How To Access Control Center Iphone 11 – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access control center iphone 11, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access control center iphone 11,

Method 1 – Iphone 11 Pro: How To Customize Control Centre And Use It

Hi in this video well take a look at how you can customize the control center and how you can. Use them now the control center basically give you access to quick access to some of the functions its like. A shortcut center where you can quickly use useful features such as a torch you can tap on a torch. Turn on the torch you can quickly access a calculator or tammer oh an alarm you can also quickly change.

The brightness of your screen or change the volume we can also swing mirror of your your phone to another. Compatible device you can quickly turn on do not disturb button off or lock the swing rotations now to customize. The control centers you can add in more items or we move the items or you can rearrange any of. These items around down here now to do so lets go back to your home screen first by swiping up. At the bottom then on the settings icon from here from the settings win what you want to do is.

Do on control center and then on customize controls now in here is the top section is the old items. As has already been included in the control center so these are the items down here from this path down. These are all the icons or the items that already have been added there have been added by default now. You can also remove them if you dont want them and you can add in a new one they are. Just there by default and assume youre not the most common use shortcuts so to add them in so that.

More admins just tap on the plus icon down here you can add them all the mean in fact you. Can add all of them in and then once youre happy you can drag it down to have a look. You can see more items has been added now solve this shortcuts you can tap and hold to it so. You can see if i tap i can turn on the touch but i can also tap in home to. That and this will allow me to control how much brightness i can use on my touch and then also.

Other apps as well some apps you can tap and hold some you cant so its depending on the app. And then you get the camera so i can turn on the camera and then if i long press on. It i can choose i have more options to choose i can choose text selfies we cut video tech cons. Right if i use this disability shortcuts of ability accessibility shortcuts sorry and then i can tap on one of. These functions here so that is the control center adding in items so if you want to rearrange them you.

Can tap on the side here so tap on the side and then you can just drag it up and. Down and once you are happy with the position you can let go so this side the flashlight is first. Time a second if i drag it down you can see flashlight is first the term is second and calculator. Is third so if i wanted to place the calculator to the top or the first position i just drag. It up and you can see now the calculator is in the first position and in here you can see.

You can also control the musics now the top part here you can really have fixed at that locations but. You can control the music youve got the music control up here you can quickly access in airplane mode mobile. Data you can tap and hold onto that if you open up this this square box here and it will. Give you more options and then here you can turn on cellular data on off you can turn on bluetooth. On or off wi-fi our air drops and then you could personal hotspot the personal hotspot doesnt appear and you.

Need tamanna to expand the box out and it will give you more options to choose a personal hotspot now. Another things so that is all there and i think that you might want to take notice is this ss. Within apps switch this basically this switch here will prevent other apps from the control center so you can see. If i go to this and not zap if i swipe down i cannot access the control center so in. Order for me to allow other apps to country access the control centers you need to turn this option on.

And there it is and thats it so thats how you can customize the control center and how you can. And we move items and how you can make full use of it by long press on certain items to. Give you more options thank you for watching this video please subscribe to my channel for more videos.

Method 2 – Iphone X: An Easier Way To Open Control Center

Whats going on everybody this is ultimate device vids and today in this video im going to be showing you. Guys a better solution to control center on the iphone 10. So if you guys have an iphone 10 you. Know that you access control center from the top right edge of the screen you basically just slide down from.

Like this and it will appear and a lot of people agree myself included that this isnt necessarily the easiest. Place to access it was much easier when you could just slide up from the bottom there is a solution. That makes it a little bit easier to access using assistive touch so to basically use this you just need. To go into settings general accessibility and go over to assistive touch and go ahead and toggle it on so. Basically theres some custom actions here that you have single tap double tap long press and 3d touch and you.

Could use one of these actions on this assistivetouch button to activate control center so im going to use a. Single tap on this button you can see right here in a list of these things control center is available. So if you tap on that again you can use any of these actions to do so i just used. A single tap but now whenever i go ahead and single tap on this its just going to go ahead. And bring me to the control center so this is certainly much easier than having to reach all the way.

To the top because you could basically move this little button anywhere you could put it in the bottom corner. In the middle pretty much anywhere you want and again you just tap on it or do whatever your gesture. Was and it basically takes you to control center again this works inside any applications so again its just easier. To get to control center using this so uh i know a lot of people forget about some of those. Options buried deep in the iphone settings so hopefully this was able to help you out yeah guys that pretty.

Much wraps it up for this video again if this video was able to help you make sure to give. It a like and subscribe to this channel for more videos also make sure to follow the channel on twitter. And like it on facebook ill put a link to my twitter page and my facebook page in the description. Down below thank you guys so much for watching this video and ill catch the next one peace out.

Method 3 – How To Use & Customize Control Center On Iphone 11, Iphone 11 Pro, Iphone 11 Pro Max?

Now another gesture that you have to know is from this side so the top right hand corner just like. Your finger downwards youre gonna see this this is really important because right now we can turn on our airplane. Mode we can turn it off as well its gonna put okay there i can turn off my wi-fi or. I can turn it back on same thing goes with my bluetooth i can turn it back on we can.

Do that from settings as well however this is the quickest way to do it same goes with adjusting your. Brightness your volume and we have a flashlight to turn on plus our calculator and we have quick access to. Our camera we can also set it up like so so we can turn that on so our phone doesnt. Bug us if were in a meeting or something you dont want to get those notifications thats what you need. To turn on to turn it off just press it again slide up and youre done again almost everything i.

Showed you can be done from within your settings now im going to show you one of the most important. Things that you should set up on your new phone lets just go right into your settings under your settings. I want you to scroll down scroll down so you guys see control center just going to control center from. Here i want you to add this low power mode were just going to click on the add button and. Thats going to be added here anything that we dont want here we can take it out im gonna show.

You what that is so let me just minimize this for now keep in mind i did say minimize we. Didnt fully close it on the top right hand corner were gonna slide down right now we see this i. Just added this so i can turn on my low power mode on and there we go so if youre. Running out of battery or you know youre going to have a long day you wont be able to charge. Your phone you want that low power mode to be on the whole time thats very important because it does.

Help out with your battery big time anytime that you dont care about it just turn it off thats how. You can turn it off right here on your phone so were gonna slide up and i want to show. You the long way of doing that so right now we added that shortcut so we can just go power. On power off for a low battery mode and we can do that from our settings as well so let. Me just go back into our settings and right here if we scroll down just a little bit you have.

To look for your battery heres our battery i can turn on my low power mode just by doing that. Or turn it off however thats the long way and thats why i showed you guys how to put that. Into your settings so you dont have that problem now once again to turn on the flashlight of any phone. For that matter all we have to do is just tap up here scroll down and were gonna see our. Flashlight where we can turn it on so i just turned it on so my flash is always working im.

Gonna turn it off and on off and on and thats how it works and thats for any iphone out. There so once again it doesnt matter which phone you guys have its gonna be the exact same tutorial for. Any one of these anyways if you guys have any comments questions you guys can write down here in comments. Area and dont forget subscribe and rate thank you you.

Method 4 – Iphone 11 Secret Virtual Home Button?! — How To Enable & Setup

In this video arms show you how you can current birchall home but why you on your iphone alarm and. This is a partner in adorns page around it when is the home button white shirt a few the module. Weiss the ever new monitor you can see that boxing gym honda my care how to tv a virtual van. By wire on your iphone and laugh and this is england peecher marcia gay harden up two in the video.

And naomi so bongo cajon i in our actions a wide variety of other features like inch call center openings. Control center like a in our let you access series not my building in your own custom features is so. In this video and i show you how you de access to the secret by formula for showchrome bang his. Name in a show you how you can get the secret work you combine my view on your iphone when. I see the honda once after bnsp house this is the way your iphone 5 black box red headed by.

Default open your hair and label in the settings settings to a menu scroll down and two lucy accessibility wide. Web accessibility not good accessibility and when you see them i have a physical and maurice ibm has since you. Stad now the hp youtube system touch en en joep en label system touch and look at my fair is. Yurbuds home by it had a while on the screen with incredible as i see it you press discussion started. You can be naomi people to go home in eksaarde extra ingria home but you can also box is the.

Kings school central i would like your giveaways notification my action siri we a you can customize i have to. Throw had to do with an online positioning hi there you can press in voldane and actually quite simply dry. Conjured up the boring dot com and place for this was my life you guys like down here waiboer de. Hanbali nap circuit mix here oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy the. Corn and change the features of your virtual just bang in these cool features sahaba have cried lessons are our.

Show you h ow you can actually customize your virtual humbug anyway back to the ss tip touch my your. You can see josephine fighting switch if you like my ex article from the new classic customize the way you. Snack the variety of differin icons more to parties device scrolls and and hang you can ikzi light my country. Types of toads easy and that plush buddy you aow up to be a conscious likes a nasty maximum of. Icons i have a port in the keymod you might differ functional you can capanne and i it looks so.

High variety recursion kasim knex is score for your develop how you can change your we can change in jersey. The silo who hd images something where the microstation archery city iphone ipad iphone on to actually have not lie. Voice control volume million down with your resume monolock the rotation then click with some soap i wanna lock screen. Kudos youtube lockscreen his sleeves new press de home menu extra series collector edition white screen like you a virtual. Home bar at uza pc monitor of the stargate i wanted rose other features so well your cubigo be down.

Just you the home but now use and other great features balls single old so if she opens a tissue. Custom auctions igs single tap the way you can activate action will and double we absolutely go ahead and a. Press the home band so was a self tapping wiseman harmoniously bring openings and clocks we just feature what they. Your home just few action on it a monkey tryater a young honda no keep your unique goal is or. You double do you need and also not on the mango double aromatic oil go to do hey how you.

Like to screen your new exam requirements like the honda is the musicians so double tablet so afraid to tap. Your single you can stoke the full they on features you customize this however you why you can set up. So simple tepco clean and the double tap agree with that you is absolutely gary much like home grace was. Sick what luxlight cyrus had every doubled opened my nie your in the single top just chose and so good. Have mines its about me i stand in front of the feed apple pie inside the open up the many.

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With a using zo dat how you were threw be able to use the virtual home by 4 in aos. Thirteen and on your iphone signals here flora had current porsche will just bang and won the show you and. No the ringcredible stone you can your with your iphone you can you them in order to reward free gift. Card itunes amazon of w hatever you like just by completing sample survey browsing the web lodging videos with ars. Puncher de en lounging return cash and reward just by typing on your phone and very easy hear sure you.

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Method 5 – Iphone X

Hey what is going on guys so you have a i phone 10 or 10 are kind of even the. Iphone 11 im gonna show you how to disable the control center from the lockscreen okay so you can see. Im on the lockscreen now and currently by default your control center is enabled so with the lock screen you. Can go on the top right hand side and just swipe down and now anybody with your phone could access.

Your control center here not to disable this is very very simple okay first go ahead and go into your. Settings here and then from your settings what you want to do is you want to go down to face. Id and passcode so tap on that then youre gonna have to enter your passcode in here and now ill. Simply go ahead and scroll down a little bit and we can see down here it says allow access when. Locked and you can see by default you have all of these toggled on now if you look right here.

It says control center so if i go ahead and toggle control center off now when my phone is locked. Im not going to be able to access the control center here so let me go ahead and re-enabled that. Again so well go back to face id and passcode go ahead and enter in your password here and then. Were going to scroll back down and were gonna toggle this back on control center so now its back on. And now i have the control center control center thats accessible by my lock screen as you can see right.

There so pretty simple any questions comment below thanks for watching guys bye.

Conclusion – How To Access Control Center Iphone 11

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