How To Access Bowsers Fury – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – Bowser’s Fury – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Scamper Shores And Fort Flaptrap! (Nintendo Switch)

Whats up guys zack scott here playing bowsers fury a brand new mario game that comes with the re-release of. Super mario 3d world for the nintendo switch prepare for a 100 play through where i collect all cash shines. And defeat bowser thanks to you guys nintendo exclusives have done really well on my channel which features some of. The most popular gaming videos on youtube in fact my first episode of the original super mario 3d world is.

My most popular video ever it has over 27 million views all thanks to you leaving over 90 000 likes. Thats incredible thank you in advance for any likes and comments you can give me on bowsers fury i want. To give a special shout out to my members but if youre not a member yet thank you for subscribing. We just hit 4.6 million subscribers were on the road to 5 million and i cannot thank you enough ill. Do my best to bring you even more awesome videos just let me know which games made you subscribe and.

Which games you want to see me play in the future now without further ado lets play bowsers fury here. We go its a nice beautiful day nothing can go wrong uh-oh some sort of a black ink or something. Mario youre gonna get your shoes dirty all right so hes running now hey ive seen that before oh well. Here we go mario has fallen into a pit of blackness and so the game begins its a pretty simple. Intro i like that those are giant footprints oof get me out of here get me out of here look.

Around it is raining at least it probably washed off any sort of ink that i had on me right. All right just getting used to the controls a little bit look around im i am looking what is this. Can i easily get on top of that all right lets not lets not worry about it lets not worry. About it alright jump i just go the way it wants me to go oh thats bowser thats bowser okay. I guess ill run towards bowser that makes sense okay we can dash though we can dash thats good okay.

Alternate path right there perfect hey bowser hows it going uh how do i get up there oh no oh. No no no no no no help oh he shot it okay great excuse me excuse me i got to. Get up here quick there we go cat shine make the lighthouse shine well there we go boom do you. Think theyre gonna be five shines per stage is that why theyre like five slots looks like bowser was damaged. A little bit and its not retreating all right all right i got it i got it so oh thats.

A cool pixel art of uh a bowser and some new land has uh has risen now this is going. To be a big mario game maybe a short one but a big one and im so excited they released. This on super mario 3d world that we really is for the switch help now i guess im going to. Just guess that my my task here is done for now that is uh bowser jr down there needing some. Help okay whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa okay im fine im fine i need to do that i meant to.

Do this im gonna make a long jump whats up bowser jr oh man you are quite the artist i. Have to hand it to you so thats bowser then this is bowser now much much more angry hes looking. Quite deranged it looks like bowser jr is in trouble mario dad is out of control i dont know what. Happened i look at him kind of sternly i tried to help him but hes too big and mad i. Cant change dad back by itself hes big mad im just staring him down i guess i never ask you.

For your help never ever but ill do anything to save papa so help me mario i guess that wasnt. An ask its more like a demand like help me mario but ill do it here we go youve teamed. Up with bowser jr but how much should he help you uh a lot no no a little none uh. Lets keep it on default a little youve asked bowser jr to help a little to change the settings select. Options in the menu theres one more thing to mention if you share two joy-con okay now i dont have.

That im just using a pro controller so where are we going to look at all these coins oh hes. Helping me pick him up thank you that helps a little bit nice can he fight enemies too bowser jr. Help help a little bit help thank you all right and so here we are at scamper shores make the. Lighthouse shine so we got to make another lighthouse shine all right i can run right there we go dodge. Between those guys all right and then uh lets go up here awesome hey hes helping whoa all right i.

Got some coins out of that i can just climb direct climb the walls right thank you for helping and. Hey guys these are these these are not enemies these are friends theyre like what did you do to my. Friend im like you go with them you go with them hold on theyre picking up coins for me oh. Some of them disintegrated in the water but they respond up here okay okay so i dont feel too bad. About it what the heck is this thats some sort of a shard and i uh that is my third.

Or the third shard of of the stage im guessing i got to collect all five of those pastor junior. Youre taking the fun away i like to do that thats okay i mean i guess if youre working with. Me helping me out oh nice that kind of goes in there thats good lets go up here oh theres. Another shard up over there too and theres some sort of a question mark what is that you tell me. I dont know lets climb and find it out send boundaries yeah investigate okay great whats he doing thanks he.

Found it got it nice perfect so now were gonna go i guess were going up to the top here. Did i get what did i get i got a leaf all right and then lets take a look around. And make this is like a half lighthouse so yeah theres like two other lighthouses over there but this is. The one that were to be dealing with right now okay and theres a whole area down here as well. Oh oh geez oh gosh pastor jr help me out all right so should i be looking for shards right.

Now or what should i be doing oh nice oh hey guy whoa take that ah thats one nice oh. Wait no no okay close call so we have three right theres thats whoa whoa he almost hit me thank. You bowser jr thats uh thats so thats thats bowser over there what is he doing all right lets grab. This make the lighthouse shine get another cat shine i guess the first one of this area and thus now. The lighthouse is shining now we could go that way oh its starting to rain but we got more shines.

To get probably the lighthouse wants to bring something to light that splotchy goop will vanish under the light of. A cat shine uh but some of those cat shines are a bit shy if you cant find one try. Looking on another island islands with lighthouses are usually hiding something get get to a high up spot and look. For one nearby whats up here then huh can i not okay i can just climb up here okay thats. Not a shine but ill take it and uh oh no bowsers at it again what do i do oh.

No okay well guess who decided to show up your dad so what the heck what the heck do i. Do uh i dont feel like i gotta oh my gosh what the heck what do i do oh wait. Hold on we got we got something up here what is this oh nice oh my gosh the cats are. Not demons what do i do all right is this something what is this what is that its like the. Same thing hold on what what is happening guys oh no dude i dont know where im freaking out theres.

Demon cats next to me theres bowser over there what do i do with you i literally dont know what. To do with bowser right now uh okay is he is he leaving is he mad whats he doing okay. Easily he just wanted to harass me for a little bit okay im fine fine wait is he leaving or. Not what is he doing okay he left all right so i have some more uh shines to their shards. To find i dont know what theyre called but like lets so obviously we were missing one from the very.

Beginning so lets try that oh oh thank you okay i can still do that jump okay i wasnt able. To pull that off earlier so like lets say that this is the beginning right so what about that i. Mean can we go back then i mean i dont think we can go back there yet thats too far. Up thats too high up i cant get over there theres ink all around it or whatever it is sludge. Goop whatever you want to call it uh there is a hold on theres something over here scamper shores so.

Were lets get over here really quick can i go in the water all right good this shirt looks like. Its gonna be something okay another shard so this is probably the first one oh darn it okay hold on. I gotta climb up there and time it better oh man i keep i keep delaying all right oh no. Thats okay so thats the fourth one so somewhere at the beginning is a first one and then once we. Get all of those oh boy oh there it is okay perfect so i mean these are these are i.

Mean this is a giant open world mario i guess i dont know how big it is i say giant. But i mean its its pretty large and thats a really cool feature of this im glad they released it. There we go we got him by the way if you havent subscribed yet please subscribe we have 4.6 million. Subscribers i would love to have you along for the rest of the ride through this game bowsers fury so. Wait that so theres still like three more shines how do we ouch so yeah lets uh lets go ahead.

And move on so yeah love to have you guys subscribe dont forget to like this video as well look. At these catfish oh cool i can just what is this over here lakeside gigabell five to awaken i only. Have three looks like bowser jr has more to say whoa its a gigabell i heard a cool saying about. These i think it was when the beast rises the gigabit will ring or something maybe weve gotta get this. Splotchy goop ill just call it goop from now and theyre calling it goop its goop off first some more.

Cat shines might do the trick okay but these coins are freebies right now i mean i would love to. Just keep finding shines in this section over here that would be fun i dont know if i can but. Oh whoa is that using coins no im getting coins what oh uh interesting i mean they should really put. 100 coin challenges i got it easy so that might be okay okay cool cool fury shadow by the shore. All right whoa hey luigi what the heck what is this uh okay sure hey luigi im coming to get.

You im coming to get you where you going buddy oh hes going wherever hes going hes going oh boy. Oh boy come back luigi there we go youre making fun of me come on dude oh hold on i. Gotta actually oh well i guess i could so wait wait the stage is changing a little bit because this. Block id already gotten and these are different enemies now and the coins are back here gotcha oh we got. A star hold up how do i get a start hold on let me grab that i guess well i.

Guess i kind of wanted that no no no no no no no oh i broke it broke a sign. Now i dont know which way is up what is this oh my gosh okay you know i can climb. As the cat im just gonna run after him gotcha luigi thats almost like a gooey maybe a goop ouiji. I dont know okay fury shadow by the shore so sure enough i got another one but theres two more. Uh so what do i do to trigger it do i just leave and come back does that seem to.

Be what is this okay let me go let me go look again like if i if i leave and. Come back is that good enough all right goodbye now lets can i come back to it sure enough theres. Something there again okay thats weird and like i guess i just look away or just leave and then the. Island changes a little bit key to the cat shine wheres the key excuse me so let me go and. Grab that then were gonna go up here got him nice i dont really think coins are super important in.

This yet i mean i hope theres not like a hundred coins challenge or whatever i got everythings like a. Little kitty cat oh theres the key all right lets take it back this way thank you bowser jr right. Down there right thankfully no fall damage so all right these are getting pretty easy to get cat shine so. Now we have we should have five total its all gooped on the top oh no wait oh yeah okay. Now its not ive collected five cat shines and messages ringing from the gigabell when the beast awakens so shall.

I its raining is the beast going to oh gosh no no no no no no no i dont want. That oh no uh lets see if any of these are items what the heck hold the fly oh yeah. Nice is he coming along yet where is the so-called beast there he is oh here he comes wake up. Look up bell bell wake up meow thats pretty cool now wait what do i do with it though oh. My gosh oh my gosh i just dynamaxed i think is what happened hold up oh wow okay this is.

Awesome now i can fight him oh man okay oh boy oh geez whered he go whered he go hey. Buddy what how do i fight him i mean lets hes gonna do something here can i just grab his. Tail wait do i hit him i dont know what just happened oh boy oh boy oh boy nope nope. Nope nope now no im not a big kitty cat anymore oof got him though i dont know if i. Was supposed to grab his tail or not that gigabyte was awesome but what do i do what do i.

Do what do i do oh wow look im walking im okay hold on this is awesome what the heck. Is he gonna do oh geez louise man i guess i should have hidden behind one of these stages oh. Gigabyte give me that gigabyte please ill take another one thank you and then thankfully boom one hit to the. Stomach this is awesome were fighting like alongside these stages man this is im huge wheres he going im gonna. Try to hide behind this if he throws fire at me im gonna be ready im hoping this blocks it.

Right itd be funny if you just wiped up the whole stage all right now what bowser now what youre. Gonna do your thing again no he is which is fine it seems to be really easy to defend the. Consists boom that was awesome so i imagine were gonna have to keep fighting him again and again or i. Mean surely hes just not done before well that was pretty cool a little cat shaped rainbow thats not how. Rainbows work but hey ill take it ill take such a cool sprite of bowser right over there so lets.

See okay what what do we do next more stuff is opening up okay so i mean i still havent. Even looked at the other two stages that has presented us are those sonic rings no um hi hello looks. Like bowser jr has more to say he sank back into the lake but trust me itll take more than. That to beat my papa we need to make him really see the light the way to do that is. To find more cat shines more of that splotchy stuff went away so there must be new islands to explore.

Lets check the map and get going hurry up mario so already i have i mean i havent even yeah. Okay so those are there for sure uh thats a lot so we havent even done everything here i wonder. If i can backtrack yet looks like bowser jr has more to say oh yeah i almost forgot something important. If you get lost just press that to bring up the map all right so hi oh what dont be. Sad but dont be sad oh no 15 to awaken this guy or wait no oh what zero of one.

What are you talking about hes awake but it okay i dont know what this is does he want me. To bring him a cat can i bring a cat from another island and this guy is all like hey. Over here what is this hold on come here your mom wants you i dont know what the 15 to. Maybe its to wake in the next gigabyte okay okay cool hey i got his cat shine last kitten by. The shore okay not too bad anything else this is so weird uh so hi so wait this is where.

I came from right and just a double did we finish everything here we didnt finish everything here we still. Got so thats thats right we actually didnt finish this whats over here blast the fury blocks okay i know. Where those are but how do i blast them lets go hey can i ride on you can you blast. Them holy cow youre fast lets blast them over here dude boom maybe bowser has to blast him i dont. Know what the heck are we doing here dude and maybe bowser has to blast him uh lets see can.

We go over here now can you swim in the ink no oop nope sorry dude so i dont think. I can get back up here yet huh its a blast of yeah i dont think we can get up. There ill double check well huh i truthfully dont know how to get how to blast a three blocks oh. Gosh dang it maybe well get an ability later thatll tell us how maybe we just have to wait oh. What about these can i get back up there by going this way bowser may not be back anytime soon.

So can i ride you with this no only one at a time darn i dont think i can get. Back up there yet well well figure out a way later but now i gotta figure out a blast the. Fury blocks i almost think i gotta wait for bowser to actually be here im not sure thats true enter. Shell what the heck whoa okay thats cool lets see if we can blast the blocks over here how do. I ditch this huh bowser jr what what did you just do here can i pick this up okay were.

Gonna move on you know maybe well come back for it in a bit yeah weve been over there if. Bowser comes back well come back over here thats what were gonna do oh that takes away that okay so. Were gonna go over here then well go into another world okay so because weve only been recording like 20. Minutes thats pretty cool lets go okay wait lets see what this is all about oh i missed some i. Missed some of those as well okay oh my gosh were in an ice world or something what the heck.

Is there any advantage to getting all of these i literally dont know but hey look this is this a. World oh dude this is a world of course lets just lets do this lets do this here we go. Bully the cat bullies okay fort flaptra oh flap trap sorry so bully the bullies uh hey give me a. Bell there you go thanks bowser jr so uh okay bully the bullies i got this i got this this. Is gonna be good oh wait oh i picked this up i dont know if i want it alger jr.

Thanks buddy all right do these ever change or thanks dude this guys actually quite helpful yeah line him up. Dude yeah here you go thank you and this will get me uh a cat shine right is that enough. Thats enough okay great got another one bully the cat bullies so theres gonna be i guess five here as. Well i see like a shard on top of that tree over there if it starts raining im gonna haul. Tail over to there and hope that what the heck do i do oh hey kitty cats its a cat.

Meeting dont be scared whoa whats this all right hold up here give me uh give give me uh the. Bell again oh i love it i love that it puts the flower back into the thing theres a shard. Okay great so we got one that was the last one to get to what are you guys doing in. Here you guys up to no good any shards whoa what is that hey figure out what that is how. Do i do this yeah to figure out that what is that its a mushroom okay ill take it yeah.

So really though these i mean i think we really need bowser to come and take care of those for. Us theres this is a shard too what is this thats a shard as well all right weve gotten like. The first 00:31 three and i saw one over here though there was clearly one up here okay and then. Oh okay so there is a second shard somewhere oh i see its so easy i guess i dont know. If theres anything down here or not im not seeing another shard but what if i go over here there.

Should be a uh there it is oh and bowsers about to be here by the way 00:32 so we. Got the five cat shine shards okay hey what hmm thats a good question if he okay bowser is about. To be here uh oh okay okay uh we gotta go here i wanna go over here take me over. Here take me over here go go go lets go lets go i think bowsers about to come out okay. This is really interesting okay hey buddy so hey youre gonna have to leave this area i think oh geez.

Uh where is he all right im gonna hide behind here this may not work did it work did he. 00:33 break it he didnt break these im just gonna wait right here then try again uh but you have. To go through your son first is he gonna do it again i mean oh gosh he did hit me. Ow all right so if these are broken thanks for getting all the okay heres a question that i have. Now uh give me another bell can i then can i go over here and do this other one because.

I see that there are some blocks over here too oh boy here can you get oh gosh uh blue. I dont i dont know about that come get this is he gonna oh hes just gonna leave darn i. Thought he could get both of them or something thats okay 00:34 hopefully that that wall is still down like. Hopefully didnt just respawn it might have just respawned honestly nope okay great lets swim over here because this will. Be the ninth shine that we get i guess great and that means we will have gotten all five for.

Uh this little island here and we will have now 100 have completed this yes with the flag and everything. Great so theres something to do with blue coins over uh was thinking of blue coins over here 00:35 so. Lets see whats going on but first hey what whoa nope that was a mistake oh gosh that was a. Mistake i thought maybe here give me another bell blue coin bustle its the hustle and bustle of the blue. Coins okay i gotta redo that clearly all right this is actually gonna take me 00:36 a little bit of.

Time then hustle and bustle the blue coins dang it oh man help me out bowser jr all right all. Right well well get it probably there we go oh theres more 00:37 move please oh my gosh oh no. Got your bees uh you know i can do without those probably oh wow okay whew close call because i. Mean like i thought it was gonna be really really i mean i thought it was just gonna be those. Ones up there but then they gave me like two other rounds of them and we got them cat shine.

Blue coin bustle and that should be our third yeah i bet you anything theyre gonna make us do the. Fury blocks again thank you but whats next you know what i mean like whats next here let me so. If i leave and come back thats thats gonna work okay lets leave on this guy it takes 15 to. Open i almost wonder if this will just 00:38 resolve itself hey lets leave lets go like somewhere else to. Destroy the tree all right so we are back here shows over cat magikoopas yeah shows over dude here give.

Me my cat mike if im gonna be facing against cats i want to be a cat meow so where. Are these cat magikoopas hello here yeah sure ill grab it but give me give me uh again all right. Yeah bowser jr help me out buddy wheres the other one okay theres one yeah go get him dude you. Can reach him go get him yes 00:39 crushed him all right so hes helping out a little all right. Yeah i bet you anything the next thing is just to wait for bowser to attack again and then we.

Can go get well well see well leave and come back and see if if fury blocks are on the. Menu im guessing theyre gonna be all right and then uh lets see now how far not to leave lets. See do i just if i touch this other island is that enough all right sure enough and if it. Says the the blocks yep blast the fury blocks huh so what is over there you think let me go. Take a peek yeah i know that you can help me swim but i can swim just fine 00:40 im.

A cat how do we know is there like a trigger that tells you like when hes gonna actually do. Something oh yeah what is this what the heck help me out dude get them all right so this gets. Me extra items all right so we just found a bonus room well that was cool thank you i like. Oh here we go here we go lets get back to where we 00:41 where we were because bowsers about. To attack again and then uh okay lets lets just go here he comes here he comes i hear him.

I forgot we can run lets go over here bowser what are you gonna do what are you gonna do. Buddy get him im protected and i got that there we go nicely done all right and then thats the. Fifth shine on this island as well so i dont know i mean maybe we should do two two islands. An episode i dont know i mean it seems to be pretty good pretty 00:42 legit two islands an episode. Plus whatevers in between i guess because we got this 100 complete too right indeed i got to check and.

See if theres anything up there oh lots of coins hello so yeah this is super fun thank you guys. For being here thank you for liking this video every like and comment really helps the channel grow thank you. For subscribing of course the lighthouse has some news for you some light news collecting coins can be worth your. While youll get a power of each time you cook 100 coins you can store up to five of each. Power-up too that that should come in handy during your adventure grab some coins and pocket a few extra power-ups.

That sounds splendid thank you for that advice and then what is there anything up on top of here no. But you know we got another lighthouse to do over there and then you know i dont know i dont. Know if we should do like two i mean i dont know how many we should do in episode honestly. Well just kind of play it by ear and see where it goes 00:43 so there you go nicely done. Boom and then next up well check out this and i dont know how to get this uh this shine.

Yet uh over there you see it right over there the cat shine i dont know how to get it. But well take a look at it so thanks for watching thanks for being here come back next time for. More ill see you then goodbye im zack scott subscribe if you have not if you like this video and. Want to help the channel grow all you got to do is click the like butt

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