How To Access Clipboard On Windows – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access clipboard on windows,

Method 1 – How To Open The Clipboard In Windows 10 | Copy And Paste History Windows 10

Welcome to the video today im going to show you how can be your clipboard history like this in windows. 10 okay so in order to activate the clipboard all you need to do is go ahead and click on. Windows icon in the bottom left and go ahead and click on the settings icon which its going to bring. Up the set in this window you want to go ahead and click on system lets go ahead and click.

On clipboard in the menu then you want to make sure that clipboard history is turned on you can also. Go ahead and edit a few other settings here while youre at it no once the clipboard is activated you. Then go ahead and click on the windows icon + v and its going to bring up the clipboard history. In the bottom right hand corner now for you is going to be empty as you can see ive got. A list of text that ive copied and its also left a nice timestamp so i know when the pieces.

Of text was copied now the good thing about it is that this list will keep going on and on. Forever until its cleared and the only way its going to be cleared is either when youve restarted your computer. Or youve clips this clear or button here or you can manually remove each one by clicking this x now. If you want to keep a copy piece of text forever all you need to do is go ahead and. Click on this pin icon and then when you click on itll look like this and thats basically going to.

Make sure that that piece of text cannot be deleted unless you manually do so now the good thing about. It is that if i click somewhere where i cant paste any text it will come up in the bottom. Right hand corner but if i bring up a notepad or somewhere where i can type and then i go. Ahead and bring up the clipboard its going to bring it up just below the the part where im getting. To type and then i can go ahead and click on somewhere where i pasted it and its going to.

Go and paste the text so if this video is helpful please leave a like and pass on someone who. May find helpful as well if you have any questions or comments leave them below and i reply to you. As soon as possible so thank you so much for watching and have a good day.

Method 2 – How To Access Clipboard History On Windows 10

Hi guys i am paul and today i am going to show how to access clipboard history on windows 10. On any windows computer when you press ctrl + v it only pastes the last piece of data you copied. You cant access previously copied items as they are lost forever but now windows 10 users can save multiple items. To the clipboard and use them later you can do so by accessing the clipboard history on your windows 10.

Computer the clipboard history remains disabled by default to enjoy this feature you need to enable at first to do. So open settings click system and then clipboard and here turn on clipboard history now lets see how it works. So i am going to copy some texts web links and even image now to access the copied items press. Windows key + v on your keyboard it opens up the clipboard panel if you want to paste an item. Simply click on it i am going to paste them in my whatsapp chat guys as you know the contents.

Of the clipboard are deleted when you shut down your computer but by clicking on this pin icon you can. Keep it saved even when you restart your pc and if you want to clear all items from clipboard history. Go to the same settings page and click clear button it clears off except the pinned items to clear pin. Items first unpin them and click clear button now you can see my clipboard panel is empty guys remember well. Clipboard history is turned on you should not copy any sensitive information to your clipboard like login details passwords banking.

Details etc and if you do so make sure you remove it from the history you.

Method 3 – How To Use The Windows Clipboard

Hello im chris menard dont laugh but im going to cover the windows clipboard today and the reason im doing. This is i realized a lot of people have no clue that the clipboard will now hold 25 items whenever. You copy something that will always put it on the windows clipboard and then you can go and paste it. But it people its always been one item but it actually holds 25 now and this has been since around.

October 2018 it also depends that you got your windows updated to the right one but this has been out. For a while so ive got a blank word document running rummel pasted text images stuff from a website so. Lets see how this works im going to jump over to a web page im going to highlight a paragraph. Ctrl c if you wanted to right click and copy that works too that put it on my clipboard just. To prove it in word control v for paste that is how its always worked but back now to a.

Different word document im not only going to highlight a paragraph of text and copy it so ctrl c that. Should be my second item on my clipboard i like that image right there and i need it im going. To right-click and copy it i should have three items on my clipboard im going to pop over to excel. Im gonna highlight some add some data from my excel file right-click and copy it i hope i now have. Four items on my clipboard lets go see if thats true so instead of control in the letter v which.

Would paste the last item just to prove it it did im going to hold down the windows logo key. Which is two places to the left of your spacebar so find the spacebar to look 2 places to the. Left press the letter v there is the windows clipboard itll hold 25 items item 1 the last the last. Item i copied which was from excel is at the lets see if that works im just gonna left click. It perfect windows v i need that image click it that works one more time windows v and see that.

Its working i dont need that right now i need this one click it there it is now if i. Restarted my computer i dont care whether you have one item on the clipboard of 25 theyll all go away. So if you know you want to keep something on the clipboard lets say its that image i want when. You click the three dots lets talk about these three options the first one would remove just that image so. Let me do that for this excel data i dont need that anymore delete it gets rid of just one.

Get rid of all and theyll be clear all but if you want to keep one its the second option. Down it even tells you if you restart your computer itll stay i tested this and it works so im. Gonna hit go let him pin that now when i do it clear all that one should not go away. And it didnt if you wanted to get rid of it now i could clear all so now my clipboard. Is empty so 25 items in the clipboard im trying to keep this under 5 minutes i will put a.

Link to microsofts support website which i have running right now in front of me ill put that link it. Answers all these questions about the clipboard if you want to get to your clipboard just hit the windows key. Type in clipboard it should say clipboard settings like it does on my screen pop that up im in the. Clipboard settings right now clipboard history i turned that on thank you subscribe have a wonderful week.

Method 4 – How To Use Clipboard In Windows 11?

Hello everyone i am a buzz i hope you guys are fine and doing great in this video i am. Going to show you how you can enable and use clipboard in windows 11 now the thing is that clipboard. Was introduced in windows 10 version 1809 and since then it is quite a handy feature if you want to. Paste a single file or text or a picture in multiple places so to get started lets just go ahead.

And start it and the very first thing is open the windows settings and then scroll down to the end. Sorry under the system scroll down to the end and choose clipboard okay from here you can just simply click. Uh here and now the clipboard is turned on uh you can also turn on using the uh windows s. V and you can see that clipboard is open and now simply click turn on and now you can see. That the clipboard is turned on so basically this page small page that you are looking in the site uh.

It is basically known as the clipboard history where it is showing you that how many files have you copied. Here and the maximum 25 entries it can accept the most more than 25 it is going to delete them. One by one from the end so you can copy picture uh or a video as long as they are. Of 24 mb and so lets just go ahead and lets see how it is going to work suppose im. Opening this post download windows 11 iso image it is inside the into im going to simply copy this.

Bit up text control c or right click on it and choose copy and now you can see that if. I have to press windows v on the keyboard this update here how about the next thing next line again. Ctrl c and now we can see that press windows v line is also copied if you want to pin. A single text multiple times there just simply uh click pin and now you can see that it this is. Uh basically pinned suppose im going to copy this one ctrl c and again press windows view on the keyboard.

You can see that still this is print here so you can just simply use it anywhere you want suppose. I want to use it here and simply press windows v and paste this one now you can see that. That thing is available this is how you can basically copy a text but when it comes to picture how. You can copy a picture inside the clipboard now that is a good question now suppose i am going to. Copy this file from here suppose the battery report just right click on it and choose copy this is the.

Copy icon in windows 11. Now if i have to click copy and check the windows clipboard you can see. That there is not a picture unfortunately available in the clipboard now when youre trying to copy a picture in. The clipboard it means that you have to use the windows built-in features suppose like i want to take a. Screenshot of these windows suppose the windows store from here just hold windows sorry shift then print the screen on.

The keyboard uh i press those two keys but you can see that nothing has happened but when i open. The keyboard you can see that picture has been copied here now you can see that it is part of. An item uh i think uh hold on element alt plus print screen also i think it will also copy. Inside the clipboard yeah you can see that yep that has also been copied thing here uh but all printed. Screen only copy a single window suppose this one all on the screen for not windows 3 ill print the.

Screen and windows you can see that you can pass it inside any document that you are using so it. Is quite handy if you uh how about links uh you can also do the same thing with the links. As long as they are a part of the uh they can be copied okay just suppose im going to. Copy this line this link just right click on it and choose copy link address open the windows uh clipboard. History and you can see that it is available and what about the entry lets just go ahead entry how.

Many uh has it copied till now very much that in copy is 25 okay just move that here and. Beside you cannot resize it that is not a very good thing one two three four five six seven eight. Okay well have to make it at least 25 25 that was i think it controls the copy what about. Line ctrl c copy ctrl c copy ctrl c copy how much is now 1 2 3 4 5 6. 7 8 9 10 11 12 thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen okay that is sixteen uh how about this one say.

One teen and then this one in is one nineteen is one twenty is when 21 is 122 this one. 23 and this one 24 and 125 and finally 26. Lets just go ahead and check out 1 2 3. 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23. 24 and then 25 26 that is good okay i think microsoft has definitely increased the amount of this thing.

Here the last one is uh download windows 11 iso image control c copy and we oh that is 26. The most that you can copy so uh now there is also some other settings uh of the clipboard inside. Basically the clipboard itself if you visit the settings and that is you can share it with the other devices. You can just simply just go ahead as long as you you are basically microsoft account is logged in inside. Another device on your mobile device or desktop or whatever you can basically share it with them also and from.

Here you can also clear the clipboard history and beside that one you can also clear the clipboard history from. Here who want to clean one of them just simply click and then delete and you can also do the. Same thing and from here you can also do clear all and thats gone and you may notice here are. Some basically most recently used emojis or gifs or whatever you can see them they are available here you can. Also use them as a keyboard but uh not basically they are not basically a part of the clipboard itself.

They can be used as a part of basically like a keyboard touch keyboard or maybe the physical keyboard thats. All so this is basically how you can enable the clipboard in windows 11 and how you can use it. In windows 11 so ill meet you guys in the next video.

Method 5 – How To Open The Clipboard In Windows 10 (Copy And Paste History Windows 10)

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Conclusion – How To Access Clipboard On Windows

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