How To Access Apple Wallet – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access apple wallet, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access apple wallet,

Method 1 – Access Wallet On Lock Screen Iphone 11 Or Ios 13

Hey guys we got here and welcome to another blog tech tips and of course legitimate access wallet from the. Lock screen on ios 30 or of course on the iphone 11:11 pro 11 pro max it doesnt really matter. As long as you are one of these devices so if you want to access your wall from the lock. Screen you simply have to enable the feature its in order to enable the feature go ahead and go to.

Settings once youre in set in guys just go ahead and scroll through putting a look for here is the. Feature that says face id and passcode void and once youre prompted here go ahead and enter your password im. Gonna enter my own off screen alright so once its entered you should be in this section right here and. Youre gonna scroll all the way down once youre down here guys you should see a bunch of features here. Notice that the option for wallet is off by default so simply go ahead and turn the wallet toggle on.

And of course as you serious allows access to and lock – first of all own control and of course. It says wallet which is now enabled and of course youll now be able to access wallet from your lock. Screen and also this concludes our tutorial is ricardo gone as usual from block tech tips and bye until next. Time bye.

Method 2 – How To Use Apple Pay — Apple Support

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Method 3 – How To Use Apple Pay

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Method 4 – Show Your Vaccine Passport In 2 Seconds With Iphone Wallet

Im going to show you how to get to your vaccine passport by pressing the side button on your iphone. Twice and then tapping on your vaccine card and then scanning your face this will be much better than looking. For it buried in your photos or in your favorites or uh in an email that you sent to yourself. I actually had a client who saved their vaccine passport as the wallpaper on the back of their phone its.

Actually pretty smart idea but its not pretty to look at whenever youre looking at your phone the first thing. You have to do is update your iphone software to 15.1 or later if you want help with that if. You want to make sure your phone is backing up to icloud if updates generally terrify you understandably just book. With me or one of my consultants the link is in the description of this video once your phone is. Updated uh all you have to do is just take your vaccine passport and bring it up on your laptop.

On an ipad just on a second screen so that you can point your phone to it if you dont. Have a second device you can text the vaccine passport to a trusted loved one and then all you have. To do is point the camera go into your phone point the camera to the qr code to the vaccine. Passport and youll see a little yellow button appear in the bottom right of the camera and you need to. Tap that button you dont have to do it kind of at the same time it stays there for about.

Five seconds so you have time to move your camera and tap the button but when you do that it. Offers to save the vaccine passport in your wallet and thats what you access when you double tap this button. On the right and then do your face id youre getting into your wallet and from then moving forward you. Have instant easy access to the vaccine passport boom vaccine epiphany if you found this helpful and you want some. Private mac coaching with me or someone from my team just head to booking we work with people all.

Over the world well help you with whatever is on your mac problems list and you will never feel judged. Or shamed for whatever mess you are in that was so good i was on it i had it okay.

Method 5 – Explained: How To Add Your Covid-19 Vaccine Record To Apple Wallet

The apple wallet already stores things like credit cards concert tickets and boarding passes its pretty easy two clicks and. Theyre right there well now you can add your covet 19 vaccine record heres what you need to do it. The latest apple software access to the states vaccine portal and another phone not necessarily an apple well explain why. In a second first check your software apple added the vaccine record feature with ios 15.1 so if you dont.

Have version 15.1 or later download it first in the settings app next youll need a link to your state. Vaccine record well show you how that works here in california this is where that second phone comes in handy. Borrow one for just a minute from your friend family or co-worker doesnt have to be apple on that phone. Go to the states portal youll plug in your name your birth date and the phone number or email. Address you gave when you got vaccinated next youve got to create a pin write it down youre going to.

Need it then tap submit the state will send you a text or an email with a link click it. Punch in the pin you just created and voila there it is your vaccine record information and a qr code. Now that you have it lets add it to your apple wallet on the other phone open the camera app. And point it at the qr code you just got when a yellow icon pops up that says health tap. It when you see your vaccine information tap add to wallet and health that step puts your information in the.

Apple wallet plus it gives you a qr code that smart readers can understand besides your wallet you can also. Pull up your vaccine record information using the apple health app so what about android phones stay tuned were making. Another video for those phones if that was too much work heres a simple shortcut just take a screenshot of. Your vaccine record information then save it to your favorite photos album that way you have easy access to it. Anytime youre asked to show it.

Conclusion – How To Access Apple Wallet

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