How To Access Archived Photos – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access archived photos,

Method 1 – How To Archive And Unarchive Instagram Posts! (Quick & Easy)

In this quick video im going to show you guys how to archive and unarchive instagram posts uh so lets. Get started right away so in order to be able to archive and unarchive instagram post you need to have. Your account as either a business account or creator account and to enable that you basically want to click on. These three dots and open up the settings click on your account right here scroll down until you see switch.

To uh well for me since this account is a business account it says personal account and creator account but. Your is yours is probably a personal account then it will say switch to business uh and switch to creator. Account and it doesnt really matter that much which one you choose you can do it on both um so. Yeah just make sure to have that enabled and just go back um select uh this post for example click. On the three dots and just click on archive just like this and it now has archive our post and.

To be able to unarchive it you basically just want to click on these three stripes once again and then. Click on archive and in here all your stories are actually archived as well and um yeah we want to. Select our post so click on the top on the archive and then select instead of storage select post and. Now our post is right here so if we click on it we conserve our post again and then if. We click on the three dots just like this we can click on share show on profile just like this.

And now it says no archive post and if you go back it is here once again so that is. Basically it if this video helped you out please leave a like and let me know in the comments if. It worked and ill see you next time have a good day.

Method 2 – Google Photos How To Use The Archive Feature

Hi this is rob im going to show you how to use the archive feature on google photos so you. Have a photo in google photos that you do not want to delete but you also do not want it. In your main photo stream in google photos the solution is to archive that photo archive photos will still show. Up in your albums or search it just will not be in your main photo string okay go into your.

Google photos app on your smartphone this is my main photo stream in google photos to show you where the. Archived photo is located tap on this icon in the upper left this window slides out the archived photo is. Located here i will tap on it if you have no photos in your archived photo you will see this. Window i currently do not have any photos archived it says on this window archived items will be kept here. Theyll still show in albums and search results ill go back by tapping on this arrow in the upper left.

It takes me back to my photo string i will archive the first four photos on top so ill press. And hold on the first photo for a couple of seconds the app selects that photo and you can now. See a small circle in the upper left of each photo now just tap on the rest of the photos. You want to archive i will archive these four photos now tap this icon in the upper right this window. Appears tap on this archive archived those folks are now in the archive folder i will go back into the.

Archive folder by pressing this icon in the upper left then tap here on archive and there are the photos. That i have archived when you are in the archive folder you can add photos to archive by tapping on. This icon here in the upper right now tap on the photos you want to archive ill go down and. Find a photo i want to archive i will choose this photo now press this done and the upper right. There the photo shows up in the archive folder to unarchive a photo press and hold that photo for a.

Couple seconds it is selected you can select other photos to unarchive then go to the upper right and tap. On this icon this window appears and tap on this unarchive in the upper right okay that is it that. Is how to archive and unarchive photos and google photos if you liked this video please give a thumbs up. And please subscribe this channel do you think youll be using this feature in google photos let me know in. The comments below.

Method 3 – How To Archive A Photos In Google Photos & How To Access Archived Photos In Google Photos

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 4 – New Facebook Update: How To Archive Posts And Where To Find Archived Posts On Facebook App

Hello guys welcome to todays video by troy stanley and this is another ts tech talks video on todays video. Guys im going to show you guys how to archive a post on facebook this is another new feature on. Facebook that was released recently im going to show you guys how to archive post and also how to um. View your archived post and do more things with your archived boost now lets get into that go ahead and.

Open your facebook application just right there and then just go to your profile area and then scroll to your. Post and you can notice this is a post i just made recently now to archive this post all i. Need to do is to click on this 3.3 icon on that particular post once you click on it it. Will give you an option for you to archive the post so all you need to do right there is. To go ahead and click on move to archive now tap on the move to archive to archive the post.

Now that posts have already been archived now if you notice the post is no longer displaying right here that. Is because i just archived it now you can still do this for more of your post let me just. Scroll down a little bit more and then go ahead and tap this and now click move to archive now. You notice it has been moved to archive all right now to um see my archive all i need to. Do right now is to scroll right on top you notice this through the icon just next to the art.

Story click on that now you notice where it says archive right go ahead and click on archive wait for. It now this is all the post that i just archived these are the two pools that i just archived. Right now now if you have more posts i already archived you can go ahead and see everything right here. But if for some reason you want to restore everything that you already archived all you need to do is. To click click and then click on restore but for some reason if you just want to delete this you.

Can just go ahead and hit delete so this is all for this video guys i really thank you for. Spending time and watching this video i will see you guys on my next video please make sure you subscribe. To this channel for more videos and stay safe guys peace you.

Method 5 – How To View Archived Emails In Gmail Mobile (2021) | See Archived Mails In Gmail

In this video we will learn how to view archived emails on gmail so lets so to view the archived. Emails on gmail app the process is same for android as well as ios devices so you dont need to. Worry if you are on android first make sure that you are connected with the internet to see the latest. Emails simply go and open your gmail app so here we go so for example first i would just go.

And archive some of the emails by just swiping left so it is archived so you can see alta and. Message archive again i have put two for another so these three emails i have archived so to view these. Archive image what you need to do is just simply go and tap on these three lines at the left. Bottom left top corner this one so this appears now tap on all emails so here it would be list. Of the ahly image so here you can see the first three image or without the inbox label so you.

Can see under this all the emails have inbox label and at the top you can see these dont have. Inbox label so you can see these are the archive the image that i have just done so so in. This way you would be able to see the aircraft emails you can move it to the them to the. Inbox as well by going inside it tapping on these three lines or three dots at the right top corner. And here moved to inbox and now if i go to the inbox so one of the archive made has.

Been moved to the inbox so hope it has helped you in being the archived mails or emails on gmail. On iphone as well as android but before you go please like subscribe and share thank you.

Conclusion – How To Access Archived Photos

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