How To Access Evaporator Coil – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – How To Replace An Evaporator Coil Step By Step

Thanks for watching this video in this video were going to talk step by step through what it takes to. Replace an evaporator coil unfortunately in our trade one of the realities is that evaporator coils leak quite a bit. More than they should and theres many reasons why that can happen you can get formicary corrosion or ant nest. Corrosion from the outside in the inside out and you can also have some galvanic corrosion especially in coastal environments.

But the first step when you are going to replace an evaporator coil is to make sure that you know. Exactly where the leak is before you replace it because they have been so prone to leak in so many. Markets and in so many different systems a lot of times technicians get so conditioned to condemning them that they. Dont diagnose the entire system so not only confirm that you know that the evaporator coil is leaking and where. Its leaking with a good quality leak detector like a heated diode electronic or maybe even an ultrasonic but then.

Also leak check the entire rest of the system before you proceed with replacing it to ensure that youre not. Going to be giving the customer a very expensive repair that wont actually fix the problem so be very thorough. In re-diagnosing once you do that then you want to go ahead and get the refrigerant out now because its. An evaporative coil generally you can pump the system down to at least some degree in many cases nowadays when. You have scroll compressors scroll compressors will actually stop pumping once the compression ratio gets too high but some of.

Them will still work okay you never want to pump a scroll compressor down into a vacuum or really any. System but you do want to pump it down to a low pressure so that way you lose as little. Refrigerant as possible because as you know even when you take and put some into the recovery machine that last. Little bit that refrigerant can easily get mixed and contaminated so you really want to keep as much of that. Clean refrigerant in the system as possible for cost savings so what youre going to do is youre going to.

Take your valve caps off youre going to use your service wrench and usually just use a little adapter on. Your service wrench or another hex key youre going to close the liquid line down youre going to run the. System and watch your pressures on both your suction and your liquid side theyre going to drop generally pretty quickly. Often about 10 psi thats when you want to go ahead and shut off the disconnect and then also shut. Down the suction valve at the same time just in case your compressor is leaking a little bit through the.

Valves you dont want that pressure to rise and that refrigerant to be lost then go ahead and recover out. That last little bit but still keep just slightly above atmospheric pressure in the system when you go ahead and. Open it you wouldnt want it to suck air into the system so again never pull it down into a. Vacuum when youre about to do a repair like this its actually a good idea once you get down to. That you know just under one psi to go ahead and begin flowing nitrogen right at that stage its going.

To make your vacuums a lot easier and its going to help prevent anything from getting into the system if. You want to go ahead at that point and pull your cores out put your core remover tools on thats. Going to be a really good practice just to help prevent anything from getting in that system especially if youre. Going to be cutting that system out or maybe even unsweating certain parts of it which sometimes thats just a. Practical practical thing to do you want to have a little bit of nitrogen flowing at that point next step.

Youre going to remove the evaporator again you cut lines whenever possible i dont suggest unsweating because refrigerant oil can. Catch fire and that can cause lots of heartache if there is an old line dryer in place youre going. To want to cut that out one of the more controversial issues is what happens if there is a factory. Line dryer inside the condensing unit best practices would say that in that case youd probably want to go ahead. And just recover all the refrigerant cut that out and often even straight pipe it in that outside unit in.

Order to put the new liquid line dryer inside near the evaporator coil which is the preferred place to put. It but again follow your company and manufacturers guidelines on that because that is a kind of a controversial thing. When you pull that old evaporator coil out make sure that you are keeping anything from going into the lines. And thats where flowing nitrogen can be helpful you want to keep some tape or plugs to plug up the. Ends of those lines if you arent in the process of flowing nitrogen at that time just to prevent anything.

From getting into the ends of the copper you do not want to leave copper open for any amount of. Time especially nowadays with poe and pve oil it can begin to become contaminated very quickly i like to keep. A little bit of blue masking tape and just kind of have that in my tool bag so that way. I can just block it and again masking tape is not going to keep everything out but it will keep. At least you know particles out next youre going to put the new evaporator coil in including a new metering.

Device and drain pan i always suggest when youre going to replace an evaporator coil just to go ahead and. Get a new valve if it doesnt come with one it just makes good sense and handling an old valve. And trying to reinstall it youre often going to break it and so its just makes good sense to go. Ahead and replace that if you can replace a new drain pan that also makes a lot of sense some. Of the most common issues that we see is folks forgetting to get a new drain pan and valve and.

Then when they try to reinstall them those break when you do reinstall the evaporator coil make sure that its. Level make sure that all of your proper retaining clips and all those things are put back into place and. That everything is slid into place properly then you want to go ahead and braise back in your evaporator coil. With nitrogen flowing now again you dont want to pressurize with nitrogen you just want nitrogen to be flowing at. 3 to 5 scfh make sure that you put a new liquid line dryer in and remove the old one.

You can put it back in the same place as the old one or you can straight pipe the old. One and put the new liquid line dryer inside because often they are outside and it is preferable to have. Them inside once you get everything all brazed in properly again make sure you protect everything youre not burning paint. Youre not burning valves youre flowing nitrogen thats very important the brazing process is really critical on this i like. To use wet rag even the product wet rag from refrigeration technologies to protect dryers then you need to do.

A pressure and bubble test on all of your joints make sure that youre not dropping pressure watch that delta. P most of your modern probes or digital gauges will allow you to monitor and make sure that that nitrogen. Pressure is not dropping in addition to some soap bubbles once you put the soap bubbles on get it all. Cleaned up so you dont have a mess on your hands if you used any wet rag or whatever else. Make sure to pull all of that off of your valves and get everything cleaned up and then pull your.

Proper deep vacuum you can use the one hose or the two hose method but do it with your cores. Out do it with large gauge hoses such as true blue and youre going to find that it generally is. Going to come down pretty quick on an evaporator coil once thats all done and its held your vacuum with. Passing the decay test then youre going to open your service valves your both your suction and your liquid service. Valves and then you are going to run the system generally speaking youre going to run it in cooling at.

That point im going to let it run for 15 to 20 minutes thats a good time to clean up. Do your paperwork also clean the drain obviously you just put a new drain pan in so that should be. Sound but clean the drain line make sure that thats all nice and clear also when you do reattach your. Drain line to the evaporator coil i forgot to mention that you want to use a good pipe dope such. As nylon white to make sure that you get a good threaded seal into that drain pan once you let.

It run 15-20 minutes then go ahead and measure your suction pressure otherwise known as your suction saturation temperature because. Its really the temperature youre looking for your liquid pressure which shows you your condensing temperature over ambient superheat sub. Cooling delta t and then to even be more thorough do your delivered btus per hour which is easy to. Do with measure quick and measure your static pressure because again when you do a major repair like an evaporator. Coil presumably you replace it because it was leaking you have to assess the entire piece of equipment and one.

Of the most overlooked things is airflow make sure that the system airflow is proper at the very least to. Make sure to do a solid visual inspection on everything else things like your blower wheel as example if your. Blower wheel was also dirty during that time i would suggest when the customers spending all that money for a. New evaporator coil that youd also remove and clean your blower wheel like weve talked about in previous episodes your. Condenser coil all those sort of maintenance items make sure those are all done anytime you do a major repair.

Like an evaporator coil replacement or a compressor replacement once you do all these assessments of system operation just make. Sure that you button everything up and that you leave the system running and draining and fully communicate with the. Customer and there you go thats how you do a proper evaporator coil replacement thanks for watching well catch you. On the next video thanks for watching our video if you enjoyed it and got something out of it if. You wouldnt mind hitting the thumbs up button to like the video subscribe to the channel and click the notifications.

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Method 2 – Ac Maintenance – How To Clean Your Ac Evaporator Coil

A dirty evaporator coil can cause your air conditioner to stop blowing cold air it can even cause it to. Ice over and in this video im going to show you how to clean your ac evaporator coil dont forget. To subscribe and turn on notifications so that you know when we release a new video lets go change get. This done come on airflow is one of the most important aspects of your air conditioner its what allows the.

Refrigerant to do the job of cooling your home anything that gets in the way of that airflow causes extra. Stress on the mechanical components and can lead to breakdowns and those usually happen on the hottest days of the. Year when hvac companies are busy and then you have to wait a couple of days to get somebody out. There but with a little bit of preventative maintenance like cleaning your evaporator coil you can actually give your air. Conditioner the best chance of making it through the summer now this is an evaporator coil so is this and.

So is this sometimes people refer to them as an a coil because of the shape but what can happen. Is as the air is flowing across this they can get plugged up with dirt or pet hair and that. Really restricts the airflow so im going to take you through the process of checking your evaporator coil to see. If its dirty and if it is then cleaning it the first thing you need to do is locate your. Evaporator coil if you look at your furnace its located on the supply side of the system past the blower.

Fan and pass the heat exchanger mine is located on the top but depending on how your furnace was installed. It could be on the side or it could be on the bottom for this project you dont need a. Lot of tools but you may need some specialty tools to remove the screws to be able to gain access. To the coil there are different cleaner options available im going to be using this no rinse foaming cleaner today. First shut the power off to the furnace next were going to expose the coil in order to expose the.

Coil we need to remove the exhaust vent first theres some screws that hold it in place then were going. To remove this section of the outer housing this will reveal the coil now we have to remove the access. Panel to be able to inspect inside use a flashlight to look inside the coil you should be able to. Tell if its dirty or not if it looks like this youre good and you dont have to clean but. If it looks like any of these then you need to clean it mine its not the dirtiest coil out.

There but it definitely could benefit from cleaning it the first thing im going to do before i start cleaning. Is i want to put down some cardboard or something underneath the coil to catch any debris thats falling off. Or anything that drips down use a stiff bristle brush and brush in the direction that the fins are going. Be careful and try not to bend the fins once youve done that were going to actually spray our cleaner. Onto the coil be generous spray it all over and let it sit for about five minutes youll notice the.

Foaming cleaner pull debris and dirt out of the coil even though you dont have to rinse this particular kind. Of cleaner im gonna rinse and try and get as much of the cleaner out as i can and then. Were going to repeat that process until you get the coils as clean as you can then look at it. And see if you see any fins that are bent over if you see any bent over they make fin. Combs to be able to help straighten those fins back out you dont want very many fins bent over because.

This decreases the airflow across the evaporator coil and its just as bad as having a dirty coil because the. Air cant move across it once youre happy were going to reassemble everything when you put the exhaust vent back. Dont forget to secure it in place its always a good sign when you dont have screws left over then. Turn the power back on and youre done now i wouldnt consider this a beginner project but if you consider. Yourself handy and youve got the right tools i hope you found this video helpful if you havent already go.

Ahead and hit the subscribe button and turn on notifications until next time thanks so much for watching and good. Luck with your next project and dont forget its okay to ask for help see ya you.

Method 3 – How To Clean And Check Ac Evaporator Coils After A Freeze Up

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 4 – How To Clean Inside Of Ac Evaporator Coil

Hi today im going to show you how im going to clean evaporator coils in my home ac unit i. Do this maintenance every other year where i have to clean the coils to prevent it from getting clogged first. Thing first always breakers off cut off the power before you work on an analytic secondly this year i chose. This product this is web pro coil cleaner im mixing ten parts of water with one part of the coal.

Cleaner according to instructions it says that it contains no acids or alkalis are not percent biodegradable so well see. How well it works and will not damage anything so sounds like its kind of benign okay so the cover. Is out now im going to spray that solution on this part of the coil and the worst part is. To go underneath and spray it on an inside which collects the most amount of dirt of course when you. Do that you need to follow instructions that solution will have to stay on on the blades for about five.

Minutes then we have to rinse it early make sure that when you clean it dont bend the blades okay. Now found begin so every single ice unit might be built differently mine has the access to the inside of. The coils from underneath so im just gonna have to crawl right here and i will spray both sides of. The coils with that solution and ill show you how it works and well see if there is going to. Be any difference so okay now inside of this small crawlspace underneath this is how dirty my coil is yesterday.

I was cleaning a little bit on this siren left so it looks a bit cleaner but i can still. See theres a little gunk in between the blades so im gonna spray that solution and well see thats gonna. Help so this product does not form flag the form version but i will spray it all over and well. See if ill see it cleaner in five minutes this is working because its kind of getting stuck to all. The gunk that is in between the blades you can see it better now and after five minutes when i.

Wash it with water everything should come down to the dripping pan and im gonna use the sprayer to clean. The coils and ill show you the result after well i have to say that coiler looks are cleaner so. The thing does work the only thing that does not work is that all the gunk that is in between. The blades i will have to probably take the my compression gun and just use compressed air to blow it. Out other than that this looks much better than before i have to of course do another side so i.

Have to use my compressor to blow all the gal from in between the gaps of those blades took me. Probably outsell most an hour cleaning does one thing but all the gunk in between its major stuff that needs. To be cleaned and ive never actually done it my bad you know this ac unit is ten years old. And this was about time to do it so i had to use compressed air to blow all the jug. That was sitting in between and out scree so this is the difference this is the side that is done.

This is the side that needs to be done so you can see the difference so if you want to. Have you you need to be efficient there should be no gunk in between the blades this side doesnt look. Too bad ive actually cleaned some of it yesterday but i still see some gunk on those horizontal pipes that. Go from left to right so im going to blow air through this side and thats gonna be it so. The difference the audience please alrighty thanks for watching guys goodbye.

Method 5 – Hvac Dirty Evaporator Coil Removal, Cleaning And Reinstall In Air Conditioning Unit. Part 1

Hey guys today i want you to do a compound test and really work smoothly block it off i want. To clean my evaporator coil tomorrow and tonight i want to see if i can pop all the freon down. Into my denser unit outside hopefully so its not too old so i think the press were gonna handle it. Lines its pretty short and i shouldnt have any problem so thats my goal for today ive already used my.

Wrench to loosen stuff up so im gonna take the caps off the lead rope quick just a breaker box. Behind me is open ive already pulled its safety disconnect so the unis actually on site make sure its all. Nice and tight hell love it okay walked off right now im gonna go ahead and lock off the high. Side i will admonish you guys you havent run across the support its been a while since ive mentioned it. Need lock stuff off thats great but if you back it back out make sure make sure make sure to.

Make sure you see the o-rings in these things that theres a steel oring look at the different models some. Of these its not obvious or its missing you can back these out too far and itll shoot like a. Rocket and you will dump every lots of free fun out of the sky i have had that happen before. Most people have us pose at some point another if youre unlucky it is not a pleasant feeling alright so. Now up shove the disconnect in and we will pump it down and see if we can pull it into.

A vacuum it pulls into a vacuum nicely then i will go ahead walk off the suction side right now. We have a high side shut off so its pulling everything through the suction line and we can watch the. Gauges are dropping lets put it all in the system here if it pulls everything down into a vacuum i. Can lock off the suction side as well trap everything in here then ill pull the disconnect so far its. Looking good so im going to go ahead and wrap this up here we go get in there a little.

Bit here the compressor getting a little pissy but its still doing pretty good all right my high side gauges. Will below and here we go im pulling the suction side over here so lets go ahead and lock this. Off negative eight thing at nine plus sixteen so there we go finally all right now and the top and. The bottom are locked off nope suck into a vacuum im gonna go ahead and just put the caps back. On these not secret artisan four gauges here and get ready for tomorrow so this way tomorrow i dont have.

To pull around with any of this already ready to go and i can just start doing my cuts inside. Pull the coil im going to tighten this down now come out here in the morning just to be sure. My valve hasnt uh i mean the these valves had a leak tommy and seeped back into the system make. Sure were still early beautiful vacuum but for now just down tight and well go to our prep and set. Up inside all right i have the cover case off and top and bottom so we can kind of see.

Everything and ill start the top and work my way down you can see that down here we have some. Water laying in here so its been leaking out from somewhere im not sure if its leaking off the sides. If its been dripping off but me get my light a little bit closer up in here you can see. How dirty it is or but the coil itself i mean look at the coil there a quote looks a. Little tore up too and im not quite sure about that because i certainly didnt do it so im not.

Sure if its tore up or or somethings eating on it or what but you down the base you can. See more crud piled up in it and around front here ive cleaned the tray out a little bit before. But golly the stuff piles up and the drain line comes down here i have a some vinyl clear pvc. Which im rather fond of using i use this when i go back and replace instead of using hard pvc. When i blow out train lines anyway im down here youll notice theres a lot of surface rust start up.

Here you can say see whats happened is the water is either leaked through underneath or its dripping straight off. From underneath the coil guessing that we might have a problem underneath the coil with the water dripping straight down. Now i dont really see a bunch of crud underneath looking up the underside of quill doesnt look that bad. But that is part of our problems we have water dripping and where its sleep at night you can hear. So im thinking that we have enough crud building up on the coil that not all the water is draining.

Down sideways as it should and into the tray but some of its dripping straight down and dripping down on. Here dripping down on the sides down here and splashing and eventually getting down on the floor which is not. Good and not into the heat kit either so thats pad juju and tomorrow were going to come in here. And pull uv light first thing get it other way and pull all of the wrapping off of the copper. Pipe and im not going to use the fittings that are on there im not going to loosen them up.

Im actually going to pick the spot they dont want to cut and ima cut on both of those im. Gonna sand it first so i dont have to pull with it later or there may be a touch-up and. Then ill pick my spots where i can cut it and willed it and we dont have to worry about. Full of these breaking them loose and put them back and having a leak later i dont want to i. Dont want to screw with that so we get that done which does our cut sanded and cut other way.

I will come down here well loosen up the drain line and break it free and at that point we. Will pick it up and rock it sideways and break it out loose off of the fitting there and then. Ill put some metal foil tape over top and bottoms of the the pipe so we dont get any moisture. Or dirt or anything like that side of it of course all this is after ive cut the power down. Here and i have the breaker box directly behind me over here so well make sure the power is cut.

There to the heat and the cool as well not thats going to be an issue because my hands will. Be sticking up there other than pulling the light so thats a rat were going to do that and possibly. Make a plenum for the thing that is our number one problem is how you see it now is how. They put it together just like this you had filters on it but it had a filter on each side. One on that side one that side but not filter filters had those little cheesy foam junk filters that you.

Just wash out later straight on them instead of spending the extra however much it is for the the filter. Square filter base box that you put down and you slide the coil in and seal it all up and. The filter just slides in the top and you pull the one single filter out and change it like they. Should have done so thats what we have all built up and all this other problem thats just compounded over. Time is because whatever company installed this stuff cheaped out originally and didnt do it the right way and thats.

My opinion but as you can see foam filters or good filters it didnt make a difference because it wasnt. Designed right they didnt they didnt use all the products that the manufacturer gave them all the proper tools do. The job the first thing i do is clean these up a little bit some of the crud off of. Them bunch of buildup of dust and dirt and you get a torch in here all the stuff and all. Kinds of fun so yes lets go ahead and knock it out ahead of time so probably do a cut.

Down here and well do a cut up here kind of high so i can get to it kind of. Keep it away from the fitting a little bit and ill wrap the fitting down here with a wet rag. And ill cut here and so i put a wet rag down here and and something up todd high -. So we can go ahead and unplug the power cord to that and well go ahead and pull the uv. Lamp turns out on that oh toasted so that is beautiful it looks like it might be fried to going.

To toast to the top and bottom and i dont remember seeing it on a while ago when i was. Looking inside actually so i have to apply some juice to it later and have a look-see at it but. As you can see its kind of some buildup on it all the all the stuff its starting to pile. Up on it so that cant that cant be good either all right im gonna sand this down a little. Bit im going to work down in this area here probably in the middle so well just kind of this.

Is like emery cloth i guess they call it its kind of a porous type material i really like it. A lot better than regular sandpaper all right great now the only fun well probably have is the spacing between. The pipes here and here cutting this one i got a smaller for that but i might have to use. A ratcheting with this one we shall see let me get some toys out again all right the next day. Has .

Conclusion – How To Access Evaporator Coil

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