How To Access Blocked Sites In Chrome – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access blocked sites in chrome, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access blocked sites in chrome,

Method 1 – How To Access Blocked Sites With Zenmate In Chrome With Easy

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Method 2 – How To Unblock Blocked Websites On Google Chrome 2022 Free!

For some ruler regulation there are a lot of site that block in some country like i stay in china. And their facebook and google block this is crazy but if you are a chrome user and if you want. To access this block side then i have a free takes for you and these tricks is completely free and. You can access any block site using the chrome browser so dont let parents take out the video and if.

You need to mind general please do subscribe to my channel and hit the build button for more letter subject. So first of all for to do this you need to do atrix and that is you need to install. A extension in your chrome browser im showing you how you can install the extension for this you need to. Click on the 3 dot after signing on your chrome browser then you need to click on the 3 dots. Here for here you go to the more tools and from here you need to select the extension when you.

Click on the extension you can see your the right now who is the extension you have on your chrome. Browser from here you need to go to this main menu and from here you can see on the bottom. You can see the option chrome web store then you just need to click here and when you click on. This then it will open a new page now you can see we have come to the chrome web store. And this is registered for the chrome extension and you can also download theme from here so now what you.

Need to do you need to do download a vpn and vpn is a thing that unlock the blog site. From any chrome browser or anything actually a government blocked their site on chrome browser for their ip or something. Others so using the vpn we can and get another country we pin like as in china block google but. If we use the singapore vpn a singapore location in the chrome browser then we can access so this is. The technique so now i just starts here in the better net i find this extension is a very good.

For chrome because this vpn is very fast and its mostly built for chrome actually this works very well so. I just for installing this vpn you need to search a bit on it and after such thing it you. Will find this one bit on an unlimited free vpn proxy and you need to click on the add to. Chrome when i click on add to chrome it will ask for a activation or yes users need to select. The add extension then when you click on this it will start downloading the extension you can see here and.

Now it will adding to the chrome and now you can see the beta net unlimited proxy has been added. Your chrome now i will show some blog site and i i will show how you can unblock this using. This free bbn tricks so if i show you some site now i am going to google now you. Can see that google is not loading you can see this is going round and round its loading but it. Will not load actually because i am now in china so i just stopped this and now i will try.

To unblock this site so to do this you need to click on this and when you you you you. You will get some interface and you can select location from here those are the free location you can select. Any of them i like that canada one and then i i click on connect and you need to wait. For a few seconds and you can see that you it is scanning so far this is a free but. It is so fast and so fast loading so when i connect this now i will try to access the.

Google again and i just click enter and you can see the site is started loading so this is all. About you can see this our google it has been already successfully loaded so if this is how how you. Can unblock a site on your chrome browser so i recommend you to use this extension for google chrome can. Block any site and this is very good and i have sic the speed is so fast is the free. Mode also and you can also buy a paid one if you want so thank you guys for watching my.

Bit and if you need to my channel please do subscribe to my channel if you already subscribe to my. Channel so thank you.

Method 3 – 3 Ways To Access Blocked Websites Without Vpn!

Hello guys this is eddie so in this video i want to show you not one but three ways to. Access blog website for free without using vpn so you dont need to spend money on vpn you can do. This for free right on your computer and on your mobile phone you can do this at school even at. Workplace so let me show you exactly how the first way is through google translate what you can do you.

Can just type in and then you can open up any websites it doesnt work 100 like you can. Open 95 of blog websites so once you open up google translate you can type in the blog website link. Right here for example let me show you a blog website the other day i try to access but. This country actually banned this website so i cannot access to reddit as you can see the connection is not. Private so i can go to and type in right here and we will see the link on.

The right side so when i click on the link as you can see it works right i just need. To wait it to load and you will see it works just fine and theres also one channel yesterday i. Tried to stream one piece movie its an anime free streaming website now this website used to be active. You know it used to be live for some reason my esp just banned it out of nowhere as you. Can see it will keep loading and it even says error 520 a web server returning to an unknown zero.

So what i can do i can go back to google translate again and just type in you can. Put in whatever website you want and then when i click on this link just wait it to load translating. And it doesnt work now if this doesnt work you can go to the second method and also the third. Method that im going to show you later now i dont know what website youre going to access so make. Sure you you just put in that website and try it and see if you can open it or not.

In my third method i will guarantee you you can open that blog website for sure tauren website yts.a.m as. You can see in my country just block that website and then i can go here and type in the. Torrent website this is a torrent website and you will see on the right side there is a link and. Just click on it voila it works you can even download the file right here sometimes you dont have the. Ability to download stuff in there but you have the ability to stream even if you open you know that.

Website ph i tried ph website it didnt work but when i tried the hamster website and the video website. It actually works guys you can try it on your own if you dont believe me you can try it. If it works go back to this video man make sure to like it and comment down below if it. Works or not and then you can also use your phone to access that website by going to so. Thats the first method the second method that im going to share to you if the first one doesnt work.

Is using a chrome extension its called hola hola vpn i know this title says no vpn but this time. We are going to use free vpn it used to be free forever right now they are trying to telling. People just to upgrade to pay for them but you actually dont need to if you are just searching for. Something quickly you dont need to pay for it guys you can add it to your chrome browser or right. Here im using a microsoft h browser i have it installed right here you can click on this extension and.

You will see there are so many popular website im gonna blur some of them and then you can just. Type in the website that you want to unblock and lets say it was wts.a.m again it goes to For some reason and as you can see it works but this chrome extension it used to be free forever. Now it has a limitation sometimes they ask you you know to reload the page so hopefully the first one. Works for you if this one still doesnt work the last method is by installing opera mini guys oprah mini.

Is a free browser that you can use to open any block website you can install oprah mini there is. Mobile browser that you can install or you can just install a full browser right here you can just from. Any download right you can download it once you download it i will open it right here i have it. In my pc already you need to make sure go to the setting and then scroll down there is save. Vpn right here you can click on enable in setting right here you can enable that vpn mode and then.

If you go back here and you type in your blog website you know it can be open okay now. Let me show you the holla extension you know sometimes they say you have watched like the three hours with. Hola vpn you can load more time and you need to wait sometimes like one hour like that so this. Is the problem with holla so the third method probably can help you lets say you want to download something. That you was not able to download on chrome browser so i usually go to this website to download.

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You know we are going to need to work from. Home right its what we have to do now i can download this video no previously let me show you. On this on my browsers right here so on my chrome browser i cannot download it guys lets say for. Example this one when i click on it it just doesnt show the video so i have to use some. Sort of vpn to bypass that band then im able to download it if this one as you can see.

The vimeo player is loading my country banned vimeo so i cannot use that so i have to use like. Opera mini and then i can download this video for free to my pc as you can see it starts. Running now when using the first method i cannot use that on google translate so thats why im showing you. Guys three ways to access block website for free without paying for vbn right even though the method is using. Vpn but you dont you dont need to pay for anything its free if you try it and if it.

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Method 4 – How To Open

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Method 5 – How To Access Blocked Website Without Vpn || Access Block Website In One Click ||

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Conclusion – How To Access Blocked Sites In Chrome

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