How To Access Deleted Photos On Android – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access deleted photos on android,

Method 1 – How To Recover Deleted Photos From Any Android! (2020)

Welcome back everyone you might be in a situation where you might have deleted some photos from your android device. Whether thats a samsung galaxy s series phone or a lg or oneplus wherever the cases im on an android. Phone youre actually.

Method 2 – In 2 Mins How To Recover Deleted Photos In Android Phone Quickly 2020

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Method 3 – How To Recover Deleted Files On Android Phone?

Hello guys and girls and welcome back to our channel i really hope youre enjoying the content so far and. As promised and back with another helpful tutorial to guide you how to serve one very major problem i bet. Everybody has been experiencing this so far accidentally deleting a photo or video from your android smartphone i bet the. First question youre asking yourself is is there a way to recover these files the good news is that the.

Answer is yes and now if youre wondering how this is exactly what this video is going to be about. To guide you through a few convenient ways of how you can quickly and easily restore your accent to deleted. Photos or videos from your android device and if you like such type of content and youre interested in data. Recovery then make sure to subscribe to our channel in order not to miss any of our future episodes before. We begin with the actual recovery methods let us talk about android 9 and why it is easier to recover.

Files from this one actually ill first quickly explain where these faster residing usually when we capture photos and videos. Theyre getting stored either on the internal all the external storage if your device supports any external storage because this. One doesnt raises the internal device the internal storage is partitioned into a few sections and usually photos and videos. Are written to the data partition thing is that when you delete some files photos or videos intentionally or not. Though the sectors where the data resides are marked as deleted however the data still residing of these sectors for.

As long as there are no other files which are written on top of it and this is exactly what. We are going to take advantage of it some of the recovery methods other devices like the external storage understand. The microsd card if your phone supports such have a slightly different recovery procedure and we are all going to. Test how that works lets begin with the first method like a computer the current android devices are running on. Android 9 and 10 and come with a dedicated recently deleted folder and it needed photo or video is going.

To be transferred to this folder and stay there for at least 15 days instead of permanently deleted and if. You want you can directly retrieve the photo and video from the recently deleted folder within this period however you. Might be required to enable the trash function in the first place and that can be done in your gallery. Apps most commonly heres how you can do that go to the gallery app on your android device tap the. Three dots on the top right corner and select trash or could be that the name varies depending on the.

Vendor of your smartphone this is going to list all the photos and videos you have been deleting in the. Past weeks choose the file that you want to restore tap the restore icon at the bottom of the screen. Keep in mind that videos and photos are going to remain recoverable in these folders like trash or recycle bin. For as long as you have configured it but usually thats no more than thirty days so it could be. That if you try to recover any older files you might have to use one of our next methods a.

Lot of android phones nowadays have the backup and sync option and one of the easiest ways to utilize that. For photos and videos is indeed to use google photos and most of current smartphones actually arrived with google photos. Out of the box even if you dont have the app its easily downloadable from google play store it also. Arrives with a trash feature which can help you to underlit photos or videos from your android device for a. Period of up to sixty days its how we do that we open the app menu then we go to.

The trash function and we look for the files that we need long press and tap on the restore button. Speaking of cloud-based backups and since were on the topic google something very similar to the previously reviewed google photos. Is google drive and while it has a lot of similarities let us talk about the specifics of how you. Can recover some of your files from google drive launch the app and make sure youre logged in with your. Proper google accounts tap the menu button and check the list of photos and videos which is going to become.

Visible on the screen simply navigate and choose the files which need to be retrieved when it comes to retrieval. Of thousand android devices the options could be quite many because most of these big vendors think of huawei xiaomi. Samsung lg and so on these manufacturers seem to grade their own backup and restore sometimes cloud-based procedure so if. You want another way of doing a proper backup a restore of your files better check with the description of. Your smartphones user guide and most likely youre going to find another way where your photos are going to be.

Properly backed up if none of the procedures so far is helpful to you then maybe i can show you. The next one which is going to be especially helpful when it comes to recovering data from external devices like. Microsd cards and this time were involving our award-winning data recovery software called recover it lets go it is one. Of the feature-rich sd card data recovery tools that is specifically tailored to perform photo and video recovery on android. And unlike other recovery to see doesnt require any root privileges so everything is going to be safe and sound.

And youre not going to compromise your warranty first of all take the sd card out of your android phone. And connect it to a laptop or computer using the dedicated card reader or usb converter now launch recovery data. Recovery software select the sd card is the location to recover data from and click the start button this is. Going to initiate the scan its going to take a few minutes you can pause the scanning process any time. You want since the software is going to display a big list of all the deleted files you might feel.

A little lost but you know one step at a time figure out which are the files that you really. Want to recover we also offer a preview feature meaning that you can see the further before its getting recovered. And when you find these files that you want to save just select all of them click the recover button. Select destination and done that was easy wasnt it but i know whats difficult whats truly difficult is to stay. Calm and focus when you figure out oh no there are some deleted files for my phone and i guess.

If you follow the channel regularly it kind of uses the fact that unless things are physically broken and looking. At this one isnt yet there are ways to recover your potentially lost files and thats why were here to. Show you all these in siebel to follow ways and thats been everything for todays episode i truly hope it. Was helpful and similar contributed to you successfully recovering your data i think the best way to keep your data. Safe is to be proactive and find a good way to regularly backup the data so in case of any.

Questions feel free to get in touch in the comment section below if you enjoy the video thats a cool. Button and subscribe for more practical data solutions my names michael cant wait to see you in the next episode. Have a great day bye.

Method 4 – How To Recover Deleted Videos, Photos On Android Using One Tool! 2021 Method

Hello in this video ill show you how you can recover deleted photos and videos using only one tool and. Make sure to follow the whole video with skipping because ill take you through each and every step explaining everything. In details and if youre new here dont forget to subscribe turn on the notification bell so that youll be. Updated each time i make a new video so without wasting time lets begin now the very first thing youre.

Going to do is go to your phone settings go to settings and on settings go to apps and notifications. Click fc notifications and then you come to the option of see or see all apps and after that you. Scroll and look for file manager so in my phone it shows me files by google but in other phones. There is file manager so you look for that option that says file manager and then you click on it. So after that you come to the option of first stop so youre just going to click on first stop.

Okay and from there we are now going to play store up so im going to show you this wonderful. And amazing app that helps you to recover deleted photos so it digs out all your photos and videos so. Its called happy happy apps happy apps free so just type happy apps free very wonderful app theres one million. Downloads so im just going to install it and remember this app will show both deleted and undeleted files so. Youre just going to look for the donated files so when you open you can skip all those options allow.

Permissions then you skip so after that we are going to scan if you unscan photos you first start with. Photos or else images we can do scan images because there is also for videos but let me first take. You through how to get your images back so click on scan so it will take time scanning through because. It will dig out everything that was deleted whether old or new so it will take time really so after. It has finished the process you can now go and click on the photos you want to recover so for.

Instance if i click this there is option down restore so just going to restore and thats how you rest. To the photos now for the videos and after restoring you can come to this option sure restaurant is so. Recovered images are there so thats for the images now for the photo for the videos youre going to do. The same thing come to scan videos so you click on it allow it to restore so it will retrieve. All the deleted videos so as i said it shows both deleted and undeleted so after finding a deleted videos.

Were just going to click on a specific video that you want to recover and that is how your videos. Will be recovered so if youve liked this video dont forget to give a thumbs up subscribe if youre new. And also turn on the notification bell so that you dont miss any of my videos and i hope this. Will work for you and just in case it doesnt dont forget to check the description of this video so. That you will check for other options that i uploaded earlier so see in the next video.

Method 5 – How To Recover Deleted Photos On Android Devices?

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Conclusion – How To Access Deleted Photos On Android

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