How To Access Clipboard On Android – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access clipboard on android,

Method 1 – How To Find The Clipboard On Android

Hey guys its charles and today im going to show you how to access the clipboard on android lets jump. Right in so guys how the clipboard normally works is it will just essentially save a log of anything that. You have copied whether that is text or images okay so i can show you for example if i were. To select this text here that says test and then hit copy my phone will tell me that it has.

Been copied to the clipboard and essentially the other thing that the clipboard does is it adjust is the last. Thing that was on the clipboard is what will be pasted so if i press and hit paste itll copy. The most recent thing from the clipboard okay so how do i access the clipboard well the first thing you. Can do is just hold and press anywhere where you would normally be able to paste but instead of pasting. Hit the three dots and then youll have this button to access the clipboard so you just hit the clipboard.

And this will give you a copy of everything that you have essentially ever copied to the clipboard another way. To do this is just to simply open up your keyboard like normal and now on the far right you. Have the three dots so you can click on the three dots and then youll just have this button that. Says clipboard and that will also bring you to the clipboard however guys if you do not have this button. On your keyboard there is a way to enable it so pull down your drop down menu and the top.

Right hit the gear to go into your settings and then were going to scroll down and go into general. Management general management and then were going to click on language and input and then click on on-screen keyboard and. Then click on samsung keyboard so lets click right there and then were going to click on style and layout. And once were in style and layout we will have this ticker box for the keyboard toolbar we want to. Make sure that this is checked because this is what is going to give us the option to access our.

Clipboard from our samsung keyboard now guys if you dont have this option to enable the keyboard toolbar it is. Possible that you have an older phone or an older version of android without uh this keyboard option and in. That case what you can do is open up the google play store and type in g board g board. Which is essentially google keyboard okay and you can install this and then once gboard is installed were going to. Open it and were just going to go through these steps to enable gboard so well hit ok select input.

Method well hit g board and hit done and then guys once youve gone through all the steps to enable. The google keyboard you will have the google keyboard instead of the samsung keyboard and the google keyboard at the. Bottom here has this clipboard button that you can press and it will just take you to your clipboard that. Way but guys you only need to do that if your samsung keyboard is an older version and doesnt have. The button to enable the clipboard like i showed you earlier in the video so thank you guys very much.

For watching i hope that helped you out if it did leave a comment in the comment section below like. And subscribe to the channel of course if you guys have any suggestions or any tutorial topics youd like us. To cover in the future on the channel you can leave those suggestions in the comments below as well and. Ill see you guys next time bye.

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Conclusion – How To Access Clipboard On Android

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