How To Access Ebooks On Amazon – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access ebooks on amazon,

Method 1 – How To Buy

Hey guys and welcome back again i wanted to shoot a quick video because this was in response to something. That was sent to me a lot of times youtubers and online sellers and so forth they will write a. Book on kindle and put it on amazon and a lot of people dont know exactly what to do to. Get it its a little bit confusing so i wanted to answer that question i just received a question just.

A few minutes ago and it was about that he said he did not have a kindle and how would. He be able to get the book well thats what i want to share with you guys im gonna show. You exactly how to do it all you really have to do is once you go to youre gonna. Put in a book and im gonna put in mine around-the-clock profits book and let me use my book as. An example because its my book so i can use it an example and basically what you do is you.

Click on the book and once you click on the book over here to the right where it says buy. Now with one click and so basically you buy the item you pay the price whatever its for itll prompt. You to put in your card or however you want to pay for it and you get it now when. It comes to downloading it you dont have to have a kindle reader amazon has a program where they will. In effect loan you a reader for free you see this here free kindle reading app and all you really.

Have to do if you have an android device or ipod or whatever it is i phone im sorry or. Whatever whatever kind of device you have they make it pretty easy tablet all you really have to do is. Put it in a telephone number put in the email address or the telephone number and what itll do you. Push send me the link and it you can download the link onto your cell phone or your tablet or. Whatever now for me i dont have a kindle reader either so what i did was downloaded the item to.

My android device my samsung galaxy note 2 or three or whatever that thing is my wife bought me and. Thats what it is so you dont have to have a kindle reader dont let that discourage you from purchasing. Great reading material and then not saying – all that great yeah what it is but you know what i. Mean theres a lot of good reading material on here dont let that little block stop you okay thats just. My thought guys i hope this helps and we appreciate you guys taking the interest in our and what we.

Do hopefully this information will help we appreciate you guys.

Method 2 – Amazon Kdp In 2022: What It Is + How Beginners Can Start

In this video were revealing all of the ways to make money with amazon kdp and their kindle direct publishing. Program now complete beginners are making 100 to 700 a day in passive income with no experience doing these several. Weird methods more that after than joe hey guys mike fasila here welcome to this video before we actually remind. You that some spots have opened up for this weeks free workshop or its the fastest and easiest way to.

Make money online so sign up for the link below we literally have a 62 year old woman go from. Zero to 160 000 in profit in as little as 90 days so check it out now all right so. The first one is pretty much obvious and thats when you sign up for the program which is completely. Free to go ahead and get started you could self-publish ebooks and paperback books for free with kindle direct publishing. And reach millions of readers on amazon now this is beautiful okay number one if you are a writer if.

You enjoy writing like for example me you could actually go ahead and publish your work and make money in. Royalties with zero cost to you or if you have no writing experience ever you got an f on your. Writing class you have you you dont even know how to like have proper you know punctuation and grammar and. Whatnot thats completely fine because you could actually use amazon kdp to get other people to write for you and. Make passive income on that model so either way its like pretty good the pros are number one passive income.

You know youre working with amazon amazon is a machine man theres so many people like looking on amazon every. Single day things that they want to buy from like making money online to fitness books to health books to. Nutrition books to cookbooks to you know like finding love books theres so many books out there you can either. Be the one like i said writing it or someone else writes it and if you rank for certain keywords. You can make a passive income another pro is theres millions of people searching for this every single day all.

You have to do is literally get a good ranking position on the amazon search you could go ahead and. Make money another pro is amazon does all the hard work for you all you really got to do is. Just learn exactly what to focus on which in this video were going to go ahead and talk to you. About so for example in this way when you sign up for free theres two ways that you could actually. Go ahead and make money with amazon kdp the first way is if youre like me you have a bit.

Of an audience you could go ahead and just you know publish a book you know someone comes on here. Theyre like oh my god thats like a cool cover oh my god im gonna go ahead and buy this. If someone goes ahead and adds the card and buys this right now literally i get paid for it in. Passive income and i dont have to ship this i dont have to you know handle customer service or returns. Amazon just pays me a royalty most people wont do it this way you probably will be great this is.

For you but what about me the next way that most people actually go ahead and do it is by. Selling yes i know it sounds weird but like werewolf love stories this sounds ridiculous what are you talking about. Mike okay a couple years ago i ended up moving to this like interesting place called chiang mai thailand right. Where its like a place where you know a lot of people that make money online for some reason they. End up leaving their home country to go ahead and come here to you know network with to live very.

Cheap i mean my apartment there was like 250 bucks a month right and i was making money online saving. A bunch and just focusing on like my financial freedom future right and while i was like at this place. I met this guy at this co-working space where its like a lot of people where they go and eat. Food and make money online and just work on their laptops he was like this british guy that makes six. Figures a year in profit selling werewolf love stories that he did not have to write essentially what he did.

Is he just focused on writing you know getting somebody else to go ahead and write the books and he. Was just trying to focus on how to like rank for you know some of these like keywords that people. Search for on amazon every day like millions of people search for this now as you can see what actually. Creates you know his wealth and his making money online its not actually the actual book because theres so much. Books out there that are amazingly written but no one actually goes ahead and buys it best sellers are best.

Sellers because they sell the most copies and if you think about it it really comes down to two to. Three things number one its the actual book cover people are good dont judge a book by its cover but. Yes people go to amazon and they judge a book by its cover so what he did is hes like. Okay what made these stand out okay some like russian looking man with like a beard and maybe some type. Of animal on the back these ones are the ones that are seeming to do the best people with six-packs.

So hes like okay this is really weird but amazons telling me whats already working so i got to go. Ahead and create a book cover that way another thing is actually the title itself yes titles are a huge. Thing you know its like its like these youtube videos people go to the videos that has the titles that. Mostly intrigues them right so you want to find out what makes these titles actually go ahead and click but. Youre like mike i dont want to go ahead and write or like be in this niche about like love.

Stories to go ahead and make money even though its like really really profitable how can i go ahead and. Get started its pretty simple all you got to do is click on all and then go to the thing. Known as kindle ebooks and readers then you want to scroll down and go to kindle books now what this. Is is you are now on the step of defining your niche youre probably wondering well mike whats a niche. Its a group of people that have a certain off um interest that you could go ahead and sell to.

And if you scroll down to the left these are all the niches you should go and focus on from. Foreign language health and fitness to dieting the human law to medical books all of these things you can literally. Get someone else to go ahead and write it the next thing that ill do is literally come in here. Say i want to go and create a cookbook right if i come in here and create a cookbook once. I actually define my niche and im like okay i want to go ahead and come in here the first.

Two things that i need to do before i even go and write the book which is the most important. Thing like i think 99 of your passive income that will actually come from this method this is what allowed. My friend to make 10 000 plus per month passive income profit with this is number one the book cover. And number two the title number one i wanna ask myself which book covers actually stands out so just like. That even looking at this scrolling down you know these kind of look really messy i noticed that this one.

Stands out as well as this one stands out something really yummy in front of my face and simple backgrounds. You know because all these are kind of like super messy this one stands out as well as you know. I scroll down and like i said those are the ones that stand it out the most and also look. At all the other ones okay some of these dont necessarily stand out its perfectly fine this kind stands out. Right so the moment that i realize what stands out i got go ahead and hire somebody go ahead and.

Create that for me if you literally go to fiverr and type in kindle ebay cover i will literally take. Screenshots of the things that are already working and ill how i will hire someone for literally five dollars or. Ten dollars to go ahead and create a similar book cover for me so i dont have to go and. Create it once thats done the second step is actually getting someone to go ahead and write the book so. Easy since these are nutrition books if you go to upwork and just type in ghostwriter you can literally find.

Nutritionists from the philippines for under ten dollars an hour that are mere planners and recipe writers that will literally. Write for you for nine dollars an hour so think about that right you can literally get somebody else to. Go ahead and do the hard work and theyll go ahead and write it last but not least is you. Got to go ahead and create a title so the title that i enjoy using is what can actually rank. On amazon think about amazon kind of like a search engine like where people you know go to google to.

Go ahead and search with amazon its the same thing but people are going to amazon to buy right so. If i just typed in this in and i was like keto and i clicked on space but when i. Type in space on the all channel if i just type in keto you see all these things pop up. Right so one of these things that i want to go ahead and do is like keep on going kindle. Recipe cookbook so all these things people are searching for this right now on amazon meaning i want to make.

Sure that this is in my title while everyone else is writing the book while someone else is creating you. Know the book cover i want to spend most of my time on how can i create keyword rich titles. That people can actually look for because when people type this in guess what they are more likely to hit. On my link if i have the word keto cookbook on there right like if i just type in keto. Cookbook it gives me a higher chance and higher probability actually go ahead and rank for all of these things.

And because my thumbnail will be more aligned with like the best sellers you could literally pop out more so. Than some of these go ahead now the second way you could go ahead and make money with amazon kindle. Direct publishing is by talking about it right on youtube because the crazy thing about this if i go ahead. And i search for example kindle direct publishing right if you go ahead and create content about this because youre. Learning about it as well and you document your journey youll see that theres about 17 000 people that are.

Looking for this every single month right and theres a lot lower ending keywords right here you know theres 200. 000. Theres 300 000 this is a million right theres so much people looking for this and if you create. Content sharing your journey kind of like what i did my entire you know entrepreneurship journey you actually get paid. Crazy amounts of money from the ads that just play on this video you can see in the past like.

20 days you are seeing that were pulling anywhere from like 700 on the low end to you know 1200. On the high end but then down to like 950 on the low end and when i really started taking. This seriously in the past 90 days you see exactly how much it has grown you know from 300 all. The way upwards to like breaking a thousand dollar barrier and even in the past 365 days for most of. The gold mike but you know youve been doing this for a while look at this guys my results were.

Ridiculously low just like in august as little as like nine dollars in a single day but when i took. This seriously because i was like oh my god more people are now looking at youtube theres gonna be a. Higher demand im gonna start making videos about the things that im already doing and learning about and making money. And creating an extra passive income stream on the side another way that you can go ahead and do it. Is you can sell digital products people that are into amazon kdp right if youre building an audience you might.

As well also sell them products but the coolest thing is youre probably wondering like i dont have any products. To sell i dont know how to create a course you dont have to create a course you dont have. To create any of the material you dont even have to create the sales machine someone else has already done. That for you for example if you sign up for free with clickbank you can actually make money promoting other. Peoples products and offers like if you come in here and search kindle you will see that theres things that.

You will literally just click on this button youll get a special link if anyone goes through that special link. And buys this thing based off of the content that youve already created youll get 25 dollars per sale you. Get 10 sales a day thats 250 a day in profit guys same thing with this is 31 for sale. But you could see that theres people that even create webinars for you you know that has you know partnered. For example with robert kiyosaki and les brown you know if they go ahead and promote it you would get.

228 per sale and these are people that create all the sales training for you for you know kindle like. Ebooks right and theyre the ones that teach people how to do that but instead of you having to be. The expert instead of you having to do the selling someone else does all the hard work for you you. Just have to learn a little bit of marketing which we reveal all in this video and like i said. Just doing this method without having my own product without needing my own website without needing to do much of.

The hard work or customer fulfillment or returns and shipping and handling you can see in the past 30 days. Were averaging on the low one like 460 all the way to like a thousand dollars a day to 2. 000 a day even in the past like 14 days alone once it like updates you know you see that. With these higher ticket things you make more money when youre dealing with things that are a hundred dollars plus. Guys so if you want to know exactly how to do this we have a free workshop below which is.

The fast and easiest way to make money online we have a 62 year old woman go from zero to. 160 grand profit in 90 days so sign up for it in the link below as well check out my. Podcast of all these other multi-millionaires that make a bunch of money online this 11 year old girl turned on. 30 million dollars this guy makes a million per month profit all of these are digital nomads that live here. In bali so check it out the link below that because id love you guys see you guys later you.

Method 3 – How To Get Books Off Your Amazon Cloud To Your Kindle Device

All right so i forgot about one other method to get books so were back to the webpage on your. Computer to the main page so we go back to your accounts and then we go down until we get. Back down to manager content and devices click that waiting for that to load up okay then the very first. Page should be your content and as you can see we have like headings right here your content in books.

Kindle unlimited newspapers magazines blogs audio books music apps you know documents everything that you everything that you have bought. Is gonna be here so were gonna go to books because thats what youre interested in were gonna go to. Books and then as you can see we got this book right here and then if you go here right. Next to it click that itll come up youll come up with the name and so on and so forth. But what you want is right here deliver and then you say deliver and then itll say device selected zero.

So you come over here in oh there it is or your computer whichever but were interested in click crispus. Fire and then press deliver and you do this method if for whatever reason amazon did not push your purchase. Through automatically you can do it manually it should be in your it should be right here if you purchased. It through amazon all right there you go.

Method 4 – Amazon Lending Library. Find Free E-Books – Amazon Prime

Hello everyone today im going to make a video on how to find the books for your amazon lending library. If you have amazon prime you know you get free two-day shipping you know you get all of the movies. Its kind of like netflix streaming movies and you also get the lending library where you can get free kindle. Edition ebooks and you can actually get them for free and in this video i want to show you how.

To find those within your amazon account and how you can kind of scroll through and find which books are. The free editions so thats what this video is going to be today shouldnt take me long here so the. First thing youre going to want to do is you want to sign in to your account obviously and then. Youre going to want to go up to the search bar here click on the search bar where it says. All and scroll down to books select that and then just click the go button here now on the left.

Hand side over here were going to want to scroll down and on mine its pretty far down here so. Youre going to have to scroll maybe about halfway down and what were looking for is this right here it. Says amazon prime amazon prime eligible and you just want to click that and once you click that its going. To bring you to here and this is the last step to figuring it out the next one you want. To do here is kindle edition so youre going to want to click right here on the kindle edition and.

Now you see right here read for free prime ebooks and you know this is giving you all the books. Basically you know however many there are five hundred thousand here i guess and you know this was the way. That somebody else had children me and they didnt really show any other way of how to do this but. Its pretty easy if you want to you know i dont know any way that you can actually just search. For the books you know this is the only way you can really do it besides maybe selecting something over.

Here right but if you know the book that you want or maybe the type of book youre looking for. What you can do so if im looking for say you know i know i want to read harry potter. Write what you can do is type it in okay now this isnt showing that its free here but what. You can do is just come back over here and find this amazon prime and click that and it will. Tell you whether or not you can get the book for free and make sure you click on the kindle.

Edition again okay but here it is you can read the harry potter sorcerers stone for free and it will. Kind of give you a list of more of the books which you can get most of these harry potter. Books so thats the only other way that i know how to do it to actually search for exactly what. Youre looking for you know you just use the same steps and it will bring it up and tell you. Whether its free or not so that is how you search for the amazon lending library to find the ebooks.

That are free so thank you for watching i hope this helped you out god bless have a great day. Bye bye.

Method 5 – How To Get Hundreds Of Kindle Ebooks Free

If you like to read and like free stuff im going to show you how to get hundreds of free. Ebooks and this constantly changing supply will never run dry you know each day we creep closer to a paperless. Society it might take a few more decades but i think its inevitable electronic documents and ebooks will eventually take. Over for me personally ive had a hard time letting go of physical books i enjoy reading i enjoy holding.

A book in my hand turning the pages navigating around the book with ease and then collecting books that really. Touch me either emotionally or intellectually or both theres something about an e-book that just cant compete with a real. Book but im getting older and recently went through the process of downsizing my in-laws possessions and it makes me. Appreciate the simplicity of e-books they take zero shelf space weigh nothing and you can read them on just about. Any electronic device that you might be using so i am partial to the amazon kindle ebook ecosystem this is.

An actual kindle book reader amazon says these can hold thousands of books and theyre available in multiple screen sizes. And the this display here is meant to be very similar to reading from a paper but its supposed to. Be very easy on your eyes however lately i have abandoned my kindle in favor of the larger screen size. Of my regular tablet amazon makes their free kindle reading app available for android and apple devices as well as. On your pc or mac computer so you do not have to these kindle devices to read kindle ebooks amazon.

Wants to sell you ebooks so they make reading ebooks easy to do on numerous devices not just their proprietary. Kindle devices but heres the great thing about ebooks they cost almost nothing to distribute so that makes it possible. For publishers to make their ebooks available for just a few dollars or even free publishers and authors can choose. To make their titles available for free either for a day or some short period of time or even permanently. They might do this if the author is unknown or in the case of a book series they may give.

Away the first and hopes the series catches on with readers and readers get hooked so theyll purchase additional copies. Of that series in the future its like getting a free sample while you walk around costco they give them. Away because they know some percentage of people will make a purchase in the future ebooks may also be in. The public domain meaning the copyright has expired and the book can be freely and legally copied and shared without. Payment to the publisher project gutenberg has made tens of thousands of kindle books available free of charge theres a.

Link for that in the description below you can also borrow kindle books from your local library through whats called. The overdrive program you will need a library card but once you have that you can borrow ebooks electronically but. Lets look at the specific ways you can get free ebooks on amazon site if youre an amazon prime member. You can borrow up to ten books that are available as a part of the prime reading program keep the. Book as long as you want then return it when youre done reading there are currently over two thousand books.

Both fiction and nonfiction available in the prime reading program well you dont own the book you can keep it. Checked out indefinitely for prime members amazon also offers the first reads program youll get one or more free ebooks. Each month these are editors picks and the selection is extremely small maybe five or six books but once you. Make your selection its yours to keep now let me show you how to find hundreds of free ebooks right. On amazon site these are free kindle ebooks you can get them free and keep them forever no prime membership.

Is required no kindle device is required first lets start with the top 100 free kindle books this is a. List that its updated hourly so its a great way to find new titles all the time its constantly changing. From the homepage of amazon click the hamburger thats the three lines there to see the main categories click on. Kindle e-readers and ebooks then click kindle books at the top of the wide area click bestsellers and more then. Scroll down to the best kindle bestsellers and click that at the top left here youll see the top 100.

Paid is selected just click on top 100 free now youll see the top titles based on the number sold. Or in this case the number given away i assume that means the title with the highest quantity purchased at. No cost or free in the last hour i believe thats how thats determined here youll see mostly fiction titles. Romance novels had a bunch of washboard abs but there are usually some nonfiction titles in here as well you. Can see the ratings for most of these are 4 or 5 stars so thats pretty good but this is.

Only the beginning of the free ebooks if we scroll back to the top and click kindle ebooks this page. Shows us all the possible kindle books available almost everything you see here will be books that require payment click. On advanced search at the top now just change sort results by – price low to high and click search. Note this does not work as the results are still sorted by featured but if you click sort by and. Change it one more time – price low to high you will see free titles right now were seeing everything.

In the kindle store including magazines and newspapers and ebooks some of these magazines for example have free offers for. The first month so i believe thats why they appear here in this list even though it shows a dollar. Amount to drill down to just the ebooks over here on the left click on kindle ebooks now you will. Only see ebooks each ebooks listing may look a little bit different some of the books listings may show a. Button that says buy now with one click and you can just click that and get the title free right.

Away some may have a kindle unlimited tag on it but also say or 0 dollars to buy youll have. To click on the title and.

Conclusion – How To Access Ebooks On Amazon

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