same app apples. Home app same thing applies for the apple tv app really all of my streaming content regardless of the streaming. Service is all accessible in the same app so it pulls in content from all of my streaming apps that. Im subscribed to like prime video disney plus hulu spectrum hbo max you know you get the idea these are. All apps that i have actually installed on my apple tv and im signed into so i could just sit.

Down and browse this one app the tv app to see what shows im currently watching whats up next and. Recommended content from all of those streaming apps right there in one place you know you dont really have to. Sit and think okay i want to watch the mandalorian thats disney plus let me open up disney plus or. Lets see i want to watch the next episode of yellowstone ah gosh what app was yellowstone in you know. None of that just open up the apple tv app and itll show you the next episodes for all the.

Shows that youre currently watching regardless of what app it plays from and when you click on an episode itll. Open up the appropriate app and start playing ninety percent of the time i dont even realize which apps im. Actually using when im watching tv shows because i just always access my content from that apple tv app now. I know what youre thinking and somebodys going to say this but shane the apple tv app actually comes pre-installed. On some smart tvs nowadays so you can just use the smart tv no need to buy the apple tv.

4k its way more expensive and thats true you can and ive tried but its not the same let me. Explain i did a little experiment not too long ago i bought a smart tv for my studio up here. It had the apple tv app pre-installed on the tv itself so no need for the apple tv box right. Well i tried it that was the experiment i was gonna see if it could do all the things that. My apple tvs do in the other rooms and first of all it was obviously missing that real easy setup.

And integration you know that ecosystem that i mentioned earlier and secondly i noticed that it just does not consolidate. The content nearly as well this just did not work well on the smart tv for me even though it. Did have the apple tv app youll only be able to watch content using the apps that are installed on. That smart tv so for example there were a few shows that i was watching at the time on hbo. Max and the lg tv that i bought didnt have an hbo max app available so the apple tv isnt.

Going to be able to consolidate content from apps that arent available on the tvs operating system it turned out. Just to be a huge hassle to turn on the tv and find content using that crappy operating system that. Comes on the tv you know that tv os thats installed on the apple tv is just so much better. And faster and frankly just less painful than all the other operating systems that ive used to stream content from. Whether thats from rokus or especially you know the built-in operating systems on the smart tvs themselves just not fun.

And to go a little further if you have multiple apple tvs you have the option when youre setting up. A new one to sync your home screen across multiple apple tvs so i love this this makes it feel. Like youre actually using the same apple tv when youre in different rooms like a lot of times ill start. Watching a show in the living room then turn it off halfway through and then go to my bedroom turn. On my apple tv there and its like im using the same device and you know since everything syncs up.

Via my apple id i just open up the tv app and my up next section is updated with the. Progress of the last show that i was just watching in the living room right there where i left off. So its really a truly seamless viewing experience across multiple rooms and tvs which i just love number three fitness. Plus and arcade plus so im grouping these together these are both additional services by apple that you can pay. For im actually subscribed to the apple one premiere plan which gives me and my family access to these services.

As well as others like apple tv plus and apple music but the apple tv is the only streaming box. That allows you to take advantage of fitness plus and arcade plus so ive used arcade plus a little not. A whole lot in fact if theres any games that you guys recommend that i should try out please let. Me know in the comments down below but i do think the fitness plus experience on the apple tv is. Really quite incredible both my wife and i both use this when were at home and we just want to.

Bust out one of those home workouts you can get access to all the workouts with new ones released every. Week play them from the apple tv and it all syncs up with your apple watch so you can do. Things like check your heart rate and your exercise goals right there on the screen during the workouts its really. Cool again more of that apple ecosystem kind of working together there to really provide you with a truly unique. Experience and number four smart home integration so you know i gotta bring this up as you may or may.

Not know the apple tv works as a home kit hub for your smart home this means you can control. Your smart home accessories when youre away from home and do things like that basically it kind of acts as. The brains to your smart home but another thing that is really truly unique to the apple tv box is. That you can access your home kit accessories from your tv so you can access your rooms cameras and scenes. From the control center there in the tv os you can say things to the siri remote like show me.

The front porch to get quick access to your cameras right there on the tv and possibly one of my. Very favorite features of the apple tv is that you can get a video pop-up of your home kit cameras. While youre watching tv so there you are watching mandalorian or whatever it is you watch and then somebody rings. The doorbell boom you get a pop-up right there on the screen showing you whos at the front door how. Freaking cool is that and if you have home pods around you can also get a chime and an announcement.

Saying who is at the door if the camera recognizes that person i mean come on starting to see a. Common theme here that apple ecosystem is legit and number five the siri remote now this isnt the only remote. Out there with voice capabilities but it is the only one with siri love it or hate it now the. Siri remote was recently updated which i do like its more functional than the last however i dont really like. The design of this one i think its kind of ugly but its easier to use its harder to lose.

And it has a mute button so ill take it but even the last one i really learned to love. Just the ability to use siri on your remote to issue commands is great i use it all the time. To open apps open settings search for movies or shows turn on subtitles even control my smart home devices and. When watching a movie you can say things like skip ahead two minutes or what did she say and the. Tv will actually rewind 15 seconds and temporarily put on subtitles so you can see what she just said again.

How cool is that and its great for searching for movies or shows through the operating system my daughter uses. This all the time you know you could say things like find frozen or whatever movie you want and when. You find one you can tap it and read all the info you can scroll down to see which apps. You have installed that you can watch with again see that operating system is kind of consolidating all your content. All the apps right there to make it a really good experience youre not having to go search through multiple.

Apps to find a movie or a show you can just search for a show and if you have an. App that can view it or play it itll show you right there in the search through that nice tv. Os and heres a fun little tip with your siri remote you can actually say just like this hold the. Siri button and say watch shane watley on youtube and itll instantly open youtube and take you to your favorite. Youtube channel now you know so with all of this said how do i feel about this new apple tv.

4k well i did buy one as soon as it became available so i could put the apple tv in. This studio right here it has a few spec upgrades it has a better processor support for wi-fi six thread. And high frame rate hdr content but all the things mentioned in this video actually apply to both the previous. 4k model and this new 2021 apple tv 4k you know its really just an incredible streaming device in my. Opinion both the previous and the new 4k model potentially overkill maybe for certain people but for the right person.

Or setup its just an amazing product if you are into that apple ecosystem then i c.

Conclusion – How To Access Apple Tv

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