How To Access Disney Plus – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – How To Watch Disney Plus Outside The Us

So yeah disney plus is finally here came out a couple of days ago on november 12th and of course. Its going to come with disneys pedigree of content like movies and tv shows say lion king toy story or. The marvel movies and even the newly acquired fox studios i just got a lot of good movies goddamn disneys. Just taking over the world isnt it so its only out in a few countries at the moment us canada.

And netherlands of all places but it is coming out in australia and new zealand and uk as well and. November 19th theres no news on future countries but thats where we come in if youve been living under a. Rock its our forte we help you get past those g restrictions so you can watch disney plus right on. Your phone or anywhere and if you go wizard disney plus right at this second youll probably get greeted with. This message so ill show you how to get past those g restrictions and watch disney flies outside of the.

United states without any further ado lets begin shall we to get started tigger your android smartphone first you havent. Got an android smartphone you can use an android emulator apps like knox player on your computer unfortunately though you. Cant use your computer or ios devices to create an account as of now moving on if you dont live. In the united states then you probably wouldnt be able to see the disney plus app in the play store. So youll have to sideload that from the internet so head over to google and search for disney plus apk.

Downloader and then installer after installing the app you need to open it and then youll get an error message. Saying that the service is not available in your country like expected so will circum windows g restriction by opening. Smart dns proxies vpn app and then selecting a us server to connect to it oh by the way take. Note of which server youre choosing because well need that later i just the new york one now this is. Important here ill set up our smart phones time to match the time of new york courier phone settings and.

Set the time zone to new york and turn off automatic time adjustment now as a security measure clear the. Disney plus cachet and storage in the app info if you launch the app now youll be able to see. The free trial page follow the on-screen instructions and setup a disney plus account after youre done itll ask you. To begin the free trial account use google pages authenticate the payment and add your credit card information if you. Havent already itll take some time to process and once its done there you go disney plus right in your.

Phone you if you did those correctly you can now watch disney plots lets stand watch avengers end game now. Shall we if the action is dearer again in the future just clear the cache a cookies an app history. And then run the app after connecting to a u.s. Server on a vpn app and then it should start. Working again and the interface of disney plus looks a lot like netflix or even app store i mean you.

Get all the standard options like download shows for offline use watch on four different screens at once and then. Create a kit profile and setup repair and tilt controls unlike their fix that at least supports four you can. Create up to seven profiles and disney plus and theres no limit to how many devices you can download movies. And tv shows onto its pretty cool similarly you can use the same login of disney plus to watch it. On an iphone or a computer or even your android tv simply run a vpn with the us server and.

Login with your disney plus credentials to watch your favorite tv shows to watch on your peaceful or streaming devices. You can set up smart dense proxies dns server on your router we have a dedicated video on that so. Click on the link to watch that so there you go thats a whats disney plus outside of the united. States until they actually release it in your country then and this video is redundant but until then its going. To be useful let me know which shows youre going to bench in the comment section below as always im.

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Method 2 – How To Get Disney Plus On A Smart Tv

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 3 – Disney + Now Included With Hulu + Live Tv Easy 5 Step Setup And Quick Look

Hey guys tech made easy and thank you so much for clicking on our link today well as you can. See on our screen were using a roku and weve got hulu weve got disney plus and weve got espn. And the reason for this video is i received an email today from disney plus saying congratulations set up your. Account and im excited because theres a ton of content that disney is giving us and youll be surprised at.

What theyre giving us and ill show you that later on but my goal in this video is to show. You how to activate and set up your account okay again im going to go into disney plus a little. Bit im gonna go into espn plus a little bit but my goal here is to mostly focus on how. To set up disney plus again i received that email and i am paying for hulu live tv which is. 75 a month it is now going to eighty dollars a month because hulu has decided to include disney plus.

And espn now the value is really good for another five dollars to be honest with you but lets go. Ahead and check out this setup lets get started lets go over some things to know so if you receive. This email then disney plus and espn plus are included in your plan i will be showing you some steps. In a moment most of us had a price increase when hulu decided to upgrade our plan so be aware. To use hulu disney plus and espn plus youll need to download each of the apps on your devices i.

Also want to say if youre looking for espn plus right now in the app store or on your tv. To my knowledge there is only an espn app not an espn plus app dont worry about that download the. Espn app each experience is going to be different depending on your device some of you might be using an. Apple tv some of you might be using a smartphone just be aware i am going to be presenting step. By step using my roku ultra also realize channels are different depending on the state or the country you live.

In in this video i will mostly be focusing on how to set up your disney plus account i will. Go into the disney plus app so we can take a quick look i will also go into the espn. App so we can take a quick look again i will be demonstrating this on my roku ultra device now. You might be using a different device step number one check your email and your spam you should have received. An email saying action needed activate disney plus and espn plus it should have come from disney plus at

Step two click on activate now then the disney plus website will actually open step number three enter the email. You want to use for your account after youre done hit agree and continue step number four create a password. For your new disney plus account and hit continue step number five download the disney plus app on your device. In my case i went into my roku i went into the channel store and i searched for disney found. The disney plus app and downloaded it step number six lets go ahead and take a quick look at the.

Disney plus app and afterwards ill go in and well take a quick look at the espn app okay lets. Take a moment and go into disney plus and take a look and here we go access to the full. Library now i i went into this earlier and i took a look and i was really surprised to see. That if you see the movie on the top that just launched that is just in theaters and yet they. Are giving you this movie this is a two-hour movie that youre getting now what i like about this interface.

Is as you go down you can go into the disney library you can go into the pixar library marvel. Library star wars library and the national geographic library this is awesome so lets go in for a minute and. Lets go into disney im not going to spend too much time but i wanted to show you that as. You can see here you can go in to the different areas and see all of the content to my. Knowledge i was very surprised to see the newest movie already included so really really nice all right let me.

Go out of this now and im going to go into pixar and as you can see you have a. Lot of the pixar um you know content in here do you have it all im not sure i am. So excited though to have this because they make some really good stuff all right lets get out of that. Now and lets look at marvel now im really excited about marvel because i love watching marvel movies i mean. Really you know its so awesome to pay five bucks more a month and have all this access all right.

Lets back out of that now and lets go to star wars now ive never been a huge fan of. Star wars and i didnt dislike it but some people really really love star wars and so you get access. To a lot of the content as well all right and lets back out of that and go into national. Geographic all right and heres the library well just go through some of the stuff here and that is a. Quick look at disney plus one other thing id like to show you and again this is on the roku.

I dont know if itll be the same on your device but when you go to the left side you. Have your home you have your watch list which i dont have anything in the watch list right now you. Have movies series originals and then your settings you can also have multiple profiles just so youll know ive only. Got one right now i just set it up but you can have a profile for you a profile for. Your daughter a profile for your husband or a profile for your wife lets take a look at espn and.

Dont forget there is no espn plus at this time they call it espn plus but for some reason the. Apps on my phone and the apps in the roku store just say espn now as you can see from. The interface youve got live channels itll actually tell you live as far as whats on right now um if. I go up to the top menu where it says featured thats what this is if you go to espn. Plus let me click that and see what that looks like this is my first time going through this interface.

But i figured id show you so lets go back to featured for a minute well look at that and. Then well go to espn plus and well go to originals as well so let me just scroll down so. You can take a look live they have leagues here so you can go in and set up your leagues. They have the different sports that you can go in here so if we go through the leagues just want. To show you whats available theres probably a ton not enough for this video thats for sure okay if i.

Go down and i go into sports let me just go across so you can see whats included and hopefully. This is helpful all right you go to top picks up and coming exclusive top videos events and so on. And so on theres a ton of stuff conferences are listed here as well so if youre looking for conferences. Thats really good channels so you can actually go to the different channels when you have this which is really. Nice all right now lets take a look at oops it logs me right out let me go right back.

In that was me i hit the back key on my roku lets go ahead and get into uh espn. Plus so let me go to the top and move over one and go into espn plus and just show. You a little bit of this we have top picks up and coming mens college hoops womens college hoops film. Spotlights so theyve actually got films in here which is good like the last dance thats pretty cool you can. Browse by collection again sports leagues conferences all right very similar the ufc ufc is on here as well which.

Is cool okay so let me go back up and let me go to originals and well just take a. Quick peek at that all right recent episodes okay welcome to the show inside the arena trailers film spotlight so. It looks like a lot of duplicate content thats in different sections but if youre a sports fan um this. Is pretty valuable all right let me go back up and lets go to browse for a minute and i. Guess browsing yeah okay now you can go in by featured by sports by leagues by channels conference so thats.

Nice i hope this setup video this simple setup video was helpful to you in some way i really do. If you have any questions definitely post them in the comments we love collaborating with our subscribers we definitely hope. You subscribe as well look this is a great value for five dollars more do i agree that hulu should. Raise your price and give it to you without any choice well i dont know about that what do you. Think tell me in the comments but i hope you found this helpful thank you so much for watching hey.

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Method 4 – Disney+ Early Access!! First Look At Disney Plus Streaming Service | Denise Joanne

Hello everybody its the knees and let me tell you it has been a while but im so happy to. Be back to youtube i am back on a regular uploading schedule so you can expect new videos every week. Here on this channel i have some very exciting stuff to share with you because here in the netherlands we. Have been granted early access to disney plus which is the new disney streaming app the official release date of.

Disney plus is going to be november at 12 and yesterday which was september to 12 so two months prior. To the official release date we got early access so i spent yesterday trying out watching some cute disney movies. And just checking out what is on dinner and today i want to share everything with you yeah im really. Excited to show you around in the app so lets get into it so first i want to show you. How to get the app like which devices it is accessible to use the d plus so lets start off.

With my dp which im sitting in front of right now so lets turn on the tv how do you. Like this little boo mug for halloween also have some pumpkins right there so i just turned on the tvs. And out lets search for apps and i already did this yesterday and i can already tell you that unfortunately. Unfortunately disney plus has not been released on smart tvs yes as you can see there is no results showing. The app just some youtube videos so its not on here yet but what we can do is turn on.

The playstation let me just do that so on the playstation we did in fact find the disney app its. Other tv and video so if you go there youll find netflix amazon prime youtube to know what this is. And disney plus so you can access this new plus on a tv if you have a playstation so these. Are two accounts but i would actually like to show you this on my computer because thats a little bit. Easier for me so lets switch to the computer so while the computer is turning on i realized i never.

Checked my phone to see if its in the app store so lets do that right now wow looks like. I can get it on my phone as well i just realized ive got to hit record on my phone. Screen but here you go it actually says introducing a free trial 50-plus available exclusively to the netherlands which is. Crazy because we never get stuff like this really chuffed about it disney plus is a new home for a. Limited access to favorite movies and series from disney pixar marvel star wars and national geographic and more if its.

Done downloading so lets open the app and see what its like and there we are okay so this looks. Very similar to the interface on the computer which im going to show you in a minute oh cool they. Actually have a download function on your phone so you can like it download movies and watched a month ago. Oh i really love this its basically like netflix but just disney so that was disney plus my life oh. So now lets check out the disney bless ball on my computer and then well go through all the categories.

And the features and whatnot so i guess well switch to full screen and just have a small face game. So here we are oh no im just logged in on the generic profile so lets switch to no actually. Lets have a look at the profiles so im not sure how many profiles you can make in total my. Boyfriend made one using 4 key from toy story 4 and i picked the puzzle because thats my girl but. As you can see you can pick from so many cool images so like this is disney oh theyve got.

A scalloped who is so difficult to pick one its amazing theres tiana theres okay thats it it ends with. Oswald and then there is marvel characters who i dont know so thats not a whole lot actually that was. It and star wars thats what weve got what is this who is she i dont know her or him. Is that star wars it doesnt look familiar then we have pixar which is also fun so weve got incredibles. Oh its joy i love joy theres merida miguel oh its adorable ill look at more these little face so.

Thats it for a pixar then weve got some national group excuse me some national geographic animals loving the penguin. Then weve got mcgee friends oh theyve got huey dewey and louie dont they yeah oh thats it actually thats. Not a whole lot theres no pluto oh then weve got disney classics so weve got princesses villains more princesses. Of villains some side cakes other characters oh well lets see yours so lots of characters to pick from peter. Pan wendy dumbo its really cute and then weve got my favorite disney princesses ariel my water bell jasmine cinderella.

Mulan pocahontas tiana a boris no im merida and i still dont know if its a light elena or alena. I think its a later so is she an official disney princess though i dont think shes in the lineup. But shes in the princess category um then weve got villains which is amazing they made a villain section i. Love scar hes my favorite villain i also really love ursula and gaston oh my colleagues mother gothel who are. You its a pirate girl i dont know you but you look cool then weve got some disney channel stars.

Which i am not too familiar with why dont you possible obviously okay um oh weve got high school you. School characters i know those thats amazing oh wire okay thats it so those are any characters you can pick. From thats fun so lets go back because i dont want to make a new profile so this is the. Interface of disney plus we got the categories disney pixar marvel star wars and national geographic you know what the. Fun thing is when you click this knee you get a cute little animation look at it in that magical.

I have to say we do it on the tv or on the playstation this animation is actually like full. Screen its a bit more magical but whatever you you saw it now weve got the categories featured obviously and. Weve got live-action movie so weve got mary poppins returns pirates of the caribbean jungle book maleficent cinderella beauty and. A beast loves the greater powerful you know what im not gonna name everything was just gonna scroll through it. And maybe highlight something i really like oh christopher roman youre so cute saving mr.

Banks seriously underrated movie it. Was so good still eat watch nutcracker oh its a very old hundred and one dalmatians that is adorable cult. Invention and that is it for the live-action movies honestly i dont know thats more maybe this is just a. Few feature at once but well go up weve got animated movies with lots of our favorites in there cant. Wait to watch literally everything then weve got disney channel series i hope theyre gonna add tangled the serious or.

Rapunzel the series i even sure what its called oh and weve got the suite life of zack & Cody. That makes me really happy and weve got disney junior series which i am nervous oh thats it okay then. Weve got disney channel original movies obviously love iscope use goal dont really know about the rest of them yeah. I dont really think this is my cup of tea i do love the lizzie mcguire movie grew up watching. That okay and then weve got princess and fairy tales so here weve got all our favorite princesses and some.

Other fairy tales i guess take your bell weve got oh weve got sequels as well so weve got blue. Lob to bocahantas to little mermaid to beauty and visa and chocolate christmas cinderella – so thats really fun weve. Got all the sequels because lets be fair quality-wise theyre pretty bad but i do enjoy them so helping their. Own there then weve got the pirates movies its a pirates life for me so ive got pirates of the. Caribbean obviously and weve got peter pan movies – tinker bell movies descendants i dont know is that pirate theme.

I suppose peter pan – weve got lovebirds and some things that i dont know but they must be fun. Then weve got science fiction i havent seen any of these maybe i should try some some of them look. Familiar and weve got my niece throwbacks isnt that the best category ever it has hocus pocus theyve already won. Hercules of love it but to be honest i dont know what these are a goofy feet yeah i dont. Know about these though is that my knees i mean it looks nineties but not the 90s i was thinking.

Of i was thinking of the renaissance nineties but whatever and then weve got mickey through the years which is. Really cute so weve got all these little mickey shorts that became friends and fantasia so yeah that was the. Disney section so lets go back here look at pixar pixar we have pixar movies this is amazing theyre all. There ah and then weve got pixar shorts the shorts are on there for two bursts is so cute and. Piper will be my all-time favorite because piper is so cute so cute wow was also really cute yeah so.

Thats really cool oh my goodness a resolution thats cute now weve got these synthetic ears are these like those. Metals oh no no these are these are think this is just like a mashup everything that weve got totally. Story so weve got the toy story movies and also it looks like some toy story shorts thats cool cars. Oh wow i dont know i didnt know there was so many cars movies or shorts cars – i suppose. Thats shorts though weve got animal adventures thorry i mean finding nemo finding dory in bugs life of course oh.

Wow okay so that speaks are amazing by the way this is not everything its not complete yeah this is. Just the trial so imagine its gonna be even more now weve got marvel im i dont watch marvel so. Im just gonna scroll through this marvel cinematic universe theres these movies now weve got marvel series and specials i. See lots of spider-man that weve got marvel 3d tears just clicking through so you guys can see it and. I like pause the video if you want to take a closer look now weve got marvel mini adventures oh.

Thats a short category then weve got origin stories theres a lot of stuff in here for marvel fans that. Weve got star wars i have a confession ive tried watching star wars so many times and i always lee. Then weve got star wars series star shorts apparently – well star wars specials darth vader collection weve got national. Geographic oh wow okay national geographic series national geographic movies i love documentaries about nature but i just i dont. Know where to start i dont know which ones are good there was vets of pets then weve got science.

And innovation interesting and then weve got exploring our world okay so that was that and then if you scroll. Down on the main page you just see like everything so you see hit movies obviously frozen is there recommended. For you based on what youve watched but honestly i dont think this algorithm is working very well because its. Telling me to watch marble and then weve got out of the vault which is very exciting this mostly classics. And renaissance movies really cool category i think if you click the category oh no i cant click it i.

Thought you would see more if you click it like a pet flex but thats not the case then weve. Got disney channel series and movie this all seen that before exploring a world reimagined classics and these are the. Live-action movies yeah inspired by true stories really some of these are disney i didnt know that and weve got. Four kids whats up oh whats that duck tails thats cool chip and dale rescue rangers oh i used to. Love that keep possible really cool musicals so yeah thats also a great category then weve got more star wars.

And beasts and monsters that sorta its like a monsters in colossus university beauty enemies cuz obviously theres a beast. In there petes dragon oh dinosaur thats an old movie i used to have that on vhs tape yeah belgic. Movies 4k ultra hd oli did okay mary poppins returns ralph breaks the internet its all the newer movies are. Already on here its crazy and weve got documentaries as well oh you guys i think we went through it. All so up here we can find a home search watchlist so you can actually make a watchlist for yourself.

Originals whats that doesnt seem to load anything oh okay so you can just filter to just see movies or. Series so yeah thats it its switched back to maybe thats why the recommendations were off recommend it for you. Though its still saying i should watch ironman and star wars not gonna happen its so yeah thats it thats. All of disney plus for now the free trial thats only accessible via netherlands exclusively i love saying it i. Love repeating it because honestly we never get these kind of stuff will not first at least so i hope.

You enjoyed this little walk through this little sneak peek of what you might expect when it gets released in. Your country and honestly i would recommend it because its only gonna get better from here on because i feel. Like its not gonna be like netflix where they have licenses and when the license expires they have to remove. The movie though this is disneys own platform so they dont have to remove anything its all their own stuff. So its gonna stay on there and its only gonna grow bigger as more movies get at it its only.

Six euros a month which is which is maybe like five pounds seven dollars short one right but whatever its. Its not that steep its very affordable and anyway you guys thank you so much for watching this video it. Was so much fun to talk to the camera again and talk to you guys so thumbs up if youre. Excited for disney plus to get released in your country and let me know in the comments down below what. Is going to be the first movie you are going to watch i hope to see you all next week.

For my next video bye.

Method 5 – How To Watch Disney Plus From Anywhere | Best Disney Plus Vpn 2022 📺🔥

Hey whats up guys andy here and in this video im going to talk about how you can watch disney. Plus from anywhere in the world with the help of a good vpn now i love disney plus and all. Of the amazing content that offers like star wars uh the mandalorian and all of my favorite childhood flicks like. Toy story and uh the problem is its still not available in my country and ive heard that i could.

Conclusion – How To Access Disney Plus

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