How To Access Drafts On Facebook – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access drafts on facebook,

Method 1 – How To Find Drafts On Facebook App

Hi viewers today i would like to show you all how to find drafts on facebook app lets have a. Look first open facebook app to create a new draft tap write something here type something or create your post. When post created tap back button on top left this will present three options save as draft discard post continue. Editing do you want to finish your post later save it as draft or you can continue editing it to.

Create draft tap save as draft immediately you will get a notification that your draft was saved tap to make. Changes these are the steps to create drafts on facebook app make sure draft will be discarded after 3 days. Similarly you can create more drafts now to find drafts before 3 days open facebook app tap write something here. Type something on your post and tap back arrow button on top left then tap save as draft immediately you. Will get a notification open that notification then there you are you will find your all drafts there if needed.

You can delete your drafts tap 3 dot beside the draft name then tap discard draft are you sure you. Want to delete this draft to confirm tap delete similarly you can publish your draft go to three dots then. Tap open draft you can edit your draft then tap post on top right or you can save it again. By tap on back arrow button on top left so these are the steps to create edit or publish a. Draft on facebook app hope this video helped you please subscribe my channel by tap subscribe button also tap the.

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Method 2 – How To Find Facebook Drafts

Hey guys trevor here and in this video im going to show you how to find your drafts on facebook. So ill give you a quick uh example of creating a draft and show you how to find those drafts. So if you started creating a kind of a status update and want to go back to it ill show. You how to find those so first ill just tap on whats on your mind up here and just type.

In hi so um in this instance i could hit post and it would post it immediately but say for. Instance i you know want to add a photo but i dont have that photo yet i can just tap. The little x button here and say save draft well if youre on facebook now see lets just close this. Out and then open facebook up again so ive opened it back up again um and im you know thinking. Hey where is my draft you just tap on whats on your mind again and you can see it pops.

Up with high so this is the only way you can kind of access your your drafts on facebook theres. Only the ability to have this one draft so you cant have a long laundry list of different drafts but. If you tap on whats on my mind again then itll just pop up with whatever the draft that is. That you saved so again you can hit the x you can say save draft if you continually want to. Kind of save this and save it for later itll last for three days um after that itll just be.

You know automatically deleted and if you press exit here you can just say discard post if you dont want. To save it anymore you can just hit discard post or keep editing if you want to continue to edit. That post so thats it pretty quick and easy thats how you find your drafts on facebook let us know. If you have any questions in the comments below and make sure to subscribe thanks.

Method 3 – How To Find Drafts On Facebook 2022 | 5 Minute Solution

Hello whats going on guys welcome to five minutes solution in this video im going to show you how to. Find facebook drafts but before we get started if you are new in this channel make sure to leave a. Like in this video and subscribe to this channel and turn on the notification by pressing the bell icon so. Without any further delay lets go straight into the video first of all open up your android phone and go.

To facebook app now click you need to uh you know lets just create a post right so im just. Writing here test uh just post okay so im just going back and here you can see you need to. Click save as draft right save as draft and you need to click on that all right guys so now. If you go back lets suppose just uh go out of you know okay so if i go back and. If i go to facebook again now here you will be able to see that you have a draft saved.

Okay so if you click youll youll give get a notification and it will be maybe uh it will take. A minute okay minute or a couple of minutes to send you the notification all right guys so now if. I go to notification and now what you need to do you simply need to click on that you have. A draft saved right so if you click on that here you can see uh this is the draft so. If i click on that back button now here youll be able to see all of your unpublished draft right.

So thats how you actually can find your drafts on facebook so if i click on open draft and here. You can see this is the post i have actually created earlier so yeah thats how you pretty much can. Find the facebook drafts and you know if you want to discard anything you simply can discard and delete them. Okay guys so thats how you can find facebook drafts i hope you guys understood in this video so guys. I hope you found this video helpful and thank you so much for watching this video and if you guys.

Have any kind of question feel free to ask in the comment section below we will see you in the. Next video until then stay tuned with five minutes solution.

Method 4 – How To Find Drafts On Facebook || How To See Draft In Facebook || Drafts On Facebook

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Method 5 – How To Find Drafts On Facebook

Hello everyone in this video im gonna be showing you how to find drafts on facebook so this basically is. Not going to be showing you how to like find like the draft page because it actually isnt one as. There is no page for you to see like a list of all your drafted like statuses etc this isnt. A thing but there is like one way you can do it like a limited amount of time its gonna.

Be three days youll be able to see it and then im gonna make sure a lot of suggestions of. How to do it a bit longer than that that arent actually involved in facebook but basically what i mean. By this its like when you go into a type of state and saying you want to like save a. Draft so im just gonna like im just still like a random one hands gonna say subscribe and then im. Gonna like go like trying to like makes it so i click x on there and it will say so.

Just post as a draft you want to click a save draft and then basically what will happen is that. Even if youre like go outside the app then go back on again or you can either stay on the. App then i try to post status again it will appear the same message for 3 days so this is. Kind of like save the drafts right here but you cant redo one of them which is a bit annoying. So if thats more thing like lets say for instance you are thinking where not to post a see you.

Leave overnight then decide in the morning when i post or not etc so thats something that can be done. For that but there is no like to do more than one of this if you are gonna do it. Maybe just go to like the notes feature on your phone etc like that that might be a way but. You can also schedule a post on facebook you will have to do that on the computer though can like. Schedule it out and like in the future but id like further than like a few years like its scheduled.

Like a hundred years in the future then that wont be like posted but you can kind of see on. Facebook so then my suggestions are the only things you can do the only option to leave a like on. The video if youre gonna go out of ten if you deal one of these subscribe for more videos like. This click on the screen see my how-to videos on the facebook app another video similar thats it for now. I see on the next video.

Conclusion – How To Access Drafts On Facebook

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