How To Access Disney Plus On Smart Tv – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access disney plus on smart tv, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access disney plus on smart tv,

Method 1 – How To Watch Disney Plus On Samsung Tv

Hey whats going on everyone in this video im going to show you how to watch disney plus on your. Samsung smart tv lets get started so as you can see guys im over here on my samsung smart tv. And one thing honestly you guys know before i go ahead and get stuck in with this video is that. If your samsung smart tv is older than 2016 then unfortunately you most likely wont be able to access disney.

Plus as theyre just simply not compatible with the service so if you fall into this particular category then simply. That sucks because youre not able to watch disney plus and from what i can tell theres no way you. Can get around it by downloading the app onto your samsung smart tv even if you go ahead and update. The software youre simply not able to find it so one of the best ways on how you can fix. This is by using something like the amazon fire tv stick which im actually using on my tv or alternatively.

You can go ahead and use something like the roku the apple tv and these heaps of others around there. But from my personal experience i really do like using the amazon fire tv as you can actually go ahead. And download the pins and access heaps heaps of other streaming platforms as well so if youre looking to pick. One of these up i believe theyre around 30 or 40 dollars ill actually put a link down below in. The description r to amazon so if your tv is newer than 2016 then you should be able to go.

Ahead and download disney plus so ill just go ahead and show you guys this right now so the first. Thing you want to do is go ahead and press the home button on your samsung tv remote and depending. On where you are located the button may be different but itll be something like that so you just want. To go ahead and press that now once youre here the first thing you want to do is go ahead. And ensure you are connected to the internet as this will actually allow you to go ahead and download the.

App so to go ahead and connect to your wi-fi you just go all the way over to the left. Hand side to settings press up and go to these extra settings over here go all the way over to. The right-hand side and then go to network press on the up key go to network settings and then you. Can go ahead and follow these prompts and connect to your wide internet connection and also your wireless are as. Well so if youve gone ahead and done that you can then go back to the home arm button which.

You can go ahead and press there now once youre here you again want to go over to search you. Want to go ahead and press on that one now once youre here you now have the ability to go. Ahead and search for certain apps for your samsung smart tv so you can go ahead and search for our. Netflix stand amazon prime and so on so in this instance i want to go ahead and search for a. Disney plus so ill just go ahead and search for disney plus d yes and as soon as you put.

In the first couple of letters it will most likely come up as a recommend it up so as you. Can see ive got disney plus up there so ill just go up there go over there click on that. One and then you can go ahead and download it so ive actually gone ahead and already downloaded this onto. My samsung smart tv so this will actually open me to this page where i can go ahead and login. Or either sign up for the service so if disney plus is still not working for the samsung tv the.

Next thing you can try is to go ahead and update the software on your tv just like when you. Update the software on your mobile phone or desktop computer sometimes this brings extra functionality and also extra apps as. Well so im just going to go ahead and press return on the remote to get out of here ill. Go ahead and press exit and this will bring me back to this main area and if this doesnt pop. Up you can go ahead and press the home button and then you want to go over and print and.

Go to settings and you just want to go ahead and press the middle remote the middle button on your. Right there click on that one and this will go ahead and give you a couple of settings that you. Can go ahead and access so once youre here you can go to software updates press on that one and. Then you can go ahead and press update now and this will go ahead and download the latest firmware onto. Your tv i want to go ahead and download that firmware if it is available hopefully that should go ahead.

And give you extra functionality on how you can download disney plus so there you have it guys thats a. Few different methods on how you can watch disney plus on your samsung smart tv so hopefully this video has. Been helpful for you guys and also if youve come up with your own solution then please share that down. Below in the comment section as will be helping thousand of other samsung users out there and if this video. Has been helpful for you then please smash that like button and as always thanks for watching ill see you.

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Method 2 – How To Get Disney Plus On A Smart Tv

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Method 3 – Is Your Tv Too Old For Disney Plus? Here Are A Few Ways Around It

Hey whats up everyone welcome to another video so i had an interesting conversation at work today and it involved. The new at disney plus now ive had disney plus since it came out and i absolutely love it but. I actually found that some people who have smart televisions arent able to download the disney plus app if their. Tv is older than three years if you look here on the disney website it gives compatibility of what devices.

You can actually use it on and for certain tvs if it is older than 2016 then it wont run. On those smart tvs so i thought that i would throw a little video together and show you guys some. Options of what you can do if you are in this situation and have an older tv that you cannot. Watch a disney plus on now i did want to mention that i will have links to all the products. Mentioned in this video down in the description below those are affiliate links and i do appreciate if you guys.

Use those also dont forget to take time to subscribe and hit that notification bell for more videos like this. Now luckily you can buy smart tv sticks out there to plug into your tv which essentially makes your tv. Smart the first one that i have listed here is the fire tv stick in 4k the reason i have. This one listed first is because there is a killer deal going on for this one right now it is. 50% off so normally this device is 50 dollars and this is for the 4k version but right now if.

You look right here on the screen it says you can save $25 using this code at checkout now if. You do click on the learn more it does say that it is not applicable for everybody so go ahead. And click on that learn more to find out if you are able to use this code but if you. Are it is a fantastic deal and out of everything that were going to be talking about in this video. This is going to be the best deal right here so for all the platforms and all the devices that.

Were going to be talking about you do not need a subscription for any of these you can just buy. The device and load up the disney app and use it with your disney paid subscription for these amazon devices. You dont have to be a prime member you dont have to sign in you will have to actually create. I believe a amazon account to log into it but once you are logged into with your amazon account you. Dont need to be paying any kind of subscription piece for that these do work standalone so if youre just.

Looking for a disney plus you can do that without additional monthly charges from these devices so in addition to. The firestick 4k weve also got – just the regular firestick now if you look here the regular firestick is. Having a small sale it is $34.99 it looks like right below there they are having a sale that if. You buy this and with and echo dot bundle you can get it for $41 so thats pretty cool if. You were looking to also pick up an echo dot this one is not going to be in 4k but.

It essentially is the same thing the next one that we have up from amazon is theyre brand new which. Is kind of their second edition firetv cube now i have the original firetv cube and this is what i. Use daily this is something that is in my family room and we use it all the time i did. A video on it when it was released last year ill put a link up here if you guys want. To check that out but essentially what this is is it is a fire stick and it as an echo.

Dot built into one device i use this on my tv that is 10 years old and it works fantastic. We talked to it all the time were always having it play shows or set timers or alarms or another. Cool thing that you can do with all of these amazon devices is that if you have any kind of. Security cameras you can also ask to see those security cameras whether it be a ring video doorbell or in. Our low security camera or wise cam you can have your amazon device show that on any screen that its.

Plugged into whether that be a tv monitor whatever so thats the cool thing with the amazon environment next up. I wanted to show you guys if you are not an amazon user and dont like amazon that we also. Have the google options here so google has chromecast ultra and that is $70 and then weve also got to. The chromecast third generation so thats going to be the non 4k one that is $35 so both of these. Versions right here are going to be googles version of what we looked at before the third invite mint on.

My list that i wanted to bring to your attention is that if you are a diehard apple user and. You like the apple environment granted this is going to be an expensive option for you but coming in at. $1.99 is the apple tv 4k so this one also has a built-in 64 bit of storage it does say. The latest model and if we take a look here theres also the apple tv 32 gig and this one. Comes in at 150 with all of these devices you get a huge array of options not only were talking.

Disney plus but you can do netflix hulu espn just a wide of a range of different options here the. Last environment that i wanted to talk about is the roku so this is a another premium company that has. Their own streaming media device that you can connect to your tv i have actually not used roku but i. Know several people that have and they absolutely love it and this one here is the 4k version on sale. Right now at 30 dollars so that is a pretty good pick up right there too but anyway thats all.

I have in this video i just wanted to give everyone who is having issues loading up disney plus on. Their older tvs and here are some options that you can look into especially picking environments and any of these. Are going to work fantastic if this video is helpful give it a thumbs up as always dont forget to. Subscribe and hit that notification bell for more content like this and ill see you guys in the next video.

Method 4 – How To Get Disney Plus On Any Samsung Tv

One of the most popular streaming apps out there today is disney plus and if youre watching this then i. Would imagine that youre wondering how to get this great app installed on your tv well in todays tech video. Im going to show you how to get disney plus on your samsung tv it can be really frustrating if. You want to watch some of the great content that is on disney plus and you find that your tv.

Is unable to download it now at the time of this recording disney plus is only available on certain brands. Of tvs also if your tv is an older model of smart tv it can prevent you from downloading this. App so the way that im going to show you on how to install disney plus will be able to. Work on any model tv and any year of tv you just have to have an hdmi port on your. Tv to plug into now the way to give your tv the ability to install disney plus is to get.

A streaming device to plug into your tv i recommend getting a roku stick or an amazon fire stick both. Of these media streaming players have the capability of downloading disney plus you would then use the roku or fire. Stick as your main streaming player which bypasses the operating system on your tv both devices plug into the hdmi. Port on your tv no matter how old it is or what model it is ive had great luck with. Both of these streaming players and ill put links in the description down below of where you can get one.

Well hopefully this video was helpful to you if it was go ahead and hit a thumbs up on this. Go ahead and subscribe to my channel i make tech videos all the time and id love to have you. Back in the next one take care.

Method 5 – How To Get Disney Plus On Samsung Smart Tv

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Show you which disney next your question with bells on.

Conclusion – How To Access Disney Plus On Smart Tv

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