How To Access Asus Bios – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access asus bios,

Method 1 – How To Access Bios Setup Asus, Windows 10

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Method 2 – Windows 10 – How To Enter Bios Configuration? | Asus Support

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Method 3 – How To Enter Bios On Asus Motherboard

Hello everyone welcome to techylipper channel and in todays video im going to show you how to enter bios on. Your resource motherboard now when you start or restart your computer just before the login screen your motherboard logo will. Appear briefly just like this just for a second or two and during that time you need to press the. Delete key from your keyboard to enter bios now just to be safe so that you dont miss the motherboard.

Logo when your computer is booting what you can do is keep pressing the delete key until you enter the. Bios now im going to show you the process so lets restart our computer okay now the computer is going. To restart and im gonna keep pressing the delete key from my keyboard and as you can see we have. Just entered the bios on our isos motherboard now if you click on advanced mode you will see all the. Settings that you can do on the bios of your resource motherboard and thats it for today i hope this.

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Method 4 – How ! Asus Laptop Boot Menu Bios Settings ! Secure Boot ! Boot From Usb ! Dvd Room ,

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Method 5 – Asus Bios Comes Again And Again Problem | Stuck In Asus Bios | Step By Step Solution

Subscribe and press the bell icon to get notified for the latest tech videos hey whats up youtube this is. Vasi here and today in this video im going to show you how you can resolve the error that the. Bios on your asus laptop or pc shows repeatedly like if you power off your laptop and then power on. Then your bias will come up and if you do anything then the bias will not go away and that.

Becomes a problem because you cant use your laptop or pc so im going to show you how you can. Resolve this problem the process is quite simple and easy but many people dont know about it so thats why. Im making this video so that you can get your problem resolved as quickly as possible so anyways lets start. The video tutorial so here it is my asus laptop in which i am seeing the bios setup every time. Im powering on the machine so how you can overcome this problem first of all let me show you how.

The problem actually looks like so here im just going to power on the asus laptop and here you will. See that the bios setup will come up automatically instead of your asus branding and then your windows should boot. Up so this is the problem that im facing so in order to solve that it it is very easy. But again asus has made a really bad i would say their bio setup as compared to dell or hp. Anyways first of all you need to go to the security panel so in order to go to the security.

Panel youre going to use the left and right keys here as you can see on the keyboard that are. Right beside your number pad so im going to press on the right key and you can see i am. Moving through the menu so here i am in the security menu here im going to go to the last. Option where it says secure boot menu so again im going to use the downward key im going to go. Down until the key is or the option is selected im going to press on enter to select it now.

You can see that secure boot control option is enabled you need to enable it again im going to press. On the enter key im going to press on the upper key and im going to disable it so after. I have disabled it im going to go back using the escape key so here uh now im going to. Use the left key to go to the boot option and you can see that launch csm is disabled im. Going to go down im going to select launch csm and im going to enable it so once the launch.

Csm option is enabled im going to again use the right key where it says save and exit im going. To press on save changes yes and then im going to go to the very top where it says save. Changes and exit so im going to press on this save config configuration and exit yes and now the laptop. Will restart again itself and as you can see you saw the windows option directly or the windows logo directly. Instead of the bios setup so this is how you can resolve the problem so again im going to just.

Quickly power off the machine using the power button just to show you that it is working again im going. To power on the machine and you can see you saw the asus logo and here you have your windows. Icon so in this way you can remove the automatic uh the boot option that comes up every time on. Your asus laptop and you can see it saying preparing automatic repair this is because my windows is corrupted so. Im going to install the new windows on it so if you want to see how you can install windows.

On your sos laptop using a bootable usb then you can check out that video as well i will put. That videos link in the video in this videos description so guys if you like this video please give this. Video a thumbs up if you have any kind of questions regarding this video write them in the comment section. Below and i have already made a video on how you can change the bios setup or the boot i. Mean how you can change the boot sequence on the bios of your ss laptop or pc so that you.

Can boot a usb drive in order to install an operating system like windows etc if youre interested in watching. That video then its box will appear here right now and i will also put that videos link in this. Video description as well so if youre interested go and check it out as well other than that be sure. To subscribe to my channel and press the bell icon so that you get notified for my next upcoming video. Other than that thank you for watching and stay safe.

Conclusion – How To Access Asus Bios

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