How To Access Chrome Settings – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access chrome settings,

Method 1 – 20 Chrome Settings You Should Change Right Now!

Google chrome with a 65 market share is the most popular internet browser while its user friendly there are tweaks. You can do to make it work better for you coming up ill show you 20 settings you can change. Along with a few features you might not know about that will help to improve your overall experience using chrome. Lets get started well head over to the settings found inside of chrome shortly but first lets go to the.

Website while you may never be able to gain full control of the personal data google collects while using. Chrome or any of their services you now have the power to automatically delete the data they keep while signed. Into your google account go to the left pane and select activity controls over here to the right make sure. This is toggled on if you use chrome sync to save your bookmarks passwords and other settings data leave the. Box checked next to include chrome history and activity from sites apps and devices that use google services if you.

Want google to save your audio recordings from google search assistant and maps check the box next to include audio. Recordings i leave this unchecked i dont want it saving all the crazy things i say below that click on. Auto delete its currently set to dont auto delete but you do have the choice to auto delete activity older. Than 3 months or 18 months ill set mine to 3 months and click next in addition to setting auto. Delete in the future for activity older than three months clicking on confirm will also delete data older than three.

Months right now so if youre cool with that click on confirm and it will let you know that your. Preference has been saved with that first one out of the way well now rock and roll through the rest. Of these at a quicker pace so buckle up in the upper right corner select the three dot menu icon. And select settings well go through the hidden experimental settings later right now well go through the notable ones here. First in the order they appear skipping over the sections you and google and autofill beginning with safety check to.

Check the safety and security of your browser click check now this tool will let you know if your passwords. Have been compromised it will warn you if you have safe browsing turned off safe browsing is googles technology that. Warns you before you visit a dangerous site or download a harmful app or extension it will also let you. Know if your version of chrome is up to date and if you have any malicious extensions installed when finished. You can review any issues and make the necessary changes lets go to the privacy and security section when compared.

With firefox that blocks third party cookies by default chrome does a lousy job letting them track and follow you. Unless you change the setting so lets go to cookies and other site data your choices are allow all cookies. Dont ever do this one block third party cookies in incognito block third party cookies and block all cookies dont. Do this one either it can cause issues on your favorite sites select block third party cookies this is what. I use and have never had any issues actually this should be the default setting and we shouldnt have to.

Change it manually staying in privacy and security lets go to security if you want to stop the government or. Your internet service provider from knowing the sites that you visit lets scroll down the page to advanced and toggle. The switch on for use secure dns lets scroll down some more here you have two choices with your current. Service provider dont choose this one its almost useless instead choose with in the drop down you cant go wrong. With either quad 9 or cloudflare going this route encrypts all of your dns queries this is absolutely one of.

The best privacy settings in chrome below security lets dive into site settings and scroll down to permissions for each. Listed including location camera microphone notifications and background sync you can remove permissions for each individual site but i find. Notifications to be the most irritating of all so lets use that one as an example theres a site here. At the top called cnet ill click on that one as you can see permissions vary from ask allow automatic. And block but specifically for this site i have notifications blocked which is probably for the best so lets go.

Back by hitting the back button here at the top the toggle for notifications is on which means sites never. Visited can ask to send notifications if youre one that doesnt like to be asked or just want to block. All notifications toggle this switch to off staying in site settings scroll all the way to the bottom and select. Pop-ups and redirects theres no debate here one should always toggle the switch to off if you have any issues. With any website just allow exceptions below by selecting add and enter the name of the clueless site still living.

In the 1990s in the text field then when youre done with that click add moving on from privacy and. Security the next one down is appearance if you dont like the look of chrome you can change its color. Scheme in themes click this icon to the right to go to themes in the chrome web store youll land. On this page to view all themes available these here at the top were created by the chrome team ill. Change the theme right now and go with high contrast colorful click add to chrome to change your theme certainly.

A different look with the colorful tabs i think ill keep it chrome unlike most other browsers has the home. Button disabled by default i for one like having it enabled so ill toggle the switch on you could have. It set to new tab page or have it land on a favorite website ill enter that site right now. And click on home to the left of the address bar this is a good time to talk about duckduckgo. So lets go to search engine just last year duckduckgo was finally added to the choices of search engines that.

Can be used in the address bar its the most privacy focused of those available they dont track your searches. Or sell your data your other choices include google bing yahoo and to support tree planting hippies is ecosia but. Id recommend using duckduckgo for those of you that dont like having a bookmarks bar covering your screen heres a. Cool tip to quickly access your favorite websites go to manage search engines normally this is where youd add another. Search engine but instead ill show you how to create shortcuts to the sites you visit on a regular basis.

So down here in other search engines click on add in the search engine field enter the name of the. Website for keyword enter the shortcut and then enter the url of the website when youre done click on add. Now to get to the site faster go to the address bar and enter the shortcut keyword you entered earlier. Even when you close the chrome browser apps associated with chrome will continue to run in the background one example. As to why this happens is to alert you of any notifications you can put a stop to this by.

Going to advanced and then system over here to the right toggle the switch off for continue running background apps. When google chrome is closed below that if you want to offload some of the demands of your central processing. Unit to your more powerful graphics processing unit when using chrome toggle on use hardware acceleration when available youll need. To relaunch your browser first for this to be active this setting is actually enabled on chrome by default and. Most people using it dont have any problems but if you experience any issues with it turned on like freezing.

Or lag turning it off might solve your problem also having it enabled can drain your laptop battery quicker lets. Now go to the reset and clean up section this ones controversial chrome has a built-in tool that will scan. Your computer outside of chrome to find harmful software that could be interfering with chromes performance or violates googles unwanted. Software policy click on clean up computer you can run a manual scan by clicking find the issue many people. Have with this tool and you may have noticed this yourself that sometimes it runs automatically without your consent and.

Theres no way to turn it off at this time if you dont want to report the details of the. Scan to google i would suggest unchecking the box if you ever use the somewhat more privacy focused incognito mode. You may have noticed that your extensions dont work this is by default and theres an easy fix in the. Upper right click the three dot menu icon go to more tools and select extensions find the extension youd like. To use in incognito mode and click on details down the page find allow in incognito and click the slider.

To enable it while were here in extensions if you ever wanted to create keyboard shortcuts to your favorite extensions. Instead of clicking it in the bar at the top click the extensions menu in the upper left and select. Keyboard shortcuts as you can see i have a few set up ill now create one for xdensity which is. A cool extension to quickly enable and disable other chrome extensions the shortcut ill be using is the alt key. Plus the letter e lets test it out and see if it works and there you go it works you.

Can also close that window using the same keyboard shortcut well now take a quick look at a few of. The experimental features that you might want to enable by going to chrome colon double slash flags the first one. Is force dark mode for web contents so here in the search box do a search for dark mode in. The drop down menu select enabled then in the lower right click relaunch for the changes to take effect when. Chrome restarts heres an example of what this popular site looks like without dark mode and heres that same website.

With dark mode enabled and it looks quite a bit better while many browsers already have a competent reader mode. Built in chrome does not but they do have an experimental reader that is bare bones to at least get. Rid of the ads so do a search for reader to the right of enable reader mode select enabled and. Then relaunch to activate it on a web page click the reader mode icon on the right side of the. Address bar if you want here at the top you can change the font background color and size if you.

Want to speed up the process of downloading files with chromes built-in downloader type parallel into the search box to. The right of parallel downloading in the drop down menu select enabled and after you relaunch you should now see. Faster speeds downloading which is especially useful when dealing with large files before we close out this episode heres a. Few of the cool features you should know about to send web pages to other devices like your phone or. Laptop that are signed in with your google account right click anywhere on the page or in the tab header.

Go to send to your devices then pick the device one that many people dont know is that within chrome. You can easily add emoji to any text box on windows or mac os by right-clicking and selecting emoji then. Pick the ones you want and this works anywhere within chrome if youre still using the standard basic new tab. Layout with chrome you can change how it looks so first make sure you have a new tab opened in. The lower right select customize you can change the background with several types to choose from ill go with seascapes.

Here go with that one and below background is shortcuts where you decide if you want shortcuts curated for you. Based on the sites you visit often or you can hide shortcuts by clicking the slider and below shortcuts is. Color and theme where they give you several to choose from but heres a warning for you choosing any of. These will remove the theme that you have installed im kind of liking this high contrast colorful so i wont. Change this one and when youre finished with these click on done thanks for watching if this video gave you.

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Method 2 – How To Enable ‘Extensions’ Menu Button In Google Chrome Toolbar?

Subscribe to tech me spot channel and press the bell icon and never miss another update hi guys in this. Tutorial im going to show you how to enable extensions menu button in google chrome toolbar okay so to enable. This feature you need at least chrome version 75 for later okay so first of all you have to update. Your google chrome if you havent updated it okay so for that just open your google chrome web browser and.

Then click on these three dots at the top right and then click on this help and then click on. This about google chrome organized and you can see its checking for updates i have my google chrome up-to-date okay. If you havent just update your google chrome okay guys and you can see that we dont have you know. Extensions you know menu button in this chrome toolbar okay so how we can enable this so for this we. Have to open chrome flags page okay so let me open a new tab let me close this okay so.

Just go to the address bar and type this chrome colon forward slash two times and then flax and hit. Enter key on the keyboard and you can see guys here we have the google chrome flags page opened okay. And here we have this you know search flags this box so just do a search for toolbar menu okay. And here we have this extensions toolbar menu enable a separate toolbar button and menu for extensions okay and it. Is available for mac windows linux and chrome os okay so to enable this ill click on this default button.

And then click on this enabled and at the bottom you can see here we have this message your changes. Will take effect the next time you relaunch to google chrome okay so just click on this relaunch now button. Its relaunching and its done guys okay and you can see guys here we have this you know extensions this. Menu button over added over here okay so if you click on this you will see all of your extensions. Okay and here we have this you know three dots next to the extensions okay you can see so if.

I click on this more actions these three dots no this button you can see here we have the options. Removed from chrome and unpin option we have okay so currently its https everywhere this my chrome extension is you. Know pinned okay so suppose if i want to unpin this you can see its pinned over here so suppose. If i want to unpin this so i need to click on this and you can see its now unpinned. Okay again if i want to pin this so i need to click on this next to the extensions okay.

Extension and after that click on this pin and you can see its now added and also guys we can. You know remove the extension also click on these three dots next to the extension that you want to remove. Okay and you will get this option removed from chrome okay and you can click that and it will be. Removed okay and other other three other options we have is options mandates extensions okay so theres thats it in. This way you can easily enable extensions menu button in google chrome toolbar so thanks for watching if you like.

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Method 3 – This Site Can’t Be Reached Err_Connection_Refused In Google Chrome- Fixed Easily

Hello youtube viewers this is digits from the device manager most of the google chrome users must have faced of. This issue the site cant be reached some sort of errors but didnt have any clue how to fix it. Okay dont worry i have a fix for you the cause of this error is that a dns lookup palings. Of the web page is not available when you try to open any web site or web page you receive.

This error and it says and i record something like dns prob finished bla bla bla dont worry about that. In this video ill give you five different solution and im sure that one of which will work for you. So whats the video for me here goes the first solution method one research dns client go to start you. Hit run okay select run there you type services and cr-v ics services dot m sc services dot emma c. Okay there you see a window which lot of things just look for dns clank just at be there you.

See dns client right click on that and here you see reset option hit preacher okay you can see window. Is popped up and theres restarted the dns client now close this reboot your system and see whether your problem. Is fixed or not if not lets go to the second solution method to change ipv4 dns address for that. What you need to do is go to control panel there you can see network and internet okay select network. And sharing center then you can see change adapting adapter settings click on that okay right click the respective network.

Connection and there hit properties here you can see client for microsoft networks queue also a catchy little a lot. Of things are there just select internet protocol version 4 tcp/ip v4 now you select properties and there you can. See obtain an ip address automatically we dont have to do anything with that now come down and there you. Can see obtain dns server address automatically you think to use the following dns server address ok there you type. 8 8 8 8 in the organized dns server box again 8 8 4 and 4 just click on validate.

Settings up on axis exit and then hit ok click close close everything you can see some troubleshooting window has. Popped up disclose it reboot reboot your system and see whether your problem is solved or not im sure that. Most of your problems will be solved solved by these two solutions if its not yet solved lets go to. The third method method 3 is resetting the tcp/ip for that what you need to do is go to the. Search menu in the start there you type c md cmd ok right click on cmd and you select run.

As administrator ok you hit s ok now follow me you very carefully im going to type 6 commands here. Ok dont worry if you fail to follow me i have copied it in the description box if you have. Any doubt you can go and press for that ok type in the same order as if i am typing. Ok first ip config – release okay now he tender you can see a lot of things popped up dont. Worry about that then the next one again ipconfig hash all a ll again he tender again lot of things.

Appear on the window dont worry once more ip config hash flush dns fl you sh b ns flash dns. Key to enter again you can see sexually flushed the dns resolver caching ok the next one is ip config. Hash renew our e n e w it enter ok then you have two more commands its optional you type. N 80s h space i nt space ip space s et space dnf2 tender okay now the last one n. Eth3 at int which we all date type its wing sock wi n s ol c k space reset ok.

Hit enter ok you see this message sucks play reset the windsock catalog you must restart the computer in order. To complete the reset ok lets close the window and restart the system and check whether you got your problem. Fixed okay dont worry if your problem is fixed we are moving into the fourth method this reset your google. Chrome settings ill show you how to do it take google chrome take a new cap there you type as. If i am typing c h r0 m e chrome then semicolon double hash type flags f l a g.

S flags again one more hash hit enter you can see a caution message appeared dont worry about it given. Like careful these experience may by blah blah blah those things dont worry about that to see this on the. Right side you can see a reset all to default just heat-rays it all to default wait for a couple. Of moments it will reach every settings to default okay i am not resetting it now because i have no. Problem in this chrome so please do it and after the completion close google from taking to reboot your system.

And checkups your problem is fixed or not okay after combination of these false solutions till your problem is not. Fixed now we will move to the final step and i am sure that all your problem all the viewers. Problem will be solved by this step ok the last one is a very simple step what you need to. Do is you need to reinstall chrome install chrome go to control panel their programs and install a program there. You find google chrome hit uninstall ok the installation wizard will appear here ok again tick on also delete your.

Browsing data and heat uninstall ok after uninstalling go and download the latest version of google chrome ok download the. Latest version of google chrome install it reboot your system and im giving you a hundred percent guarantee your problem. Will be fixed ok hope you guys enjoyed the video more and more videos related to google chrome speaking issues. Will be coming so please do subscribe please let me know if there are problems in addition for problems he. Likes using your pc so that i can make solution videos for you keep in touch please give a thumbs.

Up do subscribe this is big engage signing off you.

Method 4 – Allow Chrome To Access The Network In Your Firewall Or Antivirus Settings

Google chrome browser is currently the most popular browser in the world today it has a 64 usage of the. Total worldwide browser market share which is higher than the second placed safari with only a 16 market share one. Reason why a lot of people prefer using chrome is because it is fast although this is a solid browser. There are instances when certain issues can occur there are several factors that can cause this particular problem ranging from.

The fire while blocking the browser to an interference from the antivirus software in this short video we will tackle. Some troubleshooting methods on how to allow chrome to access the network in your firewall or antivirus settings how to. Allow chrome to access the network in your firewall or antivirus settings but before performing the recommended troubleshooting steps for. This particular problem i suggest that you try restarting your computer first this will refresh the operating system as well. As remove corrupt temporary data and is quite effective in fixing most software related issues first add chrome to the.

Exception list of windows firewall the first thing that you will need to do in this case is to make. Sure that the firewall is not blocking chrome from connecting to the internet to do this first at the search. Bar on your windows type windows firewall then select allow an app through the windows firewall then tap or click. The change settings button if google chrome is already on the list make sure it is checked as allowed apps. And features in here google chrome is already on my list if not you can click on allow another app.

Tab at the bottom then click on browse to search the location where google chrome was saved when it was. Downloaded then choose at select ok to finish adding google chrome to the windows firewall check if you allow chrome. To access the network in your firewall or antivirus settings error still occurs next add google chrome to the antivirus. Exception list one factor that can cause this problem is interference from the antivirus software if this is the culprit. You can fix this by adding chrome to the exception list if you are using windows defender you can refer.

To these steps in order to do this however if you are using other antivirus such as bitdefender a best. Antivirus mcafee antivirus kaspersky av and malwarebytes you can refer to the link located at the description box of this. Video on how to add google chrome to the antivirus exception list for windows defender first click on start or. Windows button then click on settings an icon that looks like a gear then at the windows settings section click. On update and security next click on windows security located at the left side then click on virus and threat.

Protection click on manage settings at the virus and threat protection settings section then scroll down at the exclusions section. And click on add or remove exclusions in here you can add or remove items that you want to exclude. To your antivirus exception list next click on add exclusion and then go to your google chrome directory once at. The google chrome directory location select the folder and a prompt message appear if you allow this app to make. Changes to your device click on yes then click on exit next restart your computer to apply changes made then.

Check if you allow chrome to access the network in your firewall or antivirus settings error still occurs after following. The methods mentioned you have successfully allowed chrome to access the network in your firewall or antivirus settings i hope. That this guide has been helpful please support us by subscribing to our channel dont forget to hit the notification. Bell.

Method 5 – How To Turn Off Location On Google Chrome

Hey everyone im max dalton and in this video ill show you how to turn off location access in google. Chrome the ability for google chrome to access your location is enabled by default when its installed on a new. Device that location access enables the web browser to find nearby businesses and restaurants that are near you whenever you. Perform searches if you dont feel comfortable with google chrome being able to access your location you can easily turn.

It off in this video ill show you how to turn off location access for google chrome on your iphone. Ipad and android device and also in the desktop version of the web browser first lets look at how to. Turn off location access in google chrome in the desktop version of the web browser step 1. Launch the google. Chrome desktop browser and then click the vertical ellipses at the top of the screen to open a menu then.

Click settings in the menu the settings screen is displayed step 2. Scroll down to the privacy and security section. And then click site settings the site settings window is shown step 3. Click location in the permission section the. Location window is displayed step 4.

Click the toggle next to ask before accessing to turn it off that message. Will change to blocked which means that google chrome can no longer access your location next lets walk through the. Steps to turn off location access in google chrome on your android device step 1. Launch google chrome on your. Android device and then tap the vertical ellipses at the top of the screen to open a menu step 2.

Tap settings in the menu the settings screen is displayed step 3. Tap site settings in this menu the site. Settings screen is shown step 4. Tap location in this menu the location window opens step 5. Tap to turn.

Off the toggle associated with location google chrome will now be blocked from accessing your location going forward finally lets. Look at how to turn off google chrome location access on your iphone or ipad step 1. Tap to launch. The settings app and then tap chrome in the settings menu the google chrome settings screen is shown step 2. Tap location the location window is d.

Conclusion – How To Access Chrome Settings

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