How To Access Boot Menu Windows 10 – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access boot menu windows 10,

Method 1 – How To Get The Boot Menu Or Bios On A Windows 10 Pc

Hi friends now i went to show how to enter the bios on a windows 10 pc click the gear. Icon on the start menu then go to settings select update and security select recovery from the left menu click. Restart now under advanced startup the computer will reboot to a special menu click troubleshoot click advanced options select uefi. Firmware settings if you dont see this icon then press startup settings instead when your pc is restarting tap f1.

Or f2 to access the bios click restart and finally you get the bios in your pc thanks for watching. My video please subscribe my channel.

Method 2 – 3 Ways To Enter Boot Menu In Windows 10

Boot menus who has boot menus these days microsoft windows 10 still does and guess what im going to show. You three separate ways to get them and actually show you how you can use them all that and more. Coming up now hello everybody my name is adam gordon an entertainer here at itube pro tv and im going. To spend some time talking to you in this episode about how you can access the windows boot menu that.

Mythical place where we think we can recover our machine and indeed we can depending on whats wrong but did. You know we still have access to the windows boot menus believe it or not theyre still there microsofts done. A great job of hiding them in recent versions of windows to kind of prevent us from going in there. Accidentally messing around and maybe setting the system up in a way that may or may not allow it to. Boot properly but if youve been doing this a while you remember earlier versions of windows windows xp windows vista.

Windows 7 we used to be able to hit f8 and during the boot up cycle get to that recovery. Menu when we could go to safe mode we could do a network boot we can boot with minimal video. Drivers the good old days right believe it or not well we still can do those things you just have. To know how to get to them and how to make use of them theres three distinct ways we could. Take a look at how to do that right from our windows desktop and windows 10.

Im going to show. You all three ways where theyre going to restart the system and show you what that recovery area now looks. Like joining me here lets get started our first way is going to be by going to the startup menu. Were going to go to the settings area and were going to go to update and security well see we. Have a recovery area there we can then click on advanced startup options and well simply restart the machine so.

Lets take a look were going to go over here to our start menu were going to go right down. Here to settings and when we do that as i suggested just move this over were going to go right. Over here to update in security now you may be saying to yourself windows update recovery which is where we. Want to go and backup that kind of makes sense but adam back in the day didnt we used to. Go to system and right click on the computer and get properties and go do some of this stuff right.

From there well we could have we could get things like system restore and access the configure system restore right. From there ill actually be back with a different episode to show you how to do that if youre interested. In seeing that and by the way if youre interested in learning about all sorts of different stuff having to. Do with windows 10 you can check me out and all of my colleagues over at itpro tv we do. All sorts of windows 10 training and even more broadly all sorts of different training across multiple platforms you can.

Find out anything and everything you want to know just by looking us up and hanging out with us over. There were going to update in security and were going to go ahead and click here and what were going. To do is come right down right over here to the recovery menu just zoom in so you can see. That real nicely and on the recovery area were going to see that we can reset our pc keeping our. Data intact but uninstalling programs and things that may be causing a problem we can go back to a prior.

Version of windows 10 if we need to thats specific to windows 10 by the way and the setting area. That we want to go to is the advanced startup area and we do have an option right from here. To change the way the system starts up starting it from a different device we have an external set of. Elements on a hard drive we could start from there we could change the windows startup settings thats where the. Boot menu will come in handy or restore the system now if i click restart now that will take us.

Immediately into that system area were going to do that but were going to show you the other two methods. We can use before we actually kick that off so lets call this done for number one and lets move. On to our second way to achieve the same result which is to see how we access the boot menu. In windows 10. Now im going to go back to the start menu but this time im going to use.

The run line so im going to do a windows key letter r as a shortcut to bring up the. Run line or click windows and then go to run you can do this variety of ways im going to. Do windows key letter r to bring up that shortcut menu and when i do that im going to have. Already typed in the command i want to use but im going to zoom in just so you could see. That its the ms config command and ms config is going to bring up for us the system configuration menu.

And youll see right here that system configuration has several tabs now were going to go to the boot tab. Second one in from the left right past general and on the boot tab were going to go ahead and. Were going to see that we are currently booting windows 10 it is the current os the default os as. Well but down below under advanced options in the left hand column here were going to see that we have. Boot options i can check off safe boot and i can then choose minimal alternate shell active directory repair network.

Theyre going to be one of those options will be available to me theyre mutually exclusive because theyre radio buttons. But i could also specify no gui boot on the right boot log base video which is the minimal set. Of video drivers or os boot information so i have options that i can access from here as well as. Specifying that time out area where it says zero seconds that will give me that ability to see that more. Traditional 30-second menu many of us are probably familiar with that we remember from back in the day where i.

Can go in i can actually have a 30 second countdown and i could hit f8 to get to the. Safe mode or boot menu options if i choose to so we can manipulate those settings here i could choose. Safeboat for instance safe boot excuse me choose minimal and then i could simply click apply okay i could restart. The machine changing that timeout value from zero so i can actually toggle into this mode and i would be. Able to access that menu this would be the second way that we can do this now im not going.

To bother to set it here because were going to show you the third way and the third way involves. Using the windows command line or the command shell and ive already taken the liberty of opening up the windows. Command line and ive loaded it up as an administrator it is important that you use administrator rights to do. This and ive typed in the command that im going to use shutdown.exe space forward slash r space forward slash. O and these commands along with these two switches are going to allow me to restart the machine thatll be.

A small delay about a minute but it actually takes about 30 seconds before it restarts and then this will. Also take us to the recovery area and all three of these modes all three of these methods wind up. In the same place they all converge in the recovery areas we restart windows so were going to go ahead. And launch this one for our third way im going to click enter youll see the system is about to. Be signing us out here well restart in less than a minute we could just leave that up or click.

Close either way it doesnt really matter but you could see that right back there and then when i click. Close i could actually just close that well wait for the machine to restart when it does its going to. Look like were actually starting up and just restarting the machine but were going to see that were going to. Get a little item is going to show up right down below youll see it right below my dell logo. As the system restarts this please wait which is unusual not this one youll see it on the black screen.

In just a second and when that comes up were then going to see that were taken into a screen. That looks just like this itll be this color blue a little bit brighter and what well see is that. Will then actually be taken into that recovery area so watch for it its going to come up here momentarily. Just waiting on the machine to actually power cycle and come back up there is my dell item there is. My please wait menu item right there so were seeing that were going to get a little spinning a little.

Circle here as it loads up and then once that comes up well be transported theres our spinning circle right. There were going to be transported into the system recovery area and well see our different options and you can. See we can continue back to windows 10 very easily we can troubleshoot which is where were going to go. In a minute to get some advanced options or were going to simply turn off our pc if we didnt. Actually want to be here in the first place lets click troubleshoot and then under troubleshoot we have three additional.

Options reset this pc one of the options we saw as we went into updating security factory image restore we. Can restore from an image or we can go to advanced options advanced options is what we want because this. Is where the menu items including the boot menu option are going to be so advanced options and now we. Have a whole bunch of stuff here we have startup repair we have startup settings which is where were going. To go in just a second for the boot menu but also things like uninstall updates we can update and.

Work with our uefi or ufe firmware settings system restore can be accessed from here as can a command prompt. And more recovery options down below allows us to do a factory image restore if we choose to do that. Lets choose startup settings right here well click enter and we now have an option with startup settings and it. Says hey youre going to have options to do a variety of stuff well have to click restart for this. To happen to access that boot menu but things like enabling low video resolution mode enable debugging mode that was.

One we used to use all the time boot logging and safe mode all of them are here all the. Oldie and goody options that we are familiar with were going to click restart were going to see the system. Power down and cycle again so were going to watch for the dell logo to come back up and were. Going to see it start back up again doesnt take very long at all you can see its flashing doing. Stuff there is my logo as the system is starting and instead of that hey please wait and circle as.

Were waiting see it comes up right away into startup settings and you can see right here we now have. The option to either press f10 for more options or we now have all these numbers that can be accessed. And it says use number keys or function keys f1 to f9 enable debug debugging enable boot logging enable low. Resolution or safe mode lets say we wanted to do safe mode lets just hit 4 for safe mode i. Just hit f f4 or 4 either way the system will restart again well be taken into safe mode now.

If youre not familiar with safe mode what safe mode allows us to do is start with a minimal set. Of drivers minimal support changes the look and feel of the system so i can get in but eliminate a. Lot of the software that may be getting in the way and causing problems when i want to restart and. Recover the system so ill have to log on in order to be able to do that so let me. Just go ahead and bring this up and when we get onto the desktop youll see that the desktop is.

Going to look different and well be in safe mode i can enable some sort of recovery kick it off. It tells me here right looks like were not connecting out to the internet because its cutting back on the. Capabilities of the system to give me just a minimal amount of elements that i can work with lets just. Get out of there and what we can see its up in the upper right hand and lower right hand. Left hand corners but right up there now its really hard to see right down here its really hard to.

See but its a safe mode and we can see that were actually in safe mode right now and were. Able now to you know effectively operate with the system can go here and although i do have a whole. Bunch of what look like normal options you can see that while everything looks and kind of feels the same. I do have a minimal set of capabilities but i can access my menu i can go in i can. Go to update and security for instance i can go back to recovery if i need to do that and.

I can access the advanced startup options i can perhaps uninstall software that may be causing a problem whatever the. Case may be im now able to work with safe mode or any other thing i might want to do. And if im done and everything seems good and i think im okay ive fixed whatever the problem may be. I can go ahead i can simply restart the machine again so lets just restart it so itll come back. Up normally and then ill be able to access the system with no trouble assuming all goes well the system.

Restarts theres no issues i should be able to run my machine just like i would normally so these are. The three different ways that we can access the boot menu from within the windows desktop environment even though we. Used the command line for one of them we wound up in that recovery area as we restarted windows and. By going there and accessing the boot menu making our appropriate choice out of our list of nine or ten. Different options were able to then use the recovery capabilities to work with the system to troubleshoot it to do.

Whatever we need to do im going to be back and continue talking with you about new and innovative ways. You can use older capabilities in windows 10 and some new capabilities to not only recover but to troubleshoot to. Performance optimize and in general just to use windows 10 to the best of your ability but until i come. Back and talk about some more stuff im going to wish you happy windows 10 and ill see you soon.

Method 3 – 7 Ways To Boot To Advanced Startup Options In Windows 10

What you guys got another video here for you in this one were going to be looking at seven ways. To boot to advanced startup options inside windows 10 now this can help you fix a lot of computer problems. Now if you havent subscribed yet dont forget to hit that subscribe button and also hit the bell notification button. Next to it to be notified when we upload new videos also option one here were going to strum straight.

In to go to start settings and then click on update n security now if youre at the desktop youll. Be able to do this hit recovery and then advanced startup on the right and restart now and this will. Take you to the advanced startup options here so to fix computer problems now if you cant get to the. Desktop dont worry ill show you some other ways but hit from here choose an option you can hit troubleshoot. And this will give you options to fix a lot of computer problems restore your computer image and also access.

To command prompts and other good stuff there lets go back to the desktop and ill show you another way. So option two if youre also at the desktop as well what you can do here is click start and. Then restart your system and then hold the shift key down all the time dont let go the shift key. Just hold the shift key while youre restarting your computer and it will take you straight into choose an option. Where you can hit troubleshoot and then you can hit advanced options from there or you can reset your pc.

Whatever you want to do from advanced options so these are two useful ones which are useful to fix computer. Problems im gonna go back to the desktop and ill show you another one which is option free now all. These options are going to be useful for different scenarios so were going to come down to the search box. And type cmd which is for the command prompts click on command prompt and this will open up a command. Prompt box and from here what were going to do is type shutdown and we want to type that out.

And then do space /r space /o so thats not a zero thats a no and what this is gonna. Do is going to help us close down the system and reboot into our advanced options there so we can. Close this off and we can also close the command prompt box off and it will take roughly around about. Five to seven seconds to reboot the system and it will go straight into there now this is also useful. If you want to run this from another type of command prompt you can see were in choose an option.

We can go to troubleshoot and week and then reset our pc or advanced options system restore we have access. Tool and goodies will help us fix our computer lets go back again to our desktop from here im gonna. Hit restart the computer and this is for option for now were gonna boot to a windows disk here now. This is if your system is not booting you can still boot to a windows disk or usb flash drive. Click next and hit repair your computer and this will give you the option to go into troubleshoot and you.

Will have the same advanced options for you okay so if your pc is non booting you can still get. To those options this is option 5 were going to log out of our system so let me just quickly. Sign out here and youll get the log on screen here so let me just click on here and once. We click on here well have access to the power button from here so if you cant get to the. Desktop and youre getting to this location you can still get to the actual advanced options here by restarting and.

Holding a shift key down and you will be able to get straight into there as you can see here. There we go go back to the desktop again do option 6 now option 6 if you hold the power. Button without shutting down the computer it will shut the computer down if you do that up to three times. You will get this option or if youre getting a reboot loop you will get recovery which is c advanced. Repair options and straight away allow you to get into it so if you or even boot up issues like.

Reboot loops after three attempts it will automatically go to that advanced recovery there where you can get into there. Okay now option seven is back into the command prompt here and im gonna type cmd down the bottom here. And this one is the same as the shutdown one but this one will reboot straight away into there so. This is shutdown space /r and space four slash o space four slash f and in space /t and in. Space zero zero okay and what thats gonna do is take us straight into there without waiting okay so as.

Soon as i click enter here it will automatically shut down and go straight into there like so so you. Can use that command as well which is very useful and thats pretty much it thats seven ways to get. Into the advanced startup options so you can repair your computer problems or use systems thor or any of those. Features that are in there to repair computers and theyre very useful to know ok anyway i hope this one. Helps you out my name is brian bright at computers coto uk thanks again for watching guys have a great.

Weekend and i shall see you again for another video real soon bye for now now if you havent subscribed. Yet hit the big red subscribe button on my youtube channel and hit the bill notification bar nyx today to. Be notified when we upload new videos.

Method 4 – [Guide] How To Enter Bios Windows 10 Very Easily & Quickly

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Method 5 – Accessing Boot Menu On Pc

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Conclusion – How To Access Boot Menu Windows 10

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