How To Access At And T Cloud Storage – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access at and t cloud storage, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access at and t cloud storage,

Method 1 – Computer Fundamentals – Cloud Storage – What Is Online Storage And How Does It Work Explained Google

Hi and welcome class thank you for joining today im going to go over a question that i always get. From my students and that is what is the cloud how does it work so were going to go over. Cloud services and specifically how they relate to storage today so a cloud service does any service made available to. Users on demand via the internet from a cloud computing providers servers its basically broken down into these four types.

Software data platform and storage now as i mentioned im going to talk about storage in this lesson thats because. All of my students create a onedrive account and they use cloud storage throughout the entirety of the class we. Dont save anything the flash drive because what happens when you take a flash drive to class you lose it. Right so were going to use cloud based services only and so lets figure out what we actually need to. Know about these i broke it down into five part acronym saving computer l being login bowl being off-site you.

Being uploaded and d being downloading now im going to go into each of these in details and obviously it. Spells out cloud right so you should be able to remember this by the end of this lesson so cs. For computer right so im talking about your desktop laptops smartphones tablets now the thing that recognizes that the cloud. Can be accessed from all of these in terms of storage and the great part is if you decide to. Save your files to the cloud you can access them anywhere at any time from any of these devices theres.

Really no reason that if you save to the cloud that you wouldnt be able to access it unless you. Just dont have access to the internet so as far as logging in and getting set up on any of. These cloud internet storage providers you just need to provide your personal information your email address and a password now. Remember youre going to be saving and downloading files from the cloud youre going to want to make sure that. You have a good password because anything that you saved to the cloud if you have a weak password somebody.

Else can hack into that and theyll have access to your files your personal information your email address things like. That you generally dont want them to have access especially to those files make sure you have a great password. Im talking uppercase letters lowercase letters numbers and special characters next what do they provide well i use onedrive in. My classes the reason for that most of my students use microsoft windows it integrates is very well with microsoft. Windows and they give you five gigs of free data again these are all free services next step is google.

Drive if you use an android device you notice that its automatically downloaded with google drive google drive is great. Because it has 15 gigs of free data that you can use for free storage rather that you can use. Next up is icloud now icloud is great too because icloud if youre an iphone user you know if you. Have that icloud on your phone you can upload photos to icloud as well as any other files that you. Normally would have if youre using an older iphone you upgrade to that new one your icloud goes with you.

And the phone should have all of those same applications and files as you upgrade your phone so thats a. Nice service as well next up is dropbox they offer two gigs of free service all right so o is. For off-site all sites important because youre saving again on those providers servers meaning theyre not being saved on your. Own computer and thats a benefit right its going to save that storage space on your computer now instead of. Saving on your hard drive youre saving onto the cloud next it improves disaster recovery so for example we just.

Had a lot of heavy rain here in southern california some peoples houses got flooded now if any of their. Computers got damaged during that you know they got water damage then they would lose everything that they have on. Those computers if the computer doesnt work anymore unless they save their files on the cloud you save your files. On the cloud you dont really have to worry about if those you know is that computer breaks because again. Youll be able to access it from any device next increases collaboration so i do a lot of group projects.

With my students and a lot of times you know they want to share their documents now you dont want. To take a flash drive and share those documents back and forth its much easier to just create a document. For or save a document to the cloud and share that document with other people on the cloud you do. That anyone could access it anywhere at any time but there are some drawbacks to the cloud potential security threats. Right what if google he attacked into and your files are now breached right youre going to want to make.

Sure that you are aware of that drawback when you save your files to that service okay or any cloud. Storage service next requires internet connection you want to make sure that you are aware if you do not have. Internet connection if your internet service provider is down for whatever reason youre not going to actually have access to. Your files at that time so very important that you are aware of that lastly in terms of agreement when. Im talking about terms of agreement take for example microsoft onedrive used to have 15 gigs of free data or.

Free storage now it got moved back to five gigs of free storage so definitely be aware of the terms. Of agreement that you that you use when you sign up for these providers next is uploading uploading is very. Important in my classes because most of the computers delete your work when youre done right you log off your. Computer most school computers will just delete whatever is on there and so you want to save to the cloud. Before you go home again this is better because its basically its the process of transferring data from your computer.

To another larger computer system that being the cloud thats better than saving it on your flash drive because you. Forget that flash drive in the classroom game over your files are gone if you cant find that flash drive. Now that symbol that you see there on the left is the universal upload simple so it has the cloud. And an up arrow and time you see that you click that you upload your file to the providers storage. And then you will have that next time you go into that website next up is downloading now lets say.

We do a project in class the class is finished and we havent finished that project next time you come. To class you have to download that project back onto the computer right so you go into onedrive or whatever. So which system youre using and you download that back on to your computer and then thats the process of. Receiving data from the cloud to your computer and thats the process of downloading so i hope this is kind. Of explained what cloud-based storage is and how it works what you need to get started and if you have.

Any questions definitely put it in the comments section id be happy to respond to any of the questions that. You might have thank you so much for watching and i hope to see you again soon thank you.

Method 2 – At&T Cloud Solutions

You know that the cloud offers countless capabilities to innovate and exceed customer expectations virtually anywhere realizing these benefits while. Navigating a rapidly evolving cloud technology ecosystem is not easy as you add more cloud applications and scale them network. Performance and user experience can suffer and newly emerging real-time applications call for access to content and compute processing localized. At the edge not in faraway data centers no matter where you are in your cloud journey at&t cloud solutions.

Helps you provide consistent streamlined cloud services with the expert support you need whenever you need it create immersive experiences. That engage your customers and employees with solutions that accelerate web and mobile performance optimize cloud connectivity and shift workloads. Closer to users and devices enable more secure access and help protect your data from threats share collaborate and manage. Content more securely across devices and applications and minimize downtime and speed data recovery in the event of an outage. Or disaster let our experts help you maximize your business potential with the power of at&t cloud solutions thanks for.

Watching click on the link to learn more.

Method 3 – How To Use Icloud – Complete Beginner’s Guide

Hey everyone in todays video i want to teach you all about icloud and a lot of people already know. What icloud is but theyre not utilizing it the way to its fullest potential really so what is icloud if. You dont know what it is if you have an apple product so apple makes iphones they make ipads they. Make imacs or different types of laptops and all those have access to whats called icloud and what icloud is.

Is a cloud-based storage system okay meaning instead of storing things on your phone or your ipad or your computer. That has a limited amount of storage you could extend that storage by putting it in the cloud basically in. A digital environment that is not on your physical device okay thats the cloud okay its just a remote server. Some other computer somewhere else that will store those things for you from apple now its been around since 2011. So almost as long as the iphone has been around weve had icloud before but what i really want to.

Teach you in this video is exactly all the different features that icloud has to offer now by default you. Get a certain amount of icloud storage when you buy an iphone or an ipad and you sign up for. Whats called apple id and that right now that limit is five gigabytes okay which is not that much thats. The free version of it but you could actually update and get i believe i get 200 gigabytes for about. A dollar or two dollars a month something like that that lets me basically put all my photos and videos.

And documents into the cloud and ill show you that here because i really want to show you in this. Video you do have icloud on your phone and on your ipad too it looks like this ill cover. This in a different video because what im going to show you on the website all these options are going. To be available there too but this basically is going to show you things that icloud has access to on. Your phone so you can see my mail contact calendar reminder all those are turned on so this is more.

Of an option to turn things on and off for your phone but the website is really what is. The most useful so how do you sign in here go to and type in your apple id as. Long as you have an apple device most likely you already have an apple id which in my case is. An email address so type that in and if you forgot it you could go ahead and press forgot okay. And if you dont have one then just look up how to sign up for apple id you could create.

One down here pretty straightforward ill go ahead and log in and here is icloud and these are all the. Different apps and services you get access to just by having an icloud account okay now whats great about this. Is with that apple id now whatever i do here on is gonna transfer over or sync up with. My phone and my ipad and really any other device that i have linked up so let me show you. In order what youre looking at here you got your mail now this is the same mail application i have.

On my computer for my icloud email address if i click this its going to let me basically review any. Email i have in my inbox i could go ahead and compose any email and just work off of this. As my email from i dont have to sync it up to my computer and this all syncs up. To my phone on the same email address okay this is really really useful option let me go back thats. Icloud mail here or apple mail you have your contact again if you remove or add people here it will.

Sync up with your phone and your computer if you have apple computer in your icloud account you have your. Calendar this is just a typical calendar here where you could sync up different calendars and move forward and backward. In time very useful you have your whole photos library here now i use icloud to backup all my photos. Theyre not actually on my phone so i could access them here anytime and you also have this thing called. Icloud drive now this is super powerful that most people are not using at all but what icloud drive does.

Especially when you upgrade to a bigger storage so i have 200 gigabytes i could upload any document here and. Store it in the cloud so this will take it off with my computer and my phone i could store. Everything from documents to downloads to keynotes and pages which well talk about all that could be on idrive so. This is like google drive if you ever use that or dropbox and let me show you one more thing. Here if you have it set up on your computer you get this little option called icloud drive which is.

Exactly what youre looking at here on my computer and the website so whatever i do here on my computer. It will sync up to this icloud website which then will sync up to my phone super super useful and. Again as i mentioned if you have dropbox it works the same way this shows up right here i have. Microsoft onedrive creative cloud this is adobes so these are all kind of the same thing cloud storage from different. Companies they all show up over here on my computer let me go back now and you have notes and.

Notes and reminders are just documents that you already have access to on your phone and they will sync up. Here but you could start a note here instead so for example heres the note heres the script that im. Just using right now for this video and i could refer to it over here and i wrote it on. My ipad and it synced up to icloud so really really easy and useful option same with reminders and then. We get to this section pages numbers and keynotes now all these three applications i have complete videos on how.

To use them on your computer but basically with pages this is like uh microsoft word okay or google docs. Where you could just type in text very very simple to you use document creation numbers is like microsoft excel. Or google sheets okay where you have spreadsheets really easy to use as well and keynote is kind of like. Powerpoint or google slides where you could create slide presentations or powerpoint presentations okay so watch those videos if you. Want to learn more about those but you could create them directly from here and it will sync up to.

Your icloud account and you could get the apps on your phone too and open them up there find my. Friends is really easy and useful option for basically one of the most useful options with this is tracking your. Family especially if you have younger kids you could go ahead and activate this feature ill make a separate video. Thats more in depth on that so you could watch that after this and one of the main reasons i. Showed you on the computer here is because of find my let me click this and find my basically.

Tries to locate your devices if youre away from your devices most of the time if you lose your iphone. Or ipad or computer you could go to on someone elses device or computer and basically search for all. Your different devices so thats the find my option okay thats going to help you find stolen or lost devices. And ill show you account settings and with this this is really useful because you could get a good overview. Of your storage this is also available on your phone and your ipad too but it shows you how much.

Photos and videos you have i purposely got the upgraded storage here you could update on your phone easily and. I now update or upload all my photos and videos sync them up and take them off my device icloud. Also backs up any device that you have if you choose to do that on that device and that way. If something happens to it or you move to a different device you could use that backup i back up. All the time using icloud your mail shows up here and whats available shows up here very nice visual graph.

All your devices show up here too so you could click on any of them at any time for more. Information and thats really the broad overview of this page and if i show you that on the the phone. Here same kind of thing okay so under your apple id on icloud you could see the same graph and. You can manage your storage which is one of the most useful parts of icloud here on the phone but. If i press manage storage on that icloud setting its going to let me here change my storage plan so.

This is how i upgraded it but i could also decide what needs to be removed over here so if. I have a lot of things showing up on this side its going to let me remove it let me. Actually show you how to get to this page from the beginning all you have to do is open settings. On your phone so this is the settings app open it on this page click your name right here on. Your phone this works on ipad the same way and here you see that option right here says icloud click.

This and thats how i got to this page okay so i could see my storage i could manage storage. But more importantly any apps that are using icloud could be turned on and off here so if you dont. Want those to take up space in your icloud account you could actually turn any of them on or off. Just like this okay you just press this little slider right here and you could delete it from your phone. And not sync it to your icloud so this is really really useful just to know where to turn these.

Off and icloud drive i always keep on so then things on my phone could be stored to this so. I could open them easily on or on my computers folder that i showed you earlier and you can. Make sure any app you have is not synced up to icloud 2 if you dont want that information to. Be synced with your icloud account so those are some of the useful options on the phone but ill cover. These in a different video in more detail and thats your crash course on using icloud and i hope some.

Of the information i provided was new information to you so you could really utilize icloud to its full potential. Again make sure if youre gonna use it to upgrade and pay that dollar two dollars a month extra so. You could go and have a lot more information or a lot more storage than you typically get with icloud. I hope you found this video useful make sure you subscribe for easy to follow tech videos just like this. One posted every single day on this channel and ill see you next time.

Method 4 – Top 5 Best Free Cloud Storage Services (2022)

Looking for the best free cloud storage service these days youve come to the right place with dropbox google drive. Onedrive and pcloud being some of the biggest names in the world of cloud storage its easy to get confused. But dont worry we have made this video to help you separate the wheat from the chaff in this video. We will cover the five best free cloud storage services around so watch this video till the end and dont.

Go anywhere with many people now working remotely cloud storage technology has come to the fore making remote collaboration and. Data sharing as seamless as it gets thanks to incredible technology like cloud storage we can now effectively team up. With our co-workers without being with them physically cloud storage also eliminates many weaknesses of physical storage units so you. No longer need to worry about losing your data to theft fire damage and other mishaps however if you have. Never used or bought a cloud subscription you may be skeptical about paying for cloud technology this is where free.

Cloud storage services come into the picture there are so many options out there all making big promises but in. Reality only a few of them can be trusted to make sure you dont get into the wrong hands we. Have vetted many free providers and hand-picked the five best free cloud storage services out there we have rated and. Ranked these services based on five key aspects these are features security privacy interface and pricing on a related note. Please press the like button if you enjoy watching our content it will just take a second but it helps.

Us a lot if you havent subscribed to our channel please do so if you want to see more high. Quality value-packed videos like this one now lets get down to business we will cover our top picks in descending. Order so stick with us till the end to see which one is the best of them all the fifth. Position on our list goes to dropbox dropbox is widely regarded as the grandfather of all cloud storage services and. Its difficult to make a counter argument when it was established in 2007 not many people believed in the concept.

Of cloud storage it came and made believers out of non-believers and the world has not remained the same ever. Since and while its no longer the best cloud service nowadays its still good enough to earn a spot on. This list the service is quick and user-friendly of course its not a completely free service but it does give. Users up to two gigabytes of free storage space we know this is small for most people but at least. Its better than nothing besides it gives you the kind of peace of mind that you can never have with.

Completely free services admittedly this free offering only comes with basic features but it allows you to share your files. Publicly which is amazing there are actually not many features to speak about as far as the free plan is. Concerned but it can be a perfect option for you if you are only searching for a basic file store. While it does what it says it does on the tin we advise you not to expect anything extra or. Premium however its worth mentioning that dropbox gives you 16 gigabytes worth of free storage for referring the service to.

Other people for every new user you successfully refer you will get an extra 500 megabytes however you will have. To refer many more to actually reach the cap if you still need more space after reaching 16 gigabyte cap. You can buy a paid plan there are two paid plans on offer the dropbox plus plan and the professional. Plan while the former is priced at 9.99 monthly for about two terabytes of space the latter costs a bit. More at 16.58 monthly for three terabytes of space however dropbox is not your best option if security or privacy.

Is at the top of your priority list apart from the fact that the companys security has been breached in. The past its also less than ideal that there is no support for zero knowledge encryption therefore if you are. Looking to store important or sensitive files you might want to explore other options however if youre only looking to. Store non-sensitive files it can be a perfect option besides its simple interface makes it ideal for all sorts of. Users which cant be said about many cloud storage services next up on our list is ice drive sitting on.

The fourth spot ice drive is not nearly as old as dropbox however the companys immeasurable impact in the industry. In its short existence means it now sits on the same table with the oldest and biggest names in the. Industry and its well deserved its mainly a paid cloud service but it offers a generous free storage space of. 10 gigabytes which is given to every user as soon as they sign up with the free offering you get. To enjoy solid privacy and security excellent speed and a user-friendly interface however ice drive doesnt offer the most robust.

Features it lacks common functions like folder upload links collaboration tools and block level syncing which are available in other. Big names despite the omissions though it is still a great basic cloud storage service its especially suitable if youre. Only looking to sync your files between different devices or share them with your friends or colleagues on the upside. Ice drive performs very well when it comes to privacy and security apart from offering the strong two fish protocol. It also supports zero knowledge encryption which means nobody apart from you can access your files another impressive addition wed.

Like to mention is that you can download all the personal data the company has on you this has a. Lot in terms of transparency on top of that its gdpr compliance if you are not satisfied with the free. 10 gigabytes you are given the company does offer three reasonably priced upgrade options the first plan which costs 19.99. Per year offers 150 gigabytes per month note that its only available on a yearly basis the second plan is. 49.99 yearly or 4.99 monthly and it offers one terabyte of cloud storage space the third plan is the companys.

Flagship plan costing 17.99 monthly or 179.99 annually this plan is best suited for small businesses as its five terabytes. Of monthly storage space may be too much for an individual in addition every ice drive plan comes with an. Option to buy it for a lifetime allowing you to pay a one-time fee to enjoy the service and the. Plan forever if youd rather choose a lifetime option then the first plan costs 59 the second plan costs 149. And the third plan costs 4.99 the only catch with these plans is that your bandwidth is capped at 250.

Gigabytes per month 2 terabytes per month or eight terabytes per month depending on the plan you pick if youre. Interested in ice drives premium tiers see the official link we have added in the description box down below if. You want to get a special discount on this service next up we have google drive which takes the third. Spot no matter what your preferences are its almost impossible for anyone to write a piece on the best free. Cloud storage service without including google drive thanks to its neat integration with the famed google docs and also its.

Super generous 15 gigabytes of free storage space it is one of the top free cloud storage services you can. Find but it offers a lot more to make it a worthy inclusion on our list if you already own. A google account theres no need to do anything as every google account comes with a free storage as standard. The storage space applies to gmail drive and every other google product like google photos while this is not in. Any way a problem its something you must think about if you already have uploaded a big photo collection to.

Google servers its also worth noting that google drive is the best free cloud storage service if youre only looking. To store your photos however google drive does come with a couple of privacy concerns which may be discouraging in. Our opinion if youre a privacy conscious user you should skip this service and consider other free options on this. List its also off-putting that google drive does not offer file encryption which raises even more concerns on the bright. Side the 15 gigabytes of free cloud storage space offered by google drive as one of the most generous free.

Offerings in the markets while the free space cant be expanded with referrals or freebies as with many of its. Competitors it allows you to upload some massive files if you need more than 15 gigabytes of space youll have. To buy additional storage the price each individua.

Conclusion – How To Access At And T Cloud Storage

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