How To Access Facebook Ads Manager – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access facebook ads manager,

Method 1 – How To Give Access And Get Access To Facebook Ad Account – Real Estate Agents

Today were looking at how to connect your ad account the right way whether youre running ads for yourself or. Youre running ads for somebody else you need to know how to share that access to your ad accounts without. Giving your personal credentials away hey ataime if were just meeting welcome to the channel that brings actionable content to. Grow your business through online marketing so if that sounds beneficial consider subscribing alright so here we are in the.

Ads manager and in order to make the connection as you probably should between ad accounts youre gonna go over. To your settings over here your business tools youre gonna go to business settings and theyre gonna go over to. Your business manager so youve heard me time and time again talk about your business manager and how important it. Is to have it so if you are running ads for yourself it doesnt matter you need a business manager. If you are managing somebody elses ads or managing somebody elses campaigns it is super important that you have a.

Business manager because at that point you need to connect both of them now what im seeing is a lot. Of um handing passwords out and handing a lot of the um credentials out from the client to so from. Somebody that is having somebody else manage their ads they are giving their credentials over to somebody else that is. Not what you want to do so if youre a real estate agent that is having somebody else run your. Ads and they have your credentials then i invite you to stop that same thing if you are running ads.

For somebody else and you are taking their credentials i am also going to invite you to stop that because. Theres an easy way for that to happen through your business manager so this is the appropriate way to connect. Now theres several things to look into here so you can connect from a business setting so you can actually. Connect right here where you can add somebody and receive employee access or receive admin access now depending on the. Strength of the relationship youll give somebody an admin access but thats going to be rare so just be careful.

With that now how you invite somebody is just put their personal email right here the email that they have. On facebook on file with facebook and then send the invitation over to them thats how you thats how you. Invite them over to the entire business manager account so this is the entire everything here right so with that. Being said if you connect them to your business manager account it doesnt end there you still need to give. Them access to several different items so before we get to the several different items you can invite them as.

Partners so you can see here highness business doesnt have any partners because i dont invite people you partner with. Assets so give them permission to work on your assets so they can help you manage page or ads and. Partner to request assets add a new partner and request asset to work on their behalf so there you go. So you see the yin and the yank so one side to the other and the other side to the. Other so you have that ability right there so you can also work in partners and this is actually what.

I would suggest to work in partners because that is a better defined way of doing it so thats a. Good um thats a good way to do it but again you can do it through people you can do. It through partners it just depends on the setup that you have in your business and how you manage it. And run it so those are the two um the two ways that i would suggest but also very important. What you need to do is go over to your pages and make sure that whatever pages are connected to.

Your business manager so if you are a real estate agent as an example or youre somebody that is running. Ads hey one quick second ill let you get right back to the video but i wanted to ask for. One small favor would you mind going down to the bottom of this video and smashing like thanks you dont. See any pages here then add them and you need to have access to those business pages from an admin. Level so that means that you have a business page somewhere you created the business page and youre running ads.

Through there from whether youre through your personal account or another ad account but you need to import them into. Your business manager so this is where you would go to do that so you add a page or request. Access to a page or create a brand new page so this is how you go about and import those. Pages into your business manager so youre able to launch ads from there now youre not through yet youre not. Through yet youre gonna also do that with your ad accounts its very much the same thing you can either.

Add an ad account if you already have that out in the wild but you just created your business manager. Because you took my advice that you absolutely need one or you can request access to an ad account if. Its not yours or you can create a brand new ad account now many of you if youre creating a. Business manager for the first time youre actually going to create your new ad account many of you will actually. Do that very rarely will you add another ad account from another place so just be aware that so again.

You know who you are if you are running the ads for somebody else or if youre the person that. Is running the ads for your own business then you know how um how thats going to work if you. Need to request access to an ad account well that would most likely mean that you are somebody that is. Running ads for somebody else all right and then something else that you want to make sure that is relatively. New is um where are we integrations lead access so leads access if youre running lead generation ads you have.

To provide access right here now this is a a little bit a little bit different because this is a. Demo account but you want to provide access to yourself so if you are running ads and um youre not. The admin for whatever reason youre not the admin in this account then you will need to give yourself access. To the lead forms as well and this is very important if you are running ads for somebody else so. You may have the lets go up here you may have the user im sorry you may have what the.

Pages and the ad accounts access but you cant see the leads to save your life well thats the reason. The reason is because the leads access is not here same thing if you have a connection like zapier if. You have a connection to your crms like lion desk like kb core like any other crm that you can. Think of they need to have access from here so not only do people have access but also crm so. Make sure that you make those connections so again im just um im providing as much as i possibly can.

Here with the business manager dont be surprised if it changes from day to day ill keep you as updated. As possible dont get frustrated just work through here as much as you can the best thing that i can. Tell you is um play around with it as much as possible because again this changes um from day to. Day almost it seems like this sprung up on me and surprised me for for several accounts so it took. Me a few days to get all of them rectified but this is the correct way of integrating make sure.

That you have access to the ad accounts make sure that you have access to the pages and then just. Build from there well now you know how to connect your ad accounts the right way you might be interested. In learning how to actually launch an ad so ill leave a video right here thats going to help you. Do that also if you found value today please be sure to subscribe and turn on that notification bell so. You dont miss another video and of course make your best day yet.

Method 2 – Facebook Ads Tutorial Using The New Facebook Ads Manager. August 2020 Complete Guide Made Easy!

Hi this is heather with keep it simple social media and i am continuing a four-part series on advertising on. Facebook part one we talked about boosting a post this now is part two and were actually going to create. An ad in the ads manager this is so important that we understand how to run ads on facebook because. Today when you create content on your facebook business page less than two percent of the people that are following.

Your business page will actually get the post in their news feed so as you can see here i did. This post it was a photo album but it only reached 15 people and that is not very good for. Getting my um and its not an ad at this point but getting this property into the right news feeds. Of potential buyers as a real estate agent so how do we do that we do that today by creating. Ads on our facebook business page using the ads manager now yes i could just go ahead and click boost.

A post but i think that youre going to get more bang for your buck if you learn how to. Create an ad in the ads manager and that is what this video tutorial is going to be all about. Now if you want to watch all four of these videos that ive created on advertising for facebook and instagram. Go ahead and subscribe to my channel and click the notification bell and that way each time i produce a. New video you will get notified right here on youtube so lets get started i am on my facebook business.

Page wall and i want to create an ad for this particular property so what im going to do on. The new look on facebook instead of going into the ad center im simply going to click the plus sign. Right here and im going to click on add once i click that it takes me over here to my. Ads manager and all my ads that i will have running will appear down here in one simple line but. Today what i want to show you is i want to show you how to create an ad on your.

Facebook business page as well on your instagram account if that ad complies with the type of content that instagram. Wants in the news feed so lets go ahead and click on the words create perfect and were going to. Go into create a new campaign and now i have to pick my objective for this campaign now this is. A whole bunch of photos so im going to click on engagement now a traffic ad could be a simple. Photo it could be a link click or a carousel and i can even do a traffic ad for a.

Video today but in this particular case these are all photos and im going to click on engagement from here. I get a little bit of a drop down menu right here where i can give the ad a campaign. And im going to give this ad the name of the propertys address and then im just going to copy. It that way i can paste it onto all three of the pages because when you create an ad in. The ads manager youre going to go through a three page setup and right now we are on page one.

And im going to click on the words continue and now what happens is it stays on the same ad. Set up on page one and that is because today we have something called the special ad categories and as. Im a real estate agent and this is regarding a listing i actually have to turn this on and i. Have to click the drop down menu and go to where it says housing you see how it says ads. For real estate listings homeowner insurance mortgage loans or other related opportunities i fall under that category now so i.

Just go ahead and click it and then im going to scroll down a little bit further and you can. See theres the type of post ive chosen post engagement and because my page has the budget on page one. Of choosing my ad i have to choose my budget right away so i click down and i always choose. A lifetime budget now for a lot of you the campaign budget is going to be on the new ad. Set page 2 and i will show you that so lets go ahead and click lifetime budget and notice how.

It changed the price of this ad right up to 700 im just going to take that out for now. And im going to change it to 30 and it says canadian so ive got the name of my ad. Ive got the amount of money im going to spend in the lifetime of this ad and choose engagement and. I have my special ad category turned on now im going to go ahead and click next in the bottom. Right hand corner it says next and it takes me to the second as you notice the blue here at.

First we are on the first one this is now the second one and then well go to the third. And im going to go where it says new ad set and take that out and paste the name of. The property the address of the property then it wants to know how long im going to run this particular. Ad for and im going to have an end date on this particular property on the 15th so im only. Going to run it for just under two weeks for thirty dollars and then im going to choose a um.

Not a custom audience but a new audience and the location for this new audience is people living in this. Location that i choose not people that are recently in this location because those could be people that are visiting. From another province that dont have any uh plans on moving here then with the new ad category you cannot. Use postal codes anymore you cannot adjust the age or the gender but you can go into the location and. I can type in the location so i might put courtney because this property is in courtney british columbia and.

It says right away within 15 miles and i might just stretch that right up to encompass a lot more. Of the island and even some of the lower maintenance land and powell river and i also want to put. In here vancouver and pemberton so im choosing all these areas based on where i think the buyer might come. From for this particular property and this is just to give you a really good idea now notice over on. The right hand side it says theres 1 million 600 000 people chosen to see this particular property but i.

Am going to narrow down my audience now by scrolling down and going into detailed targeting and i might put. Organic farming but it will not let me choose that as a category how about farming no it does not. So if i click on suggestions the only suggestion its giving me because we are in this new special category. Is real estate but i know that now that i have real estate in there its going to give me. A whole bunch of more choices and i can just go through these properly and choose the ones that i.

Think work and then you can see my number is changing over here so yes its very frustrating because i. Used to be able to pick people that like farming because this is a very large acreage uh people that. Like to grow their own food organic farm to table things of that nature so for now these are the. Only categories in the detailed targeting that i can choose because of the new special ad category that we had. To pick because were real estate and were going to scroll down and thats all were going to do on.

The second ad set and were going to click the bottom right hand corner where it says next now it. Is in here that im going to paste the name once again so you want to make sure that you. Identify the facebook page some people have more than one page so i make sure its on the correct page. I am going to use an existing post in the video series that we are doing im going to show. You how to create whats known as a dark post by clicking create an ad and that is something that.

Will be in the series part 3 in the next video but for now were going to go ahead and. Use an existing post now it says we have to select the post so were gonna click on select the. Post and there it is i posted it on my facebook business page wall this morning theres the post and. I just simply click continue and now it says do you want a call to action um and i do. I want people to message me on facebook so im going to click the drop down message and its going.

To our button and it says send message and so i update my post and now people can send me. A message if they want more information on this particular acreage that has just been listed so theres my call. To action and we scroll down and were using an existing post and start a conversation thats all set up. Its already done so now all i actually have to do is click on the words publish which is located. In the bottom right hand corner and this ad will then go into a review process with facebook and can.

Take you know up to two days for your ad to be accepted i kind of usually say it takes. Within 12 hours it all depends whats going on as you can see it does say view details and i. Can just close out of there and close down and you can see there is the ad it says that. It view which means that um facebook is going to review it make sure that im complying with all of. The rules and the regulations for those of you that dont understand what the new ad category that i had.

To click on for housing it is because of the cambridge analytica scandal and facebook having to set up tighter. Targeting so discriminatory and things of that nature that um that facebook has been going through for the last couple. Of years and now we used to run ads like the wild west and we could target absolutely anything including. People that were retiring and now those parameters are gone when you are a special ad category so unfortunately uh. We have to comply with the new rules and regulations but im still finding that my ads are doing phenomenal.

And that is what were going to learn when we go into part four of this series were gonna look. At analyzing our ads after theyve been running for a couple of days so right now we are in the. Ads manager we have just created our first ad based upon a post that was already on our wall and. Created and now we turn that into an ad were simply going to wait for facebook to accept it and. Then were going to wait a couple of days and then were going to review the ad and the details.

That will be in part four now part three of our series were going to learn how to do a. Lead generating ad and this is an ad where were going to create a dark post so its not seen. On our facebook business page wall but this is where were trying to collect information from people such as a. Market evaluation or a buyers package or maybe you want people to sign up for your newsletter it all depends. What your motivation is for creating our lead gen ad and im really excited to share this one with you.

In our next series if you have any questions just ask them right below here on youtube in the comment. Section or if youre watching this video on facebook by all means add a comment and i will get back. To it this is heather and remember everyone keep it simple.

Method 3 – How To Get Buyer’s Business Manager Access । Facebook Ads Campaigns Bangla Full Course

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Method 4 – Facebook Business Manager For Agencies Tutorial: Managing Facebook Ads

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Method 5 – How To Get To Facebook Ads Manager

Hello im director here from ct social and im going to show you how to get to your facebook ads. Manager all you have to do is log into facebook and then go to the gear icon on the far. Right and under that menu youll find create ads and manage ads if you havent made any ads yet you. Can click on create ads and from there it gives you the option to select the different types of ad.

That you may want to set up like if you had an event you could click on event responses and. It actually gives you a list of the events that you may be running on may want to promote after. Youve set up your ad and if youd like to get to your ad manager all you have to do. Is go back to that menu with the gear and click on manage ads and from there youll get a. List of accounts most of you may only have one account some of you may have several accounts depending on.

If youre managing anybody elses ads as well and from the individual account once you click on that you can. See a breakdown of the different ad campaigns that you have set up and different metrics including the budget remaining. Budget and the total spent per campaign if youd like to get a little bit of a deeper look you. Can click on the campaign itself and itll give you the status of the campaign whether its been completed the. Budget and a lot of different metrics including the cost per engagement for this ad and for other ads itll.

Show you the cost per event signup page like or really whatever the app was set up for you can. See for this particular campaign i it set up three ads and you can actually see the individual performance of. Each ad i hope that helped you find your way to the ad management page and a little bit more. About the metrics inside thank you for watching please make sure to subscribe to our youtube page um were going. To be making some more videos how tos on other things to do with facebook and other social networks twitter.

Has ads as well if you didnt know about those well be showing you how to set up those in. The future also if youd like some of this information delivered to you by email you could sign up for. A newsletter on our web page at ct social comm slash blogs thank you very much have a great day.

Conclusion – How To Access Facebook Ads Manager

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