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Method 1 – How To Use Dropbox-Dropbox Tutorial For Beginners

Hey everyone today i wanted to show you one of my favorite tools dropbox and dropbox lets you basically put. All your important files in the cloud and sync in between all your devices so your mac your pc your. Phone your ipad you could sync all your files across all your devices really easily and if its your first. Time here i make tech tutorials just like this one five times a week so please consider subscribing so i.

Want to get you started with dropbox so i want to show you the download process the different plans you. Have for dropbox ive been using it both for business and personal for many years and its one of the. Greatest tools that ive had especially in business i run a video production company so i have large amount of. Video files and pdf files and jpeg files and i get to store them really in an organized way in. The cloud so i paid for a upgraded membership but dropbox is also free and with the free membership you.

Do get a lot of storage if youre using it for personal reasons so lets jump into the computer i. Want to show you the process from the beginning so let me just download a fresh install of dropbox show. You how to sync it between different devices how to add files to it and then how to share those. Files with different people through email if you like so this computer is new so i dont have dropbox installed. On it yet but i have dropbox installed on all my devices and that way i could easily sync files.

Between each of them so in order to get dropbox go to and on the main page theres the. Easy signup process so go ahead and sign up for the first time and then its going to ask you. To download dropbox and im going to go ahead and download it this is going to download it to my. Computer here and im on a mac here so im going to go through the install process its pretty straightforward. So the install process is done and its going to say open my dropbox im going to click that say.

Get started ill just skip through these for now now on a mac here i got this pop-up im going. To just check on the privacy here im going to allow dropbox to access my computer im going to close. This and now i have a dropbox folder on my mac right on the side here and it came with. A couple of files i dont really need these files ive read them before im gonna delete them but now. You have this dropbox folder and on top right here you have a new dropbox icon up here so this.

Could take you to the web so you could see the web interface and you could see the computer one. Where this says open my dropbox folder which is this folder on your mac and on the pc is basically. The same thing youll have a folder assigned to dropbox let me show you what it looks like on the. Computer so if i click this icon here and go to the web version this is what it looks like. On the web so i could upload files here but just click and upload so let me show you how.

To do one of those right now so lets say i just wanted to upload this channel art im going. To press open im going to choose a folder and im going to upload it there so if i click. My files here i could see that file is now uploaded so lets go to the folder on the desktop. So im going to click that and as you could see its on my desktop as well in the dropbox. Folder another way to do this is let me just go ahead and delete this on the desktop and it.

Disappeared on the web browser now if you had the phone version of the app the same thing would happen. If you delete the file in one place it deletes in the other place but dropbox basically this cloud application. Is where the files are so if you dont want the file you could delete them on your desktop on. Your mobile app or right here on the browser version of the app so in this case let me go. Ahead and take a different logo let me just take this logo here and put it over here on my.

Dropbox folder and it should appear right here just like that just that fast it appears across all the different. Devices you have browser version mobile desktop whichever one you have downloaded so now how do you share this file. So if i click this file i could share it just by pressing the share icon up here and dropbox. Needs to verify your email so i havent verified my email just yet let me go ahead and do that. Okay i just verified my email so now i could press share and now i could type in an email.

Address to someone to share it to so ill just type in an email address and i could add a. Message if i wanted to and you could have them view the file let me go ahead and press share. And its going to start sharing that file let me show you what that email is going to look like. So im going to switch over to my email i send an email to myself to a different email address. So i could show you what it looks like so this is the email that i just sent myself so.

If i press view file this is what the person that you sent the email is gonna receive and this. Is the page theyre gonna see so all they gotta do is go up here and download the file on. Top or they could just open it they could also share it too so thats one of my favorite reasons. Why i use dropbox is this easy access to sharing files with anyone that you want and then they could. In turn download the file so i do it with movie files so let me just go ahead and upload.

A movie file to that dropbox folder here so im just gonna take this video this youtube video im gonna. Put it here and this is the video and as you can see up here is syncing so it says. Two minutes left this depends on your internet speed but it takes a little bit of time when its a. Larger file so in this case its 250 megabyte file and its going to take a few minutes to sync. This file and then once it syncs its gonna show up on my dropbox folder both on my computer with.

A check mark next to it and on my browser version so im gonna wait a couple minutes till this. Is downloaded and ill show you how to share this with someone else okay so the upload is completed and. When the upload is complete youll see a check mark here when its uploading youll see a upload icon here. But when its done uploading youre going to get a check mark so i have a check mark here and. If i go to the browser its over here so if i click this this is the video file that.

I could now share with anyone i want so i could share it again using email but let me show. You another way to share so in my dropbox folder on my desktop i could just right click here on. A mac and i could say share or i could say copy dropbox link this is my favorite way to. Do it actually because it doesnt come from dropbox it will come directly from me so i could say copy. Dropbox link and then ill go to my email and then i could email whoever i want and i could.

Just go over here and paste and this is the dropbox link to this video so let me just put. This in the browser this is the link so the person is gonna click that link in the email and. Its gonna take him to this video and here they could just press download or share or open they could. Do everything that they were able to do before with a picture they could even write comments here that ill. Get directly when i share this file with them so besides using share icon within the dropbox ecosystem here you.

Could just right click on anything and copy dropbox link which copies a url that you could paste into an. Email and send it to who you want to and again view on that should just take me back. To where i just was with that link so let me just close these and let me go back to. Uh the main page of dropbox here so where dropbox gets really interesting is when you really start to organize. Your files so you dont want to just draw a bunch of files here and its really going to get.

Crazy so what you want to do is create new folders or new shared folders so with new share folders. You could create a shared folder with a person or a group of people right off the bat and you. Could let them edit or just view so thats one way to create a folder so if i was doing. A job for a client i would name this the client folder i would add the client or the clients. Here and i would let them view or edit depending on what kind of project it was and it will.

Create a folder what i also like doing is creating folders for myself so my pictures i could create a. Folder like that and i could create another folder my logos im just gonna uncheck this one create another one. Called my videos and so on and you could create folders within folders and really start organizing things and if. I go to my desktop version of dropbox you can see all these sync immediately so now if i want. To take this jpeg or this png and put it in my logos it will move into my logo folder.

So if i go to my logo folder here i could see it right there i could then share this. Folder i could create new folders within that folder and i could really organize my dropbox so i could go. Back to my main dropbox if you see my dropbox that i have for my business its over terabyte of. Information and thats the next thing i wanted to talk about is upgrading your dropbox account so up here if. You click the upgrade these are the upgrade options so you have a free option which is limited to two.

Gigabytes so right here i ive already used 241 megabytes because of that movie file so thats where you could. See how much you have if youre not putting that much on here two gigs is a good amount but. If you want more these are the options for upgrades so if i go down here it shows me the. Price for each one theyre a monthly membership and i just pay for them yearly so so i just recently. Upgraded to this two terabyte because my professional one the one terabyte actually got filled up so i had to.

Upgrade to two terabyte but again i use this for business and my business is video production so usually you. Would not need more than one terabyte of storage so for about eight bucks a month right now you could. Get the one terabyte if you need the space and if you dont the free option might be a good. Way to just back up your documents pdfs jpegs things like that that you just want to have an extra. Version of in the cloud so just in case something happens to your computer so this was just a brief.

Overview of dropbox i hope you found it useful i hope youre able to use dropbox to really organize and. Back up your files in a really easy and shareable way please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe. To this channel i post tech videos just like this one five times a week and i hope to see. You on the next video as always thank you for watching.

Method 2 – How To Use Dropbox | Free File Sharing & Cloud Storage Software (Beginners Tutorial 2020)

Hey team stewart here welcome back now today were going to guide you through how to use dropbox now dropbox. Is a free file sharing and cloud storage software that is ideal for small business owners staff and customers that. Are looking for free and secure solutions and order for them to continue sharing important documents and media with one. Another now especially during this current global crisis this pandemic they were all negatively impacted by we need to look.

For solutions in order to shift our work online now dropbox is an ideal file sharing and cloud storage solution. For these requirements now before we dive into todays tutorial feel free to subscribe to this channel and hit the. Bell icon and that way youll stay updated with new and practical videos aimed at helping your small and local. Business thrive online all right that said lets jump over to my computer and lets get started okay so here. We are at now this page is for dropbox business so this is where you can actually paid for.

Additional features with dropbox com but what we want to do is head over to dropbox basic because we want. To talk about the free account so what were going to do today is discuss how to get started with. Dropbox and then following this were going to guide you through the basic features to make the most out of. The cloud storage and file sharing features within dropbox so the first thing we want to do is head over. To get dropbox basic and here youll land on the dropbox basic landing page now this is where we can.

Sign up for our free account if you would like you can scroll down and read up some more information. About what is offered within the free account but essentially what happens is you get two gigabytes of storage thats. Your limit with the free account and that allows you to essentially start sharing and editing files and documents through. Your basic account so this is all we need to get started to kind of guide you through all the. Basic features so the first thing we want to do is head over to sign up for free okay so.

Here we need to create an account so what you can do is add your information your basic information here. Or you can sign up with google now i recommend you sign up with google because it just makes the. Whole process a lot more straightforward and streamlined when you connect your gmail account thats if you have one so. Im going to click sign up with google and here you want to select that account that you want to. Sign up to with dropbox so im going to select my account now if youre asked into your password for.

Your gmail account then into that here and then youll see this information here because youre accessing dropbox through your. Gmail account this security information is going to pop up so all you need to do is click allow and. Then you want to add your information here because this is a test account and ive already got an account. Im just gonna keep that as it is sami and fox and then im going to click agree and then. Sign up and then youll see this information here basically its just the premium features dropbox is trying to sell.

To you so you can head down here and click continue with two gigabyte dropbox basic plan now with dropbox. You can download the program onto your desktop onto your computer and this allows you to essentially access information and. Share information a lot more quicker than actually going on to your browser and accessing dropbox that way so for. Now were going to download dropbox into a desktop so click download dropbox if this information appears up here click. Allow because im using chrome as my browser then youll see the download document here all you need to do.

Is click on it and then you should see the dropbox installer so here what you want to do is. Double click on the icon below and you may also get this warning sign if youre using windows or if. Youre using mac youre gonna get a warning sign because youre downloading a software or an application from the internet. So here dropbox is an app download from the internet are you sure you want to open it im gonna. Go open and then its going to install this may take some time so be patient and congratulations you have.

Just installed dropbox the program onto your desktop now you can allow notifications depending on obviously the browser that you. Use it im going to click allow and if we pop down here you want to click next here you. Might need to add some security details with mac i need to turn on my accessibility so im going to. Go turn on accessibility and as you can see system preferences has popped up so this is my security and. Privacy so im going to come down here and unlock put in my password and then click dropbox to allow.

It to work and then click lock changes and then i can exit out of this ok so here we. Are back at our dropbox setup now what we want to do is choose how to sync your files now. This is quite straightforward we can choose make files local or make files online only now because we have a. Free account with only two gigabytes of online storage we want to use the space on a hard drive to. Download dropbox files from the internet ok this just frees up that space remember weve only got 2 gigabytes of.

Free storage and you can upgrade this at any time so for now were going to click make files local. And then were going to continue with basic and there we have it we have just completed the dropbox program. Set up so now dropbox is completely set up on our computer as you can see this is the dropbox. Folder on our computer everything that we want to access our folders and files everything that we want to download. Is going to be in this dropbox folder here so weve just completed the initial setup now what were going.

To do is head over to the website and were going to guide you through the features on the desktop. So what we want to do is exit out of us and hit it back over to our website and. Here we are at the dropbox dashboard so this is where all the excitement happens now as you can see. Ive gone back to dropbox comm and ive just signed in with our account details and the first thing youre. Going to see is your dropbox dashboard and like i said this is where all the excitement happens so for.

The purpose of this tutorial what ive done is ive signed in with a different account with a different free. Account that already has folders and files uploaded so we can quickly go through all the features on your dashboard. On your dropbox account so as you can see im signed up with scindia media engagement solutions this is a. Free account as you can see ive got a two gigabyte quota we can upgrade this at any time we. Can also change our profile picture here if youre dealing with clients you want to have a professional profile picture.

Because youre going to be collaborating and sharing documents with potential clients staff or maybe your business owner or you. Are a business owner so again make your profile professional and add a decent profile picture and then again weve. Got this information here if your out of space no problem you can upgrade and try it for free youve. Got a 14-day trial what were going to do today is were just going to cover all the basic features. Of the dropbox dashboard so on the left we have our main menu which will quickly cover and the center.

Here this is our home this is our dashboard here you can see suggested documents and media from your recent. Activity and then down below weve got your recent recent documents and folders that youve you know engage with an. Editor that youve shared here and if we hop back up to the right you can create a new file. You can upload files here you can upload a folder create a folder and you can create a new shared. Folder so that is the basic information on your dashboard so this is what youre going to come to and.

This is where you can easily access files and documents so if we pop over to this particular document here. What we can do is we can share this now if we click share we can add emails of individuals. We want to share this document with and then we can choose if they can edit or they can just. View the content and you can leave a little message here hi and you can add you know what this. Document is all about and what you want this individual to do with the document then we can pop over.

Here we can also copy the link and send it directly to the potential member or participant you want to. Share this document or folder with so you just need to click copy link and thats already copied and then. You can paste it and send it via email via chat messenger any other kind of medium and you can. Sing this link for someone to access so again you can copy the link here or you can add the. Email address here and add a little message that you want to go along with it and so its out.

Of there and you can do that with each of these documents you can share share share you can also. Delete this document you can look at the version history so if people have made edits to the document you. Can see the different edits people have made and you can view it in the folder and so if we. Pop over to our left-hand side to the main menu well cover this information well slowly go through each of. These features so were currently on the dashboard what were going to do is head over to files now these.

Are all your files so these are the folders and files that youve uploaded to your dropbox account now over. Here you can obviously create a new file you can come down here and you can share again similar to. The dashboard you can click here and you can view the dashboard so again theres a little pop-up here which. Allows you to have a quick preview of what the document is you can click with you and thats gonna. Bring up another tab and its gonna open that document and there we have it so that is the document.

Where you can edit now this is a shared document that we can you know well talk a bit more. About later in terms of the features you can add and the different kind of editing features that are available. So we head back to dropbox so again you can view that you can share it like we talked about. Under dashboard and we can see all the folders that we have uploaded and that we have shared with other. Members again if you want to see who your shared these folders with just click share and then you can.

See the number of participants that are able to edit and view this document so as you can see as. You can see this is the owner she has shared this document with me and then i can eat it. Okay so i can edit now she can choose if i can edit or i can just view it so. Shes chosen that i have the ability to edit this document so again well exit out of that and there. Is a quick overview of my files then what well do is well head over to shared and this is.

Just similar to my files however its all the folders and files and media theyve already been shared with you. Or you have shared with others so these are all the documents the folders the files they have already been. Shared and you can access that here and you can also create a new shared folder so we pop down. To file requests this is a great feature where you can request people to allow you to access certain files. So for example if i wanted to access a certain file id click request files then what ill do is.

Ill give the request a name maybe i require website information from particular client and then im going to click. Next and here what you can do is copy the link and send it to the individual and then they. Do not need to download dropbox they can easily just add information to your dropbox so if you require images. Or content to say build a website for example they can upload their information extremely easily without having to download. And sign up to a dropbox account you can also edit the email here and you can add a message.

If you like so for example i could write i could type in the clients email and then i could. Say hey can you please upload those images and website contents that we can continue you know building your website. So can you please upload these as soon as possible so again thats just a great way to send a. File request if you want to access some information from a client and they dont have to go through the. Hassle of downloading dropbox and signing up to an account its a extremely straightforward process so exit out of that.

Again this is a great feature for dropbox if you need to request files you can just simply do that. Through this feature so what well do is hit – deleted files and this section is very self-explanatory this is. Just where you can find deleted files now you have up to 30 days to restore a deleted file again. You can type in dates and you can locate the deleted files from your dropbox account so what well do. Is head back to our file and those are all the features under files so we just talked about looking.

At your shared files where you can also share your files and folders with other members then we looked at. Shared files so the folders and files have already been shared then we have file requests and deleted files so. Those are all the features and files now what well do is well head back to our dashboard by clicking. The little icon up here and here we are back at the dropbox dashboard now before we quickly cover some. Of these other features what i want to do is share how powerful dropbox is when it comes to integration.

With other apps so as you can see these are recent folders and documents if i come down here we. Can also connect our google account so as you can as youre aware we connected this account with our google. Account which basically means we can access google docs okay so dropbox is great because it integrates with so many. Other online softwares and so many apps which means you can simply get everything done through dropbox for example this. Was a test document we created on dropbox not too long ago as you can see ive opened up this.

Document its a google document google docs and as you can see its been opened up in dropbox so you. Can see that dropbox has integrated with my gmail account so this is great you can keep everything in one. Place you can also access it on your gmail account so the great thing about dropbox as well as all. The features that they have is it links to a lot of different softwares and different applications for you to. Basically be productive with your team so google docs and google drive has many features that links to dropbox and.

That just allows you to keep all your information in one place so again thats a great thing about dropbox. So what well do is well exit out of that hit back to our dashboard and now well cover some. Of these other elements these other features so what well do is well hit it over to paper now paper. Is a great feature within dropbox it essentially allows you to collaborate with other individuals with other members with other. Participants you can write you can edit you can brainstorm you can create designs you can manage tasks you run.

Meetings you can do a lot of stuff on this feature so basically thats what it is its paper its. A place where you can brain dump its where you can collaborate with other individuals and you dont have to. Leave at dropbox so you can share this piece of paper what i call it a piece of paper you. Can create a document and you can share it with other members of your team you can share it with. Clients and you can all collaborate on the same document within dropbox i will show you a quick example so.

If we click create paper doc here we can start creating and sharing with other individuals and we can start. Collaborating together so as you can see this is that the folder here the file here and then we can. Rename this and then we can also share so we can copy the link and we can share it with. Other individuals and this is where we can edit and you can see other people collaborate on this document that. Should be its own tutorial because theres so many elements to this feature so were not going to cover this.

Information today but basically this is a great place for you to collaborate within dropbox with other participants with other. Members with other people of your team or and clients this is a great place for collaboration so what well. Do is well head back and then head down to hello son okay now similar to paper hello sign is. Another feature in itself and large feature in itself that kind of requires its own tutorial so ill quickly .

Conclusion – How To Access Dropbox

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