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Method 1 – Remnant From The Ashes | How To Start Or Access Dlc

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Method 2 – How To Start Swamps Of Corsus Dlc & Things To Do In Remnant Of The Ashes Swamps Of Corsus Dlc

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Method 3 – Remnant From The Ashes: Swamps Of Corsus Dlc Preview

Today remnant from the ashes brings both a new update and dlc called swamps of courses the update will be. Free for all users that already own the game and will include some of the new elements like bosses lore. And missions lore will include more information about the elf queen and the story behind courses and the iskele if. You havent played remanent in a while i strongly recommend you play through the story again as you will find.

Many new elements courses has been revamped in the new dungeons have both great designs and atmospheres and the dlc. Includes the survival mode the courses adventure mode and the ability to choir a new skin for each piece of. Armor in the game the most exciting part of the remnant from the ashes dlc is definitely the survival mode. This mode plays like a roguelike where you start your playthrough with only a pistol and then acquire more equipment. And traits as you progress when you die you lose all your progress and go back to the beginning but.

If you progress far enough you get a small scrap bonus what i really like about this mode is that. Each time you play it it feels like a new experience your armor weapons and mods are all random so. You get to experience weapons and mods that youve probably never used through the regular game making things much more. Interesting having to select between non-ideal equipment parts is very fun and you usually have many effects active at the. Same time which can create a lot of unexpected situations players will obviously get new rewards from playing the new.

Update and you can acquire glowing fragments from elites and bosses depending on how far youve gotten before getting killed. And these glowing fragments can be exchanged for armour skins at ward 15 when you start the survival mode youll. Find yourself in the labyrinth surrounded by pillars that act as shops there are five pillars consumables trinkets weapons armor. And upgrades the consumables and upgrade pillars always provide the same items but they increase in price each time you. Buy them getting progressively more expensive the weapons trinkets and armor pillars provide random equipment forcing you to make hard.

Choices making each playthrough unique each time you come back from an expedition the shops are restocked on the top. Left part of the screen youll see a timer that fills with a red bar and a second bar that. Fills with blue the number on the timer represents the current enemy difficulty when the timer reaches zero enemy level. Will grow by one increasing the health and damage of all enemies elites and bosses the blue bar represents your. Current level and players can increase their own level by defeating enemies and bosses players start this mode with three.

Dragon heart charges the dragon heart can be upgraded in the upgrade pillar by spending 1500 scrap and each time. You upgrade the price will increase by 500 during survival mode players wont find checkpoints except at the end of. The level but elites have a chance to drop a dragon heart charge when defeated mysterious tomes can be found. As drops around the world are purchased from the upgrade pillar for 500 scrapped increasing by 100 each time you. Buy them each tome will provide you one random trait when it fired and since the trait you acquire is.

Random if you already have it it will give you one level instead you can check the trade a tome. Will give you by standing next to it before picking it up when youre ready to go use the pillar. In the middle and you will spawn into a random world and the timer will begin advance through the level. By defeating enemies and youll eventually reach the boss you wont be able to go back until you defeat the. Boss once the boss is defeated you will fire the weapon or weapon mod related to crafting material that you.

Would usually get an alternate kills will provide you with the alternative version after you defeat the boss youll be. Able to use a checkpoint to head back to the labyrinth and the enemy timer will stop depending on the. Difficulty both your own and the enemy level remain unchanged during this time youll be able to use the scrap. Youve collected to buy new equipment or upgrades and when youre ready once again activate the pillar and heading to. The next random location and repeat locations will always be random as well as the worlds where you spawn in.

On your first two runs you will fight dungeon bosses and on your third you will fight at world boss. Bosses wont repeat so youll never fight the same boss twice the survival mode allows you to choose between four. Different difficulties normal hard nightmare and apocalypse providing players with more challenge as well as increasing the rewards bosses will. Give you the weapon or mod that you would be able to craft as if youre playing normally and the. Alternate kill will give you the alternate weapon or mod so keep this in mind and plan accordingly boxes crates.

And other destructible zin the world provide a lot of scrap but they can also drop mysterious tomes make sure. To break all the destructible as you can because you will need both of these things in order to have. A chance to make it through if you really need cash you can sell the consumables that you dont use. But you can only sell them at the consumables pillars so make sure you do so before heading back into. The labyrinth check for new equipment each time you get back from the labyrinth as i mentioned the stocks replenish.

And a gun or weapon you like might be there so get in the habit of always doing this especially. If youre playing on normal or hard because the timer does not move while youre in the war remember to. Upgrade your dragon heart as it will help with healing and if you die you have to restart this is. An easy thing to forget so make sure that you dont and will always be sure to kill elites as. They can drop dragon heart charges mysterious tomes glowing fragments and they provide a lot of experience as i mentioned.

Players can spend their glowing fragments to buy new skins for their armor by talking to a new mpc at. Ward 13 the npc can be found next to the route mother the new skins look stunning and you really. Feel rewarded when you buy them with your hard-earned glowing fragments glowing fragments can be attained from the survival mode. Or by playing the campaign in hardware nightmare moves stay tuned for more remnant from the ashes coverages theyve already. Announced another larger dlc that should be releasing later on this year and be sure to check out the official.

Remnant from the ashes wiki if you need help with the game.

Method 4 – How To Start Subject 2923 Dlc | Remnant From The Ashes Walkthrough

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Method 5 – Remnant From The Ashes Swamps Of Corsus Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – Intro (Dlc)

You know probably one of my most underrated games from 2019 was remnant from the ashes its a game i. Played a lot even after i finished that i just kept grinding i like gear type games as you can. See my gear score was not that high 16 i think ike 20 was the max at the time im. Not sure if its expanded now but welcome back perfect road wanted to sponsor a video if you dont know.

More about the new dlc thats now available for $10 on an xbox one and ps4 its just as youre. Seeing this video just went live on those two platforms just click the link it should be the very very. Top of the description im playing on pc so its been available for a little bit longer on here but. The bundle for everything is like 35 dollars if you want to get the dlc in the main game im. Gonna kind of go over how to access the new area show off some of the new sections and yeah.

Just gotta get back into this game i love the game originally when i played it i liked the drop. And drop out matchmaking and everything so better give it a shot so you guys are awesome best audience ever. Hope to see this do well if it does do well ill probably do more but i just wanted to. Kind of do one video for now kind of check it out all right guys i love you lets get. This so im gonna show you how to access the new dlc and kind of go over each thing theyve.

Added since i last played world settings obviously was already in the game but you can also ill show you. How to access everything survival mode i havent checked this out what is this an endless experience with okay boss. Experience recommended oh wow so if you dont know how to fight the different bosses oh that actually sounds kind. Of nice world settings heres kind of what im doing you can reroll the campaign like originally ive what were. Gonna do here is go to adventure mode survival modes also on this column as well youre gonna create new.

Adventure of course this is the the area were like the swamps and everything so thats where im gonna go. For this dlc in this video so we have this area i guess its kind of like a starting point. You can go back to earth yeah lets go here lets check it out normal lets do that so what. Happens to i guess is just now now active and then were good you know i havent been in the. Shops and stuff in a while in this game look at all the different things i have actually i havent.

Looked at anything in a while okay let me see they might have changed some of the stuff here was. The outfit the three-piece assassin 30% damage reloading increases a total damage dealt okay yeah i remember that mug oh. A mendez charm lets see dragon hearts hill allies okay let me see what else i can do maybe theyve. Changed some of these that actually sounds really good a lot to take in their increases max diamond to twenty. Five percent increases oh yeah oh this is one of my favorite weapons in the game let me see if.

I can upgrade anything i dont know what all is like upgradeable right here lets see some of this i. Might have a way i can okay hold on lets see if theres anything different beam rifle now wait a. Minute hardened iron okay i need to youd actually have more of that yo so you can essentially upgrade pretty. Much anything you have the coach gonna remember that i was actually what i started with for the longest time. All right buy items anything here no okay so its essentially the same kind of setup lets go ahead and.

Get this so i get it on public that means people can just randomly join me i dont how this. Is gonna go though i might get maxed out i dont know all right world settings to me roll the. Current campaign i got that lets go ahead and travel to the swamp man lets get it theyve apparently added. A bunch of different types of things like the survival and hard mode nightmare mode all that stuff this isnt. Looking good im kind of nervous right now oh y-you spent i used to love this games like just the.

Combat the loot system its just kind of refreshing i dont think ive ever played a game like it definitely. One of the games that ive really enjoyed last year more than more than most people i feel like what. If i should try to oh god oh god lets heal up really quick i love our responsive is it. Always been essentially the way this scheme i dont know if you guys ever played it but the way it. Works have these capabilities you have on your guns like right now i got the feeling one if i get.

To a certain point as i kill things the little circle on the bottom right-hand corner for the gun will. Fill up i wonder if i should just go back and try to just get people to join me i. Feel like itd be a lot more fun that way i might do that these enemies will respawn because of. Me doing this is kind of like the dark souls s way where things come come back let me see. I should have it sort of people can actually join let me make sure its a public session okay maybe.

Just ill get lucky and someone who hop them here in a minute the way it works is if somebody. Joins you you then have to wait yeah like somebody joins thats go back find out maybe i decide to. Go touch at one time i dont know here we go here we go baby they got apparently some new. Armored skins as well i didnt know about oh wait theres always one of my favorite abilities alright here we. Go theres probably a new zone in this area too all they still got the animation look up many health.

Blocks that person has oh my goodness thats the hills they have theres ten i only have eight interesting now. Look at the outfits i miss that of some of this stuff man be careful hey poison i never was. A fan of the melee bill i prefer the range you know if that corrosion hold on like its amazing. How the how smooth the game is when people jump in here you know she still gets scrap from im. Gonna try to get to like a boss in this i dont know if itll be like a new boss.

Or what because this is an area you can extract this persons build is kind of nuts honestly i dont. Know what theyre doing its like theres so much this difference this last time i played it all right think. Were good galvanized iron thats actually that was well the higher end things you needed i guess its just available. Now im playing on normal if you play on higher difficulties like nightmare doll that which i was tempted to. But my first time going back to giselle rather not get maxed out so lets see the map we got.

A little while to go okay yet nice ill say i was like i dont remember you being able to. Hop to stuff dont hop down and not take damage here we go move it just a little bit i. Can do i can use this as well its like over time you get health back a lot of these. Items i use because i remember i would after i beat the game originally i helped out other people do. The same thing just going back and helping put the last boss fight original that battle solo it but then.

After wall they lets take them serious probably fired you gotta be careful wang-gun mo nice a ford i like. How other people kill stuff as well you get the xp is you know its not like you got a. Fight to get xp in this game is this 400 scrap thats a lot no im actually i you know. I might uh i want to see what all this thing has to offer like i i wouldnt mind exploring. It more ill kind of see how the video does if you guys would like me more i dont know.

If its got like a new thing that need to get to first or what cuz this is kind of. A a part that was already in the game but theyve expanded upon it and its got like some new. New modes and new everything pretty much alright so were all just like standing around im gonna take the initiative. And just run run down here he looks like theres an open area theres a lot of new areas in. This section see whats down here gonna have to just take take charge oh yeah whatever done that is they.

Got tempting dlc i see one thing about this game i used to admire a lot was ive been ive. Never said was the campaign empty beat the game or just in the middle if you like you know what. I dont like the way these these sections are going i want to change it up in some bosses you. Can only get there were like kind of rare you know but i think it kind of changed that up. A little bit i remember those like certain guns you can only get if you did like you got to.

Certain areas and you do like how to do a puzzle and stuff i got carried a lot i was. Just there hanging up oh yeah im getting low on ammo though a mic switch got the ability now what. This basically does is to build that is if i die im pretty sure i come i come back to. Life like immediately ill just kind of hang on this is just the healing process yo what is that see. The toys i knew all right so were going which just keep exploring i forgot this game ran 60 frames.

Like ive been playing a lot of games that are slow its kind of surprised when i started i was. All made up were gonna smooth this with okay we got a spot we can go to over here or. What is this hey whats this is a thing where you can upgrade im pretty sure thats what you need. To upgrade your overall health amount you can use it to upgrade certain things as well like the armor and. Everything i could be wrong though all right lets get going lets see if they follow me looks like they.

Are we all have to go together im pretty sure yeah all players must be near in order to travel. Okay nice theres apparently new stories and new new bosses in here too new events new quests thats pretty awesome. Ah theres so much theyve added since i last played im just kind of like im taking it all in. On i need to get my outfit better though i dont like the armor ive been using thats some of. That like first-year kind of armor huh leave dungeon no im good down track is very very chill you know.

Oh i could have a few hold on i got one point you can kind of sell this up you. Can unlock minds eye handling im just gonna hang on to it for now now entering okay whole different area. Ocean oh nice nice i spent the early part of my afternoon breeding dr. Seuss books to my little girl. Im getting better how now brown cow baby all knows dr.

Seuss he had some bars for sure ive said. That before the years like every time i read you im just like a maze that corrosion stays on you. I could use an item and get rid of it but i mean it remembers that really seem that that. Pressing you know oh dear why is this person i dont want to walk in there because it looks like. Youre gonna get corrosion oh god what another person got all the persons way over there our way on the.

Other side behind us im gonna go up this way and just see i dont what theyre doing back there. But they are by themselves behind me i might change it by gun no if i get a new weapon. From the any of these new bosses i may start swapping up i want to get ready for a long. Time im just so happy they put more stuff in this game because i felt like it definitely as they. Really hold on hold on nice straight point lets get i probably should have putting a harder difficulty yet hold.

On so i run back to see where this guy went let me go let me go help i dont. Want anybody to be left alone and it sounds like i hear a lot of like things happening behind me. A lot of chests in here though all i know i try to thoroughly run through each area but sometimes. You just miss stuff you know you cant help it there could be a thing like hidden here theyre never. Gonna find that if you dont explore to the fullest extent you know adrenaline yeah im gonna see whats back.

Here all the guys just kind of doing his own thing as well so oh god time to go thats. A lot of enemies guys im headed back to them not about to get jumped if i stop right now. It could be bad this thats them wait a minute cool cool barbara i thought there were enemy for a. Minute blowing all right what i interact with everything i can find my god big guy like explode or anything. I think were good alright checkpoint lets get it well hold im not gonna get it yet flex some things.

First shall we ill help them out all of them must be doing something back there i cant go to. The little thing yet until theyre with me so im gonna how much look go back to them and help. Out if needed how they use this yet let me help them out a little bit oh they dont even. Need it never mind the one guy did but hes not next to me thats crazy for the world were. Forging iron nice sound effects for this game are really well done i feel like oh my god back up.

Top down lets go baby bullets i just go to the thing man all right were all just kind of. Spread out im going to the shrine i really need to get some more ammo and just overall just get. More stuff and i dont know if you unlock stuff by going to the shrines or nuts i gotta know. If it like puts it on the map where you can fast travel later on or not i cannot remember. How it actually works im gonna see if they come to me is that like i dont have any way.

To do anything well i got a little bit more ammo well see if they come here or not thats. Theyve killed nearby enemies is it cause of this thing hmm maybe you cant do that yet until lets just. Go further i you know what i just realized i can just do this theres some ammo i keep forgetting. I have these little shortcut items already put on here its just been so long since ive played it i. Forgot about it those were clutched when you fight like big bosses should take a lot of damage especially like.

The last fight of the game its cools it as they pick up stuff im also getting most of it. It feels like at least i know what were going but uh weve been through every spot in this area. Except the upper left maybe a little bit to the left on the other side lets just keep going down. I guess you can break those anything back here i wonder no area man i keep it just like alright. Thanks thanks full of everything what is this law all of us mo okay jeff forgot it even looks like.

Hold on acid clean key inventory okay so this is something you actually need all right acid clean key im. Guessing this is gonna be the thing it works nice okay smile shes won the game we have to kill. This thing alright guys so i werent in that whole entire area and it there wasnt much to it so. It was like a little area a checkpoint up the top but i came back to this main little section. Because theres just so much to check out and the ball symbol is going south so im gonna head towards.

A because really want to fight something but yeah so i went in there and it was like 1 p. And theres like five or six different things you can unlock at the end but get the pic which thing. You use that key for but i just wound up saying back out here and all the balls like on. The skull on the mini-map and go south over here so im gonna fight something it might be a new. Pawn oh yes and theres a lot to take in plus im also they had some puzzles – i didnt.

Know about getting my bearings oh its kind of a nice little return to this game i had a lot. Of fun with it back in 2019 and this has been no exception at the range on this thing these. Guys are good so far they got some pretty cool builds this one guys like a flaming sword so oh. Yeah the boss symbols down here so maybe you shouldve just went here ridgely i was kind of running around. Exploring oh here we go alright i followed the boss icon and it led me actually back out that area.

I was currently in during the last section and that i already use this whole checkpoint might as well right. Did that reap replenish of ammo and everything alright yeah i wanted to go back to the ball saikhan because. It says its over here it looks like its still going south now entering butchers ohh the butcher i have. A bad feeling about this area guys theres no like many enemies or anything we need to be stealthy here. This is dec daya oh capra were fighting something its like the butcher in the original game i dont know.

We seemed like a regular enemy now or something oh my god we weird just dont you shoot i cant. Want to just stir up the like the beehive over here you know this is kind of cool i dont. Remember this at all im a rizzoli cuz if you come in here you get like a cutscene originally looks. Im pretty sure that was the case but yeah the the other section i was in with other two guys. You it was just like a huge maze and also at the very very tip top that was like a.

Like a crystal you could pray out or whatever and then was this its all hopping this one this is. Strange man whats going on are we gonna ambush this fool or something whats going on here what is the. Purpose here i feel like wait whats this happening ive never seen this before so its faded to black and. Now were here we make it a movie oh my god this is different my goodness let me get my. Helping oh my god the damage get a jump rental rates on fellas this is crazy weve got four feet.

Oh god until then ill rent up ill pop an ammo oh my god oh is that gonna do the. Hot game like you can take damage still theyre wounded but oh my god im done oh my god this. Is crazy thats that spin attack get out of there dude i said hes surviving no hes not hes dead. No yall better get out of there man hurry up this thing is pinky jumped into it i know i. Didnt do the time come on come on it should be something you get hit by this before back home.

Ready they used to coming at me they better be shooting him what oh i might have helped oh my. God i gotta do this oh my god and we need to hurry a big cooldown come on okay yeah. We should get in here theres no reason we should not go there 00:31 i did it baby that was. Sick that was really awesome so that was soviet original yeah check this materials yes this thing new powerful weapon. Okay that was so awesome i didnt know what was gonna happen here emote on all those emotes hobos theyre.

Always emos id like the whole entire videos me not realizing what was in the original game whats new except. For like the new modes and everything this was obviously brand new but like the little items here and there. The ping system the emotes i dont maybe i didnt use those things i dont know i liked how we. Started that 00:32 was awesome we just leave now or what so we killed him now i gotta say that. Was a very cool way to do the fight i wouldnt have known so heres what im guessing i feel.

Like you can fight him upstairs and itll be kind of like the original or you can do the thing. I did with them which might have even been an original thing i dont remember but i felt like that. Was new and fighting him in there was a lot easier because you can see what hes doing because its. A big open area is there anything over here looks like this all this entire area was is just the. Boss all right sit back but get back to the nearest little checkpoint thing i might stop after that blow.

But again if you guys want to know more about this just click the link of ship at the very. Very top of the description and thanks again perfect world for sponsoring this video really it was awesome to kind. Of return to this and if you guys like more ill kind of see how the video does if 00:33. Wed like 10,000 likes i may do a part two im just having fun playing it ill probably wind up. Playing it regardless but i as far as making videos i kind of leave it up for you guys yeah.

That was pretty sweet being able to be able to just kind of experience it in a different lights it. Did seem a lot harder that member the first time i thought that guy was it was not it was. That easy i felt like i was like it was easy originally but now its like a lot tougher this. Person already left i dont know so they go back here and head back to the main ward or 13. See what i im gonna see what that actual item gives me ill have a check out and see if.

Theres anything new we can get from see swarm is something okay thats i can craft thi.

Conclusion – How To Access Dlc Remnant From The Ashes

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