How To Access Delta Travelnet – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access delta travelnet, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access delta travelnet,

Method 1 – How To Check In | Delta Travel App|Review

Hey guys im free welcome to my channel today im going to teach you how to check early on a. Flight using the delta ak so the first thing you need to do is to locate the delta app you. Can do that by typing del and the app will pop up and one its pop-up we will tap on. It and it will take you to the page where you need to sign in you will enter your sky.

Mount under your password then use your fingerprint to sign-in and that will take you to this page so click. On my trip and when youll click on your trip youre going to enter your informations which is your first. Name your last name and also your confirmation number so once you do that sometimes you can use a credit. Card too or your ticket number to get into the details of your flight but in my case i am. Just gonna use the confirmation number and to get into the details of my flight so once you do that.

You will scroll over to flight details and it will take you to this page where you can check in. You will tap on the check and you see like check-in so you will tap on that and then you. Will tap continue its going to give you the your flight details so now its asked me do you have. Any bags to check-in i dont have any so i said new i will just continue and go over now. They say do you have any combustibles such as firearms mouthwash things that can explode and i dont have any.

So i acknowledge and continue so now i am able to view my boarding pass i will tap on this. One it will take me to the patriarch a nephew my boarding pass so as you may notice there is. A psa ticket pictured there i took it background test so now i can fly whenever i want and i. Dont have to like hang i mean i dont like to stand in the long line to get checked and. So since ive done that i can add it to my wallet i can i would say add your wallet.

And then now my flight ticket is in my wallet i can just go to my wallet click on it. And it will show me my flight ticket so the only thing i need to do tomorrow morning is just. Put my phone down and the tsa precheck or if you like and ill be on my way thats it. I really like the delta because its make it easy for me to check-in and i dont have to fidget. The next morning with a paper boarding ticket and the part that i really like since when tomorrow morning all.

I need to do is show the cashier my qr code and she will scan it and im good to. Go so if you liked this video give it a thumbs up and do not forget to subscribe to my. Channel until next time bye goodbye you.

Method 2 – How To Get Access To Airport Lounges

Airports can be really loud and stressful especially if youre traveling with kids but what if instead of waiting in. The terminal for your flight you could wait in a place thats a quiet luxurious sanctuary thats full of free. Food and drink well you can and theyre called airport lounges in this video im gonna break down exactly how. To get into these lounges so keep watching if youre new to top play family my name is carmen where.

The sanyo v family and we are all about inspiring families to travel the world together in comfort and style. We share tips on how you can save time reduce hassle and maximize comfort when you travel with kids so. If that sounds good to you please subscribe and turn our notifications so you dont miss our next video also. Be sure to follow us on instagram my top 5 family for a lot of people airport lounges are kind. Of shrouded in mystery does it cost a fortune to get into an airport lounge who gets to get access.

To an airport lounge and who doesnt what types of different airport lounges are there if i try to get. Into an airport lounge am i gonna get laughed out of the room in this video im gonna break down. Why airport lounges are so great for families how to get access to airport lounges and how to make the. Most of your time at an airport lounge first lets talk about why families should use airport lounges benefit number. One peace and quiet lounges are quiet peaceful spaces that provide families with an escape from the chaos of the.

Airport terminal if kids are in a relaxed environment it really helps to calm them down before a flight staying. In a lounge is an especially great option if you have kids with any kind of sensory issues because youre. Pretty much removing a lot of the stressful stimulus that an airport terminal has benefit number two comfortable seating the. Seating in airport lounges is way more comfortable than the seating that youre gonna get at the gate and lets. Be honest it isnt just the kids who are over stimulated and full of nervous energy at an airport those.

Grown-ups need to relax as well even if youre a seasoned traveler it can feel really stressful to try to. Get everyone in your family where they need to be when they need to be you know making sure youre. Not forgetting anything important like your luggage or your passports and all the while youre surrounded by tons of stressed-out. Strangers on the other hand the minute that i walk into a lounge know that i can sit back and. Relax and the entire vibe changes for me benefit number three free food and drink one of the annoying things.

About air travel is just how overpriced everything is in the airport terminal so one thing i really appreciate about. Airport lounges is that they provide complimentary food and drinks so i dont have to pay those inflated prices for. Food in the terminal now at lounges the food selection can really really range it can range from a full. Buffet of hot entrees like this one at the marhaba lounge in dubai international airport it can be something like. Make your own salad or make your own noodle soup bar kind of like this one at the delta sky.

Club and it can go all the way down to super bare-bones offerings like pretzels and crackers some lounges definitely. Have better food than others but its still nice that everything is in one place and you dont have to. Wait in line oh and i should mention there are usually complimentary alcoholic beverages too its always nice to enjoy. A glass of wine before getting on a flight because after all vacations should start the minute you set out. On your journey it shouldnt be all work and stress until you get to your destination so thats a really.

Nice way to kind of kick off and get into that vacation mode benefit number four charging stations airport lounges. Usually have tons of charging stations so everybody can use their devices watch some youtube stream some netflix shows or. Do some work on their laptops without having to wait for an outlet to open up okay so weve talked. About why your family should choose to wait in an airport lounge now lets talk about how to actually get. In one theres a bunch of different methods so im gonna break it down for you method one fly first.

Or business class now the easiest but possibly also the most expensive way to get into a lounge is to. Fly first or business class now unfortunately these days if youre on a domestic flight even if its first hour. Business class take it that is probably not going to qualify you to get lounge access but if youre flying. First or business class and youre on an international flight then most of the time that should get you into. The lounge of that airline that said there are exceptions so if lounge access is really important to your family.

Find out before you booked your ticket we had a situation once where we flew to cabo first class on. American and they wouldnt let us use the admirals and thats because they only consider first-class flights in and out. Of mexico city to be eligible for lounge access so if youre flying first-class in or out of anywhere else. In mexico youre out of luck so be sure to read the fine print or just call the airlines customer. Service number to verify that youre gonna have lounge access before you purchase that first-class ticket method to reach elite.

Status the second way you can gain access to the lounge is through status in other words by being a. Loyal frequent flyer so if you fly often youll definitely be rewarded by choosing to fly with the same airline. As often as possible you probably already know about the benefits of earning miles but theres also other perks if. You make altitude elite 50k status on air canada or premier gold on united for example youll get access to. Most of the star alliance airport lounges around the world the skyteam airline alliance which is made up of delta.

Air france-klm and other airlines offers airport lounge access for certain elite members and also if youre an american airlines. Flyer the oneworld alliance also gives access to lounges for certain elite members so you definitely want to check what. Level is going to qualify you for lounge access and that should give you an idea of how often youre. Going to need to fly that airline to reach that status by the way if youd like a free copy. Of my guide nine ways to add some luxury to your next family vacation just go to top flight family.

Comm slash luxury and enter your email address and im gonna link that below as well okay heres the next. Way you can get into an airport lounge method three buy a membership you can get into airport lounges by. Simply buying memberships to specific airline lounge networks so for example we flight delta all the time and we use. The delta sky club a lot and if you wanted an annual membership to that lounge its four hundred and. Ninety five dollars per year you get unlimited access and you can bring up to two guests for $29 each.

For families a better option might be the executive membership that costs seven hundred and forty five dollars for the. Year a tan includes complimentary access for the member and up to two guests per visits so you dont actually. Have to pay extra for the guests so if your family flies that airline really frequently you may find that. Its cheaper to actually pay for a membership than to pay each time you use the lounge method number four. Have the right credit card another way to gain access to airport lounges is just to have the right credit.

Card so i have the delta skymiles reserved american express card which gives me complimentary access to the delta sky. Club surge also gets complimentary access to the delta sky club through a different card which is the american express. Business platinum card both of us can bring up to two guests each at $29 so thats what we usually. Pay for the girls now another great benefit of both of these credit cards is that they also give us. Access to the centurion lounges these are the american express branded lounges which are fantastic and theyre always adding new.

Ones so thats another perk that we really enjoy as well method number five get priority pass priority pass is. Another great way to get access to airport lounges when you have a priority pass membership you get access to. More than 1300 priority pass lounges located in a hundred and forty three different countries so yeah its a lot. Some of these lounges can be pretty basic so we often use the wingtips lounge at jfk and thats not. Super luxe but its got the essentials that set some priority pass lounges can actually be really really nice for.

Example the lounge in the taipei airport had a whole noodle bar and a lady making fresh noodles and they. Were delicious and the lounge in the punta cana airport in the dominican republic actually has an outdoor pool that. Overlooks the runway its really really cool you can purchase a basic membership for $99 per year and that allows. You to use the priority past lounges but youll have to pay $32 each time you use a lounge a. Better option is to sign up with one of the big travel credit cards like chase sapphire reserve or american.

Express platinum that way youll get a free priority pass select membership which is one level up and that gives. You free access to the lounges plus you can bring up to two guests for free as well now theres. Going to be certain airports that may not have a priority pass lounge but that they have actually worked out. A deal with the restaurant in the airport for priority pass members so for example in the denver airport theres. A restaurant called beuerlein steaks and grill and there we got 28 dollars per person off of our bill so.

We basically had a completely free meal one thing to note though is that during busy hours lounges can sometimes. Restrict access to just first-class flyers or to just those flyers with elite status so you may not always be. Able to get in with your priority pass membership but as long as youre prepared for that possibility and you. Have a plan b in mind it shouldnt be too disruptive method 6 buy a day pass when all else. Fails keep in mind that many lounges will allow you to buy a day pass so thats a great option.

For families who for example only travel once a year but they really want to uplevel their vacation so rates. Are gonna vary for each lounge but typically itll be anywhere between thirty to fifty dollars per person so youll. Have to decide if its worth it for your family i would say that if anyone in your party gets. Overstimulated easily or if they suffer from anxiety then lounge access could really be priceless typically the longer the layover. The more worthwhile it is for any family to get into a lounge but just as is the case with.

Priority pass keep in mind that during busy hours many lounges will restrict access to just first-class passengers or just. Those flyers with elite status and those times they may not actually allow you to purchase a day pass so. Just keep that in mind method number seven show your active duty military credentials many us airlines have pretty generous. Military policies youve probably heard military personnel being invited to board early at a gate for example but one benefit. That you may not be as familiar with is that a lot of airlines will also offer a complimentary lounge.

Access if youre active duty military im gonna link below to a really great article on this topic on the. Points guy and it was written by a former naval officer and he found that about 90 percent of the. Time he was able to access airport lounges once he showed evidence that he was active duty keep in mind. That every airline has different rules about this so always be sure to look up the policy in advance some. Might want you to show your military id and leave orders others might require you to be in uniform and.

Most will also allow entry for immediate family members who are traveling with you so thats a great benefit as. Well sometimes the written policies are not enforced in a consistent way so its a good idea to actually pull. Up those policies on your phone just in case the staff member is telling you that you dont have access. To the lounge and if you need to contradict them and show some evidence then that can be helpful just. Know that lounge access is something that you should be entitled to as active duty military personnel you just have.

To do a little bit of research before you travel okay so now you know why airport lounges are great. For families you know how to access them now lets talk about how to make the most of your time. When youre at an airport lounge number one get to the airport early were the type of family who likes. To get to the airport two hours early so we dont have to feel rushed or stressed but part of. The reason we enjoy getting to the airport that early is because it gives us more time to relax in.

The lounge after all if youre gonna go through the expense or the effort of getting into an airport lounge. You should really give yourself some time to actually enjoy the experience number two bring your kids you should know. That even though many airport lounges are filled predominantly with business travelers kids are definitely allowed in lounges weve never. Ever been denied access because we had kids with us now that said as a parent i do believe that. Its our responsibility to make sure that our kids are well behaved after all everyone else in the lounge is.

Trying to relax or get some work done and if they wanted to be surrounded by chaos they would hang. Out in the terminal not in a lounge so please be a responsible parent and a good fellow traveler by. Keeping your kids well-behaved number three fly that airline some airport lounges are not linked to a specific airline but. Others like delta sky club are so if its an airline lounge you need to actually be flying that airline. That day to use it so for example even though i have complimentary access to the delta sky club with.

My delta reserve card if im flying united that day im not gonna be able to use that lounge because. Im flying a different airline number four check the location sometimes the airport lounge will be located in a different. Terminal than the one that youre flying out of if the terminals are close to each other and connected by. A walkway this is not usually that big of a deal but if youll need to take a shuttle bus. Or an trained to get between the terminals then you might want to rethink whether its worthwhile using that lounge.

If youll have to travel so long just to get your gate also some lounges are actually located in areas. Before you go through security the american express centurion lounge at laguardia airport for example is located before security so. That means if you use that lounge youll have to build in time not only to get your gate for. Boarding but also to get through security first so before you access a lounge check its location on a map. Of the airport in relation to the gate that youre boarding from and be sure to build in enough time.

To actually get to your gate number five know when the lounge isnt worth it if you get to the. Airport late like if theres less than 30 minutes before boarding starts it might not be worth it to even. Enter the lounge if this happens to us and the lounge is located right by our gate then well probably. Still go in so it can just grab a quick bite to eat first but if the lounge is a. Long walk from our gate then well probably just skip it and wait in the terminal number six you can.

Take a shower this is a bit of a fun fact but many lounges actually have shower facilities now so. Far we havent had any situations where weve needed to use them but its really nice to know that theyre. Available i imagine showers are probably more for business travelers on long-haul flights who have a meeting right after they. Land and they need to freshen up beforehand but it could also be useful if your kid had some kind. Of accident or if you have to go to a special event as soon as you land so just keep.

In mind that thats another benefit of certain airport lounges okay so if you want to learn about nine ways. You can add some luxury to your next family vacation just click there and i will see you in the. Next video thanks for watching.

Method 3 – Delta Skymiles: 6 Tips To Use Your Skymiles (Like A Pro!) In 2020

Hey guys im kyle and im the editor-in-chief of thrifty traveler and im here to talk to you all about. Using your delta skymiles now you might have heard some people say that delta skymiles are worthless or even call. Them sky pesos im here to tell you that they are dead wrong delta skymiles are far from worthless they. Are frustrating though and it can be confusing so im here to give you 6 concrete tips that you can.

Use in order to start using your delta skymiles like a pro tip number one be flexible if theres one. Takeaway from this video this has to be it delta uses something called dynamic award pricing that means that the. Amount of sky miles you need to book a flight from point a to point b can change drastically from. Day to day week by week it can change based on demand or how many empty seats there are on. That plane so the trick to cut through all that make sure youre getting the absolute best deal is to.

Use deltas price calendar when youre searching for flights using your skymiles this allows you to pull up more than. A months worth of availability of flights using your sky miles and really zero in on the cheapest dates that. You can find in order to book that flight you want and that brings us to tip number two book. Delta skymiles flash sales this is the absolute best way to use your delta skymiles because delta has this kind. Of unpredictable system for how much a flight should cost using skymiles delta can cut prices as much as it.

Wants and kind of in an unpredictable way and that generates some really amazing deals that we are constantly finding. Here at thrifty traveler weve seen flights as low as fourteen thousand miles round-trip to fly from the united states. To europe thats a fraction of what most airlines typically charge weve seen flights to mexico and the caribbean for. Just ten thousand miles round-trip weve even seen you know sales on business class cabins flying delta one from the. United states to europe and back for under a hundred thousand sky miles recently these are really some amazing deals.

And again absolutely the best way to use your delta skymiles you can find more information at thrifty traveler calm. Slash premium we send our premium members the best of these flash sales and of course check out more information. Below tip number three booked round-trip flights delta can be a little bit tricky theres no denying that and one. Of the ways that theyre tricky is that sometimes they can charge you a lot more by booking one-way flights. Than you would for a round-trip flight now that can be a little difficult lets say you want to hop.

Around europe and fly you know into paris and back home from amsterdam well not only will delta charge you. A bit more in sky miles for that flight but theyll also pass on way more in cash fees so. The trick there is to book a multi-city flight or a round-trip flight in order to aid save on sky. Miles and be save on cash fees as well thats a great way to make sure you get the most. Bang for your buck tip number four dont use sky miles at all no hang with me here one of.

The best and cheapest ways to book flights with delta is using virgin atlantic flying club virgin atlantic is one. Of deltas close partner airlines then that means you can book flights on delta planes using virgin atlantic miles so. Youre not using your sky miles here youre saving them and youre not transferring sky miles to virgin atlantic thats. Not possible youre just using virgin atlantic miles in order to fly delta and the savings can be absolutely enormous. You know flying delta one business class from the united states to asia can cost 300,000 sky miles or more.

And you can book that exact same flight using virgin atlantic flying club miles for just 60,000 miles its one. Of the best bargains in the world of points and miles and while youre not using your sky miles youre. Saving a boatload of them tip number five fly partner airlines of course you can use your delta skymiles to. Fly on delta flights but you can also use sky mouse to fly on some of the many delta partner. Airlines through the skyteam alliance and some of its other partner airlines and its a great way to save thats.

Because while delta has this kind of predictable pricing system where you can pay exorbitant amounts of skymiles for their. Own flights the rates when youre flying with partner airlines is much more stable you know generally its twenty five. Thousand miles to fly one way from the united states to europe on one of these partner airlines in economy. 30 two thousand five hundred miles to fly united states to asia on one of these partner airlines its far. More stable and its often far more cheaper so make sure you read more of our articles on thrifty traveler.

Comm for how to zero in on some of these partner flights and tip number six focus on flights dont. Focus on the extras again delta is getting really tricky with some of this stuff and theyre allowing you to. Use your skymiles for things other than booking flights you know you can buy cabin upgrades to upgrade to comfort. Plus or our business or first-class you can use your sky mouse to even pay for baggage now delta wants. To start giving people the option of paying for lift rides with their delta skymiles and in general its just.

Not a good deal youre much better off saving those skymiles for a flight even if you only have a. Few thousand or ten thousand or whatever save those skymiles for a flight down the line you never know when. The next deal is gonna come up and youre gonna get much more value out of your sky miles by. Booking a trip rather than paying for baggage you know with these six tips guys youre gonna start using delta. Skymiles like a pro make sure you read more information on thrifty traveler calm about all the ways that you.

Can use delta skymiles well and like and subscribe to our channel to keep seeing more of our videos on. How you can start traveling more for less.

Method 4 – Protecting You From Check-In To Arrival | Delta Air Lines

Hello im bill lynch chief customer experience officer at delta airlines im here to share some important steps we are. Taking to ensure your safety and to prevent the spread of cobit 19 which you probably know as the corona. Virus we know that when you choose to travel with us you are putting your trust in our hands and. Thats a responsibility we take very seriously this is a challenging situation and one that changes every day but as.

A global airline weve dealt with difficult situations before and weve come through them by keeping our customers and our. Employees first we have strong relationships in place with health experts including the cdc and local health departments and were. Staying in constant contact with them to make sure that everything were doing to prevent the spread of cobit 19:00. Meets or exceeds their guidelines from the moment your travel starts with delta at the airport we are committed to. Providing you with a safe and healthy travel experience to help prevent the spread of germs were providing hand sanitizer.

Throughout all of our airport customer service areas including ticket counters gates sky clubs need help centers and baggage service. Offices were also providing disinfectant wipes to our customer service agents to regularly wipe down surfaces that customers frequently touch. Including service counters kiosks and podiums our people are committed to serving you and to keeping our airport areas clean. And safe for you and our team members when you come into a delta sky club rest assured that youll. Find a clean and healthy environment where you can relax and enjoy your travel journey our clubs are continually clean.

Throughout the day and are sanitized each night using antibacterial solutions and hospital-grade disinfectant youll find hand sanitizer here as. Well at all the club entrances food stations and restrooms were also regularly changing out self-service utensils such as tongs. And spoons and frequently disinfecting food stations with antibacterial cleaners cleanliness is always important but now it matters more than. Ever in our airports and on our aircraft in early february we introduced an electrostatic fogging procedure.

Conclusion – How To Access Delta Travelnet

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