How To Access Epic From Home – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access epic from home,

Method 1 – How To Access Epic At Home

Families if youre having trouble accessing the epic assignments you can follow these steps to make sure that your child. Is able to read the following books youre gonna click the link inside your canvas course and youll notice at. The top of my screen its opening another tab for epic and its taking you directly to the book that. Theyre supposed to read once you get here in the top right hand corner of your screen youll see the.

Word login youre gonna click that and then youre gonna choose students and educators and then over here on the. Left side youre gonna enter the class code and that class code was on the canvas page with the assignment. Its evi eight five to six and thats the code that youll use for all of your epic books click. Go and now you are in a class called mrs. Brace class and thats the class for the district and.

Here in the search box you can top b/l and once you do that its gonna pull up three students. That have been created for digital learning day for kindergarten you can click the ldk if your child is in. First grade its dl d and if your child is in second grade its this dl d so im gonna. Choose the kindergarten because thats the canvas page that we were on and all eagles bald eagles live in the. Now i have a video player where the book can be read aloud to my students so hopefully this will.

Help you navigate those canvas assignments please let us know if you need additional help.

Method 2 – How To Access Epic! From Home.

All right this video is going to show you how to access epic at home and how to access your. Guided reading books from home using that app so the app that you will need is this one called epic. Its got the blue background with the exclamation mark so youll know thats the right one it is a free. App which is awesome so we can download that through the app store it does only work for free during.

School hours so from about 8 oclock to 3 oclock it works for free so just something to kind of. Be aware of so when you click on that app all our kids already have a login so you have. An account so we need to press a you need to sign in and then you guys are pressing the. Students and educators tab alright when it comes up on your ipad or your learning device itll ask you to. Put in a class code so because weve already logged in before on this device it kind of saves your.

Class code and it allows you to keep that but for the first time you need to put your class. Code in so my class code is fml zero seven zero one and for mrs. Melissas class your class code. Is g yw1 six seven eight so you just put that in once and then your device will remember that. For next time so im gonna pop into my shannons class by clicking it and then itll come up with.

All of the kids names in the class im going to pretend to be a leash today and so each. Student will have their profile so they just need to click on their profile now when it logs in you. Have a bit of an its the first pages in explore page so its got all different types of books. And they are catered to the kids interests which is fantastic and when the kids first logged in they kind. Of chose their interest and then it generates a library so you can see that english has already read some.

Book and shes in the middle of reading a couple of others as well the reason that epic is great. Is because it has oops has audio books for kids up here you can press on that one theres read. To me books theres comics and then the other thing that were going to be using is the lexile readers. As well so what my smiley said miss shannon will do is if you pop into mailbox it will come. Up with a little message from miss melissa mission and we will have allocated you some books there the other.

Way that you can access that is through my library as well so miss melissa and i will be sharing. Some books for you guys to read for your guided reading if theres any questions let me know and we. Can help you do that but just really reminder that it only does work from 8 a.m. To 3 p.m. Each day just because of school hour at times so you can use this for free reading as well you.

Can click on the book or this is a new book its a bit exciting and it gives you a. Little blurb and the new toolkit base you click and read through this by yourself store or you can listen. On to the main reader as well the narrator so thats basically what epic looks like you can search books. And thats something most of the year to have uses before in class so they were pretty all over it. But the main new feature that were using the moon is the mailbox so that we can send them their.

Readers awesome.

Method 3 – How To Access Epic At Home

Hello families i want to make a quick video to show you how to log in to epic from home. If you have a tablet or phone i believe they have an app that you can use but im going. To show you how you can log on from a chromebook a laptop or desktop computer so im using google. Chrome im just on the google screen here um i personally would just type in epic books shouldnt also probably.

Has a link directly to epic on their google classroom but you could just go into google type in epic. Books it looks like the url is get epic comm and it will take you to the sign-in screen if. It doesnt if it takes you here to the home page just click right here on the upper right hand. Corner the login button and then youll see theres the option for parents or students and educators theyre gonna want. To click students and educators um theyll need to enter their class code once theyve signed in itll be down.

Here at select your class if you dont know the class code just ask your childs teacher so im going. To click here for my class and youll see that the student um profiles will pop up they would just. Find their name and click on theirs im gonna go down to guest student i use this to to show. Them things sometimes alright and this will take me directly to that app and this um if you want to. Bookmark this you could also click the star here and add that to your bookmark bar this screen may look.

Slightly different on your childs because they do customize the books that theyre previewing based on books that your child. Has chosen or read before so youll see that there are books here something that they they started to read. And they have not finished yet under the continue reading and then other just a bunch of books at the. Top they can search by author the title of the book the series and any keywords for example if they. Want to read about sharks you can type in and then you can sort them even more im right here.

By books videos read to me audiobooks collections and quizzes so if they want a whole shark collection they can. Click here and find collections that teachers have made of shark books i have i actually have videos disabled im. Sorry yeah your teacher might have that access to that enabled i do not for my class and then the. Books but i wanted to go back to the home screen and show you a little a few things right. Here so you can click on ar and they can find books that are at their ar level so they.

Have all the ranges here up to 7.0 plus im going to stick with the 2.0 to 2.9 and i. Just want to show you that youll notice right here ar 2.0 these are all 2.0 you can scroll down. 2.1 2.2 and find books within their reading level if your students looking for a book that will read to. Them they can click read to me um all the read to me books so even at the top if. They search like with the sharks theyll have the icon that says read to me and the the bottom right.

Hand corner its green and it also has a little speaker icon so speaking of sharks let me just pull. This one up and show you what that looks like as a read to me book exciting im gonna pause. It so if you can pause at any point you notice that it was highlighting the words as it reads. If you want to turn that feature off you can click here or if your child wants to and turn. That off also they can click on words if theyre not sure what it means for example survived and it.

Gives the definition here so lots of great features and they dont have to have it read to them they. Can go through and read themselves so theyll just keep that not press play read themselves oops im sorry and. Click through when theyre done they can click x and theyre also audiobooks the audiobooks they are books that they. Would listen to so they can sit and relax and listen to the stories alright i hope that was helpful. Thank you for watching.

Method 4 – Epic! How To Access Epic! At Home.

Good morning everyone its dr. Reagans welcome to day two of at home learning how is it going i hope. Youre good some of your friends are not up yet but here we are together for those who are up. And listening and watching i wanted to show you how to log in to epic so im going to open.

A new tab here im going to type in epic with an exclamation point then just click on epic for. Those of you who arent sure about getting in click login and then you should click students and then right. Here is where you should enter your class code which i did post in the google classroom its e jj. 1 5 8 2 and thats it ok and then you click go and youre in now im going to. Give you some more directions about whats expected and i want you to keep up with the reading that we.

Have posted in epic so make sure you check back for additional instructions and if you have any questions i. Can kind of try to help and demonstrate through making another video for you on any topic that you might. Need help with ok talk to you later.

Method 5 – Setting Up Home Access To Epic! For Students

Everyone this is jeff blankenship with h-e-b instructional technology and this is a quick overview of how to get your. Students access to epic at home so the first thing youre going to want to do is log in to. Your epic account youll notice that the link is get epic com4 slash sign in 8 and when you do. That you will be taken to this screen right here as a teacher youre going to choose to student an.

Educator log in alright and you can just continue with your google account your google account account will be based. In your district credentials so youre just going to go ahead and either enter those if its not already saved. To your computer or youre going to go ahead and enter your district email and the same password that you. Use to access your email once you get into the account youll notice up here in the top right hand. Corner you have an option for my students youre just going to go ahead and select that and if you.

Scroll down just a little bit youll see that your student roster is right here okay to add students youre. Gonna choose the add student button alright youll notice you have two choices for username structure you can do first-name. Lastname with a comma and then the parent email okay or you can do students last name comma first name. Comma parent email either way youre definitely gonna want to make sure that you have the parent email portion readily. Available you can get your parent emails through tac if you need to okay um after you enter that information.

Youll hit continue youll see that your student roster will be listed here okay when you do that a letter. Is going to automatically be generated as long as youve put a parent email into the system that letter is. Gonna be automatically generated and sent to the parent giving them step-by-step directions for how they would access that content. From home alright but if you just want to see what thats going to look like youll see theres a. Button just right here above your roster that says login instructions when you select that you can say remote student.

Access you will see that theres step-by-step directions right here for you as a teacher add students to your roster. Add parent emails to give students free remote student access through june 30th and it tells you that the parents. Will get an email with instructions for creating their account and logging in from home that email on this and. The parent side looks a little like this okay tells them that weve been using epic school it explains to. Them that they can sign up all they had to do is choose to sign up button and it walk.

Them through the process on their hand when they do that the kids will then have access to the epic. Content as they would at school all right hopefully that helps if you guys have any problems with this process. Please contact your instructional technology specialist and well be glad to help have a great day.

Conclusion – How To Access Epic From Home

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