How To Access Chrome Extensions – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access chrome extensions, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access chrome extensions,

Method 1 – How To Enable ‘Extensions’ Menu Button In Google Chrome Toolbar?

Subscribe to tech me spot channel and press the bell icon and never miss another update hi guys in this. Tutorial im going to show you how to enable extensions menu button in google chrome toolbar okay so to enable. This feature you need at least chrome version 75 for later okay so first of all you have to update. Your google chrome if you havent updated it okay so for that just open your google chrome web browser and.

Then click on these three dots at the top right and then click on this help and then click on. This about google chrome organized and you can see its checking for updates i have my google chrome up-to-date okay. If you havent just update your google chrome okay guys and you can see that we dont have you know. Extensions you know menu button in this chrome toolbar okay so how we can enable this so for this we. Have to open chrome flags page okay so let me open a new tab let me close this okay so.

Just go to the address bar and type this chrome colon forward slash two times and then flax and hit. Enter key on the keyboard and you can see guys here we have the google chrome flags page opened okay. And here we have this you know search flags this box so just do a search for toolbar menu okay. And here we have this extensions toolbar menu enable a separate toolbar button and menu for extensions okay and it. Is available for mac windows linux and chrome os okay so to enable this ill click on this default button.

And then click on this enabled and at the bottom you can see here we have this message your changes. Will take effect the next time you relaunch to google chrome okay so just click on this relaunch now button. Its relaunching and its done guys okay and you can see guys here we have this you know extensions this. Menu button over added over here okay so if you click on this you will see all of your extensions. Okay and here we have this you know three dots next to the extensions okay you can see so if.

I click on this more actions these three dots no this button you can see here we have the options. Removed from chrome and unpin option we have okay so currently its https everywhere this my chrome extension is you. Know pinned okay so suppose if i want to unpin this you can see its pinned over here so suppose. If i want to unpin this so i need to click on this and you can see its now unpinned. Okay again if i want to pin this so i need to click on this next to the extensions okay.

Extension and after that click on this pin and you can see its now added and also guys we can. You know remove the extension also click on these three dots next to the extension that you want to remove. Okay and you will get this option removed from chrome okay and you can click that and it will be. Removed okay and other other three other options we have is options mandates extensions okay so theres thats it in. This way you can easily enable extensions menu button in google chrome toolbar so thanks for watching if you like.

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Method 2 – How To Install Chrome Extensions – Quick Tutorial

Our web browsers are really pretty incredible tools theyre almost like operating systems for the internet and we can modify. What our web browser can do and is capable of by adding extensions or web apps im going to show. You how to do that today on dottotech steve dotto here how the heck you doing this fine day and. Today on the show i have one mission and one mission only and that is to show you how to.

Find and install browser add-ons or browser extensions now this should not be something that causes you anxiety but i. Know for a fact that a lot of people get a little bit uptight when theyre considering having to add. Browser extensions or browser add-ons in order to complete some sort of a task on the internet so i will. Make it easy for you as we walk through it today fair deal all right lets dive into it first. Of all a browser extension or a browser add-on works almost identically across all different browsers im gonna be showing.

It to you right now in google chrome but the exact same process happens within apples safari browser or within. Firefox or within microsoft edge browser its the same process installing browser extensions and browser add-ons as i say what. They do is they add to the functionality they add to the capability of the browser because browsers as they. Sit have a certain number of features that are built into it but by adding extensions we can make them. Work with other apps that we can make them do other things especially work with other apps so for example.

If you take a look here here is where all of my extensions live in my web browser here in. Chrome and you can see the ones that i use most often the first is lastpass this is my password. Management tool so here i have access to all of my passwords within the browser where i need them thats. A perfect example of what an extension should do for us in a web browser so i installed the lastpass. Add-on into my chrome extension here i signed into my lastpass account and then now i have access for signing.

In to all of my accounts now the reason that i recorded this particular video was as a companion video. For some educational videos that were doing to help teachers and students so were going to use some educational apps. As examples for installing extensions but this works for everybody that needs to have install a browser extension now it. All begins for us at something called the google chrome store and all you have to do is go to. Chrome google calm when youre there youve got a search field and youve got the most common and most popular.

Browser add-ons and extensions listed out for you here now if youre looking for one specific one or youre looking. For an idea you can type it in so if you were for example wanting to put in the same. Browser extensions that i have here if you wanted to add lastpass you just type in lastpass do a search. And there we have lastpass now ive already installed it in my browser but if i hadnt i would have. This same add to chrome button so lets show you how to install one of the extensions that we were.

Talking about in the other video that i was talking about and one of them is called dualists which allows. You to split your screen if you have a single monitor here it allows you to split the screen so. Ive doesnt ive done the search and there is the the browser extension and well have all of the links. To all of the browser extensions that we talked about in the video well have them all in our description. As well but all we do here is we click add to chrome when you actually before you do that.

Let me cancel out instead of like just straight adding it to chrome by clicking on it you can go. Through and you can read it and you can see any demos that they might have any videos that they. Have that will demonstrate it and youll see a description of what the of what the extension does and some. Of them are better written than others to be perfectly honest some of them work really well and other ones. Just kind of work so so some of them just work on the operating system like this one because this.

Is just gonna split the screen other ones will create a connection to another application that you run such as. My lastpass that im sure that i was showing you moments ago or my evernote web clipper which allows me. To click content into evernote so they work either just solo or they work in conjunction with other apps now. Typically speaking if youre gonna be installing an extension that works with another app there might be several to choose. From always look for the one that comes that it was created by the company of the app that youre.

Using because its typically going to work better regardless once thats all done you click add to chrome it couldnt. Be easier and it asks if thats exactly what you want to do you say add the extent you give. It permission and now it has been added to chrome and you see here in the very top of my. Browser window that we can see that do well do less has been added to chrome you can use this. Extension by clicking on the icon and typically speaking when you install an extension it will be turned off until.

You click on it and you turn it on now in this particular case what this browser extensions gonna do. Is its gonna split my computer screen into a couple of different windows so that i can show if im. Screen sharing i can have my browser open in one window and perhaps the the videoconference open in another window. And it basically replicates having multiple monitors at the same time its a fairly useful utility and you can see. Here that i can go through and i can choose oh there it is i split my window into two.

So you can see actually an open window that i have for google need open here and we have the. Browser open on the other side so it gives you a good idea just how this works i want a. Different format a different ratio it gives me that let me try and get back to normal so that i. Can continue with you so do lists right here oh if youve made it if youve got too many this. Is actually good if youve got too many icons if youve got too many browser extensions installed and you cant.

See them all cuz you dont have the screen real estate the little three dots here will allow you to. Go and allow you to navigate to any ones that you cant see and ill just go back to full. Screen so there youve got the ability to go through and install extensions now if you want to turn off. Extensions or remove them you go into the easiest way to do that is to go into again under the. Three dot menu in the browser go into your settings and in your settings you can choose extensions and when.

You choose extensions there you can go through and you can turn on or off extensions you can have extensions. On your computer that you havent invoked that arent active and you can turn them on and off now i. Have a ridiculous number of extensions here on my screen because im constantly testing out different ones but you can. See the ones that are turned on and the ones that are turned off and just by flipping this toggle. I can turn any extensions off that are on and on so you have total control and if theres something.

That youre never going to use you can click on remove now before i leave this and this works pretty. Much identically on all the browsers im not gonna spend time showing you that right now but it works the. Same in safari as it does in firefox as it does here in google chrome now before we leave theres. Two other things that i need to tell you about the first is theres also a type of browser extension. Called a web app which is far more capable than these simple little apps that were talking about right now.

These apps that he installed here in the menu bar do very simple very basic things over here on the. Other side of the menu bar we have the apps screen and you can install web apps in the same. Google store but web apps are different than browser extensions in the fact that they are actually fully capable almost. Full applications so if we say go into google drive if we invoke the google drive web app it actually. Has its entire its got its an entire application in the web browser window its got its own menus we.

Click here and down pop menus so weve got a full navigation interface and a full app interface within a. Browser itself so web apps are far more capable but effectively they do a lot of the same things as. Do extensions or add-ons and people will sometimes call one the other theyll call an add-on a web app and. Theyll call a web app and add-on but just recognize that truly web apps are more capable versions of extensions. Or add-ons the second thing that i wanted to tell you is what ive just shown you does not work.

In mobile even though we use the chrome browser or the safari browser on our smartphone or on our tablet. We cant install the same extensions on those platforms because the extensions relate to the operating system as well as. The browser itself so because were in a mobile environment we cant extend the functionality the same way on a. Tablet or on a phone as we can on our desktop so all of the different browser extensions all of. The different browser add-ons that we show you in that we show you here you cant use in your mobile.

Version i hope you found this little tutorial today to be useful we include links in the description below to. Other documents that will help you walk you through this if you need further information on any of these topics. Now i do have a few favors to ask first of all if youve enjoyed the video and found value. Please give us a thumbs up and if you have any comments or questions i look forward to reading them. In the youtube comments additionally if youve not yet subscribed to our channel are you waiting for click that subscribe.

Button ring that notification bell and i will see you next time right here for more dottotech until then im. Deep dog a fun storming a castle.

Method 3 – How To Install And Remove Google Chrome Extensions – Google Chrome Tutorial

Hey guys welcome back to another techguru video today i have a quick tutorial for you on how to manage. How to add and remove or install and uninstall google chrome extension so google chrome extensions are amazing tools that. You can use within your google chrome browser that will allow you to enhance the features as as far as. You know implementing more in involved features within google chrome so in order to access your extensions if you have.

Them installed or if you dont have them installed you need to open up a google chrome browser go over. Here to the upper right hand corner where you can choose the settings where the three lines are stacked on. Top of each other it may be a wrench there for you and then go down to where you see. Tools right here and then go over to extensions just like that under this panel here you will see all. Of the current extensions that you have installed on your google chrome browser so youll see all those there if.

You want to install an extension all you need to do is go over to where it says get more. Extensions right here theres a link right there click on that youll be prompted to the google chrome web store. In which you can go and look at all of the popular google chrome extensions you can look at the. Most downloaded you can look at the ones by category you can look at the ones by like utilities you. Can go in here and install those all you have to do is just click on one of those extensions.

And then once you do that youll see the price in the upper right hand corner click on that there. And then itll say are you sure you want to confirm this new app and then well go to add. Just like that and then once weve done that itll check a few things on your system itll then go. Through a few things as far as showing you what the extension is about like this one here is a. Note-taking extension just like that and if we go back over to our extension page you will see now that.

The quick note extension is now installed on my google chrome browser so it is that easy to install an. Extension now you may have a case where youre wanting to install an extension that is not in the google. Chrome store i recommend against that because you dont know where thats coming from if it includes by versus but. If you have to do that you can actually install that download that onto your computer and then actually upload. It as a zip file so thats a completely different story i dont recommend that but you can do that.

Now if you want to enable or disable a extension for a certain amount of time to see if its. Messing up your browser because a lot of times these extensions are not tested the way they should and they. Mess up the browser experience instead of enhance it so if you want to disable one just click on the. Check mark there by enable and its as quick and easy as that and it will now be disabled on. Your google chrome browser just restart the browser close it out restart it and that extension will no longer be.

Enabled now if you want to delete an extension altogether and get it out of your extensions list all you. Need to do is go to your extensions page like i am here and then click on the trashcan there. Says removed from chrome click on that and itll say are you sure you want to remove this extension and. Then you click yes please remove that extension so that my friends is how you manage your google chrome extensions. Theyre awesome go check some out in the google chrome store there are some really really good ones that can.

Really help you out so go check them out let me know in the comment box below what your favorite. Google chrome extension is if you have one and if you dont go check them out then come back to. This video and let me know what your favorite extension is so anyways guys i really hope this video tutorial. Helps you out if it did help me out please by clicking on that thumbs up button down below subscribe. To my channel for more fantastic technology content just like this i do tutorial videos i do review videos i.

Do news videos i do gaming videos just like that as well so i look forward to getting to know. All of you and i will see you guys in the next one.

Method 4 – How To Access Extension In Google Chrome

Hi everyone welcome to new tactics tv in this video i am going to show you how you can access. Extensions in the latest version of google chrome which is was in 59 so after updating my google chrome web. Browser i was unable to find the extensions as it is not available in the settings in the previous version. It was available when you click this icon in the settings you will find extensions present on the left hand.

Side but in the latest version it is not available so for that you need to click on the dot. Three dots icon and then go to more tools and in the more tools you will find extensions so here. Are all the extensions which are installed another shortcut by which you can easily access the extensions is just type. In the address bar chrome coulomb forward slash two times and then type extensions and hit enter all the extensions. Which are installed on your google chrome browser will be displayed and you can also bookmark it if you want.

By doing ctrl d and save it for easy for quick access so thanks for watching and if you have. Any questions you can ask in the comment section below and dont forget to subscribe to my channel new take. Clicks tv for more such videos so thank you watching.

Method 5 – Google Oauth2 And Chrome Extensions(Mv2) – Gain Access To Your User’s Google Data

In this video im just going to be showing you how to with a chrome extension allow the user to. Log in with a google account through an oauth 2 endpoint and when they do that theyre going to allow. Us to retrieve or get contacts create contacts and delete contacts all from their google contact list and so if. This interests you at all stick around lets begin all right before we begin actual coding we need to get.

A unique key for the chrome extension allows us to use google apis and of2 endpoints and then we need. To actually go into the google console developer console get some endpoints or client ids in the apac its all. Process so were going to start with this were going to get a key for this chrome extension now theres. Two ways of doing this ones the development way the other is the production route were not shipping this to. Production so that route would be we upload the chrome extension to the web store google validates it and then.

We get a unique key with the chrome extension we dont want to do that just for testing for testing. A chrome extension so were going to navigate towards our chrome browser were going to go to the chrome colon. Slash extensions were going to click on the pack extension were going to navigate or browse to the folder that. Were developing in mines on my desktop chrome extension off to authorization select that folder and we should get a. Crx file and a pem file were concerned with the crx file so click ok were going to navigate to.

Where that things saved which is on my desktop were gonna drag it over to the browser like this there. We go were gonna add the extension and now we need to look for a folder with this uh with. This chrome extension id so depending on which operating system youre on im on windows if youre on mac or. Linux its going to be in a different directory were looking for the google chrome extensions folder so mines in. The pc wherever you installed your windows go to users pick the appropriate user were going to go down to.

App data local were gonna go to google down here chrome user data default extensions folder and the extension id. Was kd i said an igff kdi gff click on that folder click on the version open up the manifest. File im just going to use it with the with a vim and were going to copy this line here. These two lines this key property here were going to copy this im going to paste it in the chrome. Extension manifest were actually developing so edit copy and close that and close that we go back to our manifest.

And were just going to add that key here theres a comma perfect all right thats the first part lets. Just fill out the name quickly lets do oauth 2 off and well say testing oauth2 this looks good background. Scripts permissions were going to need the identity api and the there we go email and that looks good. Lets go to the uh actually lets do this first just because we drag and drop the crx file doesnt. Mean the extension is actually installed or at least the development extension so what we need to do is remove.

This and then we need to go to load unpacked we navigate to the folder we select the folder of. The the chrome extension were developing and there we go its installed let me just pin it to the to. The bar here this is just the button were going to be using to test the uh test the chrome. Extension all right so lets go over to the you log in you create a project im going to. Name mine lets name it chrome extension oauth 2 auth and there are a few things we need to do.

Here lets start off with the oauth consent screen this is the screen thats going to show when the user. Has the option to uh to log in or give give your app permissions to access their google data whether. Its their contact info or whatever this is the the page theyre going to see so we click external we. Click create and were just going to name it im going to say chrome extension oauth 2 auth we dont. Need to fill out any of this for the development side were going to save and lets move on to.

The credentials were going to need two credentials first the oauth 2 client id which allows us to access the. Users uh google data so were going to create a credential were going to get an oauth client id we. Need the chrome app application type im just going to call this the chrome extension oauth 2 auth application id. Which is the same as this guy right here the chrome extension id so just copy this navigate back over. Paste it here create click ok now we need an api key just to test out the uh the oauth.

2 features were just going to use the people api which allows us to manage the users contacts google contacts. So were going to go to the library were going to look for the people api people api there we. Go click that were going to click the enable were going to go down to the credentials click to visit. All of the credentials and the apis we just need an api key so create credentials api key there we. Go so now were all set up to actually start coding all right so lets get to the actual coding.

Actually before we do that let me just show you the files were working with were not using all of. The files in a basic chrome extension were just gonna use the manifest obviously were gonna use the background to. Do all of the uh the oauth 2 stuff were going to use the the pop-up page were not going. To be injecting a page into the into any of the tabs so the pop-up is just this you saw. The image right here so we click this button right here theres a script attached and using this script were.

Going to do things like what am i going to show you im going to show you how to get. An access token im going to show you how to get basic profile information of the person logged in to. The oauth 2 endpoint and then i think well finish off with i think well do about getting that persons. Contacts were going to create a contact in their contact book and then were going to delete contacts in their. Contact book so thats just the basic scale to outline of the chrome extension were working with lets uh lets.

Shore up this uh this manifest.json we need to add another key value uh value uh property so were gonna. Add the oauth 2 key and its an object with a client id and scopes and the scope is an. Array that client id we got from where we get from the console developer googles thing so itd be this. Guy let me close that guy be this guy right here so you can just copy this or you can. Go into there and copy here but were just going to copy it here and well paste it right here.

There we go and for scopes were going to need profile so i can get that profile information in the. Email so we can get the email with the profile as well as since were going to be modifying the. Users contacts we need what do we need were going to need the https called slash contacts i think. Thats the name of the api and let me put a comma there so that looks good and while im. At it let me just add the api key to the background right here is a constant const api key.

Sql two we can go back to our console copy it here and just paste it right here and lets. Just do this for now let users sign in well track whether or not the user is signed in and. Well set to false for now equals false so thats a bit of the preliminary work lets add this so. What did i say we were going to do on the request we click that button were going to have. Three i think four things so if request dot message is equal to the first thing im going to show.

You is get access token well do something there else if request a message sequel to the next thing well. Do a get profile let me copy this paste space paste there we go and then well do a get. Contacts from the user or for the user from the user get contacts well create a contact and then we. Will delete a contact and that should be good for the video add some spaces here all right so using. The the chrome identity api is a really easy way to uh to be interacting with oauth2 endpoints so to.

Get the access token all we need to do is say chrome dot identity identity dot get auth token were. Going to be interactive yes so theres two arguments first ones options im going to say interactive interactive true and. Then s.

Conclusion – How To Access Chrome Extensions

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