How To Access Discovery Plus – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access discovery plus, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access discovery plus,

Method 1 – How To Set Up Discovery+ On Your Tv | Discovery Plus Quick Start Guide

If you have a smart tv and dont know why you cant get discovery plus to work im going to. Help you out in todays video this is michael from and ive been getting questions just like that from. People who watched my video on the five things to know before you sign up for discovery plus but before. I answer that question give me about 30 seconds to clear up a few other things that people have been.

Asking about because you might be wondering about this stuff too first discovery plus is separate from the discovery owned. Cable channels it is a streaming service that starts at five dollars a month and to stream discovery plus you. Need an internet connection you can stream discovery plus on your phone your computer or to a tv set using. A compatible device more on that in just a second only one account is needed per household and you can. Create up to five profiles for different family members and watch on up to four streams at the same time.

So if any of that information was helpful please like this video and lets move on here is a page. On the discovery plus website that shows all of the devices that you can use to stream the service as. I mentioned you can stream on your phone computer or to a tv set but you need one of the. Devices listed here lets focus on the connected tv category as of this recording you see the supported devices are. Amazon fire tv android tv apple tv chromecast roku and samsung if you dont have one already i recommend a.

Roku for first time streamers roku has several entry level models for under 50 bucks this is the roku premiere. And its well under 40 bucks heres whats in the box a roku player an hdmi cable a power adapter. And power cable and a remote batteries included and check out how simple this is youll put one end of. The hdmi cable into the roku player and then put one end of the power cable into the roku player. Too next youll move to the back of your tv set look for the hdmi inputs they are typically labeled.

Hdmi 1 and hdmi 2. Put the other end of the hdmi cable into either slot just remember the one. You used hdmi 1 in this case and now you can plug the roku into an electrical outlet next use. The remote for your tv set not the roku remote to power on your tv then click input select the. Hdmi that you plug the roku into for me thats hdmi one you can set aside your tv remote because.

We need to use the row cooper mode make sure that youve inserted the batteries and then youll follow the. Setup instructions on your screen during this process youll connect the roku to your home internet so if you dont. Remember your wi-fi password this is a good time to find it or contact your internet service provider as you. Continue to follow the on-screen instructions youll be asked to enter your email address to activate your roku player once. You do that roku will send an activation link to your email have your phone handy to check your email.

And click on that link at this point you are still on your phone and roku will have you name. Your device and select its location and when you click continue roku will ask you questions to customize your experience. And itll recommend various apps discovery plus was one of the apps recommended to me so i added it you. Can also skip this step and add apps later im going to show you exactly how to do that in. Just a minute once you have finished answering rokus questions on your phone updates will be made on your tv.

Set and this will take a few minutes when you see all done on the tv screen take out your. Roku remote and click the ok button in the center a short video will play to teach you about your. Roku and the remote the buttons toward the top of the remote are the ones youre going to use the. Most up down left right and ok as well as the roku home button and if you ever get lost. Just click the back button now you see the roku home screen itll feature the apps that you chose during.

The customization process on your phone but if you skip that part or just want to add new apps at. Any time navigate to add channels then search channels and type what you are looking for like discovery plus once. You have added the discovery plus channel you can access it anytime from the roku home screen when you launch. Discovery plus from roku for the first time youll see this screen to start your free trial or sign in. Now i recommend that you sign up directly at you can get the free trial there too and after.

You set up your account from on your phone or computer enter that email address and password here with. Your roku once you sign in from your roku you are all set you can explore all that discovery plus. Has to offer on the big screen the discovery plus home screen will have personal recommendations and easy way to. Sort by your favorite networks and trending content you may want to watch but if you decide to cancel discovery. Plus do that from on your computer or the discovery plus app on your phone as of this recording.

The free trial is for only seven days but dont wait until the last day to cancel if you know. You dont want to be billed you can cancel early and you will still get access for the full seven. Days and if you change your mind there is always the option to reactivate your subscription later if you got. Something out of todays video please like it and consider subscribing to my channel for more ways to save on. Streaming tv see you next time.

Method 2 – How To Get Discovery Plus On Firestick

I got into a heated argument with the snowman he lost his coolant at a total meltdown right so hello. Again everybody and welcome back a lot of people have been getting in touch and messaging asking how they can. Get discovery plus on their device so as you can see im not in the u.s im in the uk. Ive got discovery plus on my device and im going to show you how you can get it on yours.

Right so that being said dont forget to hit that subscribe button and lets crack up right so im going. To start by saying the disney plus app that you can see installed on my device its a 4k fire. Stick its pretty much useless but i am going to show you how you can get disney plus on your. Device its a better way and it actually works in some regions you will be able to go to the. Amazon store and type in discovery plus so as you can see underneath there it says discovery plus and for.

Me its not available but ive got discovery plus and i want to watch it and i want to watch. It on my streaming device so how do i do it well this is where some people have been saying. To get this app here it is available on my website lets crack where you can go and get. It and try it yourself but for me if you open it youre gonna need to use a vpn so. Youre gonna need to connect to a us server for it to work and not everybodys got a vpn and.

Also when i did connect to a us server i did find that i couldnt even log in so im. Going to show you a better way to do this and its using it says internet its probably already installed. On your device if its not already its called silk browser so if i just go up here and type. In silk you can see silk browser there go ahead and download that what this is its a web browser. We can open it up so as you can see it loads up im already signed in and what you.

Can do is click on add bookmark and if you go to the menu in the middle there it will. Always stay there so whenever you open silk browser you can go to that menu click on that bookmark itll. Take you straight through to that website where you are signed in and then this american detective thing honestly i. Find myself watching these on i think its the crime channel and then if i go and click on something. Click on play and once youve clicked on play its going to come up like this you can click on.

Play again or first of all im going to go full screen well second of all turn that down and. As you can see full quality and its working great and then if you ever want to go back to. The home page of discovery plus you can click on this icon up here itll take you back there you. Can do researches anything like that and you can watch it freely just like you would inside any app i. Know a lot of people will be saying id rather have a discovery plus app but me in the uk.

Getting the discovery plus app means i have to sideload it i have to use a vpn and then the. Logins werent even registering another good tip that you can use with silk browser as well is if i go. To the amazon store and i type in bookmark im going to click on where it says bookmarker one as. You can see there and you can get numerous different bookmarkers as well but im going to download and install. Bookmarker on to my device simply clicking on the downward arrow there get this up or get whatever it said.

I cant remember i didnt see it i do apologize once its finished im going to open up bookmarker one. And this is going to act like an application and at the top you can see enter the url you. Would like to automatically load in the web browser when this app launches so ive typed in you will. Have to type it in for the region youre in so if youre in the us or something im guessing. Its dot-com if youre in india i think its dot i n so for me its dot co dot uk.

And im gonna click on next always open with silk browser im gonna leave that checked save the setting and. It does say to start using your bookmarker select this button to exit i think its just telling me its. Available to start so im going to click on the home button and it does show us a number one. So it does show it is like youre opening an application if i click on one youre gonna see it. Chucks me straight into discovery plus so you havent got to type in the url it takes you straight there.

Every time and then once again you can access that content you want to go on works exactly the same. Once again im going to click on play on something and if we click on play there you go ding. Dangly do now i know this is not really a discovery plus app but this is the best method ive. Found for using it on a device in the uk depending on device on the 4k fire stick its not. The fastest in the world but once the content is playing it plays absolutely fine but do let me know.

Down below your thoughts and opinions and if you have installed that discovery plus app and youre from the uk. Let me know how its worked for you so yeah thats it for those who wanted to know how to. Use discovery plus on your device in the uk where you cant download it from the store like on an. Amazon device thats how you do it right so that being said i hope you enjoy the rest of your. Day dont forget to hit that subscribe button down below and ill see you soon if i just come down.

Here in some regions you will be able to go to the amazon search so im what now i know. A lot of people will be saying well id rather have an app id rather you.

Method 3 – How To Get Discovery Plus On Any Tv

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 4 – Sky Q How To Get Discovery Plus For Free

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Method 5 – How To Set Up Discovery Plus On A Samsung Tv In 2 Minutes!

Hey welcome back to michael saves tutorials today im going to help you set up discovery plus on a newer. Samsung tv so right now you see ive already pressed the home button so youve got your samsung remote press. Home and then youre going to see this menu look along the bottom of the screen im going to scroll. Through and you see all these other apps but youre not seeing discovery plus so what you need to do.

About that is on the far left of the screen you see there are those three lines that takes you. To this menu then you want to go to search this is the way that i like to find apps. And then just enter the first few letters you should be able to find the discovery plus app pretty quickly. This way you may be able to see it before me since im talking and doing this demonstration at the. Same time okay so once i have the entire word discovery into the search bar you see in the upper.

Left corner that is what were looking for the discovery plus app and to select it ill just click so. Here we are this is where you want to be discovery plus the upper left corner it is free to. Install this app no charge there however it is a subscription service so to actually use it youre going to. Need to pay some money so you see install is highlighted i will click again now you see the option. To open youre just going to again select and here is discovery plus since i am already a member ill.

Enter my email and my password and then well have access to discovery plus using a samsung tv and im. In this is discovery plus where you select a profile youll notice that i have some interesting profiles here i. Explained that in a different video on my main channel michael saves i will link to that in the description. Below as well as my review video and if you have a samsung tv but you are not given the. Option to fire up discovery plus well its probably because your samsung tv is older than 2017 only 2017 newer.

Samsung tvs have the app available for download if you have an older samsung tv youll need another compatible device. Like a roku and ive got a video that walks you through how to set up a roku with discovery. Plus you can check that one out if you need to thanks for watching see you next time.

Conclusion – How To Access Discovery Plus

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