How To Access Control Center On Iphone Xr – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access control center on iphone xr, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access control center on iphone xr,

Method 1 – Access & Customize Control Center On Your Iphone Xr

Now another gesture that you have to know is from this side so the top right hand corner just like. Your finger downwards youre gonna see this this is really important because right now we can turn on our airplane. Mode we can turn it off as well its gonna put okay there i can turn off my wi-fi or. I can turn it back on same thing goes with my bluetooth i can turn it back on we can.

Do that from settings as well however this is the quickest way to do it same goes with adjusting your. Brightness your volume and we have a flashlight to turn on plus our calculator and we have quick access to. Our camera we can also set it up like so so we can turn that on so our phone doesnt. Bug us if were in a meeting or something you dont want to get those notifications thats what you need. To turn on to turn it off just press it again slide up and youre done again almost everything i.

Showed you can be done from within your settings now im going to show you one of the most important. Things that you should set up on your new phone lets just go right into your settings under your settings. I want you to scroll down scroll down so you guys see control center just going to control center from. Here i want you to add this low power mode were just going to click on the add button and. Thats going to be added here anything that we dont want here we can take it out im gonna show.

You what that is so let me just minimize this for now keep in mind i did say minimize we. Didnt fully close it on the top right hand corner were gonna slide down right now we see this i. Just added this so i can turn on my low power mode on and there we go so if youre. Running out of battery or you know youre going to have a long day you wont be able to charge. Your phone you want that low power mode to be on the whole time thats very important because it does.

Help out with your battery big time anytime that you dont care about it just turn it off thats how. You can turn it off right here on your phone so were gonna slide up and i want to show. You the long way of doing that so right now we added that shortcut so we can just go power. On power off for a low battery mode and we can do that from our settings as well so let. Me just go back into our settings and right here if we scroll down just a little bit you have.

To look for your battery heres our battery i can turn on my low power mode just by doing that. Or turn it off however thats the long way and thats why i showed you guys how to put that. Into your settings so you dont have that problem now once again to turn on the flashlight of any phone. For that matter all we have to do is just tap up here scroll down and were gonna see our. Flashlight where we can turn it on so i just turned it on so my flash is always working im.

Gonna turn it off and on off and on and thats how it works and thats for any iphone out. There so once again it doesnt matter which phone you guys have its gonna be the exact same tutorial for. Any one of these anyways if you guys have any comments questions you guys can write down here in comments. Area and dont forget subscribe and rate thank you you.

Method 2 – Iphone Xr – First 12 Things To Do!

Whats up guys my name is brandon and today im gonna be showing you the first 12 things you should. Do on your brand new iphone 10 are so youve probably already unboxed your phone you probably already went through. The initial setup process and now youre probably on the homescreen and going through the settings wondering what you should. Change and what you should do next and so i wanted to make this video showing you guys the first.

Things you should do the first settings you should change the first things you should install all that good stuff. In this video since you probably are coming from an older device free iphone 8 maybe pre iphone 7 all. Right so lets not waste any time lets go and get started with the very first thing you should do. And the first thing its not really something you should do but something that you should realize and something that. You should actually form your own opinion on and that is to prove to yourself that the screen on the.

Iphone 10 are is not as bad as people are going to make it out to be and the way. You can do this is by comparing it to another device i have my iphone 10 s max here which. Has an oled display and the difference on the home screen and while watching youtube videos is not very significant. At all and since youre probably coming from an older device than the iphone 10 or 10 s or 10. S max youre probably not going to notice a big difference at all if any difference and maybe even the.

Iphone 10 r will have a better display then the device youre coming from so the first thing i want. You guys to do is just realize this display is not near as bad as people think and i think. You should show that you know to friends and to people on you know compare the screens and make them. Realize as well that the screen is not as bad as people make it out to be all right so. Now lets move on to some actual practical tips here with the iphone 10 are and the first thing or.

Actually two the second thing the first practical tip is to get familiar with the gesture controls on the iphone. 10 r so once again if you had the iphone 10 r youre probably coming from a device older than. The iphone 10 so youre not really gonna know anything about how the gesture controls work youre not gonna be. Used to having no home button on your device so its actually pretty easy and youre gonna grow to love. Not having a home button and just using gestures because everything is so much quicker and more fluid so you.

Can see just by swiping up from the bottom that gets you to the home screen from any application so. If you go into an application and swipe up that get you home any application swipe up that gets you. Home you can actually go into the last app by sliding there on the bottom bar you can go in. And out of applications very quickly so this is great for multitasking if you want to get into your control. Center you just swipe down from the top right of the screen and if you want to get to the.

Center just swipe down from the middle of the screen not just think about the knotch when you swipe down. If you want to take a screenshot without a home button you just click on the side button and the. Volume up rocker at the same time so press these two at the same time and it will take a. Screenshot and if you want to invoke siri you just long press on the side button as well and actually. Made a full video on all the gestures for the iphone 10 r so you can check that out if.

You want to know all of the gestures that well have that linked and the cards and also down in. The description below but yeah you definitely will want to get familiar with these because i remember when the iphone. 10 first came out there was kind of a learning curve to learning how to deal you know without having. A home button how to navigate without having a home button so but after a while i definitely prefer this. Over having a home button so definitely get familiar with that the next thing you want to do is go.

Ahead and set up face id if you didnt already do so in the initial setup process you can do. This by going to settings face id and passcode and then you put in your passcode if you have one. If you dont have one definitely set one up there as well and then you want to make sure that. Face id is being used for all of these things right here especially password autofill this is going to allow. You to fill in your stored pass codes by just scanning your face its really really convenient i use it.

All the time in safari this is also where you go to setup and ultimate an appearance so if you. Want multiple people being able to have access to your device you can do that right there you should also. Look at the require attention for face id setting and attention aware setting right here definitely read through these and. Toggle these on or off if youd like i like to have both of these enabled and i would recommend. You do so as well that way you have to actually be looking at the phone for it to unlock.

Because you dont want somebody just putting the phone up to you and youre not even looking at it and. Being able to unlock your phone like when youre asleep or something like that and then of course you should. Look through these settings down here as well i like keeping pretty much all of these at default but its. Definitely worth looking through if youre into security the next thing you should do is adjust your display settings so. If we go into our settings go to display and brightness you could turn on true tone you could turn.

On or off here i actually prefer to have it on you can see it gives it kind of a. Warmer tint to the screen if you turn it off its more of a blue tint which i dont really. Care for i like the warmer tint i used to like that blue look but i do like the true. Tone a little bit better especially at night you have night shift which ago toggle on or off you have. Auto lock which i would definitely recommend changing from 30 seconds to something like 3 to 5 minutes or possibly.

Even never i have mine on 5 minutes only because sometimes i will forget to like my phone used to. Be a thing that i would never forget to do but now sometimes ill just leave my phone sitting somewhere. And i wish that it locked after you know a few minutes so i like to have this on either. 4 or 5 minutes but you should definitely change it from 30 seconds because it will get annoying if youre. Trying to read something and you just have it sitting still on like a web page youre not scrolling or.

Anything and then up there 30 seconds goes by your screen starts to dim and then it will lock itself. And that is annoying so definitely configure the auto lock in there raise to wig i would disable that just. Because it does a drain battery and it does also get annoying because every time you take your phone out. And you know raise it doesnt necessarily mean that you want it to wake so i would disable that unless. Thats just a feature that you really really love then if we go back to settings general accessibility display accommodations.

I would turn auto brightness off i mean this is kind of personal preference but i tend to change my. Brightness by myself a lot i tend to you know know when im gonna change my brightness and i also. Have siri shortcut set up to change my brightness at certain times so yeah definitely tweak your display settings because. This is going to be what youre dealing with day in and day out so the next thing you guys. Should do is watch my battery saving tips video for ios 12 youre gonna want to get a good start.

On your battery life here on your new iphones head are youre gonna want to make sure that you have. All the right settings enabled and disabled so some of the ones im talking about first of all is a. Vibration out you definitely want to turn vibration off on ring for sure and id like to have vibration off. On silent as well vibration definitely takes up a lot of battery life it uses the motor inside of the. Iphone to vibrate and you should definitely have that disabled on ring and i like to do it on silent.

As well i also like to turn my keyboard clicks off and my lock sound off just because these are. Kind of pointless things system haptics is another thing that could actually eat away a battery but i tend to. Like this feature a lot so i keep that enabled low-power mode is definitely something you should consider as well. If you go into battery you have a toggle for that in there go and continue on there and you. Can see it changes the battery to low-power mode i will temporarily reduce background activity like downloads and mail fetch.

Until you can fully charge your iphone so definitely take advantage of low-power mode whenever you need to im gonna. Go ahead and disable that for now and there are just a lot of other tips you can find in. That video so watch it its in the description and also in the cards right now the next thing you. Guys should do is customize the control center so if we swipe down to get to the control center you. Can see there are five icons here by default but you can actually change these so if we go into.

Control center customize controls you can see you can actually add and move around the controls in there so some. Of the ones i suggest adding our low-power mode screen recording and you can also look into the hearing and. The magnifier ones right there if you are hard of hearing or if you have a hard time reading things. You can add those in there and you can see if you swipe down you see they all pop up. Right there which is awesome and once again you can move them around i just simply tapping on this and.

You know or holding on this and moving them around right here this is a quick and easy way to. Screen your court as well i love just being able to go into my control center and record my screen. It can also record audio as well thats another little tip there so definitely customize your controls here and the. Control centers that you will be opening that up at least a couple times a day the next thing you. Guys should do is go into settings camera formats and consider using high efficiency as your format as opposed to.

Most compatible so most compatible may be selected by default but you will want to switch to high efficiency if. You are going to be taking a lot of photos and videos and you want to save space and you. Can see right here it says to reduce file size capture photos and videos in the high efficiency htif hev. C format most compatible will always use jpg but 4k @ 60 and 1080p f 240 require high efficiency so. Yeah if you are into shooting 4k at 60 youll definitely want to use high efficiency but yeah just consider.

That just a thing to look at and you also want to make sure that smart hdr is enabled down. Here you want to make sure all these settings that i have right here are set on your phone obviously. You can record video you can change this to 4k i would recommend shooting in 4k just because its 2018. So you could shoot a day that either 24 30 or 60 i love shooting 4k at 60 so ill. Switch it over to that and you should also go into the camera just test out the camera here on.

The 10r is a great camera takes great photos videos and it also does portrait mode photos and selfies as. Well which is awesome now it does have one of these same cameras in the iphone 10s and 10s max. Of course it does only have a single 12 megapixel camera but it can still shoot portrait photos which is. Awesome and if you take a portrait photo you can also change the f-stop starting in ios 12.1 there will. Be in f up here in the top right and you can actually change the focal length the f-stop up.

There so you can adjust the blur before you can also do it after the photo by going into the. Photo and click edit and youll see the little bar down there on the bottom we can adjust the blur. And the background so yeah definitely really cool definitely check out the camera there on the 10r the next thing. You guys should do is create your me mochi so if you go into a message and you go to. The app store right here click on this little monkey right there for an emoji and youll see it shows.

You a little splash screen about and emoji go and click on continue if you click the little plus right. Here this is where you can create your own style of meme og so its basically like bitmoji but you. Dont really have as many choices you cant really customize it as much as you can a bitmoji but its. Really cool to be able to do this and you can see its picking up my mouth right there if. I wink if i blink if i smile itll detect me doing all that which is awesome so you can.

Go through here and change the skin you could change the hairstyle im just gonna select that one eyebrows our. Nose and lips our ears our facial hair eyewear our head were so a lot of cool stuff and then. Once you get done just click on done and you can see you can record your own emoji right here. You could send it in a message you can use it as a sticker and then of course you could. Do all of the animals as well they will pick up your mouth and everything like that so really cool.

Kind of a gimmicky feature but it is fun to play around with especially if you have somebody else who. Has a me emoji or you can just talk to people through an emojis just another reason that i message. Is just so superior to every other messaging platform so the next thing you i should do is install applications. And customize your homescreen so you have the app store right here this is where you go to download all. Your applications i would definitely go ahead and go into there look at the top charts search for whatever applications.

You want you can see i have all my social media ones down here i have some games so definitely. Go ahead and install the applications that you want and go ahead and customize your home screen so you could. Actually tap and hold right here to move icons you can move multiples by pulling this down and then selecting. Others just like so you can move it to other pages you can move it into folders and things like. That if you wanted to create a folder just simply drag one icon over top of the other and it.

Will create a folder just like so so yeah i definitely customize your homescreen because once again this is what. Youre going to be looking at every day so you want to make sure to have that customized to your. Liking the next thing you want to do is get familiar with these screen time and battery charts inside of. Settings so if you go to settings and go to battery you will see that we have a chart here. Of our battery level and it will actually show where all of our battery is being used so you can.

See photos was using the most for me only because ive only had my phone on for a short amount. Of time but you can see it will break down and show you where youre spending the most time in. Your phone and what applications are actually taking up the most battery life over the last 24 hours last 10. Days then you could also see your battery health in here as well if we go out of here and. Go into screen time you can see it gives you a rundown of screen time right here this will also.

Show you where youre spending time on your phone you can also set downtime app limits you can set restrictions. In here content and privacy restrictions and things like that so yeah definitely explore screen time right here theres a. Lot going on in here that i dont think you will find very useful the next thing you guys want. To do is consider purchasing icloud storage its extremely cheap and you probably want to be able to store all. Your photos in there just so they dont take up space on your device so if you go into settings.

Click on this right here where it shows your name up top go to icloud manage storage you can see. I have the 200 gigabyte plan right there but if you go into manage storage this is where you can. Actually buy a plan so you can see i could change storage plan by clicking on that and i pay. 3 dollars a month to have 200 gigabytes of storage in icloud and this actually syncs all the way across. All my phones my mac all that good stuff so its extremely its an extremely good value well worth the.

Money and i would definitely consider it especially if you take a lot of pictures but i mainly use it. Just for my photos as you can see right there mainly for photos and backups right there i definitely need. It for backups as well since i do have multiple devices so yeah i would definitely consider purchasing some extra. Icloud storage because its well worth the price and of course the final thing you guys should do on your. Iphone 10 are lets consider purchasing a case and a screen protector so i have some pretty cool cases here.

From griffin they sent these over to test out the new survivor series of case so definitely check these out. For the iphone 10 r i threw one on my iphone 10 r and it fits great it looks awesome. As well we also have screen protectors right here some tempered glass so i would definitely consider getting a screen. Protector and a case to protect your iphone i know youre gonna love that back you know the color of. Your iphone 10 r but you need to protect it so i will have the links to these cases down.

In the description below ill also have some links to cases that i recommended that ive had in the past. For other phones and screen protectors as well some ones that are worth the money some ones that arent really. Expensive so definitely check the description for some cases and some screen protectors so yeah those are the first 12. Things i would do on your brand new iphone 10 our i hope you guys enjoy this video i hope. You got something out of it i hope youre enjoying your brand new iphone 10 are especially after watching this.

Video if you are make sure to hit that thumbs up button and let me know any comment down below. With what i phone sent are you got and what tips you implemented from my video also make sure to. Subscribe for a lot more iphone 10 our coverage ought to be doing comparisons reviews all that good stuff so. Yeah thanks again for watching guys and ill see you soon.

Method 3 – Iphone X: An Easier Way To Open Control Center

Whats going on everybody this is ultimate device vids and today in this video im going to be showing you. Guys a better solution to control center on the iphone 10. So if you guys have an iphone 10 you. Know that you access control center from the top right edge of the screen you basically just slide down from.

Like this and it will appear and a lot of people agree myself included that this isnt necessarily the easiest. Place to access it was much easier when you could just slide up from the bottom there is a solution. That makes it a little bit easier to access using assistive touch so to basically use this you just need. To go into settings general accessibility and go over to assistive touch and go ahead and toggle it on so. Basically theres some custom actions here that you have single tap double tap long press and 3d touch and you.

Could use one of these actions on this assistivetouch button to activate control center so im going to use a. Single tap on this button you can see right here in a list of these things control center is available. So if you tap on that again you can use any of these actions to do so i just used. A single tap but now whenever i go ahead and single tap on this its just going to go ahead. And bring me to the control center so this is certainly much easier than having to reach all the way.

To the top because you could basically move this little button anywhere you could put it in the bottom corner. In the middle pretty much anywhere you want and again you just tap on it or do whatever your gesture. Was and it basically takes you to control center again this works inside any applications so again its just easier. To get to control center using this so uh i know a lot of people forget about some of those. Options buried deep in the iphone settings so hopefully this was able to help you out yeah guys that pretty.

Much wraps it up for this video again if this video was able to help you make sure to give. It a like and subscribe to this channel for more videos also make sure to follow the channel on twitter. And like it on facebook ill put a link to my twitter page and my facebook page in the description. Down below thank you guys so much for watching this video and ill catch the next one peace out.

Method 4 – How To Add Home Button To Iphone Xs Max

Whats up you guys idiot flip tronic so im gonna be showing you a cool trick for how you can. Add a home button to both the iphone 10s macs and iphone 10 are alright so if you miss having. A home button this is gonna you know bring it back to life for you and im just gonna test. It out right here on the 10s max says ive already got it up but like lets say youre browsing.

Around you just have to literally just tap it and well take you back to the home screen alright so. In order to make this all possible youre obviously gonna have to go into your settings now as soon as. You go into your settings you want to go down to where it says general and then you want to. Click on accessibility alright so as soon as we get in here you need to scroll down a little bit. More and the feature that we need to turn on in here is called assistive touch so tap it to.

On but youre not going to be done just yet so anyways weve got it up and youre gonna see. Some different options here so you have a single tap option what you want to do is make sure its. Set to home otherwise it wont work right you can do a double tap option on here ive actually got. This set to screenshot so you can actually change the actions you want for the you know the button on. Here and you can also move the button around a little bit so like lets say you want to move.

It to the left or the right here so youve got left youve got right or you can put it. Down you know where the home button supposed to be right so like i said its currently set to you. Know take you back to the home screen when you tap it but if you would do a double tap. On it itll take a screenshot so i mean you can set different features up for it let me see. What else i had on here so you can actually change the opacity which is gonna make it like darker.

Or brighter so check it out if you want to make the home button look darker you can make it. Look completely dark if you want to make it look lighter you can do that as well but yeah i. Mean this is just like a really cool workaround for getting the home button back and its easy to setup. And you know its been a while for me you know i when i first started using the newer iphones. You know back when the iphone 10 came out i definitely missed the home button for a while i was.

Having withdrawals from being able to tap it but you know i got over it after a while and you. Know if you want to bring it back to life this is definitely a way you can do that anyways. You guys i would definitely appreciate if you at the like and share on this thanks for watching it and. We will see all it.

Method 5 – Iphone X

Hey what is going on guys so you have a i phone 10 or 10 are kind of even the. Iphone 11 im gonna show you how to disable the control center from the lockscreen okay so you can see. Im on the lockscreen now and currently by default your control center is enabled so with the lock screen you. Can go on the top right hand side and just swipe down and now anybody with your phone could access.

Your control center here not to disable this is very very simple okay first go ahead and go into your. Settings here and then from your settings what you want to do is you want to go down to face. Id and passcode so tap on that then .

Conclusion – How To Access Control Center On Iphone Xr

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