How To Access Facebook Live Event – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access facebook live event,

Method 1 – Hosting Facebook Events On Facebook Live

For years weve been able to sort of hack together a system where we use a facebook event to post. A facebook live but its never been very slick now they are integrated so im going to walk through hosting. Facebook events on facebook live step by step in this video lets get into it hey welcome to five-minute social. Media where we help overwhelmed business owners become streamlined entrepreneurs by helping them eliminate 50 to 80 of their social.

Media workload while increasing results that sounds like something youd like in your business take a second hit subscribe click. That bell that way youll be notified when we release another helpful video each week my name is jerry potter. Yes it rhymes with the boy wizard and in this video im going to show you how to host facebook. Events with facebook lives it took them years but finally facebook put events and lives together and created a great. Way for us to use them also at the end of this video if youre having other issues with social.

Media uh not enough reach not enough engagement not enough sales i put together this free guide the social media. Quick fix guide its normally 19 but ive decided to offer it to my youtube audience for free and ill. Tell you how to get that at the end of this video now im going to walk through this in. One of my facebook groups but if youre doing this on a business page it should be very very similar. The great thing about doing this with a facebook event instead of just scheduling a facebook live is the facebook.

Live notifications are not very reliable but people do get notified a lot better about events plus they can also. Invite their friends in a very casual way to your event so first thing you would do is go to. Your events page whether its on your business page or in your group and im going to hit create event. Creating the event of course is the first part this is not an in-person event obviously it is a facebook. Live so were going to click online give your event a title so im just going to call this facebook.

Live event demonstration for now choose the date wherever or whenever that might be and the time if you want. To add an end date and time this is all stuff thats standard to all facebook events then you can. Do that as well so well make this a 30 minute event then i come down here and im going. To hit next and here is where youre going to choose facebook live because if your event was somewhere else. On zoom or anything like that then you would have an external link or if they were going to get.

The link via email then you would hit other but were doing this obviously as a facebook live event i. Click on that so here as you can see were going to be able to go live directly in the. Event so thats whats so helpful because you can link directly to the event so people are like wheres the. Facebook live going to happen where where is the link well youll have an event for your link all set. So we do that then we hit next again you can add a description there we go ill put that.

Note in so people know in case this goes live people are like oh i wanted to go to that. Then im going to hit next you can always add a cover photo or you can choose an illustration i. Like to add a cover for any facebook event because it makes it much more eye-catching so you could choose. One of these graphics or you can upload your own cover photo if you want since this is just a. Quick tutorial i will just click on one of these sure why not once your image is there you can.

Also drag to reposition it if it is a size that allows for that when you click on event settings. This is just if you wanted to add co-hosts from your group and then this box right here this is. If you want to invite all of the members of your group now depending on the size of your group. You may or may not see this if you have a big group like my free facebook community i dont. Get to do this i can only invite my personal profile friends but because our private group is a little.

More intimate and i dont remember what the cutoff is because they keep changing it i could check that and. Automatically invite all of the members seeing as this is a fake event im not going to do that so. Im going to go ahead and hit create event and just like that our event is ready to go but. The next step is to set up the live video so im going to click that button and its going. To take me into facebook live producer so you have three different options within facebook live producer in terms of.

How youre going to go live one is the stream key one is to use the camera so this is. Just to use your built-in webcam and then one is to use a paired encoder so a paired encoder would. Be software like obs studio which is a free software stream key would be using zoom and ill show you. How to do it with zoom in just a second and then cameras just your built-in webcam you would come. Down here choose the appropriate camera the appropriate microphone and if you wanted to you could screen share the downside.

Of stream using the screen share tool here in facebook live is you either share your screen the whole time. Or your camera the whole time theres no switching back and forth so if you were just going to use. Your camera and this is by far the simplest solution make sure its selected set everything here and then just. Come over here put in a title if you want and a description and then you would hit go live. And off you would go thats it now the stream key is a little bit more complex but not difficult.

At all there are a lot of different tools out there i use restream dot io with this i use. Zoom with this sometimes and ill link to those in the description of this video but what you need to. Do is you need to match this server url and stream key with the same information in whatever tool youre. Using so since zoom is one of the most popular tools on the planet im going to use that one. To demonstrate so now im in zoom and im streaming and ive got a full tutorial about how to go.

Live on facebook from zoom in the description of this video but im going to click more and im going. To say im not going to choose live on facebook im going to choose live on custom live streaming service. Depending on your internet speed this might take a few seconds all right im glad this error popped up now. If youve already gone live on facebook in that group then in that case it may connect right away and. Start streaming to the facebook event however its not going to start streaming live on facebook yet its just going.

To stream here into your setup but youll notice here it said unable to live stream the custom service update. The streaming url and streaming key on the configuration page then try again so im going to click that and. Now i just need to go through and i need to copy the server url from here so i click. Copy and then heres they call it a streaming url here im going to paste that one in then im. Going to come over here im going to copy the stream key here paste that in so now theyre matching.

And im going to hit go live so its going to do the same thing again but this time it. Should have the right information to go into our event i go back over here to facebook live producer and. Then you can see that my zoom stream which looks like this right now im not in front of that. Camera is coming through i can also scroll up and see it here so now you know there you can. See the little zoom icon in the corner so now you know zoom is streaming here and at this point.

Youre ready to go all you have to do then is hit go live then you could go back to. Zoom and use screen sharing or have a on if you have more than one person or any number of. Things everything that you can do in zoom will then go to your facebook live now some people like to. Make sure that the server url and the stream key are up to date with zoom or whatever youre using. To stream from the day before just to make sure theyre working i usually just come in about 15 minutes.

Before i go live and set it all up but whatever you makes you more comfortable is fine then i. Come over here and i hit go live and if i click into that event there it is streaming live. Right there at the top so as soon as somebody clicks this event url and this is where you can. Promote in your email links or anywhere else on other social channels itll come right here and youll be live. Right at the top of the event as well as down in the feed there i see we have a.

Couple of people that tuned in live im just recording a demo about how to do facebook lives but nice. To see you guys pop up anywhere anyway so thats the beauty of this facebook live facebook event integration is. That its super easy to point people no more going and wait where do i find it the moment they. Load the event the live is right there in front of them all right start solving the major social media. Frustrations and problems that business owners face with the social media quick fix guide its normally 19 but im offering.

It to my youtube audience right now for free you can go to the link on the screen or click. The link in the description of this video and if this was helpful take a second give this video a. Like youre not only supporting me but also my two tiny superheroes at home and if youre looking for more. Help growing your business with social media check out the video on the screen right now.

Method 2 – How To Schedule A Facebook Live Stream 2020 (And Promote Effectively)

So you want to learn how to schedule your facebook live stream well in 2020 and 2021 facebook made some. Major changes to how you actually schedule your live stream i am going to walk you through all of the. Details everything you need to know but heres the thing you need to know big time is that every single. Live stream now has two links that are separate links so two posts per live stream which is a major.

Issue if you decide you want to promote in advance its a major issue for confusion for the audience so. Well get into all of the details ill give you a demo ill show you what you need to know. And i will give you a trick for making sure you know how to promote ahead of time without confusion. For your viewers lets do it okay so as i said this can be confusing so i want to walk. You through what this actually looks like so every time you schedule a facebook live stream you now wind up.

With two different posts in your feed the first post is the scheduled live stream this is the original scheduled. Post that gives people an alert saying hey this person this page is planning to go live at this day. And time do you want to get a reminder for it then as soon as you go live there is. A second post created with a brand new link that is the live stream itself now going back to the. Original post post number one that actually does connect to the live stream it says hey this person is live.

You can watch it here but youll notice how tiny that little watch button is and most people do not. See it so theyre confused on where to go or how to actually watch it and so it leads to. Either people having to click more buttons or just abandon your live stream because they cant figure out where to. Go and as we know people dont do extra work so we need as content creators to make it extremely. Simple for our viewers and facebook actually has not done us any good in this process so we have to.

Take it amongst ourselves in order to make it easier for our viewers and that is what i will share. With you at the end of this video with a promotion trick to make it a little easier now to. Be fair to facebook i did speak to my contacts there and they think that this is a good thing. I personally disagree but their whole point of doing this two posts per live stream is to benefit you in. Their algorithm because youre getting a notification going out when you schedule a stream and then youre getting another notification.

Out when you actually go live and of course they are connecting those two posts in my opinion as weve. Already talked about that is not good enough to avoid confusion and extra clicks because we know that every extra. Click that a viewer has to go through youre going to lose the effectiveness and people just wont do it. So um but that is what facebook is actually trying to accomplish is benefiting you but again ill just leave. That there all right lets take a look at how we actually schedule our stream so on your facebook page.

Youll scroll down until you see the create post section and then youll click live and once you click live. Youre going to be taken into creator studio this is where you schedule start manage all of your live streams. This is your home away from home on facebook for your management so you have the go live now option. But really what you want is the schedule a live video option so click that so choose your date and. Your time and the page in which youre going to stream to if you created it from the page its.

Just automatically going to fill that out and then were going to do awesome title here and then were just. Going to do awesome description here of course make it interesting and then select an image im going to choose. The thumbnail paul has created for this particular stream now if you do not choose an image it will use. Your header on your facebook page as the default and that doesnt actually look very good because those dimensions are. Different so uh then youre going to schedule your live stream now trick here is that it needs to be.

Further out than ive scheduled it so here we go schedule a live stream you need to schedule your stream. Um within the next seven days so you cant go further out than seven days and it cant be less. Than 10 minutes away so it needs to be 10 minutes or further out from now and up to seven. Days from now so there we go all right were going to schedule this live video and bam it has. Been scheduled and now we will be able to access that from your software keep in mind you cannot schedule.

A stream and connect to the scheduled stream unless you are using a third-party software like ecam on mac or. Vmix on a pc or any other live video software out there you cannot go live from the facebook browser. And connect to a scheduled stream you cannot go live from your mobile phone and connect to a scheduled stream. So keep that in mind okay now lets take a look at what this scheduled stream actually looks like on. Facebook this is what your viewers will see they see larry petrucci and in your case it will be your.

Page name plans to go live with your awesome description that you put in the awesome title that you put. In at the time that you have scheduled it and you will see this get reminder button the viewer will. Be able to click get reminder but lets have a little heart to heart that does not mean that they. Will indeed get a notification it is not a guarantee that they get that notification which is why i have. That promotion trick for you to take control out of the facebook algorithm and put it into your own hands.

So that you make sure that people who want it get it okay so now that were live on this. Scheduled stream youll see that i have the live stream going were watching the abbey cam in her bed there. And this is live okay so youll see that this is the link to that post it ends in 4. Nine six nine lets go back to look at what it looks like with the scheduled post that was originally. Created from the reminder the rsvp link now it looks like this this video is live now there is a.

Watch live button here but its so tiny people dont see it and youll notice that this link is a. Completely different link it ends in five five five nine so weve got four nine six nine and five five. Five nine two different links okay so lets talk about this promotion trick so heres the deal i because of. This scheduled stream mess i actually stopped promoting facebook mostly altogether i started promoting youtube in favor of uh having. A solid link that i didnt have to do a trick around however if you decide that facebook is the.

Only platform you care about then you still need it to be able to promote towards it right so all. You need to do is create a short url you can use bitly or any number of services out there. I prefer rebrandly and that is actually allowing you to create a short url promotion and then i can. Promote to that link and on the back end once i actually have the live link that second link i. Can change that rebrandly link that short url to go to the live link and then any promotion that somebody.

Clicks that youve sent out beforehand whether thats an email social media whatever they will wind up on the right. Post if theyre clicking on it once youre live or after youre live now if you have a team and. A va at least then they can actually do that work for you so that you dont have to do. That while youre live but alternatively if you are doing it all yourself then that is one benefit of the. Countdown timer is to take care of admin details like this while youre live so you you go live with.

The countdown timer as we do we make it a lot of fun there are videos that we have around. The countdown timer and the benefits of it and how to do it and all of that good stuff but. That is one of the benefits is that you you have yourself some space so that you can actually change. Out links and promote it but also so that the algorithm is giving you time to gather people into your. Stream if you know somebody whos struggling with this whole facebook live scheduled post thing definitely send them my way.

And if you want to learn more about the pros and the cons and the algorithmic changes and all of. The things that have to do with countdown timers even how to create them check out this playlist right here. And i will see you over there.

Method 3 – How To Host A Virtual Event On Facebook

These days there are so many different ways to reach your audience and one of the best ways is to. Use facebook and to host events on facebook the problem is that the facebook live interface is not the very. Best for hosting a top-notch event so what im going to share with you today is how to find the. Right topic and find the right format to host a great event on facebook and also im gonna share with.

You some really great latest technologies that can help you host your live event on facebook but with a much. Better interface somewhere else the first thing you want to think about for your awesome facebook event is do you. Want to host this event live and what kind of format are you thinking of is this something where you. Want to interview people do you want to be a talking head to the camera do you want to do. A panel part of the format conversation is do you want to do an all-day event or a one-hour event.

Once youve given this some thought you can decide what works for you so once you have an idea of. What kind of format you want and youve decided hey lets say you want to do an interview format the. Second thing you want to think about is whats your juicy topic what does your facebook audience want and need. I found that its very effective as a longer term strategy to pipe your live event into your facebook group. Or page so that then later you can run ads to it if you host your event on your personal.

Page then you wont be able to run ads to it later and running ads can be a really beneficial. Thing that you want to do in order to retarget that audience and re-engage them now that doesnt mean that. You cant take your recording and then post it into your facebook page or group but its really nice to. Be able to create your thing live in your group and then share it from your group into all sorts. Of other different places the third thing you want to think about is your production and ive got my computer.

Here open so that i can show you a couple of different platforms that you can use that i think. Are more effective and more beneficial than hosting live into facebook so one great technology platform thats out there right. Now for host live events on facebook is called be live so i pulled up be live here on my. Computer so you can see it and you can see how easy it is you can just click the button. To start a broadcast and then start a broadcast and then once you click start broadcast its very easy just.

Follow the instructions to connect your camera and connect your be live to facebook the next platform thats really good. And my new favorite that i just started using its called stream yards you can check out stream yard here. Similar to be live you just click get started follow the instructions and its very easy one of the coolest. Things about stream yard is that when you link your account from save stream yard to facebook it lets you. In stream yard get comments from facebook so people can be watching on facebook and making comments and you can.

Receive those comments right into stream yard so you dont have the situation where you have to keep toggling back. And forth to monitor the comments and then the last one i want to show you is the one that. Almost everybody has right now and its zoom so here on my zoom you can see that ive connected my. Zoom platform to facebook and all i have to do under here is click on this little button that says. More and then click live on facebook so as youll see when you press connect with facebook live it says.

Go live on facebook choose where you want to post your live video so right here i can just click. To either share on my personal timeline or share in a group or share on a page you manage so. Im gonna go ahead and click share on a page i manage because this is where i have the most. Number of users and then im gonna click next and then its gonna ask me which page i want to. Share to so im gonna click here on michelle villalobos and it says posting as michelle villalobos thats good so.

Im gonna go ahead and click next so now youll see that zoom is preparing a live streaming preview so. That i can see myself i can see what other people are going to see so once you do all. Of that what youll see in front of you is a screen of you on zoom but its piped all. The way live into facebook so the beauty of that is you can use your zoom platform to bring people. On to do panels to do screen shares everything that youd ever normally do zooom you can now pipe into.

Facebook and that is my favorite way to do a virtual event live on facebook the fourth thing you want. To think about is promoting your live event now it depends on what kind of event are youre gonna have. How you do your promotions if youre gonna be having ticket sales you might want to consider using a tool. Like eventbrite to get people to register in advance and buy tickets but if youre gonna do a free event. If i just want to create a facebook live announcement or even better as a promotional strategy is go live.

Every week and start to create a consistent presence on facebook live its so easy theres no reason not to. The last thing you want to think about once youve completed your event and thanked everybody for participating is post-production. Youve recorded it on zoom its recorded in facebook live do you want to edit it right you can make. A shorter tighter more compelling video if you cut out any of the stuff at the beginning where you are. Getting your stuff together or you know um xand mistakes and things that got disconnected if you edit all that.

Out you can end up with a really nice short and sweet virtual event recording that you can repurpose now. In youtube or even rip the audio and repurpose it as a podcast so this is just one of many. Strategies that you can use to monetize your magic aka your knowledge your expertise in your experience if you want. To go even deeper i have a free resource called the monetize your magic playbook thatll help you take this. To the next level click the link below and enjoy.

Method 4 – Facebook Live Event 👉 How To Set Up & Promote Free Or Paid Facebook Lives As Events

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 5 – How To Watch A Facebook Live Event

The welcome to the story of how to watch facebook lutes you can watch live sports events of the awesome. Face single live broadcast live video baalveer newsfeed timeline if you much so much for your facebook and follow steps. Such fields undercut hosted on the website slide the day with flashlight click this video thumbnail with white hair you. Are watching live video on facebook click anywhere in the writer your windows endless love the comment section break your.

Comment and hospital now you can see the slime video on your timeline oudegracht si gecko sherly riau ceo timeline. And you will find yourself riau thank you for watching despiau subscribe to us on.

Conclusion – How To Access Facebook Live Event

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