How To Access Computer Remotely – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access computer remotely,

Method 1 – How To Remotely Control Your Computer Using Any Device (Access Your Desktop From Anywhere)

Hi my names kyle im an architecture student and i recently started an internship which is great but before i. Started they asked if i had a laptop i could bring in to work on this would be fine if. I had a good laptop that i could bring in with all the software on it that can actually run. All the software on it but i dont thats what my desktop is for i have a really powerful desktop.

At home with all the software i need but my laptop is well a piece of i can take notes. Off of it and thats about it so i wanted to use my desktop but without having to carry it. To work with me every single day on the back of my bike because thats just not happening instead ive. Been remotely connecting to my desktop using my shitty old laptop that cant even open a new photoshop file how. Using googles remote desktop app thats quite difficult to say lets get into it the process is incredibly easy to.

Set up and use its completely free and its an absolute game changer the way it works is that you. Use your laptop or your phone or any tablet or device that you have to remotely connect to your desktop. And these devices act as a monitor to control the bigger screen the bigger computer this is how you do. It so theres three steps first of all you want to make sure that youve downloaded google chrome on both. Devices so your primary device your desktop and then your laptop or your phone make sure youve downloaded google chrome.

On both of them im going to assume that you know how to install google chrome just type in google. Chrome installer and youll come up with this screen once its all installed all you have to do now is. Search up for the remote desktop controller so if you type in chrome desktop control youll be able to find. That app so its called chrome remote desktop i should have said so you click on that and then you. Can actually install this program you might have to sign in first so you need a google account as well.

Most of you would have this by now but if not you can easily sign up for one once youre. Signed in you can then click turn on you might also have to install the remote desktop app which will. There will be a pop-up for that its pretty self-explanatory up to here so then all youre going to do. Is click turn on its really simple like it gives you all the steps anyways but im going to walk. You through it youre going to name your your desktop im just going to call it desktop so that i.

Know because im not going to be connecting to anything else im going to hit next you can create a. Pin for it which is what im going to do and then im going to hit start and its just. Going to take a couple of minutes to get that set up in fact its going to take like 20. Seconds as you just saw that so now thats all you need to do for your desktop thats set up. And once youve installed google chrome remote desktop on your secondary device as well you go into your laptop or.

Your phone and you do the same process then all you have to do this screen will pop up once. Youre signed in on your laptop the same screen will pop up all you have to do is then click. On that desktop and you can connect to it and as you will see you can then connect from your. Laptop to your desktop and it will just share the screen im going to set up another camera to show. You how this is actually working and um its really simple as you can see this is my real shitty.

Laptop but it does the job now that we can connect to our desktop while i wait for that to. Start up what i want to say about this is um i had a few questions when i posted this. On my instagram about is there lag and no theres not it can get a bit laggy depending on your. Wifi connection but if youve got a stable connection youre not going to experience any lag as you can see. This is just struggling at the moment i dont know i dont know whats going on with this laptop but.

Yeah issues and to think the other day i was running revit and photoshop and i was doing renders and. V-ray on this laptop while actually using my desktop but yeah this is a piece of what what are you. Doing im just going to reset this because i think it has fried itself so when i was at work. It was actually really cool because i was connected to my desktop from my laptop but then my laptop was. Plugged in with a hdmi cord to their monitors so i still had my two screens and it was like.

I was just using my desktop at home but it was through my my laptop instead of having to bring. This whole system over to work and thats the thing its like its using the same hardware as my desktop. Except im using that hardware remotely so then yeah i could do renders on v-ray i could do all this. High-performance stuff which you couldnt usually do in a laptop but i could do that on a laptop remotely connecting. To this which was really really cool we finally are getting in hopefully it doesnt fry itself again but yeah.

God damn this thing is slow so this is the process id go through before i leave for work your. Desktop has to be running and you want to make sure that you turn off all of the sleep settings. So that it doesnt automatically go to sleep on you because it needs to be running and you need to. Be able to access it with it running and not turned off so leave your computer at home running and. Then make sure that all the sleep settings are set so that it doesnt automatically go to sleep on idle.

And then id get on my laptop here and id open up my remote desktop app and you can see. It loading up im just going to do it on here because i cant even run a screen recorder on. Here because it will literally freeze on itself and because im signed into the same account i signed in on. Here you can see that i can just connect using this desktop thing im going to click on that im. Going to have to enter the pin once it connects and then youre going to see its going to start.

To connect now im going to press the three dots at the top and im going to go to full. Screen and i am currently controlling my computer using my laptop and there is no lag at all but as. You can see there are the two screens and so what i can actually do from here is go to. My desktop which is actually my desktop on my computer at home im going to just right click on that. Go to the display settings and you can just change it from extend these displays im just gonna show only.

Two so there you have it guys thats how you remotely control to your computer from home using your laptop. Remotely i also use this when im going to uni ill leave my computer on and ill just connect to. It using my laptop so then i can access all my files i dont need to use cloud storage which. Is something i was looking into rather than using the cloud storage and paying every month for that i can. Just access my files from home using a different device id barely even touch my laptop like its actual desktop.

Anymore im just connecting to it ill leave chromes remote desktop up and ill just use my computer from home. On here this was absolutely one of the biggest hacks that ive found out recently and i had to share. With you guys so thank you so much for watching and ill catch you in the next video i just. Bit of a dry voice right now bye.

Method 2 – How To Remote Desktop Access Windows 10

Hi my name is miguel from aboard eros net in this tutorial im going to be showing you guys how. To remote access a windows 10 pc to remote access ipc you will need to create a user with a. Password or add a password to a current user now to do that head over to a control panel under. View by select small icons user account manage another account and here you can add a new user or just.

Select the current user and add a password to that user create a password and enter a new password once. Youre done with this we will need to get the ip address of this pc done now on your keyboard. Press the windows key + r it will open the run window and then type cmd to open the command. Prompt and click ok here type ip config press enter itll provide you with the ip address and default gateway. Ip write it down because were going to use it in the future once were done close the command prompt.

Now right-click this pc properties here click on remote settings from the left and check mark on the remote desktop. Allow remote connection to this computer and uncheck allow connections only from computer running remote desktop with network level attacked. Authentication this would just complicate things now if you want to add a user just click on select users click. Add say you want to add someone other than the administrator you can add it here but by default the. Administrator is enabled for remote desktop so im going to cancel here cancel and apply the settings this pc is.

Fully set up for remote desktop connection now what we need to do is remote access to that pc from. A computer in the network or lan that way if we try connecting from the one or outside the network. If it gives us any problems we can isolate it to the routers firewall or router ill be accessing the. Windows 10 remote pc from another windows 10 within the land all i need to do is click on start. Remote and then click on remote desktop from the result and here type the local ip address which is 10.0.

That 0.10 and connect enter the remote username and password remember my credentials okay now here click on yes done. We have successfully remote desktop a windows 10 pc within the network or lan now we need to try to. Remote desktop the same pc from the one or outside the network for this we will need to configure the. Router or router firewall to enable port 3 3 8 9 now from that same pc that youre going to. Remote access the windows 10 pc open microsoft edge and here type what is my ip address and itll provide.

You with your one ip address or you can go to ip location that net for slash find ip address. Just like you see it here ill put the link in the description box it will provide you with the. One ip address write it down because were going to use it in the future once done in microsoft edge. Enter in the search http colon forward slash forward slash and the gateway ip address to log in to your. Router in this case i dont have a router i have the isp modem it also requires a username and.

Password once there locate port forwarding it should be somewhere in the firewall in your case here make sure that. Port forwarding is enabled and add a service name the service ill name it rdp remote desktop the server ip. Address is 10 thats 0 thats 0 dot 10 service type tcp and udp and this starting point and ending. Port is 3 3 8 9 once youre done click on add perfect now my router is configured to enable. Remote desktop through the firewall now instead of using the local ip address try using the one ip address once.

The once youre done click on connect enter the remote user name and password remember my credentials and click ok. And you should be able to remote access that pc from outside the network or lan done here it is. Ive successfully removed that pc from the one thank you for watching this video my name is miguel if you. Have any questions feel free to post them in the comment section below thank you.

Method 3 – How To Easily Set Up Remote Desktop On Windows 10

On windows 10 setting up remote desktop is fairly straightforward but before we get started before really wasting your time. You need to know this important information you can only connect to windows 10 computers that are running windows 10. Professional or higher this means you can only connect to windows 10 pro windows 10 enterprise the server additions and. So on additionally the computer should both be on the same network so if theyre both on the same wi-fi.

That should work if you dont have windows 10 pro or higher dont worry about it just yet in a. Different video im going to show you how to connect to other pcs by using other apps and you dont. Have to be on a c network so it means you at work you can connect your pc as long. As you have an internet connection alright now that we are done with this lets get straight to the point. The first thing you have to do is to enable remote desktop on the computer you are about to connect.

To so lets say im going to connect this computer then im going to enable remote desktop to do that. Click the start button and then type remote desktop settings in the search field and then from the search results. Select remote desktop settings and now talk about this switch to enable remote desktop but one thing you will need. Is the name of this pc because once you go to the other computer to connect to it its going. To ask you for its name that is the name of the pc you just enabled remote desktop on to.

Find out the name click the start button and then type computer name and then from there you will see. From the search results it allows you to view the name of your pc something else you can do you. Can right click the start button thats right right click and then select system from the list and under device. Specifications and device name you should now see the name of your pc all right so now take note of. It and now go to another windows 10 pc to connect to this one since you now have the name.

Okay on the other windows we see that you are now on click the start button and then type remote. Desktop in the search field and then select remote desktop connection from the search results and now enter the name. Of the computer you are about to connect to so hopefully you took note of it and now you dont. Have to go back to the other computer again okay now im going to enter the name and im going. To click connect and now its going to ask you for just no info such as the username and password.

And then from there you can connect and there you go as you can see i am now connected via. Remote desktop so definitely for more simple straightforward windows 10 tutorials like this please subscribe and thanks for watching.

Method 4 – Setup Remote Desktop From Anywhere & Change Secure Rdp Port Access (Your Pc Over The Internet)

Hello everyone how are you doing this is heltons computer repair here with another video for you on this video. Im going to be showing you how to enable the remote desktop on your computer pretty much for it to. Work they can remote into it now its not going to be just regular remoting into your network and lets. Say were like and youre inside of the building and you want to remote into it no im actually going.

To be showing you how you can remote this outside the network anywhere you are depending on that i might. Actually go into a point where you could also can maybe later down the road show you how to set. Up on a specific website pretty much a redirect for it they can get to your remote desktop too there. Are other things also can be done by changing the ports from the 3389 default port from remote desktop to. Something more secure because most people would try on brute force going to the default generic 3389 for it and.

Also stuff that you would recommend to have a good password for your computer also some stuff that you would. Recommend to not have any users that have no password or something very simple that can be crackable because its. Not really hard for people to brute force into your computer enabling the remote desktop there are other stuff also. Depending if you have an enterprise protection you might need to enable those ports too but this is going to. Go straight through and if you have any problems just let me know but lets go ahead and jump right.

Into this video now before we get into this if i havent told you yet if you have a windows. Home windows 10 home pretty much you may not have this ability for it you probably need to have pro. Enterprise or education for this to work so your option is to pretty much upgrade it or to use a. Different route like using like real vnc to use that ability to remote into your computer but for this is. Go ahead and continue so first thing you just pretty much go ahead and go to explore when you go.

To explore you see this pc you can right click on it and you select properties of it and on. The left side you have the video where it says remote settings go ahead and select it and right here. Im actually going to uncheck where it says remote assistance i dont need that and right here you can select. Allow remote connections to this computer im going to press apply if you have multiple users you can select which. Users have permission or whatever if theyre joined in the group if you know that is you understand by default.

I already have this user so im going to go ahead and just leave this as is and press ok. Another option in case its not being shown there you can pretty much go also to settings by going to. Start and settings and select system and then youll see remote desktop and here it is enabled also so pretty. Much its the same one or the other for it and its pretty much set already so another thing that. You need to do before we continue is im actually going to remote in to try and see if it.

Works you need to have an add to not really an address a password for your computer for this to. Work now if you have a user that has no password or something very simple to be cracked i would. Really recommend to change it to something more secure so all were going to do is go to this pretty. Much start go to settings you pretty much can just type in control delete and you can select change user. Password if you have the ability if not go to settings go to accounts and then once you get to.

Here youre going to see sign in options and then you have other options to come to here the one. That were going to need is pretty much the password and i already have a password thats already been set. Before im actually going to update it to something more different for it so im gonna go ahead and type. In my new one and im gonna go ahead and type it in again if you had something small you. Need to change it and my hint is none just to be mean because i dont want no one to.

Know what it is and the password has been changed and is now set so technically right now if i. Test my other computer i should be able to remote to this computer and the screen should lock up if. It is then pretty much it is in process so here we are im gonna go ahead and get ready. To remote to this one right now i dont know what my ip address is because remember this is only. Local so im gonna go ahead and type in cmd ipconfig and right now it is again this is.

A private network so doesnt even matter right now its only my local so it wont matter what you have. So what im going to do now is pretty much go ahead and see if i can remote into it. From my other computer cancel that so here it is the yours may be different depending what it is. But here it is im gonna go ahead and try and press connect depending on the user that you had. So my user is it says admin it is not admin it is actually the user is user lets see.

What it is its actually user so let me go to here im gonna go ahead to cmd and im. Gonna go ahead and type in net user and you see my user is actually user if you have stuff. That is has multiple names you might need to do something like this lets say example its like john smith. As the user this is what it would look like then you probably need to do this when you type. It in for it to work i would recommend to probably just change your user to something just simple as.

Just like john also dont use something like admin or user put something more secure for this is just an. Example for the demonstration for right now so here i am im gonna go ahead and remote to it im. Gonna go ahead and type in user and im gonna go ahead and type in the password that i just. Did and were gonna see if i can remote into it its gonna ask if you want to connect with. It im gonna go ahead and press yes and here it is right now i remote it to the computer.

Its there i am literally remote it into us now technically this is through the ip address im gonna go. Ahead and disconnect and here it is on that computer im gonna go ahead and sign back in and you. Dont have to do the ipad if you dont want to if you have the name of the computer so. If i go to this pc that i have and you see i have change settings im actually just going. To highlight this this is actually a computers full name and you can do that route too you can change.

This also by going to change and put something more simple that way youll remember what it is and ill. Give you that option for you so if i go the same way to remote desktop and im gonna go. Ahead and type in that instead ill press connect it should be able to do the same thing too and. Here it is because he already knows what the name is ill press yes and here i am remoting into. This computer and there it is with the name working perfectly fine and thats pretty much it right now if.

You had an antivirus protection you might need to enable this to be bypassed to allow you to it it. Would be defaulted three three eight nine on that port or if not we have a new ports you will. Have to search for your enterprise and enable the port so right now we are valid to remote into this. Computer and thats great but were gonna be showing in to go to setup wherever we are now before we. Get into this we need to change some more settings for this by default i dont want to leave that.

Default port from 3389 and i want to change it to something more secure so first thing you do is. Pretty much you need to change this port so were going to go ahead and open up reg edit so. Pretty much its registry editor and were going to go ahead and type it in and youll probably be prompted. Go ahead and press yes and here i am with all different folders from last times ive used this im. Actually going to just minimize most of this back up and youll probably look like this when you see it.

It pretty much looks like that so were going to do is go to a specific location so we need. To go to the hkey underscore local underscore machine and then we need to use system then select current control. Set and then select control yes its going to be a lot of list to get to this and next. Youre going to go ahead im going to slide this over and youre going to see terminal server go ahead. And select it and then youll see win stations and then youll see remote desktop tcp now technically if you.

Have a older version then other than windows 10 i think we have like eight or maybe seven there might. Be a little bit different maybe like xp you might need to create a you might have a different folder. Example so it might look like a folder like this called port number it might be in there and then. You would have to select it thats what it would look like but technically we dont have one because were. On windows 10 we dont have that folder it all just got moved into the folder of remote desktop tees.

Underscore tcp so here we are and were going to go to this big list and were going to look. For the one thats called port number if you do not have it im actually going to see if its. Right here port number is right there you should have it its pretty much simple if not you would have. To create a new um d word and youll just have to name it port number for it so here. It is port number and youre wondering like what is this value data im like it doesnt say that its.

Um three three eight nine were actually gonna select to decimal and then we have this option where its three. Three eight nine we need to choose a different port other than that because you want people to hack into. Your computer for it so im actually gonna go ahead and open up a browser and show you this cool. Link right here that tells you what ports are most likely being used for this list so heres a big. List from all different companies and servers that uses ports for this and what im going to look is maybe.

Around like the 5000 area depending on your service provider you might need to choose a different range so right. Here lets see lets go to like four thousands around here i see this from all different ports and these. Are some that arent even this so an example after four one nine hundred four one nine hundred whatever for. 190 um you pretty much see this right here and then it jumps into four one nine eight so that. Gives us pretty much a range from four one nine one all the way to four one nine seven and.

You can change this to any one you can choose any one just within that range and the pain you. Can choose it if you want to its not being used also so again just choose a random one so. Like right here heres the range from after four zero zero one to four zero eighteen so im gonna change. Im gonna choose the default like four zero zero two as it for the one im gonna use for that. Range so right here im gonna change it to four zero zero two and thats what its gonna be done.

Im gonna press ok and its pretty much been changed so now when i come on here it looks like. That i go to decimal its pretty much set from hexadecimal to decimal so now its been done were going. To need to restart this computer so lets go ahead and let it do its work so here we are. Getting ready to sign back into this computer and let me get into it again here it is and im. Going to pretend like im going to try and remote in right now where i was just at so heres.

The computer and technically i can type in the ipad just to and itll work the same way im going. To try and press connect and its not going to its going to sit here and load and say you. Cant connect so im like okay well maybe i need to enable the ability for the port so what you. Have is you have a name of the computer or the ip address so example if its the name then. You can leave it as it is then you can put the colon right here quotation what are the equivalent.

Quotations regardless of three those two dots you know what they are and what were going to do is go. Ahead and type in that four zero zero two that we just did and its still not laying so im. Like why isnt it going to go through well the problem is that we need to enable it to be. Valid to remote in from the firewall so lets go ahead and go to that step now so next were. Going to go to start and were going to go ahead and just type in control and actually cancel that.

I think you could just type in called firewall and this will promote windows defender firewall this is whats going. To look like depending you have a different gonna be something similar but its going to be called the firewall. You understand what it is and it would look something like this once you get to this location were going. To go to advanced settings of it and were going to go to im going to expand this were going. To select the one that says inbound rules and these are big lists do not mess with these or do.

Not disable or change any things unless you know what youre doing you can literally can hurt your computer if. You dont know what youre doin.

Conclusion – How To Access Computer Remotely

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