How To Access Emergency Contact On Iphone – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access emergency contact on iphone,

Method 1 – How To Show Emergency Contacts On Lock Screen For Iphone

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Method 2 – How To Add An Emergency Contact On An Iphone

Hey guys my name is david lynch from and in this video im going to show you how to. Set up an emergency contact on your iphone now hopefully you watch the first video in this playlist that talked. About medical id because were going to use that to add an emergency contact if you havent seen that video. Yet you can go back to the first video in this playlist to watch it or you can follow along.

Here youll probably get the gist of it so were gonna begin by opening the health app on our iphones. And then tap medical id in the lower right hand corner of the screen now ive already have mine set. Up so im going to tap edit in the upper right hand corner if you havent set up medical id. Yet just tap create new medical id and then scroll all the way down to emergency contacts and tap that. Green plus next to add emergency contact now youll get sent to a list of your contacts the contact has.

To be saved in contacts too in order to be saved as an emergency contacts im going to select my. Mom here and then select your relationship to the person you just selected and then once youve added your emergency. Contacts and you just tap done in the upper right hand corner and voila there you go emergency contacts now. Appears on my medical id now the real benefit to this is that your emergency contacts are alerted immediately whenever. You use emergency sos on your iphone to call emergency services in the next video in this playlist well talk.

About emergency sos how to use it and what it really does but for now thats it for this video. Thank you for watching give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed leave us a comment down below if you. Have any other questions and dont forget to subscribe to this channel for the best iphone content on youtube.

Method 3 – Emergency Sos Iphone – Demonstration

Hey everyone mike mulligan here thank you so much for joining me today i am a certified orientation and mobility. Specialist and today im going to be talking about a feature that is built into iphones that i think everybody. Should know about all right lets do this so in todays video i want to talk about a really awesome. Feature that is built into all the iphones and its called emergency sos so this is a really awesome feature.

For contacting emergency services in a simple and easy way as an orientation and mobility specialist i really like to. Teach this emergency sos feature to my clients the ones who have iphones because i find it really helpful just. In case of emergency so im working with clients who are blind and visually impaired who are navigating throughout their. Environment which can mean in their home around their residential neighborhood even in downtown areas taking public transportation and theres. Just some risk involved so its always good to have a way to contact emergency services if needed and i.

Find this to be a really easy way to do that so im going to demonstrate how to use emergency. Sos and some of the features involved so hopefully this is helpful and i really think everybody should know how. To access this feature if they have an iphone no matter who they are because you never know when you. Might need it all right so lets start the demonstration here on how to access the emergency sos feature on. An iphone so this feature works on all iphones its just a little bit different on how you access it.

Depending on what type of iphone you have so if you have an iphone 8 or newer its going to. Be one way to access it and if you have an iphone 7 or earlier its going to be a. Different way to access it so in front of me here i have an iphone x which ill be using. For most of the demonstration but then ill also use an iphone 7 just to briefly show you how to. Access it if you have an iphone 7 or so how does the emergency sos feature work what does it.

Do so what it does is when you call the emergency sos number it automatically connects you to your local. Emergency number so no matter where you are if you have phone service itll know what number to call so. Thats actually a pretty cool feature so if youre somewhere new and youre not quite sure the number to call. You wont have to worry about that itll automatically connect to the proper emergency number for the area youre in. And one other cool feature i like about this emergency sos is if you put in emergency contacts into your.

Phone itll automatically alert them right after you get done with the call to the emergency services through a text. Message so itll alert them of an emergency as well as the location of where that emergency occurred and then. Periodically for the next 24 to 48 hours it will give updates on your location to your emergency contacts through. Text message okay so now im going to talk about how to access the emergency sos feature so in front. Of me here again i have an iphone x so what im going to be demonstrating first is what will.

Work on an iphone 8 or newer and its pretty simple it is going to be first youre going to. Locate the home button on the top right of the phone so ive done that here and then youre going. To find the volume buttons on the top left so when you hold down either of the volume buttons as. Well as the home button itll access the screen with the emergency sos feature so im going to hold that. Down all right so right now the phone vibrated to alert me that ive came to that new screen and.

If you have volume on youll actually hear a sound and when youre on this screen theres two options one. To slide to power off the phone or emergency sos so to access emergency sos when you get to the. Screen you have a few options one you can swipe right on the little red circle on the emergency sos. And then that will start to call emergency services or if youre using voiceover you can as soon as you. Get to the screen it will automatically be selected on emergency sos so then you just double tap twice with.

One finger and that will call emergency services and another thing you can do if you havent had a hard. Time navigating the screen or youre just unable to because of your emergency you can just hold down one of. The volume buttons as well as the home button for i think about five seconds and itll automatically call emergency. Services without having to do any swiping or tapping so you just hold that down and that will call emergency. Services and i also briefly wanted to show you how to access emergency sos if you uh are using an.

Iphone 7 or earlier so in front of me here on the table i have an iphone 7 so to. Access emergency sos its similar but this time youre going to hit the home button on the top right of. The screen five times in a row pretty quickly again now the screen popped up where it has the slide. To power off or emergency sos and then you can just access emergency sos that way so thats if you. Have an iphone 7 or earlier so i want to mention and finally i want to mention that this also.

Works with apple watches so if you have an apple watch you can also access emergency sos without having to. Use a phone you can just use your watch so if you have an apple watch 2 or earlier youre. Going to need your phone nearby unless youve hooked up wi-fi calling but thats a little more in-depth but you. Can if your phone is nearby you and you have a tour earlier you can hold the side button here. So the side button is under the wheel if you hold that down again its a very similar screen to.

What it looks like on the iphone you can either power off or call emergency sos and if you have. A apple watch 3 or newer with cell service you dont even need your phone with you so if youre. Out and about you dont have your phone you can access emergency sos without your phone by doing the same. Thing hitting that side button until the emergency sos pops up and then you can either swipe or if youre. Using voiceover you can double tap to access emergency sos thank you so much for joining me today i hope.

This video demonstration was helpful and learning how to use the emergency sos feature and when this would be important. To use so please feel free to share this video with others who have iphones who might benefit from knowing. How to access this feature and thank you so much for joining me and if youre feeling up for it. Please subscribe to my channel and click that little bell icon to be alerted when new videos become available and. Have a wonderful day bye.

Method 4 – Iphone 12: How To Set Up Emergency Contacts For Emergency Sos Calls

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Method 5 – How To Create An Emergency Contact On Your Iphone

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Conclusion – How To Access Emergency Contact On Iphone

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