How To Access Discord In Game – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access discord in game,

Method 1 – How To Setup In Game Discord Overlay (Troubleshoot)

So discord has given us a great tool of theirs to use their own personal overlay this has been something. For many years already i dont think there have been very many updates with it lets get into it so. About four and a half years ago discord came out with their own overlay that you can add just like. A steam overlay when youre playing a game on your pc when youre playing a game on your pc normally.

You would hit shift and tab in order to reveal the steam overlay that way you can invite your friends. Or add a new friend or whatever it is that you need to do but also discord has added their. Own and that was um it was brand new back in 2016. As of now well they havent made a. Whole bunch of updates with it so unfortunately it looks fine and its usable but at the same time it.

Doesnt do a whole lot for you let me show you what it looks like so weve started up a. Game of among us and as you can see right in the top right hand corner youre gonna see the. Notification pop off asking if you want to go live with your game now over on the right hand side. As well youll see a little icon of myself that is both deafened and muted but when i undefend and. Unmute just like this then my bubble starts popping up and you can hear me talking and the discord chat.

But still this this icon is not very its not super useful so when you want to open your steam. Menu this is what it looks like you hit shift and tab and this is what pops up now if. You want to pop up in your discord overlay then what you need to do is you want to hit. Shift and whatever the other button is for a keybind what it is is its a hyphen no its not. What is it its a con a no its not a comma its a freaking oh my gosh learn english.

Tucker an apostrophe what the hell is it you know what im just gonna set the damn keybinding to something. Else now if you wanna pop open your discord overlay it is a specific key binding that you will see. In your settings in discord and you can make it whatever else that you want for me this is what. It looks like when i pop open my discord overlay now as you can see obviously you can see all. My servers you can see the live channel that were talking in at the moment you can unmute on deafen.

Yourself so that way its actually talking and you can unpin this so and what it looks like is when. Its unpinned is like this say you unpin it and ill close the overlay and now you dont see anything. Over here at all if you want it to be there then you need to have this pinned but you. Will not have this box to stay there over top of your game if you want to know how to. Mess with these settings and to change things a little bit unfortunately discord hasnt made it uh very customizable for.

Us in order to you know really make it easier easier for us to look at its its it hasnt. Been updated almost in the slightest the only time that it is updated is when a new game comes out. To make sure that this overlay is compatible with said game and having said that its not compatible with a. Lot of games so in order to change your settings for this overlay and make sure that it is working. For the game then lets go and hop into our settings and what youre going to do is youre going.

To go down to the bottom left youre going to go down to the bottom left of the screen and. Hit the gear and then you want to go over to your overlay now in order to make sure that. Your overlay is working the first step you want to do is make sure that the enable in-game overlay is. Checked off now i talked about the key binding and this is mine you want the key bindings to be. Something that youre going to remember something easy so i put shift and equals so its really easy to keybind.

Your overlay but as you can see discord hasnt made it super easy for us to to be able to. Customize this you know dramatically what they do give you is the customized options that you can make your icons. Smaller or larger or that the names will always be displayed or only when youre speaking or never at all. So then its just the icon just the profile picture of that individual or displaying the users at all because. The users could just be disappearing all together when theyre not talking so you can make the avatars larger the.

Avatar is actually larger or smaller but you dont really get the option to make them you know super big. Because what the complaint is is that theyre really really really small and even when youre using the large setting. You can make them five times the size and then it might be okay but it would be much better. If we were given like a slider bar in order to judge it and and make the largest option like. Super big something obviously we we dont want so that people can actually get a good feel of what they.

Do on now you can make it large small but i i wish they would give us better options or. Or more options or be able to make it even bigger the overlay notifications this is the notification for discord. If anybody is calling you if anybody sends you a message in a text chat uh if uh discord wants. To give you the option to go live to everybody that is your friend or in your server on discord. So just to make sure that everything is working correctly were gonna go through some troubleshooting steps if you are.

Just not getting this working on really any game like among us for example it should definitely be working on. Among us if its not working lets go through these troubleshooting tips real quick so if youre struggling to get. This overlay working on any screen what i want you to do first is i want you to go down. To your user settings go down to the bottom left and click that gear and then i want you to. Go over to your overlay and make sure that the enable in-game overlay is checked second step is go to.

Your game activity tab here i want you to make sure that you have the game that your computer is. Detecting that it does not have a slash through it and lets say i have among us running then in. My discord i should have among us now playing is now green and you want to make sure that that. Overlay is on if the if you dont want the overlay on you can click that off so if you. Still are having trouble with this overlay its just not showing up to make sure that its there make sure.

You have the right key bindings and toggle your overlay have it pop up and you will see it and. Its up top over here and its probably hidden behind those numbers then youll be able to toggle that and. Bring it down to somewhere where its way more easily seen youll also discover that you can define or mute. Yourself this way as well may make it a little bit easier also guys down in the description down below. Im gonna leave a link to the discord support page if you guys have any further issues actually getting your.

Overlay set up correctly and also if you guys arent if its not working on a specific game like i. Tried this on destiny 2 and it doesnt work on destiny 2. If you scroll down all the way to. The bottom of the page destiny 2 runescape minecraft on windows 10 like the elders of skyrim the elder scrolls. There are so many different games that this overlay doesnt work on guys future pucks here i poked around a.

Little bit more and if you do still want to use just this overlay the discord overlay on your stream. Then there is a possible way other than just using a a display capture you can use a display capture. And that way your stream will see your home monitor or what you can do is go into your obs. What you do is you come into your obs and you go to your game and you right click and. You select properties and scroll down right here above the hook rate you have an option to capture third-party overlay.

Such as steam like steam but also works for discord as you can see its right here again dont recommend. This if you want to use this on your own stream go check out our video that we did a. Couple weeks ago and use the much more customizable option when you first plug it in its really really really. Small its pretty hard to see so i suggest just oversizing it a little bit so that you can move. The overlay around and that way your viewers will actually see it and be able to comprehend whats going on.

Now what the biggest concern with this overlay is is actually the actual size of the icons themselves and you. Dont want them to be so small that youre not even going to be able to notice them while youre. Playing the game thats kind of you know pointless even if you had the option to show the entire chat. In in a separate box and be able to pin it up there and see it and have the option. To take it away or make it transparent how it normally is but i do wish that the icons would.

Actually be youd be able to make them bigger and you dont have that option the large option is relatively. Small so if i had any suggestion it would really just be to change that out to give us more. Customized options or even allow somebody to section out the entire box of the voice chat and and always have. It pinned up there whether you want to unmute and mute or toggle your mute that way or be able. To drag people in or out make it more customizable give a lot of options for for those that are.

Trying to use this because if you have a one monitor display that can get really tricky because youd have. To keep closing the game and opening it back up it just this makes it much easier if you enjoyed. Todays tutorial video drop a thumbs up it helps the video with its ratings and also it will let the. Discord team know that we need more customizable options for the overlay for us to be able to use this. On stream if you guys ever have any more questions you can catch me live over on twitch i stream.

Every monday wednesday friday and most saturdays and you guys can ask me any questions when im live also you. Can join the discord channel im not live you can join there theres hundreds of people that will be willing. To help you with any questions that you have whether its audio video obs related questions but guys until next. Time keep busy jaybo what are you doing j-bone you are not on cool down you just go and you. Get the kills and then its too tight i am.

Method 2 – Can’t See Game Activity In Discord (How To Change Now Playing On Discord)

Hey everybody my name is tauman and in this video i will show you how you can simply uh like. Solve the problem with now playing on this chord that you cant actually see the now playing on this chord. So when you would go to i dont know here in discord let me show you and you would go. To settings you can actually see the gameplay or like the game activity so what do you need to do.

And how we can solve the problem you need to actually install an applications on your computer so this is. This is my application and this is my this discord on web browser i have applications right here and what. Im going to do i will just simply go to settings and i can see the game activity right here. Do you see it so game activity is right here and this is pretty much it its pretty simple pretty. Easy just install the discord application for your computer and dont be in browser yep have a great day everybody.

And goodbye.

Method 3 – How To Enable And Setup Discord Overlay – Full Tutorial

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 4 – How To Use Discord – Beginner’s Guide

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Method 5 – How Use Discord – Mobile App Beginner’s Guide

Everyone in todays app of the day video i want to show you this messaging platform called discord its really. Big among gamers and in the world of youtube among youtube creators but anybody could use it as a messaging. Platform im gonna show you exactly how to use it on the mobile device and how to get around the. App and whats great about it is not only can you do text-based messages you could also do audio voice.

Messages and you could also do video chat and screen shares too and its very popular on the desktop and. On the browser at discord comm and i have a separate video dedicated to show you exactly how to use. It there this is all about the mobile app so ill put a link in the description to the other. Video if youre gonna use it on the desktop before the mobile app they all sync so if you do. It on the mobile everything that happens on that account is gonna show up on the desktop and at this.

Core calm on the browser so lets jump into the phone so i could show you the discord mobile app. The discord app is available for ios and android and i already created my account on the desktop version so. Ill show you here on the app exactly what it looks like and then well go ahead and create our. Own server too so ill jump in and this is basically the home page of the app you have a. Little menu on the bottom so im on the very corner option right here and if youre on this page.

If youre on a chat page you just go ahead and slide over to the left so let me break. Down the organization of this its very very simple if you understand how its organized you see the icons on. The left side you most likely dont have anything so ill show you how to put those there but those. Are basically served so the pink one on top is my own server ill show you how to create your. Own and then theres the minecraft and fortnights servers that are public that im following now servers there could be.

An entire game for example or really anybodys digital world that companies or a person thats the top-level organization and. Its called a server so those are those icons so first lets go ahead and add a server or join. One so if you press the plus sign here you could create your own server or join a server if. You press join a server you need to know the invite link so someone else should have invited you to. The server you want to join and then you could create your own server so lets go ahead and do.

That first you basically will name your server here so ill name this one app of the day you could. Upload your own profile picture by just pressing + right there and then you could go ahead and press create. Server and then you will get a link to share which expires in one day so if you dont want. It to expire click the settings icon and change it to never or pick a different time you could also. Set the maximum amount of uses meaning how many people do you want to invite to the server you could.

Do any number of these or you could leave it on infinity which is there is no limit and im. Gonna go ahead and close and ill click away here now let me slide back again to the left side. Here so thats basically just the two main pages that were gonna worry about here the home page again here. Now you could see the apple today has that little icon on the top i didnt put a profile picture. So i just created that for me and then the half entity one is the one i created on the.

Desktop thats another server so youve got multiple servers this way and that little white icon shows you which one. Youre on now on the desktop on discord com if you use the browser or the pc or mac version. Theres also a search icon here that you could look up public servers here and follow them that way and. Thats how i have those two little ones appearing here i did it on the desktop or you could press. + and type in join a server and you could go ahead and type in the server code if you.

Already know that link which again you could find on disk or com if you log in that way now. Lets look inside of a server inside of each server you could organize things by channels so the thing with. The hash tag and the little microphone and the little speaker icon those are channels so i have two different. General channels there are the two type of channels you could create the text one the one with the hashtag. In front of it and the speaker one is the voice one so if i click that its gonna say.

Voice channels are where people could talk together so ill say join voice give it access to my microphone ill. Go ahead and invite my other person here and if you click that person again you could mute someone you. Could disconnect you have all these options inside of each person under the voice chat but lets go ahead and. Create one will create a text channel ill press the plus sign here again you could pick the channel type. In this case i want a tex channel ill press create and as you can see theres a second channel.

Now call tex channel if i click it it takes me there to come back i just have to slide. Back again to the left same thing for creating voice you could just press the voice icon and this time. Choose voice and create a channel that way and you could always hold on any one channel and you could. Go ahead and edit the channel here or clone the channel the invite option is right on top lets do. That next if you want to now invite people to a specific channel you just hold on that channel and.

Then you could go ahead and press invite and you get this invite link again which expires in a day. And you could go ahead and share it or change the setting of this link to invite people to the. Server and all your server options right with the name of the server theres those three dots if you press. Those you could basically do all these things here including inviting people creating channels here creating categories and so on. So creating categories basically creates a folder for you to organize your thoughts so if this was the rules category.

I could create that and you could see made another folder here under the voice channels and i could press. The plus sign to create a channel within that folder so thats basically the overall organization you have server on. The far left which is your top level the folders or categories which are these inside of there and then. Inside of those folders you could put channels here and inside of the channels or where people are gonna have. The conversation now lets slide over to the how to channel that i created and here is where the messaging.

Could take place so i could just type in the message welcome press the send icon and now its over. Here and theres the welcome message so anybody that i invite here could jump in and have a conversation with. Me you could also upload images here with the left icon you have emojis and you could also use the. Add sign here to basically have a communication with someone else so if you want it to be for everybody. Or if you wanted to just talk to a specific person you could just put the add sign and then.

Type your message and then it would basically tag them that youre trying to communicate with them specifically but it. Is channel wide so people could see it there and then you also have one more slide if you slide. One more time you basically get to this members area where you could see everybody thats online and they roll. Right on top of their name you could also mute them here and you have all the options instead of. Individual members in this channel so its really three main pages here this is was the home page this was.

The messaging page inside of each channel and then this is where all the members are inside of that channel. Let me jump into one of these public ones here ill jump into the world of warcraft one and you. Could see when you have a lot of different channels a lot of different categories things are organized a little. Bit differently so if i jump into one of these for example this general one you could see theres a. Lot of messages taking place here and even on the desktop before joining you could jump in and basically explore.

These messages and learn a little bit more and if you slide one more time you could see all the. Different members and they all have different colors and different permissions ill briefly show you the permission setting here on. The discord icon on the very bottom on the home page basically here if you press the three dots on. The server that youre on the one you control if you press it and you go to the settings option. Here and if you scroll down here theres that user management section and here you could click roles and you.

Could basically create new roles here by pressing add role when you add a role lets say you wanted to. Make someone an admin of this server you could just type in the roles name you could click color and. Choose a color so they show up differently on the list of people on that server and then if you. Want to display the members role separately from online members to kind of break up the section here you could. Go ahead and check this on and then if you want to edit the general permissions they have you could.

Go to this general permissions tab and go through it again a lot to explore here and a little more. Advanced than a beginners guide but you could definitely explore this page for an admin and once you have this. Selected you could go back to your home and now that youve created that role if you go all the. Way to the right here and select someone on your members area you could basically go ahead and manage them. And edit the role you see that option edit a role and you could assign a new role like the.

Admin role to them and then go ahead and press save but thats how you would change a role and. A permission setting for individual users on your individual channels and on the very bottom menu which we havent looked. At you also have this little person icon this is where you could add your friends here so again if. You add friends they will all appear here under this page you have the search icon where you could search. Among your channel that youre following and your own servers here so thats the search option very useful and the.

App mention is if somebody again uses the add sign when theyre communicating with you theyll show up over here. And then you have your profile icon on the far right here you could set your status so by default. Youre online but if you want to be idle or do not disturb you could change that setting over here. On this page but generally you want to jump in here you want to create your own server or join. One so you could have multiple different servers to choose from on the left side once youre inside of a.

Server you could jump into really any conversation here and read about it and the ones where you can have. Conversations in you could go ahead and have text or chat conversation inside of those and if there is any. Voice chat conversations you could jump inside of those i have a voice conversation this way as well and as. Far as i could tell the video sharing option is only available on the desktop so when you jump into. A voice channel typically you could mute on the very bottom theres the mute option theres a different option that.

Means you wont hear anything and theres a speaker option where you could turn on and off to make sure. You hear something and you could go ahead and disconnect but theres no video option at the time im recording. This inside of the mobile version but it is available on disk or comm and on the pc and mac. Im gonna give this app a solid five out of five it was so easy to use it was so. Easy to get around i also love the desktop version and they all synced so seamlessly its a very solid.

App for communication so if youre looking for creating your own digital world here for people to be able to. Organize into channels and everything i showed you i want to give this a try thanks so much for watching. And i hope to see you next time.

Conclusion – How To Access Discord In Game

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