How To Access Backup On Iphone – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access backup on iphone, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access backup on iphone,

Method 1 – How To Restore Iphone From An Icloud Backup – Full Tutorial

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Method 2 – How To Restore Iphone From Icloud Backup In 2 Ways (2021)

Hello guys welcome back to tenorshare channel today im going to show you how to restore the icloud backup to. Your iphone and of course ill introduce two ways to restore the icloud backup with resetting your iphone and without. Resetting wanna know how now lets dive in so the first part is about restoring your iphone directly from icloud. Backup if you want to do this way then you may have already owned two iphone and you wanted to.

Transfer your old phone back up to another one what you need to do is to go to your old. Phone settings and tap your account and tap icloud then scroll down to see find icon like a recycle symbol. That is icloud backup tap on it usually if you backup your iphone to icloud the button should be turned. On here ill once again to backup the data on this phone to icloud so i can get the latest. Backup later when it back up successfully we can move on to the next step to reset your target iphone.

Usually it may link to your apple id lets go to general scroll down to find reset to factory reset. Your iphone just tap on erase all content and settings if you see the pop-up window just leave it and. Continue with erase now and tap on erase iphone then continue then youre required to enter your apple id password. After entering your iphone will start resetting few minutes later you should see the hello screen lets move on to. Set up your iphone choose a wi-fi which is available and stable then it will be the passcode and here.

Comes the important part today the apps and data as you can see the first option is called restore from. Icloud backup which is the one were gonna choose tap on it and enter your apple id which you used. To uploaded the backup to icloud then enter the passcode for other iphone later you can see the backup list. Here choose one you need to restore to your iphone and tap on it so youve done almost things later. It will start to restore from icloud the remaining time depends on how large your backup is and also your.

Wi-fi speed is fast or not but anyway just keep patient if your iphone is in low battery dont forget. To charge it during restore when the restore finished iphone will reboot and all the data has been transferred to. This phone now so what if you dont want to reset your iphone but you still want to restore some. Data from icloud next part ill show you how to make it its very easy i just use a tool. Called alt data ios it can help to recover the data from icloud lets see how it works first connect.

Your iphone to computer and here choose the section recover data from icloud then enter your apple id and password. To sign in icloud of course its 100 safe after entering verification code you can see the data type that. Can be recover are listed then hit download to proceed and wait for the icloud data to be downloaded on. Your computer sooner the data would be downloaded you can click to view or choose the data you need to. Recover to your device thats it super easy okay so this is the tutorial of how to restore icloud data.

To iphone ive introduced two methods to restore with or without resetting if you succeed by following the instructions dont. Forget to give us a thumb up ill be very grateful if you subscribe stay tuned for the next video. And ill see you soon you.

Method 3 – Recover Photos And Videos From Iphone Backup In Windows And Mac Without Any Software

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Method 4 – How To Backup Your Iphone To Apple’s Icloud

We cant put a number on the amount of times people we know have lost all their photos contacts messages. And all other data because their iphone was lost or stolen and they didnt have their iphone back top backing. Up with icloud is the best option since it happens automatically when you sign up for an icloud account for. An iphone you have the choice of enabling icloud backup but some users decide not to and completely forget about.

It to make sure i cloud backup is enabled go to your settings tap on your name and tap icloud. Youll instantly see all the apps that are using icloud swipe down tap on icloud backup and enable it your. Iphone will now automatically backup whenever your phone is plugged into a power source youre connected to wi-fi and your. Screen is locked you can choose to manually backup your phone whenever you want by tapping backup now this is. Useful if youve just purchased a new iphone and want to make sure all of your data is up-to-date before.

Making the switch the issue that many users will have is when their icloud storage is maxed out and theres. No room for a backup apple gives you five gigabytes of icloud storage by default but its honestly not enough. Especially if you love taking photos when that happens it may be time to consider upgrading your icloud storage plan. At the top of the icloud settings page tap manage storage then tap change storage plan in the us a. 50 gigabyte plan is only $1 per month but if you choose the 200 gigabyte plan for $3 a month.

You can share those 200 gigs with up to six family members by tapping share with family within the icloud. Storage setting if youve already upgraded your icloud storage and youve found a way to max it out you may. Still not have enough storage left for an icloud backup head back to the icloud storage page and youll see. Whats using up all your icloud data if your photos are using up the majority of your storage it may. Be time to go in and start deleting old photos like those multiple attempts at the perfect bathroom selfie videos.

Actually take up much more storage than photos so you should start with the longest videos youve recorded if youre. Reluctant to delete anything at all off your iphone you can backup your photos to your mac or pc using. Itunes click the card above to see how its done once youve done that you can feel free to delete. As many old photos as you want knowing that theyre safely stored on your computer if you have an iphone. 7 or newer in our running ios 11 you can enable high efficiency camera capture by heading to settings camera.

Formats and tapping high efficiency doing this will make your photos and videos use up less space once you have. Enough storage space you can choose to manually back up your iphone aloud or wait for it to automatically back. Up if its enabled this is vadim with apple insider thanks for watching subscribe and well see you in the. Next video if you enjoy this video like it and hit that subscribe button also check out a price guide. Which makes it extremely easy to find the best deals and apple products updated daily be sure to follow us.

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Method 5 – How To Manage Iphone And Ipad Backups In Macos Catalina

Hi this is gary with let me show you how you can manage iphone backups on your mac and. Delete all ones that you dont need anymore macmost is supported by viewers just like you go to slash. Patreon there you could read more about it join us and get exclusive content and course discounts so if youve. Had several iphones over the years maybe ipads too and you backed them up to your mac they could be.

Taking up space on your drive that you could free up by deleting those let me show you how all. Right so the first thing to do is you need to connect your iphone or ipad with a cable to. Your mac now you can do it over wi-fi but you have to set it up that way first now. Once you have it connected if you open a window in the finder then you should see it appear on. The left under locations now its very easy to not see it for instance notice if i move my cursor.

Over locations theres the hide button there i can click that and a lot of people have something that looks. Like that right so they dont see it under locations you have to move your cursor over click show and. Then you see all your different connect drives and network drives and things and youll see your phone listed there. Another reason it may be missing is if you go to finder preferences and then sidebar and here is cds. Dvds and ios devices thats your iphone and ipad so make sure that is checked so click it and youll.

Enter the mode in the finder it looks a lot like itunes used to look when you would connect your. Iphone or ipad if you have general selected youll have various general settings here now heres where theres a checkbox. For show this iphone one on wi-fi so if you have that checked and you have to connect by a. Cable in order to check it the first time then you dont actually have to connect your device with a. Cable it should show up in the sidebar regardless okay so now youll see a button here for manage backups.

If you click that youll get a list of backups on the mac backups for this device and for others. Unfortunately theres no way to get this list unless you connect a device so if you dont have your iphone. Or ipad with you theres no way to get to this list ill show you how to access the backup. Manually if thats the case but here now you can go and look at your backups so if youve got. One on here for a device that you dont have anymore or maybe its an old device its in a.

Drawer you dont need the backup you can click it like that and you can click delete backup and it. Will delete it unfortunately you dont see how big the backup is but you can control click or two-finger click. On a track that on the device and choose show and finder this will bring up a finder window looking. Deep inside your library folder with the folder selected that represents that backup so with that still selected you can. Do file get info or command i bring up info on it and you can see here the size of.

Everything in that folder so thats a size of the backup and how much space its taking on your drive. But if you can avoid it dont actually delete it here just use that to get the size instead select. It right here hit delete backup and thats the way to get rid of that all backup and i should. Point out also if you see youve got an old backup there but it is a device you currently have. Then you can use this backup now button to update it and sure you may have a backup in icloud.

But why not have two backups especially if you do have the extra space on your macs hard drive now. What happens if you have no i o s device handy and you know youve got some backups taking up. Space or at least you want to check to see well you can get to that location in the library. Folder by choosing the go menu holding the option key down and library will appear only when you have the. Option key held down then you can go to library then go to application support then from there scroll down.

And youll find mobile sync and then youll see backup and there are those three folders and each one of. Them contains a backup so if you see nothing there or you cant find this folder at all then you. Have no local backups of any ios devices but if you see folders here you know youve got them you. Can use command i to get info and see the size of this and also you can check the modified. Date here and see when this backup was made now the one thing it doesnt tell you is what device.

This is right youve got this cryptic name here so if you look through the list here at the very. Bottom youre going to see info.plist open that up in textedit you control click on it choose open with and. Then other and then select text edit from the list or you can drag and drop it on to text. That if you happen to have that in your dock and if you search for device youll come up with. This little section here that says device name and underneath it iphone 6 so this case thats the name of.

The device so it could have been called garys iphone 6 for instance now you know the name of the. Device you know the size and you can make a judgement call as to whether or not you want to. Select this folder and move the entire thing to the trash to get rid of it now i should note. That if you chose to encrypt your backup its a little harder to figure out what it is so if. You go to the info.plist here and you open it up in textedit its gonna be encrypted so you really.

Cant be certain what device this backup is although the backup date in the info window should give you a. Clue also keep in mind if you have multiple user accounts on your mac each user account could have its. Own set of backups so if you and your spouse both have user accounts there be sure to check both. User accounts and see which backups you have there that you may be able to delete and get back that. Space i published new tutorials every weekday hit the subscribe button so you dont miss out that hit the little.

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Conclusion – How To Access Backup On Iphone

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