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Method 1 – Disney+ Hulu Espn+ Bundle Sign Up Package – How To Signup For Disney Plus Bundle W

Hey guys in this video i want to show you how you can get the disney plus bundle which includes. Hulu as well as espn plus for $12.99 a month and this is particularly for those of you out there. Who signed up initially for just the disney plus account at $6.99 a month and i just want to show. You how you can get over to the bundle inside your account but also if you already have a hulu.

Account for instance and you want to get this disney plus bundle you need to make sure that your hulu. Account is the same email as your disney plus account if you want this bundle to give you a credit. Back over to that hulu account so what you want to do is login to your disney plus account so. Im at disney plus dot-com and up here in the right-hand corner is the login so then youre gonna type. In your email and click continue and then youre going to enter your password and click login and then to.

Get that disney plus bundle what you need to do is find your profile picture and then click on account. And then on this page you can see it says account your account details and then go down to the. Subscription area and in the bundle and save go ahead and click on switch to disney bundle and it takes. You over to this page and if you dont already have a hulu and an espn plus account and you. Dont need to worry about that then just go ahead and pay with whatever payment method that youve already entered.

Through and it will upgrade you to that $12.99 a month cost from that $6.99 a month original fee that. You were paying for disney plus now if you already have hulu for instance or espn plus then you can. Go ahead and click right here and it gives you out an explanation so it says if you have an. Existing subscription with disney plus hulu and or espn plus you dont need to cancel your subscription the amount charged. For the disney bundle will be automatically adjusted to the account for your subscription so we will email you a.

Specific breakdown of your charges if you purchased espn plus through an app store such as through apple roku etc. Youll need to link an espn account to your app store purchase please call customer service for assistance and to. Learn more you can call disney plusses customer service team over at eight eight eight nine oh five seven eight. Eight eight or visit the disney plus help center for more information so i hope thats helpful for you guys. Out there who maybe already have one of these accounts and you want to upgrade to that disney plus bundle.

To save yourself a little bit of money you can get help by going through those steps but then if. Youre not somebody who already has one of those other accounts you can just go ahead and click the payment. Option to upgrade your current account through disney plus so then once your payment goes through its going to say. That your disney plus account is good to go and you can start streaming hulu or espn plus and you. Can just click that start a streaming disney plus option right there so so i hope this video was helpful.

For you guys out there who want to get access to that disney plus bundle along with hulu and espn. Plus i appreciate stopping by cn and consider subscribing for more content.

Method 2 – Disney Plus- How To Signup For Disney+ Bundle Espn+ And Hulu

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Method 3 – Disney + Now Included With Hulu + Live Tv Easy 5 Step Setup And Quick Look

Hey guys tech made easy and thank you so much for clicking on our link today well as you can. See on our screen were using a roku and weve got hulu weve got disney plus and weve got espn. And the reason for this video is i received an email today from disney plus saying congratulations set up your. Account and im excited because theres a ton of content that disney is giving us and youll be surprised at.

What theyre giving us and ill show you that later on but my goal in this video is to show. You how to activate and set up your account okay again im going to go into disney plus a little. Bit im gonna go into espn plus a little bit but my goal here is to mostly focus on how. To set up disney plus again i received that email and i am paying for hulu live tv which is. 75 a month it is now going to eighty dollars a month because hulu has decided to include disney plus.

And espn now the value is really good for another five dollars to be honest with you but lets go. Ahead and check out this setup lets get started lets go over some things to know so if you receive. This email then disney plus and espn plus are included in your plan i will be showing you some steps. In a moment most of us had a price increase when hulu decided to upgrade our plan so be aware. To use hulu disney plus and espn plus youll need to download each of the apps on your devices i.

Also want to say if youre looking for espn plus right now in the app store or on your tv. To my knowledge there is only an espn app not an espn plus app dont worry about that download the. Espn app each experience is going to be different depending on your device some of you might be using an. Apple tv some of you might be using a smartphone just be aware i am going to be presenting step. By step using my roku ultra also realize channels are different depending on the state or the country you live.

In in this video i will mostly be focusing on how to set up your disney plus account i will. Go into the disney plus app so we can take a quick look i will also go into the espn. App so we can take a quick look again i will be demonstrating this on my roku ultra device now. You might be using a different device step number one check your email and your spam you should have received. An email saying action needed activate disney plus and espn plus it should have come from disney plus at

Step two click on activate now then the disney plus website will actually open step number three enter the email. You want to use for your account after youre done hit agree and continue step number four create a password. For your new disney plus account and hit continue step number five download the disney plus app on your device. In my case i went into my roku i went into the channel store and i searched for disney found. The disney plus app and downloaded it step number six lets go ahead and take a quick look at the.

Disney plus app and afterwards ill go in and well take a quick look at the espn app okay lets. Take a moment and go into disney plus and take a look and here we go access to the full. Library now i i went into this earlier and i took a look and i was really surprised to see. That if you see the movie on the top that just launched that is just in theaters and yet they. Are giving you this movie this is a two-hour movie that youre getting now what i like about this interface.

Is as you go down you can go into the disney library you can go into the pixar library marvel. Library star wars library and the national geographic library this is awesome so lets go in for a minute and. Lets go into disney im not going to spend too much time but i wanted to show you that as. You can see here you can go in to the different areas and see all of the content to my. Knowledge i was very surprised to see the newest movie already included so really really nice all right let me.

Go out of this now and im going to go into pixar and as you can see you have a. Lot of the pixar um you know content in here do you have it all im not sure i am. So excited though to have this because they make some really good stuff all right lets get out of that. Now and lets look at marvel now im really excited about marvel because i love watching marvel movies i mean. Really you know its so awesome to pay five bucks more a month and have all this access all right.

Lets back out of that now and lets go to star wars now ive never been a huge fan of. Star wars and i didnt dislike it but some people really really love star wars and so you get access. To a lot of the content as well all right and lets back out of that and go into national. Geographic all right and heres the library well just go through some of the stuff here and that is a. Quick look at disney plus one other thing id like to show you and again this is on the roku.

I dont know if itll be the same on your device but when you go to the left side you. Have your home you have your watch list which i dont have anything in the watch list right now you. Have movies series originals and then your settings you can also have multiple profiles just so youll know ive only. Got one right now i just set it up but you can have a profile for you a profile for. Your daughter a profile for your husband or a profile for your wife lets take a look at espn and.

Dont forget there is no espn plus at this time they call it espn plus but for some reason the. Apps on my phone and the apps in the roku store just say espn now as you can see from. The interface youve got live channels itll actually tell you live as far as whats on right now um if. I go up to the top menu where it says featured thats what this is if you go to espn. Plus let me click that and see what that looks like this is my first time going through this interface.

But i figured id show you so lets go back to featured for a minute well look at that and. Then well go to espn plus and well go to originals as well so let me just scroll down so. You can take a look live they have leagues here so you can go in and set up your leagues. They have the different sports that you can go in here so if we go through the leagues just want. To show you whats available theres probably a ton not enough for this video thats for sure okay if i.

Go down and i go into sports let me just go across so you can see whats included and hopefully. This is helpful all right you go to top picks up and coming exclusive top videos events and so on. And so on theres a ton of stuff conferences are listed here as well so if youre looking for conferences. Thats really good channels so you can actually go to the different channels when you have this which is really. Nice all right now lets take a look at oops it logs me right out let me go right back.

In that was me i hit the back key on my roku lets go ahead and get into uh espn. Plus so let me go to the top and move over one and go into espn plus and just show. You a little bit of this we have top picks up and coming mens college hoops womens college hoops film. Spotlights so theyve actually got films in here which is good like the last dance thats pretty cool you can. Browse by collection again sports leagues conferences all right very similar the ufc ufc is on here as well which.

Is cool okay so let me go back up and let me go to originals and well just take a. Quick peek at that all right recent episodes okay welcome to the show inside the arena trailers film spotlight so. It looks like a lot of duplicate content thats in different sections but if youre a sports fan um this. Is pretty valuable all right let me go back up and lets go to browse for a minute and i. Guess browsing yeah okay now you can go in by featured by sports by leagues by channels conference so thats.

Nice i hope this setup video this simple setup video was helpful to you in some way i really do. If you have any questions definitely post them in the comments we love collaborating with our subscribers we definitely hope. You subscribe as well look this is a great value for five dollars more do i agree that hulu should. Raise your price and give it to you without any choice well i dont know about that what do you. Think tell me in the comments but i hope you found this helpful thank you so much for watching hey.

Guys take a moment and give us a thumbs up we really appreciate it as you can see brooklyn shes. Waving her tail for you take a moment and subscribe dont forget to hit the bell and youll get notified. Of new videos we come out with also follow us and contact us on instagram twitter or facebook wed love. To have you thank you so much and have a wonderful day you.

Method 4 – Disney Plus Bundle Full Walkthrough And Review

Disney plus is out guess what i got it hey guys welcome back to my channel today i am going. To give you guys a full review of the disney plus oh my goodness what more can i say other. Than lets get into this with you the first thing i did this morning was i went to google and. I just simply googled disney plus and this is the page that came up as you can see sign up.

Now is already read because we already signed up so i clicked on that and it took us to this. Page here we have the information for the free trial for the disney plus $6.99 each month now on to. The disney plus a bundle that we had you select that and then thats where the registration will pop up. This is where youll enter your e-mail address to begin the subscription you will of course leave that tiny blue. Box checked as an agreement and then you will click the accept and then it will go on to the.

Next part of the registration here i clicked on the legal terms and agreement just so that i can read. Everything with the fine-tooth comb it has licensing information it has information on the different subscriptions that are available it. Just has everything that you will need to know as far as the legal terms and conditions of the product. That we are signing up for which is this disney plus streaming service so youll just scroll down because it. Is a very long list of terms and conditions and i do recommend that you go through them and read.

Through them specifically but again just scroll through look at the terms make sure that they apply because there are. Some very specific things that they are asking so for an example if you have your hulu through spotify you. Cannot get this bundle through them if your hulu is not in good standing you cannot get the bundles the. Bundle is not the same as the disney plus subscription so again make sure that you read through the terms. And agreement some things are common sense that theyre pointing out and then theres some things thats surprising so for.

An example i read on here that you have to keep all your email addresses cohesive so whatever email address. You have for hulu if you already have a google account when you sign up for disney plus you have. To keep that same exact email address for that so if you get the bundle make sure that you have. The same email address across the board or they will cancel your service now were ready to register it was. A very seamless process it took maybe about three minutes the longest part of it was entering my email address.

And or billing information very very easy now were in and when you first get there you wont have multiple. Profiles you actually have one default profile and that you would have to go ahead and personalize so of course. You have the disney logo up there and the different profiles of course are added now because weve been watching. All day weve clicked the profile and now we are on the home page it has a chock-full of everything. Disney pixar marvel star wars and we have the links to the different pages and categories at the top again.

Everything disney pixar marvel star wars national geographic so we have home search watchlist originals of movies and series and. We have the slide bar that has the different main features on it and im gonna scroll up and show. You just all the wonderful disney movies and tv shows and everything else that is available navigating the site is. Very easy everythings on a sliding scale whether its vertical or horizontal im just going through and showing you two. Different movies and shows an original series that are available i have to tell you i am pleasantly surprised by.

The amount of content that is available from historical classics to the very me new new and thats what i. Was so surprised i thought that there would be a limit to kind of like get you sort of like. Click big to get you in there and then its just chock-full of just randomness no there is something here. For everyone it gives a very nostalgic feeling because the old classics are there and as youre scrolling up you. Know different movies just catch you by surprise it just really was refreshing it was nostalgic it was just kind.

Of overwhelming in a very good way almost like going to disney for the first time such good content you. Know a lot of stuff that you might have forgotten about just like netflix it has his originals and here. We are not a huge selection but if i know disney like i know im that will change im just. Gonna mosey on over to the movies link and show you some of the movies that are available this is. Just a glimpse of whats available now i want to show you how you get to the hulu and the.

Espn you go to your profile then you get to the account information youll click on the subscription information down. There then there you go you have the hulu and the espn plus information these are links to an external. Site so because im on my mac its going to take me to the web page for my hulu and. A web page for the espn so here we are it doesnt automatically register you so youre gonna go through. That same seamless registration process as im scrolling up you see all the content thats available back to our disney.

Plus home page and again i am just clicking and scrolling and showing you the different movies that are available. To different television series that are available but this series look very interesting not my genre but hey it looked. Very interesting season cant wait to try it out now lets take a brief look at cool so again we. Already had the gui live subscription so the transition with the bundle was just very single every time we logged. On hulu always asks for us to share our location the viewing profile page comes up i select my profile.

The homepage you get a standard tv guide that shows the list of channels most recently fused your personal channels. And just the different categories or new movies kids just like television we have the unlimited screen option watching on-demand. Content and dvr capability so that kind of sums up live tv and now i want to go to the. Help center i think its a perfect place to end this walkthrough because it addresses a lot of questions that. A lot of you had the kids profile of course it is such a good idea that you can have.

Different profiles for every family member including little kiddos i like this next section because it speaks to the people. That bought the bundle as we have and we who already have a hulu live subscription or a hulu with. Ads subscription and it kind of goes through and explains every situation and how you can tailor this bundle to. Your hulu so it answers all the questions about an existing hulu account now im going to the help desk. Questions and answers i highly suggest that you read through these if you plan on subscribing to either plan it.

Really doesnt matter i think that you should read through them because some of the questions are very specific to. Different situations especially those of us that have had new accounts prior to the disney you check out the home. Page and as you see im just scrolling up and just kind of browsing whats available i still am finding. New things as i am browsing and it is just very excited for us and a world of streaming oh. It will hold its own it has great options its affordable the content alone is matchless i look forward to.

Mini movie nights and watching current and classic movies its gonna be absolutely amazing you.

Method 5 – Disney Plus Bundle A-Z Movie List With Hulu & Espn+ Review

Hello internet this is aaron garcia and today i will be showing you what everyone has been talking about and. That is disney plus ive seen disney plus in a lot of ads on facebook everyones talking about it social. Media posts everyone wants to know if you have it if you like it and today im going to show. You whats past this screen so disney plus comes in two tiers the first one allows you to have a.

Seven day free trial at $6.99 a month afterwards and the other gives you hulu and esp n plus in. Addition to disney plus for $12.99 a month i opted for the second tier because i havent had hulu since. 2013 and ive never had espn so now i have access to sports nba nfl and so on disney plus. Offers you pixar marvel star wars and national geographic as well as all the disney movies you know and love. And are you ready this is whats behind the screen so once youve signed up you get this and its.

A beautiful interface reminds me a little bit of apple tv so real big rounded icons but pretty much the. Same as any other streaming service very well organized they have a show called the mandalorian which is based off. The star wars series ive watched the first episode its great i cant wait to see the second episode its. Actually fairly new so you know what is new it came off the disney plus isnt exclusive so i watched. The first one that was all that was available episode 2 is out so im sure everyone who already has.

This will be watching that one i know i will be and so far my impressions of disney plus are. Good because i mean it has everything you could want its got pixar its got marvel its got pirates of. The caribbean so pretty nice but one thing ill say is ive never been a fan of streaming services tiles. Because it just seems to repeat the same stuff over and over and i feel like thats a waste of. Space but thats just an opinion and there is a solution for it with disney plus you can actually click.

On the movies tab or the tv series tab up here so im gonna click on the movies tab and. Sort all the movies in the library a to z which i think is awesome it reminds me a little. Bit of when we used to have dvd libraries and we just had our our movies sort of a to. Z the difference here is most of these youve never seen before so im gonna just show you whats here. So im gonna slow so as you can see it has disney through the decades cartoons and live-action films and.

For the most part it has the complete oh theres a car wash three has a complete trilogy of or. Anthology of movies so the only movies ive seen missing so far is the lion king live-action toy story 4. And if zootopia has a second version like a second movie its not in here either those are the 3. Off the top of my head that i think are missing but for the most part its all here and. Im just gonna kind of go slow so you can enjoy this theres herbie the herbie series which i loved.

The herbie series when i was a kid ive actually never seen this one so ill finally be able to. See that one and theyre all here the lovebug is further down these are alphabetical so for some reason theyre. Not altogether there are a lot of documentaries from national geographic so thats more my speed ill probably be watching. A bunch of those yeah but im overall impressed with the selection you know considering that these are all disney. Movies so this is a good choice for family-friendly content so you can click on any of these and youre.

Safe theres nothing really too much to concern yourself with unlike the other streaming services that well have some you. Know pretty heavy content thats not suitable for everyone of every age but because i got the bundle i also. Get access to hulu so its going to expand what you have access to in addition to this so were. Almost to the end just gonna show you every last movie thats here and there you go thats the end. Of it im going to show you the tv series real quick again a to z cuz i like to.

Do it that way give you an idea whats here a lot of child-friendly shows and some documentaries thats again. More my speed and im going to show you what documentaries are included and thats it okay let me show. You one other thing lets go back to the home page and im gonna click on national geographic here real. Quick so this is the series that are available and it sorts it based on interests but you get quite. A bit go back home sure a star wars obviously it has all the star wars movies that are out.

There okay and marvel so get all these a lot of them i havent seen yet and i havent seen. Ant man ive seen those i think ive seen all those really good movies i really enjoyed them pixar just. Youre just missing toy story 4 which makes sense so if its super-new is probably not on here because theyre. Gonna want to make a few bucks off of it before they put it here im assuming and theres a. Disney disney this is nice because they also have it sorted by the decades so ill show you that here.

In a second its the same content its just how its presented so lets see here im gonna go back. Here i think i can sort it by lets see i know i did it i-ive already okay this is. The original content for this platform but im trying to see how i sorted by the decades nostalgia okay there. Is a way to do it im trying to figure it out because i saw it but i dont know. Explorer there we go i think this is what im looking for disney through the decades there we go and.

So there are movies from the 1920s or more like cartoons all the way up i thought this this was. A nice touch because it allows you to see you know if youre looking for i dont know nostalgic reasons. Or whatever you could see everything that came out and when it came out which i didnt realize that 101. Dalmatians came out in the 60s apparently it did cool mask was a sign of zorro very nice so alright. So if youre wondering you do get multiple user accounts so you can create i think up to five ive.

Put four in here so far could be wrong could be six but you have the ability to have your. Own watchlist and your own playlists and everything else which is very nice and if you get the bundle you. Get hulu so hulu or also allows you to have multiple user accounts and here you can see that the. Content is a little bit more geared for an older crowd now i got some cartoons in here i guess. But so this is kind of this is giving you more balance so these are the categories that are available.

To you tv shows so you got network so you can of course watch news stations disney owns abc i. Believe so actually disney owns a lot of stuff so that makes sense why theyre able to do this this. Is the movie selection they have i wish they had a to z lists because i just personally like a. To z list as an option in case i just like im seeing the same movies over and over and. I want to see something different so one of the things i can see streaming services improve on is how.

They present content theyve theyve got a different different ways here i see like they have 90s binge or whatever. Im trying to actually click on this ill guess its not a its not a clickable item is just a. Sideways scrolling thing im not a huge fan of how streaming services do this i think that they could do. It a little better but i think thats just how it is so thats how it is yeah i see. You get an idea of whats her.

Conclusion – How To Access Disney Plus On Hulu

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