How To Access Disk Utility On Mac – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access disk utility on mac,

Method 1 – How To Use Disk Utility On An Apple Imac Or Macintosh

In this lesson i want to talk a little bit about how to use disk utility in order to do. That im going to plug a usb drive into the usb port of my computer and it will show up. Here on the right side of my desktop its a seagate drive there it is now if yours doesnt show. Up when you plug it in make sure that in the finder menu which is really called the application menu.

If were going to be particular right that youre showing up hard drives and external disks all of these have. Check marks on them and then that disk will show up lets talk about disk utility now you can go. In the finder to the go menu and select utilities in the utilities folder you will find a program called. Disk utility in the past what weve talked about with disk utility is selecting a drive and repairing the permissions. This is something you should be doing once a week once a month you know at some interval thats comfortable.

For you itll itll do good things for your computer and you can actually notice it if its been a. While since youve done it well in disk utility this drive also shows up but theres a bunch of stuff. That we can do with it we can erase the drive we can partition the drive which is similar to. Erasing you can put it into a raid or you can restore what was previously on the drive from a. Backup weve talked about these things in first-aid repairing the disk and repairing permissions but i want to talk about.

These two items erasing a disk in partitioning a disk now this drive this disk drive that ive used is. The same drive that ive used to do a backup on this computer previously i use this drive in the. Backup lessons here at a cue larian comm and ill put a little link to that lesson in the notes. Here when youre erasing a drive theres a couple things that you can choose here in the format most of. These you will not want to use just this first one mac os extended journaled you dont want to do.

Encrypt it you dont want to do case-sensitive you dont want to do case sensitive journal encrypted all right if. You will be using the drive that you are going to format on a pc a windows machine choose one. Of these two formats preferably this one ms-dos fat what that does it raises the drive and it formats it. So the windows machine can recognize it and use it windows machines dont recognize and cant use macintosh formatted drives. Or disks okay so youve got to format disks that are going to go back and forth with this ms-dos.

Format macintosh is for years have been able to read windows formatted disks so if youre going to go back. And forth use this you can title the disk once youve done that you can give it a name a. Backup some kind of thing whatever you want and then you would click the erase button are you sure you. Want to do this not right yet we dont i want to point out something else while this is the. Disk drive this is the hardware of the disk this is the volume the the the guts the technical the.

Digital aspects of the drive and you can see its a one terabyte drive right you can have some different. Options down here like erase this free space and what this does is it writes ones and zeros i probably. Ones does it say here it doesnt say exactly what its going to write probably a series of ones over. Every sector of the drive making it nearly impossible to do any kind of data recovery on that drive if. Youre getting rid of your computer and youre not going to use the hard drive anymore you store it yourself.

Its a great backup or if you dont want to use that drive anymore a hammer that works great ok. You take it out you put it to the hammer well in here too also you have the same types. Of selections when you erase the drive erasing the drive erasing the volume not a lot of difference you can. Do either one now partitioning a drive is a little bit different because you can have more than one partition. On a drive you can have two or three partitions four or five whatever and each of these partitions you.

Can actually resize to be whatever size youd want to do that why would you want to do this a. Little bit of debate here on this issue partitioning a drive allows it to show up on the desktop as. Two three four whatever you selected here different drives and there can be an argument made that you could put. All of your say system files on one partition and then all of your data files on another partition i. Dont like partitions im not fond of them and the reason being when i step up and i look at.

My desktop out here lets just hide everything else if i have one hard drive one disk drive connected to. My computer whether its a seagate a thumb drive big big monstrous hard drive i want to see that as. One physical device the notion of busting this out in two separate partitions for me becomes a little bit confusing. Because when i look at things out here on the desktop i see two drives i look around the back. Of the computer or the side of its a laptop and i wonder hey wheres the other drive whats going.

On and it stays a bit of a mystery you got to dive in here and take a look at. Where the partitions are actually existing and it becomes a bit of a problem so whenever im partitioning a drive. I like to do just one partition and i give it a name thats appropriate i use mac extended journaled. Always and as youre partitioning a drive but so youve just bought a new one this is a really important. Button most of us are on these newer macintoshes now and you want to select this gui d partition table.

This allows you – completely butyoure mcintosh from that partition really important because you want to be able to boot. Your mac should it crash from say a carbon-copy cloner or a super-duper backup these two pieces of software again. Ill put links to them here in the notes allow you to make an exact clone of your hard drive. Really important what that means is you can be back up to work instantly instead of having to completely recover. Your hard drive from say a time machine back up so having this ability to backup is really great now.

If youve got an older macintosh youre going to want to use this apple partition map its for the powerpc. Most of us dont have those anymore so i probably encourage you to be up here using 10.4 or later. Thats the thats the caveats there and then you would simply click apply its going to ask you a second. Time are you sure you want to do this and if you say partition it will go ahead and partition. The drive and make it as if it is brand-new ready to go out of the box and in fact.

Time machine will probably even ask you after it remounts on the desktop if you want to use that drive. As your time machine back up this is important to know because as we purchase drives from wherever best buy. Or apple or whoever when you purchase the drive youre going to come home youre going to plug it into. Your computer you want to be able to know that that that drive is going to work on your mac. On your pc whatever your needs are and youre going to want to know that its formatted properly for a.

Mac to be used as a backup drive when you purchase a drive normally out of the box theyre going. To be set up as a windows drive and if youre on a mac you probably dont want that its. Okay but i kind of prefer having my macintosh talk to the macintosh formatted style of disk well thats our. Tutorial on how to use disk utility there are tons of quick tips and tutorials available at a clarion com. So come visit us and check them out.

Method 2 – How To Use Disk Utility On A Mac

Hey youtubers its mac user coming back with another screencast and today were going to deal with the disk utilities. Facility williams of the mac itself so on a windows pc you have defragmentation and scan disk and principal was. A pretty much the same with a mac however and this when using this technique the difference is that the. Disk utility function is a lot quicker and the process is extremely extremely simple so without further ado lets get.

Started okay the first thing to do is to click on the desktop and then go to the finder menu. And go from go down for utilities and then you can just double-click the disk you to this thing and. Out pops the window all youre going to do is just click on macintosh hd im sure you click on. The first date button and itll go through its process and as you consume this screencast im just going to. Click down on the show feature and its showing the process of what its what the actual first day is.

Doing is check in the actual hard drive ensure that its general properly and and the information is actually in. The correct sequence within the drive itself it can take up to five to ten minutes to go around how. Often you actually run this id recommend you do this for me once once a month or so something like. That unless you better power power cut and the machine has done a reboot and it might be worth just. Doing this feature just ability for peace of mind and the feature itself has changed slightly since yosemite so yes.

Engine is a standard old version and then they change the el capitan which is the practice and im using. Here once its done i click done close the application also close utilities and that is it one last thing. Before we go im just going to show you how you can find the disk utility by using spotlight so. What were going to do is click on spotlight type in the word disk outfit box and im now into. The disk utility thats very very simple processes you enjoyed that quick tutorial ive got a number of other teachers.

That are coming up so check back up on this youtube channel or visit my website which are in the. Links mentioned below and take care and see you on the next podcast.

Method 3 – Restore Mac Os Or Re-Install Mac Os Using Internet Recovery For Mac Operating System

Mac os recovery allows you to install or reinstall certain operating systems on your mac we here at tech o. Bowl are going to run you through the three options provided to you by mac os recovery before we get. Started be sure to subscribe to tech abel here on youtube and leave us a comment if there is an. Aspect of macs or mac products that you would like us to cover there are a few things you are.

Going to need for this process the first is an administrator password or firmware password meeting these is contingent on. If your mac is set to need administrator access to make changes the essential component is an internet connection make. Sure your mac is connected before starting this process and then if you have a macbook it is best to. Have it plugged in to access mac os recovery youll want to turn on your mac and immediately press and. Hold one of the following key combinations until you see a startup screen if you press and hold command r.

This will restore the latest os that was installed on your mac if you are looking to move on to. The most recent mac os available for your mac press and hold option command auger the final combination is shift. Option command r if you can make this work on one hand youre more dexterous than i this will reinstall. The os that originally came with your mac if that operating system isnt available this command will install the next. Available os so if youre unsure of the year your mac came out it might be worth looking into whether.

Or not that os is still supported if youre unsure about the year your mac came out you can hop. Over to our website techie ball comm and use our serial number decoder to find your mac the link to. That is in the description after inputting one of these commands you might be asked for that administrator or firmware. Password next you will see the mac os utilities window which indicates the mac os recovery has started from here. You can choose whether you want to erase your disk if you do select disk utility and then whether you.

Wipe your disk or not to reinstall your mac os select reinstall mac os then click continue the next prompt. Will ask where you want to install the os so select your preferred disk if the installer cant find your. Disk you might need to use the disk utility to wipe it first at this point the installation might ask. You to enter the password you use to log into your mac do that and your work is done the. Installer will take it from there dont put your mac to sleep and if you have a macbook leave it.

Open and make sure it is plugged in if your mac restarts a few times or you see a blank. Screen for a couple of minutes dont worry it is part of the process those are the three ways mac. Os recovery can be used to install or re install an operating system if this video is helpful leave us. A like and drop a comment about a topic that you would like to see covered be sure to subscribe. To tech abel here on youtube for more expert macs support.

Method 4 – 3 Macos Recovery Options & How To Use Macos Utilities

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 5 – How To Open Mac Osx Utilities

My channel today were gonna be a weird tutorial and its kind of hard to make because then because then. My screen recorder does it and record when i shut my computer down or technically restore it so this small. Requires some more editing but yeah hope you guys enjoy so today were gonna be talking about how do we. Open utilities so if you guys dont know what is utilities i just search it up mac os x well.

Its basically its basically something where you get when you shut when you restart it opens and this and you. Can do a lot of things with and you can reset passwords and you can do all these random crap. So yeah also by the way im using like the newest version so yeah um damn it not this yep. Im using the newest version so it might look a bit different than youre using like old mac but anyways. Lets get started a few moments later so guys that stir up the process so the trick is that when.

We stop the spam command or until the utilities pop up so lets go umm restart restart the spam command. Our command arm and i didnt get see the screen yeah i think so its gonna be slower than a. Regular setup because then it will try and open you to all these and its actually opens pretty dang fast. Over here slow quite slow this wait wait oh it goes happens for utilities open already so what just keep. On waiting it always works its just that takes quite some time what you something is scripture okay good so.

Yeah utilities is open and um i just kind of put a screen a bit up and you can use. English any language is fine this is english and i said mac os utility and you can do restore you. Can have a backup system on the restore reinstall new copy or get get help on that now that you. Can also open um terminal utility network utility and um that cause its perm or password utility well i dont. Care about that so anyways you can do a lot of things like you can use that anyones passwords and.

You can just do anything you want so yeah this isnt more like a backup thing and hope you guys. Enjoy so you guys next time.

Conclusion – How To Access Disk Utility On Mac

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