How To Access Bios On Dell Laptop – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access bios on dell laptop,

Method 1 – How To Get Into System Setup Or Bios On A Dell Laptop

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Method 2 – How To Get Into System Setup Or Bios On A Dell Laptop

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So you can see the f2 key there on the keyboard when that is pressed immediately after turning on the. Power you have to press it right away the that triggers the laptop and to go into system setup mode. Okay again the sequence turn the power on and in this case hit the f2 key now some other laptops. Are going to have a different key youll have to check that with the manufacturer dells are mostly the f2. And then what youre going to see is up in the upper right hand corner youll see a message preparing.

To enter setup when you see that you know that you hit that key properly and you can hit the. Key several times i usually sit there and just keep hitting it till i see this symbol and once you. See that symbol you know that the computer has gotten the command to go into setup so this laptop is. Not going to enter windows its going to go into setup now what thats going to do and again im. Going to show you here now on video you hit that f2 key you see im hitting it repeatedly and.

Up comes the sign going into system setup and that key will be different for different models a lot of. Ibms use f1 hbs use escape you but dells are typically f2 key now heres the screen you get its. A system setup screen and there are a number of things you can do now probably youre never gonna have. To get into here but just in case if youre starting to a laptop up and you want to know. You know some information about it the first thing on that menu says system information if you click on that.

You get a a menu there that shows you what the processor is how much memory is in the laptop. You can scroll down on dells itll actually tell you the size of the hard drive not all models do. That but itll tell you the resolution of the screen what kind of video card lots of information whether or. Not its got a wi-fi card in it what the audio controller is so that is a bunch of good. Information the next choice is to check your battery this is a useful one you can tell whether your battery.

Is working in this case the health is excellent on this battery its charged up pretty good the next choice. You can change the boot sequence in other words if you want the laptop when it starts up typically you. Start up from your hard drive because thats where windows is but if you were loading the laptop for the. First time you might want to boot off a usb flash drive where you have your install files located so. You can actually change that sequence you can move them up or down in this case ill highlight usb and.

Move it up highlight internal move it up okay i dont want it to do anything off the neck or. This dvd i dont want to accidentally boot off those i turned them off just to have something to do. There wouldnt hurt if it was on okay next choice you can change the time you can also do that. In windows but you can do it here too and theres a series of other uh areas which youd probably. Never get into but theres a some con information about all those different features the serial port the parallel port.

Heres the video one useful thing there is you can get in and change brightness now you can change brightness. In windows also but this is another place where you can change the brightness on battery and the brightness that. The laptop will see for ac power okay you can also theres a security tab where you can go in. And set passwords i dont ever do that because its too easy to forget the passwords but if you wanted. To put administration password on there or a system set up by password so nobody else could get in to.

This area where you are right now you could do that please dont forget when you sell your laptop get. In there and take them passwords offer the next guys gonna have a lot of trouble heres another useful one. Down towards the bottom the wireless that should be enabled those boxes should be checked if theyre not could have. A problem wireless might not work okay once youve made the changes and youre ready to go on you can. Hit apply and then exit you also have the option there to load the defaults thatll put everything back the.

Way it was to start thats handy sometimes if youre reloading it because you dont know where the thing may. Have been thats it hope this helped okay that pretty much does it for uh this video its a fairly. Straightforward procedure if you have any questions uh drop us a note down at the bottom of the page here. Like our channel if youre interested in seeing any other videos we come out with uh subscribe to us we. Try to put out things which we get answer ask questions of on laptops that we sell we try to.

Put out little tips and tricks thats it remember the f2 key for dells just like downtown.

Method 3 – How To Access Bios In Windows 10 (In Dell

How to access uefi or bios in windows 10 to access bios in windows 10 click on to the start. Button then go to settings and go to update and security then go to recovery into the recovery click restart. Now button in advance starter it will bring you to this screen select troubleshoot and then click advanced options in. Advanced options click uefi firmware settings and then restart now system will restart and load into the boot manager where.

You can find bunch of options furthermore if you go to enter setup under diagnostics you can enter into a. Setup utility i hope i answer your question how to enter into bios in windows 10 if you have more. Questions then please comment me on comment box below dont forget to subscribe for more free diy tech specs videos. In future thanks for watching see you next time bye bye.

Method 4 – Dell Inspiron 15, How To Enter Bios Utility System In Dell Inspiron 15 [Full Tutorial]

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Method 5 – [Guide] How To Enter Bios Windows 10 Very Easily & Quickly

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Conclusion – How To Access Bios On Dell Laptop

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