How To Access Archived Emails In Outlook – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – Outlook Tutorial: Deleting, Archiving And Restoring Mail In Outlook 2019

Hello again this is deb and welcome back to our course on outlook 2019 were down in section 5 where. Were exploring the options that we have for organizing and managing our email and what i want to explore in. This module is the process of deleting and archiving in order to assist you with mail management now when it. Comes to keeping your inbox streamlined and keeping your inbox size low youre probably going to want to start either.

Deleting or archiving your emails now i like to do this on a weekly basis so on a friday afternoon. I set aside an hour or so for housekeeping on my mailbox and during that period of time what ill. Do is ill go through all of my emails ill move the ones that i want to keep to maybe. A subfolder from within my inbox i dont delete the ones i dont need and anything that i want to. Keep but i dont necessarily need to have access to immediately i will archive so what i want to do.

Here is show you those different processes so currently im clicked on my inbox and im clicked on my other. Folder and in here i have some non urgent email so what i might do on a friday is take. A look at this email and i may decide that some of these messages from the office 365 message center. I dont need anymore so what i probably do with this type of message if i dont want to keep. It im just going to delete it now theres a couple of different ways that you can delete messages you.

Can either highlight the mail as i have done here and press the delete key on your keyboard alternatively you. Can jump up to the home ribbon where you have a delete command in here and you can also see. From the screen tip that control d is the shortcut key some when i click delete that mail is deleted. From my other folder and what actually happens to deleted mails is that they move across to your deleted items. Folder so essentially when youre deleting something youre not deleting it permanently so if you do it by mistake you.

Can jump into your deleted items folder find the message and you can restore that if you want to and. If i wanted to pull this one back through all i would need to do would be to click and. Drag it back to my inbox now one thing thats worth noting here is that if you do have a. Lot of email and youre trying to reduce the size of your mailbox and as a side note if youre. Interested in finding out how full your mailbox is if you jump up to file youll see just here the.

Size of your current mailbox so mines pretty empty is this is just a training account and you can see. That i only have a very small amount in my mailbox but if yours is pretty full you would probably. Need to think about going through your emails and either deleting or archiving now when i say deleting as we. Just saw here it moves your email into your deleted items folder so it doesnt technically reduce the size of. Your mailbox because essentially your mail is still within your mailbox its just in the deleted items folder if you.

Want to really make a dent in how much space youre using you would then need to go into deleted. Items and delete it permanently from there so for example i could select these top three emails by holding down. My shift key and if i click on delete i get a message saying these will be permanently deleted i. Say yes and those are permanently gone so that will have an impact on the overall size of my mailbox. So the point im really trying to hammer home here is simply deleting mails from your inbox doesnt necessarily reduce.

The size of your mailbox you must delete them from your deleted items to have any impact on that whatsoever. Now an alternative option is to archive your emails and theres a few different ways that you can do this. Now one thing you need to understand about archiving is that your mailbox is essentially a pst file so all. Of your mails are essentially stored into what we call a dot pst file and its this that grows in. Size the more emails that you have when you archive emails they go into a different pst file so essentially.

By archiving it does help reduce the size of your mailbox because youre moving them to a different pst file. And the good thing about archiving is that you can still access your emails but theyre not taking up space. In your email account so other time i will archive emails that i dont necessarily need right away but maybe. I will want to refer to at a later time now im going to show you a few different ways. That you can archive so again im just going to jump into other and im just going to use one.

Of these messages as an example so let me take this my analytics message if i want to archive this. Particular message there are a couple of different ways that i could do it so i could right click and. In my right-click menu right at the bottom i have an option to archive alternatively if i jump up to. My home ribbon next to the delete button i have an archive button and as i hover over it says. Move this item to your archive folder with a shortcut key there of backspace so im going to click on.

Archive and that message has now been moved out of my mailbox out of this pst file and into my. Archived pst file and youll see on the left hand side that you actually have an archive folder so if. I click on this youll see that email now sitting there now some other options that you have when it. Comes to archiving youll find in the backstage area so if we jump up to file and in this info. Section if we go down to tools youll see you have a number of different options to help you manage.

Your mailbox so one in there is empty deleted items folder so if you just want to do a blanket. Delete of everything in your deleted items you can do that from here you can also choose to clean up. Old items and this will allow you to archive whole folders and subfolders so i could then go through i. Could choose a folder or a subfolder that i want to archive and if i just want to make sure. That i am archiving older items i can set a date in here so i could say archived items in.

The folders ive got selected that are older than as cific date so i might want to say archive everything. In my inbox thats older than the 17th of january 2020 and what youll see is that its archived those. Emails and on the left-hand side i now have an archives folder and if i expand and click on the. Inbox ill find all of my archived email so i still have access to them but theyve essentially been moved. Out of my pst file out of my mailbox into my archives pst file so doing this method does have.

An impact on how much space youre using in your mail account so that is a nice way of archiving. Very quickly all old items in a specific folder or subfolder now another thing i could do here to help. Me with this is i could set up auto archiving now again some people dont necessarily like this they prefer. To archive mails manually themselves or select those specific date options but if you want outlook to auto archive all. Old emails or archive by criteria that you set on a regular basis you can set up auto archiving so.

Again if we jump up to file and this time go down to options and we want to click on. The advanced tab just here and youll see right in the middle we have an auto archive option and it. Says reduce mailbox size by deleting or moving old items to an archive data file so if i click auto. Archive settings i can then specify how often i want outlook to run an auto archive so i could set. That to a week to two weeks to every month and then i have various other different options that i.

Can customize such as where those items are being moved so on and so forth so this might be something. That you want to set up to automate the management of your mailbox size so definitely worth exploring some of. Those options and setting up to best suit how you like to work now again if you have archived an. Item and if i just click on the archive inbox and you to move those back to your mailbox again. You can select them and just drag and drop back to your inbox and all of those emails are back.

Again so really nice simple way of managing your inbox size by deleting and also archiving thats it for this. Module i will see you in the next one if youre not a subscriber click down below to subscribe so. You get notified about similar videos we upload to get four free courses in excel quickbooks microsoft project and photoshop. Click over there and click over there to see more videos from simon says it.

Method 2 – How To Move Archived Emails Back To Your Inbox

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Method 3 – How To Search For Archived Mail In Outlook

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Method 4 – Archiving Outlook Emails

Hey folks knox with it inspired here today wanted to talk to you about something thats pretty simple but pretty. Important and thats archiving your outlook email lots of times when youre working in outlook if you get a lot. Of attachments or sin and receive a ton of email that outlook mailbox will fill up ill show you real. Quick outlook has this folder thats kind of hidden its called app data a local microsoft outlook and and inside.

Of it theres this file called an outlook data file and what that file does this is what stores all. Of your emails right here you can kind of see what are you going to circle it yeah theres a. Couple of mere oh this is what stores all of your emails this is where all of your emails come. In and they just get held in this file local to your computer when you download a ton of emails. And have a ton of attachments and everything this file gets full its got a max size of about 50.

Gigs right here you can see mines only 16 megs so its got a long way to go but it. Gets full and what we have to do to mitigate that is we have to just take those those emails. And dump them into a new file called an archive so i wanted to walk you through the steps of. How to do this archive its really simple so without further ado lets get started alright im going to zoom. In here a little bit and we can follow the mouse alright so in outlook 2016 to get this going.

We just click on file then we come down here to the tool section and we click on clean up. Old items now right here it brings up this little dialog box about archiving what were gonna do is were. Gonna choose archive this folder and all subfolders and as you can see this is an important part is that. Its only got the inbox selected first so if i were to just click ok this is going to only. Archive the emails that are in the inbox so its not gonna archive things during my sent items its not.

Gonna archive things in my deleted items and thats thats you know a big part of it most of our. Emails are actually held in deleted items because we delete things pretty quickly so what we got to do to. Make sure it grabs everything is we just go one level up and click on our email address right there. The next step is to choose how far back we want to archive things or when do we want the. Archiving process to start so if today is march 10th and i want to take all my emails that were.

Yesterday or older ill choose march 9th and that means its gonna go through this whole set of folders here. And take all of those emails that are older than this state and dump them in an archive file basically. When youre back on the mailbox when you scroll down to the bottom theres gonna be a new little tab. That says archive and thats where all those emails are gonna go the last step is to choose where you. Want to save this you dont have to change it its not a huge deal i like to put things.

On a little folder called outlook archive that way if i ever have to come back to it later i. Can just grab it right there it makes things a lot easier for administrators or if we ever need to. Move these archives that makes it very easy the last step would be to click ok im not going to. Do that because i this is a lab environment and i we kind of use these emails so once you. Click ok thats it it begins the archive process depending on how big your mailbox is on how far back.

You went in this date it could take a while it could take up to an hour to run so. Just let it do its thing for a little bit give it 5 to 10 minutes before you try sending. And deleting emails but after that point you should be good to go all right get out there and try. It.

Method 5 – How To Import Archived Email From A Pst File To Outlook 2013

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Conclusion – How To Access Archived Emails In Outlook

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