How To Access Cloud Storage On Xbox One – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access cloud storage on xbox one,

Method 1 – Cloud Storage On Xbox One

Whats up everyone this is scratch and ive got a video here for you we are going to take a. Look at the cloud services that are on xbox one particularly in this case cloud storage game saves your profile. And staying connected to xbox live and keeping things up-to-date and synchronized automatically so you dont run into any problems. Or run into loss save files or anything like that so you guys can understand how it works this is.

Part of my video series welcome to xbox one for those of you who are just joining the xbox one. Family maybe you have a 360 maybe youre getting one for for the holidays this year maybe just bought one. For yourself on some of the killer deals that they have going on right now in any case this video. Is for you and im going to explain to you how this works so first thing we have is your. Profile so anything in your profile here is saved onto the console but its also synchronized to xbox one so.

If i was to go here and i was to go down to customize profile and i could change my. Lets just say i wanted to change what what everything says here on my on my bio if i were. To make any changes there it saves here on my profile on the console and then it also uploads to. The xbox live service and everything everything will be synchronized and updated throughout the service so if i get on. My phone if i get on a 360 if i get on anything its its all going to be there.

Same if i edit my avatar change the color i can switch to gamer pics i could i could pick. A gamer pic here and say i wanted to use that ill go down to the one i normally use. Here ill just click right over to it actually its all the way down at the bottom of course well. Theyve got some new ones in here im notice ok so heres the one that it normally is so if. I click to that now its going to show my gamer pic across all of of the xbox services and.

Im going down here im going to say done so now ive made that change i no longer have my. Tarr there or whatever so thats how thats going to work so anything i do my gamer score two thousand. Two hundred and nine thousand seven hundred and sixty two when i get an achievement it uploads to xbox live. And everywhere reflects it so thats pretty much it so if i delete that out of here right now i. Can redownload it using my username and password logging into the system and everything will be there like it was.

So just like when you come over from a 360 to your new xbox one and you log in with. Your account all of your stuff is going to come right along with you the other thing is were going. To take a look at saves so lets go here and were im going to press the menu button and. Were going to go to manage game were picking on assassins creed syndicate here so you can see that i. Have my storage is called backlog and i have assassins creed syndicate i have these add-ons for the game installed.

And then i have saved data over here so you probably saw me playing earlier or in one of the. Other in one of the other videos but ill get to that in just a second but first here all. Of this stuff is downloaded and taking up space in my hard drive these these games are downloaded to to. The to the console and they have to be obviously so that you can quickly access it and whatever but. All of the save data which is over here is all synchronized to both my xbox one and it synchronizes.

Up to xbox live so if i go to another console and i load up assassins creed syndicate on the. Other console whether it be at my friends house or wherever im going to have all of my save data. Is going to be pulled down from the cloud and put right back into the game likewise because im connected. To xbox live i can delete saved data and i can say delete everywhere so i can delete it off. The cloud and here or i can just delete it from the console so im going to delete it from.

The console right now i just deleted my saved game for assassins creed syndicate im a little nervous not really. But lets just jump in here and well load up assassins creed syndicate and it should synchronize with the cloud. Because its still i didnt select delete from everywhere its still going to be on the xbox live service in. The cloud as they say and i will not have lost any of my progress whatsoever so well just kind. Of wait for this okay so im here i am at the start screen we just kind of skipped over.

That real quick but it says aka scratch welcome to assassins creed syndicate press a to start so im going. To press a and its checking for additional content and its syncing my data for assassins creed you saw that. Little sinking pop up there and that means it was syncing the data off the cloud because it didnt find. Anything on the xbox because of course i just deleted it so as you can see it still says im. On sequence three five percent i can continue or whatever i want to do so thats thats pretty much it.

You know you can delete them from there you just want to make sure that you dont quit out of. This and ill go back to where it was before and if i go back in here to manage game. Youll notice now that i have a saved data which is back there now because it downloaded from the cloud. Because i was connected to xbox live it was sync up there and thats just whats going to happen if. I log into a profile that doesnt have one now here are some things that you can probably accidentally do.

So if i were to unplug from xbox live okay and then go make a whole bunch of progress lets. Say i get up to like say 10% in the sequence or whatever in my save file but im not. Connected to xbox live it is going to save it to the console but it will not synchronize it if. I dont synchronize it and i go up to like say my friends house and i log in over his. House and i start playing assassins creed syndicate my progress is not going to be there likewise im going to.

Be changing my save file from what i had on my first console and im going to be saving it. There changing it so now its going to mismatch if i wasnt to go to someone elses house and i. Just joined backup it would look and say oh youve updated youve progressed further on this console and it would. Update and it would sink them back up but now since im basically syncing it from somewhere else theyre going. To mismatch its going to see that i was on different consoles and you could get into a situation where.

If you arent paying attention to what youre doing you might accidentally overwrite your save file and lose progress so. Thats just something to kind of keep in mind if youre going to be using your profile and playing games. Somewhere else youre going to want to make sure that you always connect to xbox live and make sure you. Sync and make sure that theyre the same so that you dont run into these syncing problems where you end. Up you know potentially losing some progress because it is going to sync right back with your console and you.

Dont want an old file on xbox one to sync with this profile here and then overwrite it because it. Is going to look newer because you were playing even though youre not as far in the game so just. Something to keep track of so youre probably wondering like how much storage do you get well everybody gets each. Game gets a little bit of storage and so depending on how big your library is thats how much cloud. Storage you get its potentially an infinite number ive you saw how many games ive have and i have not.

Received any error saying that ive ever filled up my cloud storage or you know have any have any issue. So i dont i dont really know how much it is the support articles dont say that you get a. Finite amount but i can tell you that it is an incredibly large amount of data that youre allowed to. Save for free and you do not have to be a gold member for that thats anybody who has an. Xbox one gets that and so you dont need a gold subscription and i guess thats pretty much it we.

Know how to delete saves you can do all that and copy your saves from the cloud it all shows. Them all you got to do is just plug into xbox live everything syncs up so just kind of make. Sure if youre going to take your file somewhere else and play at your friends house or whatever make sure. You stay connected xbox live keep everything in sync otherwise make sure you play offline and dont make any progress. Or whatever and keep up here in your head what youre doing so that way you dont accidentally really make.

Yourself mad i guess so thats it for cloud saves if you have any questions comments or anything like that. Feel free to leave a message down below to me in the comments you can message me on xbox live. My gamertag is of course aka space scratch or a friends of mine that are helping me like bosque 477. Their profiles are going to be linked in the description so thank you all for watching and i will catch. You guys all in the next video.

Method 2 – How Do Xbox Cloud Saves Work?

Just a quick note before we start this video i basically tried to go through the cloud storage and well. Get to that in a second but a few things in this video happened to me and i made a. Few mistakes and assumptions of the way its something used to work and then it didnt work or whatever and. I thought it was kind of funny so im just gonna leave it all in there it took me two.

Days to record this because i had to research and then the ending of it i recorded just now so. I could demonstrate what it was i was trying to demonstrate when i was caught by surprise that it didnt. Work and i ended up losing my save files for sonic team racing and savage planet rest in peace but. I did it all for science i hope you guys enjoy the video and please stick around to the end. Because itll answer all your questions i promise and if you have any more just leave them down below and.

Without further ado yeah here we go this is gonna be fun to etics i havent started that yet and. Im gonna do that now all right thanks whats up everybody this is scratching i got a quick video here. For you this is like take 500 so hopefully we get it we are gonna take a look at cloud. Storage on xbox live and how it works with your games now i know in another video or the video. You may be coming from i talked about cloud storage and cloud the cloud xbox live in the cloud across.

The whole system so thats save games your profile your settings downloading profiles to other xbox is all that this. Is only going to be for games and your save game so youre gonna learn today how to manage your. Saved games both on your console and in the cloud and its a little bit different from the 360 if. Youre familiar with that and im assuming that this is going to be the way it will be moving forward. On the xbox series x when that launches so were gonna use team sonic racing to demonstrate this so lets.

Just jump into it we have lets see if we go here we can see that im on stage for. One this is my progress in the team race mode of the game or whatever and you can see that. Ive got some stuff unlocked and im all the way up to stage 4-1 so if we press the nexus. Button go back out here to home im going to press the menu button again thats like the little start. And were gonna go down here to manage game and addons and were gonna come down here to save data.

Now you can see that the data that i have here theres just one file and lets say i want. To delete that because i want to use my cloud storage or whatever like because youre trying to figure this. Out so this will explain it were just gonna go straight through and im gonna do this and hopefully i. Dont screw it up because im gonna lose all this if i do so delete all it says delete all. Save data for team sonic racing on this xbox now thats the important distinction on this xbox any synced data.

Will still be on xbox live and any unsynched data will be lost well how do i know if my. Data is in sync or not well i know that im on stage for one and i know that the. Save that i just looked at when we were the in sonic team racing i know that thats that this. Save file is my is my save file this is the good one but i also know that i am. Currently connected to xbox live while i was loaded up into the game so the fact that im connected to.

Xbox live means that that data is in sync its constantly checking back and forth when you when you boot. Up the game or whatever so barring any network interruptions or you know where i was offline but didnt realize. I was or something like that this is pretty much in sync on xbox live so i can go ahead. And select delete all and my safe data is gone the data that i was on level four one is. No longer on this xbox so lets boot it up and see what happens okay so were back in here.

On the main menu so im gonna click on team adventure once again and when it boots up guess what. We are all the way up on the stage 4-1 now youre probably thinking hows this possible im trying to. Start a brand new game im trying to start completely over i want this gone well if we come back. Here you can look were gonna do the same thing press the menu button go back to manage my games. And add-ons well look its back why is it back because i was connected to xbox live when i booted.

Up the game it said hey is there a save file on xbox and it said no it said oh. Okay well let me check out on xbox live cuz xbox live is over there this is let me check. On xbox live yep theres one here its the sync data from before and im gonna download that automatically dont. Have to tell it to do it dont have to do anything other than just connect xbox live and the. Save file thats in the cloud comes down so lets go down here and now well check out the different.

Options so if i click on the the save file itself now i have delete from console and delete everywhere. So choose whether to delete the data on this xbox console or everywhere if you didnt figure that out already. Deleting everywhere will permanently delete all of the data for this game and app game in this case on this. Console and on xbox live that means its gonna wipe it completely it wont have a save file and then. There wont be anything in the cloud backed up because its gonna just take them both out right now when.

I click on delete everywhere and then theres also a warning letting you know that if the game or app. Shares data across different platforms or editions of the games or whatever that you may lose some of your stuff. In those if you choose delete from everywhere this is gonna be for games that only access live or whatever. The case may be its just kind of a warning most games are gonna have a save file on the. Console that just gets backed up to the cloud and thats basically how it works you cant really manage the.

Cloud in terms of like your save file because its just a backup its just an automatic backup of whatevers. On your console or any console that you connect to its going to sync the data down to that console. Were gonna demonstrate that in just a minute but first we have to delete from everywhere so now mmm now. I hope this works now my save data is completely gone from both xbox live and this console so now. What happens when i boot up team sonic racing lets find out okay here we are a moment of truth.

This is after delete from everywhere were gonna click on team adventure and its gone im not on level 4-1. Anymore everything is completely gone and its starting me at the very beginning i dont have anything from my old. Save i deleted from everywhere so its gone off xbox live and its gone off this console completely gone cant. Get it back its gone ok so im back another day i researched and looked at what i did in. I watched some old footage and this used to work just a little bit differently so i guess rest in.

Peace sonic & 7 at save files but im gonna show you what happens now and then ill go on. To explain it but in this scenario i did not get it recorded but in this scenario i played here. On this console in front of me in my studio and i was i played foxy land and i got. To like level 6 and i played online so that means level 6 is on the save file online and. Then i simulated my internet going out by just unplugging the ethernet out of the back of it because team.

Ethernet and i dont use wireless so i unplugged the ethernet out of the back of my xbox 1x and. I continued to play to like level 9 offline so that saved my local file on level 9 and my. Live file which i couldnt connect to because my internet was down was on 6 so then i simulated like. Going over to someone elses house whether it be you know a parent or you know a friend or something. Like that and i played on another xbox so when i booted up foxy land on that console it downloaded.

Automatically when i was up to level 6 but i did get a warning saying that it took a while. For my console to my other console to link you know or whatever do i want to just download what. I have because it knew that my internet went out so it knew that it might not likely be the. Latest one so then i played on that and i got up to like level seven so and then that. Saved to live so now i have mismatching live save cloud and a mismatching console save cloud because that safe.

File was created from another xbox if i had done that on the same xbox it would just use the. Local save file and update live when i got back on but because i progressed further on a different xbox. This is what happens and im sorry i took so long to get to that but this is where it. Is and i sign-in its syncing the data from the cloud now this is where this what i expected to. See when i had a save file on my other one from my earlier scenarios but it doesnt work if.

You select delete everywhere it is going to delete it everywhere and as soon as you sight into a console. That has a save file on it its gonna delete that because it is deleting everywhere previously it used to. Ask you this and only did the delete everywhere like on that console on xbox live but now it nukes. It everywhere however if you just play offline on one and then progress again on another one this was where. Its going to ask you which one and this one tells me that do i want to play on this.

Console which is an older file or the newer file is on xbox live now in my personal case here. I know that i got further on foxy inland when i played at home when my internet was out then. I did when i went over to my friends house so then this is where im gonna get this warning. From so in my case i want to select the older one but you might want to select the newer. One if you remember the last time you were connected to xbox live which file you know get you further.

So in my case im gonna select the older one you might select the newer one from xbox live you. Just need to kind of remember or know what your progress was in that case so in that case im. Gonna select the older one and then as you can see here im all the way up to just before. Level 9 where when i played on the xbox live version when i was playing at the other house i. Hadnt gotten this far i knew i didnt get as far as i did when i was playing online in.

My simulation of course so that was a way longer video than i had anticipated but it does explain everything. You need to know about it so just a quick recap is if you delete from everywhere it is going. To delete from everywhere that means everywhere gets deleted if you have different save files like the mismatched save files. On here then it will prompt you and say hey which one do you want to use and then its. Kind of up to you to know which one you played offline if you were further when you were offline.

Than you were the last time you played online or whatever and you kind of have to know apply that. Knowledge to your scenario ask me questions down on the bottom i realize this is confusing and im gonna have. A fun time trying to edit this so im gonna try to edit it down so it makes more sense. But thank you guys for watching im gonna leave it there thank you to all of my sponsors and my. Members who graciously donate to me each month to help make this possible i mean i definitely appreciate all that.

They do for me its there theyre too kind so links to all of them down in the description if. You want to check them out and and thanks for all of your engagement and your comments and everything like. That if you guys have questions or anything like that like i said just leave a comment down below and. I can either answer it or make another video or do a demonstration or whatever you want to see give. Me your scenarios ill recreate them here and well talk about it other than that i will see you guys.

On the next video thanks for watching okay moment of truth so were going to press a to start and. Were gonna load into the game and were gonna click on single-player and its still an empty slot.

Method 3 – How To Upload Data From Xbox One To Cloud

Hello and welcome guys todays the tutorial how to save your save data on the cloud so lets begin so. Let me just first sign into my account here thats 1 then we are going to go over to the. Stove and download the onedrive app now that we are connected we go watch the store and browse for apps. I tried to show up so let me find it must be somewhere in here let me just search it.

Here this one this is this is the app so we just install it you have already an membership or. An account on the onedrive so you have a like some gbs of space online to store your data easily. Over the cloud its downloading as it will get downloaded youll find it in your games and apps cricut so. Thats pretty much it onedrive app it will help you save your local saved files over to the cloud my. Next video will be on how to upload game dvr on the cloud and get access to it on your.

Laptop thanks for watching.

Method 4 – How To Delete Local And Cloud Save Data On Xbox One And Series S

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 5 – How To Delete Xbox Cloud Saves 2020

All right i decided to make a tutorial on this ive seen a lot of people have trouble with this. I had trouble with it im going to show you how to do this i havent seen one youtube video. On this i dont know why people dont know were going to show you how to delete your cloud save. So ive started this game up if you hit x you can see that weve weve started we have data.

Right there with one well you can hit your home button and right on hit the start button on this. Go to manage gaming add-ons go to save data you can click on that do this delete it all restart. It and that does nothing as you can see its going to come back and the data is still going. To be there because it saves it in the cloud its kind of annoying that xbox has done this to. Us now i guess the developers of the game need to make a delete on here well hit x and.

You can see were back with the old say the option is theres no options in this game some games. Have the option so im going to show you how to do this im going to hit your home button. And youre going to go over to settings what you want to do is get the settings on general network. Settings hit network settings and get it right there and go back to the game know what you want to. Do is quit the game do what you just did go to manage delete all now you want to click.

You dont quit out of the game go here actually you dont have to go out of the game what. You want to do now is you want to start the game again and when its loading up you want. To go over here to where your settings are and youve left it right here then youre going to go. To network settings and then youre going to go to offline and then youre going to go back to the. Game and its going to load up as long as you get online if youre online when the game starts.

Within that first initial start of the game itll think youre online still when youre playing the game so were. Gonna go back to the game lets go restart the game hit the home button go over settings network offline. Thats it go back to the game youre in the game hit start button x look at that new data. So now you can play it and when it saves its well once you start playing it then you can. Connect online you just want to get to this you want to get to this spot then you go back.

Over here go to settings network settings go online now youre back so youre back with the game you deleted. The data this works for every game too this works for any game um as long as you launch the. Game after youve um gone off but as long as you uh go offline while youre launching the game ill. Show you you know lets do another game so well launch minecraft dungeons you can see its not gonna do. It its not gonna its not gonna launch it so were gonna go settings network online launch it now once.

Its launched go here settings network offline now since youve launched the game you can play the game because it. Thinks youre online so anyway thats how you get rid of your damn cloud saves that theres no way so. With the last what would that with the patch this year there used to be an option you can hit. Start on your save and you can delete your console data or your cloud save data but you dont get. The option anymore its just local your online stays there anyway so i hope this helps out somebody im sure.

It will because it it took me a while to figure this out but we got it thanks for coming.

Conclusion – How To Access Cloud Storage On Xbox One

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