How To Access Cpanel Godaddy – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access cpanel godaddy,

Method 1 – How To Access

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Method 2 – How To Find & Access Cpanel In Godaddy

Hello into the people in this video ill show you where to find cpanel in the new godaddy dashboard arnie. What do you think about godaddy punch alright before we start if you have managed wordpress hosting in godaddy you. Dont have access to cpanel its just not part of the package the closest you can get is to use. Ftp to access the files ill leave a link in the description to a great tutorial and if youre trying.

To install an ssl certificate on your managed wordpress then check the description as well so lets start by logging. Into godaddys dashboard you just go on top compress and sign in and then put in your username and your. Password and click on sign in here you might have just one domain or a bunch of them just scroll. Down until you see that posting and click on manage and here at the top you have a button called. Cpanel admin just click on it and you are in cpanel here you can access your file manager install a.

Ssl certificate or a bunch of other stuff then you might need while running your website if youre looking to. Master the digital world while getting entertained then hit the subscribe button and find the bell icon so you get. To all the updates you.

Method 3 – How To Access Cpanel In Godaddy Web Hosting [2021 New Dashboard]

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Method 4 – How To Get Cpanel In Godaddy 2021 | Rbn Web Solutions | Setup Cpanel

Hey whats up i am robin from our bienville solutions a professional water design and development agency in this tutorial. I am going to show you how you can gauge the panel access on your code there be hosting so. You have to go first go so that and disaster hit enter after entering and from here you. Have to sign it so click on sign in and hit to the sign in button and after sign in.

Button you will get to field first field you have to give your customer id your user name and here. You have to give your password then hit enter so its going to sign in and after signing you have. To click on manage option click on manage button and and after this you will get a new page where. You have to click on manage hosting but on its loading and click on manage hosting and from here you. Have to click on this icon and from this icon click on settings and here you should see the cpanel.

Button here yes we can see here the cpanel admin button click on cpanel admin and after clicking you will. Simply get your cpanel on koduri so i hope this tutorial will help you if you want to learn how. You can catch the panel on godaddy and please subscribe to our channel to get more amazing do drills like. This thank you.

Method 5 – How To Install An Ssl Certificate On-To Godaddy Cpanel Hosting

Hi this is amar from australia and in this video im gonna be showing you how you can successfully. Purchase and install an ssl certificate in your godaddy hosting plan so lets get started as you can see were. On our godaddy homepage here and if you scroll down youll see that the ssl security the cheapest certificate from. Godaddy costs about 64 us dollars a year which is quite expensive also i do need to mention the fact.

That if youve purchased the dedicated wordpress hosting plan youll not be able to manually install a certificate because youll. Not have access to your cpanel so lets get started click on your profile here and click on visit your. Account okay close this pop-ups scroll down uh click click on manager plan we have the starter linux hosting with. Cpanel okay were on a dashboard here and if you now click on cpanel admin click on that this will. Take you to your cpanel home page the dashboard and youll now need to scroll down and click on ssl.

And tls which is right about here here we go under security now well need to generate a certificate signed. Request or csr click on that so basically what a csr is its uh all your information that were gonna. Input down here stored in hashes or in a certain code that is communicated between service and which is understood. By them so what were going to do is were going to generate a new key type in your domain. Name here your city stay and just fill in all these details here email okay as you can see we.

Have two dialog boxes passwords and description left empty here now the passphrase i recommend that you leave that empty. Because youll not want the hassle of remembering your password when you need to access your certificate signing requests but. I recommend that you leave that empty no problem and in description uh if you want to describe anything to. Uh we already have a domain name inputted here so were gonna leave the description empty too now were gonna. Click on generate okay uh said certificate has been generated make sure that you copy this from the very start.

To very end you know including all the dashes click on copy and save it in a notepad file somewhere. Or just copy to clipboard now what were going to do is were going to head over to the sso. Trust dashboard sorry the ssl trust home page and now were gonna buy a cheap certificate click on standard certificates. Scroll down uh there are lots of greatest types of certificate yeah with various companies uh various types we have. That with them uh we can were gonna go with the cheapest one for this video and one year which.

Costs about 10 dollars which is quite cheaper than 60 usd okay as you can see this is 10.8 us. Dollars which is quite cheaper than 64. Im gonna click on checkout okay and put in all your details here. And pay by a paypal card or your bank directly when that banking and click on complete order once youre. Done with that youll be redirected to your dashboard here you will receive a confirmation email that you ordered successful.

As you can see the sector positive ssl we have purchased this for one year now what we can do. Is submit the ssl configuration click on submit certificate configuration okay scroll down and paste your csr or your certificate. Signing request here as it was were going to click on verify csr here and if your details pop up. Just about right youre good to go lets have a type you know cpanel oops and click on next step. So input in all your details here if youre the admin and you have a technic contact doing this for.

You be sure to include the technical persons name or your admin details if youre the technical person doing this. But were the same person so were gonna use our admin details here and click on next step okay now. Comes the important part validation method now youre gonna need to prove to this certificate authority sector that you owned. Your domain name and you have complete access to it so there are a few methods of verification if you. Click on the email one theres uh theres lots of emails these are the five addresses recognized you can youre.

Going to need to create an email address with the same username and youll be sent an email with a. Confirmation code in that if you open that link your domain will be validated the next step is the http. File so what this does that is youll need to access your file manager via ftp and youll need to. Navigate to this very url under this folder under this folder too with the text file with this name and. Youre gonna have to create a text file in that and youre gonna copy and paste this contents this is.

The next method of validation is the cname record uh the easiest one which were going to do for in. This video you just need to access your domain name provider or your godaddy dns if your name servers are. Set to godaddies so what were going to do now is go to dns settings of godaddy youll be easily. Able to navigate to that under domains and click on your domain name okay these are the default records listed. Here were gonna add a record a cname record and the ttl were gonna set that to half hour copy.

The first box exactly as it is paste it here do the same for the next dialog box copy and. Paste it in the next box as it is the host is also good to go now were going. To click on save come back here and you uh click on this uh button here to check your dns. Record this will usually take from a few minutes up to an hour to a few hours depending on your. Hosting provider for this record to propagate through all dns service okay now what were going to do is were.

Going to click on submit configuration okay oh that our configuration was a success this is our order number were. Gonna scroll down to the validation manager click on that okay as you can see this was quick and our. Order was issued our certificate has been issued because uh as you can see our cname record has propagated and. Our domain name is successfully validated we have now been issuing a certificate and can move on to installing it. I i do need to mention the fact that if your certificate has not been issued it has it is.

Because your domain name has not been validated yet you can wait a few more minutes up to an hour. Or a few hours more or you can move on to other methods of verification such that such as the. Http and the email method of verification so now were going to move on to our dashboard at ssl trust. Click on our certificate and were going to click on collect and download it okay now this is the first. Com were going to copy this clipboard and head over to cpanel dashboard again scroll down go to ssl and.

Tls go to crts or certificates click on that scroll up paste your certificate here and our information pops up. Just about right scroll down description uh this is for your reference and so that you know what uh what. Domain name has the certificate been installed on and were going to get our save certificate and go back im. Gonna scroll down and go back again to iso manager and now were gonna manage is our sites were gonna. Install it now you can select your domain name and you can click on autofill by domain okay as you.

Can see the crt the priority key and the ca bundle are automatically filled if this does not fill automatically. You can move on to manually copy and pasting your private key from the uh ssl panel go back get. Your private key and paste it here and for the ca bundle file just go back to your certificate here. And this you gotta paste the intermediate certificate which is also called the ca bundle copy and paste it from. The very start to very end here if it does not show automatically now were going to click on install.

Certificate and were done lets open up okay as you can see our connection was not secure when i hit. Refresh one more time okay so as you can see our connection is now secured to our website and we. Are uh we have a positive ssl secure logo so now what were going to do is were going to. Test our installation by going to website called test your server copying your domain name paste it here click. On submit okay as you can see weve got an a on our certificate and it looks like everything is.

Good scroll down looks okay configuration is good gls package so good okay so pretty much if you get an. A youre good to go your website is now 100 secure and you can carry on with your transactions or. Whatever you do with your site and your users will be protected so once youre done with that so if. You have any questions please drop it down in the comments below or if you need any uh support please. Contact our support team at ssl trust thank you for watching this.

Conclusion – How To Access Cpanel Godaddy

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