How To Access Cpanel – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access cpanel,

Method 1 – (3 Ways) How To Login To Cpanel Account (WordPress Website)

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Method 2 – Cpanel Tutorials – How To Log In To Cpanel

Hi there this is lawrence simon a technical writer on the documentation team at cpanel im here to show you. How to log in to your cpanel account so what is my login url your hosting provider or system administrator. Should provide it to you when they first set up your account its going to start with http colon slash. Slash this represents a secure web connection then your host name followed by a colon and the number two zero.

Eight three thats the port youll connect to now your domain might not be ready in dns yet the registrar. May still point the domain at the default name servers or youve moved to a new server and the dns. Entries need a day or two to propagate until dns is ready you can also use the ip address that. The site will use instead of the host name i strongly recommend that you create a bookmark or shortcut to. This interface see that cpanel icon in my favorites bar thats where i keep mine so we go to the.

Correct url and the cpanel login interface will appear if you need for the interface to appear in another language. You can select it from the bottom of the interface or you can click the three dots for a longer. List of languages ill stick with english did you forget your password click the reset password button a new interface. Will appear where you can enter your username and the system will email you a link to reset your password. Ill click cancel to go back to the login interface enter your username in the username text box and then.

Enter your password in the password text box click login if you use two-factor authentication for security you will need. To enter the code we cover two-factor authentication in another video you can also use your cpanel id to login. To cpanel through external authentication but we cover that in another video as well okay here we are in the. Cpanel home interface from here you can perform the tasks that you need to manage your website whether its to. Add an email address or upload web content you can learn about those functions in the other tutorial videos or.

In our documentation at documentation dot cpanel net for more information about cpanel go to our website at cpanel comm. Or check us out on twitter at cpanel thank you for watching.

Method 3 – How To Access Cpanel?

Hey guys how are you hope sir you are well so todays videos title is that how to assess cpanel. So lets get started step number one first of all you have to click on customer after that you must. Login into your web account here with your registration email and password or you can also use access with. Google button to enter directly with your gmail account which must be same with which you created your account step.

Number two once inside your account you must go to the main menu then to services and within this go. To my services where you will find the contracted web hosting plans step number three now select a hosting services. That is active step number four finally go to the actions menu on the left side in the login to. Cpanel section.

Method 4 – How To Access

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Method 5 – How To Enable Terminal In Cpanel For Ssh Access

Hey everyone this is tony teaches tech im tony and in this video im going to show you how to. Enable terminal in your cpanel for ssh access now not only will this enable terminal from within your cpanel itself. But youll also be able to ssh into your server via the terminal client thats built into your computer or. Putty or something else like that were going to be working specifically with namecheaps cpanel so there might be some.

Subtle differences here but without any further ado lets go ahead and hop on into the tutorial here okay so. Im at my namecheap dashboard and what were going to do is go into my cpanel which you can access. That here go to cpanel and thats going to redirect us to our cpanel screen which looks like this so. If we look all over this page up and down left and right we wont see any terminal references whatsoever. In order to enable terminal to show up here and come down to the bottom and click on manage shell.

Now its really simple enable ssh to access just toggle this guy on and then we go back uh well. First of all youll see this is our server ip this is the username and this is the port well. Use this information later but in order to access terminal now you can go back to your apps and youll. See under the advanced section that now we have the terminal option so when you click on that thats going. To go ahead and log you right into your server via ssh so you can poke around in here were.

In the home directory this is the user and thats what we have at that directory now what if we. Wanted to login via ssh to the server but using the built-in terminal client on your computer for example if. Youre on mac you can use the terminal program that looks like this okay and if youre on windows you. Can use something like putty how do we know what the credentials are for this well we saw some of. Those credentials back here under the lets go down here manage shell section so we know the ip address we.

Know the username we know the port so were going to build the command its going to look something like. This ssh dash p for port 21098 the username is tony l-u-z-t at the iphone now before i even. Hit the enter key what is the password what is the password to get into the ssh server that turns. Out that its the same password for your cpanel okay now if youre on namecheap you might not know your. Namecheap cpanel password its going to be different from whatever you log into your namecheap account with so lets minimize.

This for a second and let me just show you whats going on so heres your the current username is. This right now okay you can see that up here too what were basically going to do to reset your. Password is to knock everything off of the url up until the port hit enter and this is going to. Allow you to reset your password if you dont know what it is so lets click on the the reset. Password option here and well enter the username which is t-o-n-y-l-u-z-t and then we can request that reset of the.

Password im gonna type in my email address thats associated with cpanel and im going to send the security code. There and now im going to go check my email and put that security code in here one thing you. Should know is that this has ended up in my spam inbox a couple times so make sure you check. Your spam folder here is the code so well go back over here paste that in submit and now we. Can reset our password okay i got that information in there lets click on set password and now we have.

Our password so lets go back into cpanel login test it out so again our username is tony l-u-z-t and. Then im going to paste in my password log in very good so we know what the username is we. Know what the password is lets pull up our terminal window again and now we can execute this command knowing. Our password we can type that in or paste it in if its on your clipboard hit enter and there. We go we are now on our cpanel server were on the server that cpanel is hosted on and its.

Going to look exactly the same as it did before all right guys if you do use namecheap and you. Want to know how it stacks up against the competition i have this video right here that you should check. Out and a whole bunch of other name cheap videos ssh videos all that stuff so i invite you to. Subscribe to this channel for more videos like this from me in the future and if you do ill see. You in the next one you.

Conclusion – How To Access Cpanel

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